Oh Beary!

Blackie: *singing with a cotton bud as a makeshift mike* “oh Mandy…. well U came and U gave without taking…. but I sent U away oh Mandyyyy!!!! *out of tune mind U*

*knock knock*

Blackie: “Oh Mand…. did I just hear a knock?”

*knock, knock*

Blackie: “Oh boy, this should be fun…” “Who’s there?”
Knocker: “Barry”
Blackie: “Barry who???”
Knocker: “Barry Manilow! Now quit butchering my song!”

Blackie: “Barry Manilow? Yowza!” *Quickly opens the door*

Blackie:”Hey! U aren’t Barry Manilow! U look really familiar though… hmmm… hmmm…. hmmmmmmmm… *further thinking required as Blackie rummages through the memory in his brain*…… *more waiting*….. sigh…. *more waiting*… AHA! Ur Baloo from The Jungle Book!”

Knocker: -.-” “No I ain’t, think again!”

Blackie: “No? why that cannot be… hmmm.. *thinks till the sun goes down and rises again..* “By Golly!!!!! Beary Fishy!!!! Ur back!!!”

Beary Fishy: ” Hehe, U little bugger! how could U have forgotten me eh?”

Blackie: “hehe me memory’s a little rusty here and there… Wait a minute…. U can’t be Beary Fishy! Why, Fishy’s still sleeping soundly in it’s bed! Who are U!?”

Beary Fishy: ” I’M Beary Fishy! Here! Check my ID!”

*Beary Fishy Passes ID to Blackie*

Blackie: “hehe… U have small eyes… hehe… hmm.. looks like U are Fishy!”

Beary Fishy: “Of course little black one. Now let’s see who’s sleeping under the sheets in my bed!”

*Blackie and Beary Fishy slowly sneak into Beary Fishy’s room, snoring can be heard from under the sheets*

*horck… horck… horck… hic… horck…*

Beary Fishy: “I say Blackie, ur mate here sure snores like a rhino.. if I ever heard a rhino snore.”

Blackie: “Yeah, terrible ain’t it. I can actually hear it from next door… Terrifying I tell U.”

*Beary Fishy pulls the sheets and is shocked by what he discovers*

Beary Fishy: “Gasp! My oh my!!! This fella looks doggone familiar!!!”

Blackie: ” yeah! It has an uncanny resemblance to Eric Kot when he smiles… he he… oh no wait… it looks like U!!!”

Beary Fishy: “By Golly U are right Blackie!!! Could it…”

*The other Beary Fishy is aroused by the exclamation marks made by Blackie and Beary Fishy*

The other Beary Fishy: ” Hey! What’s all the racket about? I’m trying to get some slee… Wahey… who have we here? Boy aren’t U Beary Fishy!?”

Beary Fishy: “Yes I am, do I know U from…”

The other Beary Fishy: ” Are U kidding me? I’m ur brother! Beary Fisho!”

Beary Fishy: ” Fisho!? No it can’t be! U left Doo Land long before I came here… last I heard the Doo Ship you were in was wandering around the other end of the Milky Way!”

Beary Fisho: ” Yeah we were but by some sheer luck we crashed here… then I saw the poster looking for you & I thought of looking for you so I came here and met Blackie, who seemed to have become blacker from all the mourning he did for U… man was he filled with sorrow… so I tried to fill your shoes & tiring it was…”

Beary Fishy: “I need some proff here though U really look like my brother Fisho.” 

Beary Fisho: “Here” *passes ID to Beary Fishy. Beary Fishy and Blackie check out the ID”

Beary Fishy: “Fisho! I finally found U!” *Gives Fisho and beary hug*

Beary Fisho: “Hehe… now U get it…”

Blackie: “Wait a minute! Means U lied to me? *Blackies eyes fills with rage and he suddenly bursts out in flames*

Beary Fishy: “Oh cool I can cook the fishes I brought with me…”

Beary Fisho: “Woah! Blackie chill out…. I thought I…”

Blackie: “Nah it’s ok.. We should celebrate this worthy reunion!”

Beary Fishy: ” Agreed! Here I brought dozens of fishes!”

Blackie: ” By the way, what happened to U when U went fishing last year?”

