Scattered Entry

There is one thing I really like about Singapore. It’s it’s public transportation mainly thier MRT… it’s so integrated U can literally get to anywhere using the MRT, that’s how efficient it is. Malaysia is no where near that level… Maybe by 2020 but I doubt so…

Anyway, went to Sinagapore for a day trip on the 25th, was pretty tiring. Went to 3 places, the first is VivoCity, Singapore’s largest mall… If I remember correctly thier tagline was “everything you want is here” I guess it really does satisfy thier tagline. Not for me though cause it just reminded me about Shopping Complexes in Malaysia that I would prefer not to go… hahaha

VivoCity reminded me of…


– cause the MRT exit is in the Shopping Complex itself

2. Alamanda in Putrajaya

– cause VivoCity is next to the sea and Sentosa is right across and Alamanda has a lake next to it so it would be pretty similar. The layout is also slightly like Alamanda but VivoCity is much bigger….

3. Sungai Wang and Lot 10

– like SUngai Wang and Lot 10 which are connected to each other, VivoCity is connected to the Harbour Front another shopping Complex.

4. Berjaya Times Square

– the twist & turns of VivoCity reminded me of this place, though Berjaya TImes Square’s is much more complicating…

5. Mid Valley

– to clear the air I would like to say that I don’t mind going to MV. the underground area of VivoCity reminded me of Mid Valley… hahah wierd eh?

Yeah so taht’s about it… oh the GAP store in VivoCity reminded me of the GAP store which just opened in 1U.. hahahha ah! one thing which VivoCity didn’t remind me of is it’s…….. GODIVA store… it’s jsut like a normal store except that it was Godiva! who wouldn’t want a piece of Godiva eh? I wanted to get the Chocolixir

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but I was too sensible/ rational/ family oriented for my own good and I opted for a small bar of Godiva which is the same price mine U… $8 😦

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the small bar which I will let melt slowly in my mouth while savouring it’s great taste.

Ok.. enough bout my craziness over Godiva there are other places I went to like China Town and Orchard Road… I like thier ice cream stalls by the road… pretty tasty… and after a tired walk a bar of ice cream is pretty worth it…

Johor Bahru also had it’s charm in particular the Duty Free Zone… Got a shirt which I’m starting to doubt whether I will wear… hahaha and alas…. Lots and Lots of Chocolates.. the chocolate were so much cheaper there than the outside. The normal cadbury bar was on RM10… compared to outside which is almost RM15 whahaha….. So the souvenier I got back from Johor is the CHOCOLATES!

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the stacks of choccies…

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the stacks of choccies from a different angle…

hehehe that’s gonna last me until this time next year… wahahhaha oh I noticed something about Singaporean cars… when U see a Mazda,

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U see a Singaporean License plate… I’m serious.. every Mazda I saw in Johor belonged to a Singaporean or had a Singapore License plate. So wat is it with Singaporeans and thier Mazda’s eh?

ah talking bout number plates, when I was goin back to Kuantan I saw a Proton with the number plate… “BAMbi 1” hehehe so cute…. then again this reminds me of the song by Samson called Kenangan Yang Terindah nice song… really….

Ah… time to leave the scatter entry to fend for itself.. cheerio people.. see U soon… I think


Dear Lady Godiva,

Dear Lady Godiva,

You have been kind to us common folk by introducing to us such joy and happiness through you exquisite chocolates which I must say are too exquisite that I am lost for words as to how to describe them. Like Heaven I must say.

I have a little question however; why is there a Godiva store in Singapore but not one in Malaysia? Doesn’t everyone deserve a little Godiva Chocolates in thier lifes? Yes, there is a little Godiva Kiosk in Mid Valley but will that suffice us Chocolate Cravers/ Indulgers/ Fanatics? I’ll bet that a Godiva Store will keep us joyful and happy for the rest of our lifes.

Another thing I must add is these Godiva Chocolates are so exquisite and such an exclusive item that I disregard the price, I’m sure other people would to. So I shall be waiting here in Malaysia patiently for a little store to pop up from under my nose. Take U for your time spent.

Oh Godiva, where art thou?