Beary Fishy: ” Oh yes.. I totally forgot… I woke up early to get to the best spot in the lake… The waters were very choppy! I could hardly paddle! When my fishing session was about to end, it started to pour. The cats and dogs were practically everywhere… What a scary sight it was! I was taking in too much water and my tiny hands had a hard time with the paddles… then there was a sudden wave which threw me out of my boat and into some soft thing which I don’t remember cause I passed out as I landed.

When I woke up, it was very dark, but the surrounding was soft… I couldn’t find an exit. For months I was in that dark state, angry and scared. My only source of protein was that measly fish I held with me all the time, I was rather surprise it didn’t go bad..Nyahaha… Then out of a blue there was some sort of storm which threw me around that dark trap! I thought I was going to die and I soon passed out! When I woke up, I was all wet and I could feel the scorching sun on my skin… By the way, do U notice my tan?

Blackie: “erm… No?”

Beary Fishy: “What? Oh well.. anyway I was soon picked up by a human she dried me before letting me go. I came back here as soon as possible. That kind lady let me take as much fish as I could with me as I looked rather skinny at that moment… how kind of her… So that was that… interesting eh? Did U miss me?”

Blackie: “Who me? Heck no! Smiles sheepishly”

*The day ends and Blackie and the Beary Brothers, Fishy & Fisho Leave together happily*

A few days later, it’s Chinese New Year’s eve, Blackie banned the Beary brothers to go fishing. They cleaned thier house together. As night came. They had a hearty meal of fishes, that Fishy brought back, olives, chocolate ice cream and black berries.

Blackie: “Boy, this is the best reunion yet!”

They celebrate the Chinese New Year as a whole new family with fireworks that light up the sky with images of bears, fishes and charcoals… hehehe

Endword- Blackie: “Isn’t it great to be by your family on such a meaningful day? It’s never too late to attend your reunion dinner too! Cheerios! Have a wonder Chinese New Year!”

Robbstar: “I wish all my readers, Nian Nian You Yu *Have fish every year*, Wan Shi Ru Yi *All things well*, Shen Ti Jian Kang *Good Health* and of course Gong Xi Fa Cai! Cheerios!”

P.S. – The comp is in dire straits so there aren’t graphics this time around.. maybe I’ll add them later or maybe the Sun will rise from the West… lol… Cheerios!


The Return of…

A few months back “Blackie” posted a missing notice to search for his best bud “Beary Fishy” and Blackie says thank you for everyone’s help in the “search”. To refresh the minds of the readers here’s the entry about Blackie in search of his best bud Beary Fishy. Now the search has ended with very good news indeed as….
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U saw right! Beary Fishy has been found! Boy was it a long search but what an accomplishment. When all was lost, hope appeared and alas there was Beary Fishy! Now Beary Fishy would like to say a few words. he following entry will be continued by him and only him.
Hello readers of this wonderfully blue blog! My name is Beary Fishy. U could call me Beary, Fishy, Bearish or Bearishy but never bear fish! I don’t give birth to fishes for heaven’s sake. Today is the first day I reached home and boy what a wonderful feeling.
Since Blackie me best bud spoke of how I left on the day before Chinese New Year eve to catch some fish, I shall tell my story of where I went and what happened to me all this while.
I reached my favourite lake on the eve of Chinese New Year. I stayed in a chalet by the lake the day before so that I would have a nice spot to fish on the next day. On that day I rented a teeny weeny boat to get to where the BEST fishes were. With my short hands I was lucky to have not tire down before I even reached my destination! I was there awhile before it started raining cats and dogs and wow! how large the cats and dogs were!
I had to paddle back as the cats from the rain were scaring all the fishes away. So no fish for Balckie and me then. 😦 The rain grew heavier with every single row and soon the teeny weeny boat was filled with water! I had to row with one hand and scoop the water out with another. I was quite unsuccesful as I ended up paddling round and round making circles in the lake, the boat was also too full to be salvaged. I stood up to try to call for HELP! I stood and lost my balance and fell head first. As I went down my head hit something hard and I soon passed out.
The next thing I know I woke up in a wooden house with a little bandage round my head. I tried waking up but my head was throbbing. Soon a lady and a man came in, they were speaking some foreign language which I could not comprehend. I just stared at them with my slit eyes to try and figure out what they were talking about. They didn’t realise I was awake cause my eyes always seem closed anyway.
I soon gathered that they saved me from that rainy day. Soon i felt better and talk a walk around the kampung that’s the word for a village, I learned that from one of the villagers. It was a village by the sea, oh what a beautiful sight! It was a sight to behold! Soft white sand glistening in the sun, crystal clear sea waters with lapping waves slowing easing it’s way to the beach. Heck! I was probably in heaven already but alas I wasn’t!
I was brought into a boat the very next morning. It was a fishing boat,I was ordered to catch fishes and for all this while that I was gone I had been catching fishes everyday. These fishes were even bigger than me! I had little to eat but lots to do. I rarely had any sleep too. I am so glad that kind souls saved me from that sweat shop!
Everyday I had to slave through the fishing, then there were the paddy fields that had to be worked. The only time I had any rest was when that man I saw on my first day here went away. I soon found out from my clever deductions that home was only a short distance away. I devised a plan to runaway as soon as my chance came.
One day, the owner left me alone at his paddy field. He said he would be back in a minute. I jumped on that chance and hitched hike my way back here. I was picked up by none other than the kind souls who brought me back. On my way back I saw posters of me! They were everywhere! Blackie must have missed me tonnes.
I reached home and saw a different Blackie. He looked more sad yet he was glad when he saw me. Not jumping with joy just a little smile and a little hug. I think he was terrified by me as he kept pretending to sleep. After my saviours were gone I looked for him and