Salmon Sashimi, Not For Me

Current State: Lethargic and Stuffed

Cause: Camp & excessive eating *nyahahah*

reasoning: Lethargic – too little sleep, less oxygen, little oxygen reaches brain, brain forces eyes to start closing and a total system shutdown…. or standby since I’m not asleep yet…

Stuffed – Ordered too much stuff and couldn’t stop myself from enjoying the great spread… *greedy pig like me can’t resist good stuff*

Right so now everyone knows I’m tired and stuffed but not very sleepy yet… waiting for “The Apprentice” might fall asleep waiting though. Now to the main topic about how “Salmon Sashimi is not good for me”

Frankly speaking, I ain’t a big fish fan but a pretty big fan of sushi and sushis use mostly seafood but sushi made with raw fish is aplenty and if chosen it shall not be picked onto my plate…. Just came back from dinner at a Japanese Restaurant near me house, quite affordable I would say compared to some other much pricier places, the portions here are pretty big too… Can just order the set and ur filled…

I ordered the California Bento which includes Chawan Mushi, Teriyaki Chicken, Tofu, California Roll, rice and finally 4 thick slices of Salmon Sashimi. The Sashimi was about 0.5 cm thick which would be a luxury for Sashimi lover’s or Salmon lovers? *I am just assuming, it might be 1cm too who knows? I didn’t bring a ruler with me* I only took 2 smaller slices, the other slices went into the mouths and eventually the stomach of my Dad and Bro….

Actually I dunno where this topic is heading, mind ain’t thinking right cause of the low oxygen level… Ah.. I shall not “report” on my camp because I think I have this blogging defect called “selective blogging”. *something like selective listening* I’ll only blog about stuff that are to meagre for anyone to care about hahahahha….. Oh.. as a conclusion Salmon Sashimi Ain’t For Me…

Oh Happy Belated Deepavali/ Diwali people thet do celebrate them… and Selamat Hari Raya to the Muslim mates… who might or might not read this page…. Ah a little additional info, I might be going to Johor for awhile… hopefully it’s not tomorrow… I need my beauty sleep like after “The Apprentice”… Ah well.. till next time visitors of this garden, the caretaker is leaving soon, be back for more “garden” related stories.

Utterly Confused…

How can a country be the richest country yet be in debt at the same time? wouldn’t that be contradictary? it’s like saying I am the richest person in the whole wide world but I owe a lot of people a huge sum of money. Does that make sense?

This entry is gonna be a really short one… just confused over the first statement and want to share the confusion with everyone… nyahaha… right… oh I can’t see Charmaine Sheh on the way back from college anymore, they changed the poster and the pic there is a small person there… I don’t even know whether it is Charmaine Sheh or not… sad sad….

Goin to camp later… wonder if it’ll be fun.. from the pics the place looks pretty runned down.. maybe we go tehre to repair it.. hahaha.. Ah anyone wants to watch “The Prestige”? sounds really interesting… anyone? Time to leave the Garden Of Destiny… cheerio…


Before I kick off my topic today, I wanna express how I’m getting tired of blogging. And with this I will announce that I shall have to rethink what I watnt o do with this here blog. Should I leave it as it is or continue and churn out total crap every week? maybe it’s getting to be such a chore when I force myself to blog about something. Oh well, Oh yeah the Yahoo! Mail Beta Version is Awesome! Like totally awesome. The interface is mind blowing though I prefer parts of the old Yahoo! Mail but the New one is soooooooo much better. U should try it Yourself. good stuff really!

Ok now to more serious stuff. The Topic Today is “Fate”. U know how some people always say that everything is meant to be, What is yours is yours, everything happens for a reason. Those statements are normally said by people that believe in fate such as I. But how far does FATE go? Is it fated for me to be typin this entry now at this very moment rather than later in the night? is it fated for me to be blogging even? Is every action taken by us fated? Now I have 3 theories that people might have already thought of.

Theory #1 : What’s yours is yours

I feel that some things are fated. Some things being important things, big things not meagre things like typin at the computer, wasting precious time playing Heroes or shaking your leg while munching on snacks. No not meagre things! Important things like an accident, U lost your money, meeting a new friend and so on and so forth. which also means that important events = out of the ordinary events

Since you are fated for a special event, U get to line the path to that event. U can take the scenic route, the long and winding road, the straight forward road or even the dead end road! so to sum it all, everyone is fated for something , no a LOT of things in thier lives, it is how U get there that can be chosen by U as a person. Ultimately “What is yours will always be yours”.

This theory is a mix of Fate and your own choices. Even things up. I feel this is the best theory though it needs some further smoothening U know what I mean? This theory is a little rough sketch. argh, next!

Theory #2: Every thing that happens, happens for a reason.

In this theory U as a person that has a totally functional brain can’t really choose anything. Everything has already been written in a book kept somewhere in the libraries of the sacred where the higher beings path our lives. Every second of the day when we’re sleeping, walking or eating is fated. Every thing I type is fated, Everything I look at is fated, every typo is fated as well.

This theory doesn’t need much explanation right? As a conclusion, U have no choice here. God does all the hard work. Ur it’s puppet. This theory makes God reallt busy and our lives being totally useless. Irregardless off to Theory #3.

Theory #3: The Butterfly Effect

Ever heard of the Butterfly effect where a butterfly’s simple flutter of wings can change the course of the entire future? See when a butterfly flutters it’s wings, it creates some sort of wind. The wind might transfer some pollen to a nearby flower and the flower blossoms, the blossoming flower might bear fruit and the fruit is then eaten by an animal which transfer the fruit to a whole new place when the animal become satisfied it looks for other things is wanders off, its predator eats it off and grows stronger and then one day a human kills the animal’s predator as meat to feed the humans family. See all these can happen with a simple flutter of a butterfly’s wings. This is my adapted idea, the real idea of the butterfly effect is “that a butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that ultimately causes a tornado to appear”.

My fate theory is something like that but on a much less phenomenal scale. Its like a chain reaction. Following theory #1 but slight changes. See in this theory fate plays its part right when U are born. The first choice U take builds the foundation for your next fated event. Every different chocie U take leads U to a different event. Only the very first event is fated. The rest of your choices are up to U, the choices are not fixed, but the events linked to the course is fixed but U still get to choose which course U would want to take.

Example: U can choose routes A, B or C. The A route leads U to the AA event, the B route leads U to the BB event and the C route leads U to the CC event.

In this theory it is choices after choices after choices, not much is done by the higher powers. Most of the stuff is done by U and U only. The first event that was fated would be your very birth and then on you are all on your own. Everything is in your own hands. Of course your death would be fated too.

End of theories

Hope U liked the above theories. Though there are only 3. I think however that all these theories can be linked up, how? I haven’t gotten to it yet, this takes time, a hell lotta it. THis is what day dreamers like me do. Think too MUCH! hahaha oh well if U have your views about fate do tell, I wanna expand my views, open my mind get some enlightenment!

Right i better split now… Oh do tell me which one is the better one though frankly there would be different answers considering everyone is different in thier own way and not everyone believes in fate anyway which makes them the theory number 3 followers? hahah right I shall split now. Good Night people! Don’t flip outta bed. Nyahahaha

P.S. Did U notice that there are VERY few “…”?

of A Rat and A "Treasure Hunt"

ah… I’m kinda late on this considering I was pretty busy and a little too lazy to blog.. nyahaha… ok this happened on Wednesday, Movie Marathon Day (MMD). Normal everyday routine continued, brush teeth etc… headed down for a really light breakfast… packed me stuff and waited…. for my ride to come by… *that sentence sounded pretty nice, hahha*

Went to the toilet to wash me hands. Pushed open the door and there it was scurrying around… a black rat which I presume is quite small ran outwards towards the door. I standing at the door tried avoiding the rat, slipped and ended up smack on the floor… Was a pretty hard Knock I presume though there were no loud thuds. Called for me mum and went to the doctor’s… Luckily nothing broke and I didn’t need stitches or anything… just lots of icing to me chin…. And now I’m left with a “beard” like bruise on my chin… ish ish… apparently it looks like a birth mark too… hahahha I thought of hiding it up with make up but me mum said “how much make up also won’t cover it” -.-” ah well.. i think just leaving it there would do… I don’t really care, though I think people might stare. *hey… it rhymes* I was well enough to go gallavanting so Yeen picked me up…

Went to her house to prepare Zyenn’s present… *darn… how much trouble we go to* The present was a “Treasure Chest” so we decided to have a treasure hunt for her to look for her own present…. after we prepared everything and stuck the maps around we kidnapped her… though frankly speaking she willingly climbed up the car even though we didn’t want her to get in… * the car was locked and she was pulling at the handle still…. hahahha *

Then we headed to 1U to try out Italliannies’s “Never Ending Bowls Of Pasta”. Not bad not bad… though couldn’t really eat much… Ate a plate and a half.. that’s all… then walked around and did stuff that people normally do at malls….

Reach Yeen’s place and started the “Treasure Hunt”. Vat helped Zyenn out a lot… cis cis…. after erm… 30 mins? she found her present.. hahaha As a conclusion, she would make a lousy pirate. Oh half way through finding her present… she helped me discover my pressie… hahahah Got a T-Dog but it says that I can call em G-Dawg so I guess it’s name is G-Dawg? *what does G stands for?*

Now I’m lazy to talk about MMD so I shall talk about it some other day… *pretty odd since the stuff above happened on MMD* Till then I shall bid farewell and run off and play my beloved game…. ah.. results are out.. hmm ain’t that satisfied and I think I-Rene lied to me… cis cis…