asked him “what’s wrong Blackie?”

he said:”U seem different.”

I said:”Different? in what way?”

He said: “In everyway!” and ran out.
I was a little hurt by his actions. I don’t feel any difference in me. I looked for a mirror and boy some major changes had indeed taken place! I was much larger now, my body was also more developed, my eyes are more slanting now. If U were me ur eyes would slant the way mine did too. Even the fish I brought back for Blackie was much much larger! it was even bigger than him. I tried to adapt my changes. I was much stronger now. Like what Blackie said, I WAS different!
I waited for him to return for dinner. He came back but he still looked sad. We had dinner and he said I rarely talked about all things fish anymore. He said he missed the old Beary Fishy, the Beary Fishy that was his best bud where they shared everything, thier meals, stories, clothes, time, basically everything. Now I ate more, talked less, had large clothes that Blackie couldn’t even wear, it’ll just slip right out from under him!
Blackie talked very little during tonight’s dinner. He did the washing. He didn’t eat the fish I brought back. He said it wasn’t bite size anymore. I felt painful inside, I was wondering if he even missed me during my days away. Maybe I am not adjusting well or Blackie isn’t adjusting well to the new me. I promised that the old Beary Fishy and I are one and the same. Blackie jsut couldn’t accept it. Maybe time will tell and he’ll slowly warm up to me.
As for now I’ll try my best and see how it works. Oh how I wish I didn’t go out fishing that day, how I wish I rented a big boat instead of a teeny weeny boat, how I wih I could understand the language that my captors spoke, how I wish I could runaway much earlier, how I wish I didn’t know how to fish! Oh how I wish Blackie would just understand how I feel right now… I just want my one and only best friend back…

Beary Fishy

Beary Fishy

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Hi! My name is Blackie! That’s me above! I know it says there Charco, but that’s my younger sibling. I don’t have other pictures and Charco looks exactly like me so I used his picture instead. So back to me, as I said before my name is Blackie. You can call me Mr. Black, Black, Blackstar or Blackie. Now I have a little story to tell, it’s not a chain mail kind of story hopefully you will continue reading as this story is a little about my lovely relationship with my best mate.

See I’m from Doooland, if you still don’t know, I’m a dooodoll. I came to Earth in the year 2004. Other dooodolls came with me too. I didn’t have much friends as I was quite a quiet fellow but in the year 2005, things started to brighthen up. See for some reason whatsoever I became well acquainted with Beary Fishy a fellow dooodoll. We knew each other since 2004 but it’s that kind of relationship where you know the other person and the other person knows you.

On the fortunate day of 19th July 2005, me and Beary Fishy became good friends. I’m glad we got to know each other. Beary Fishy would enlighthen me about all things fish and I would enlighthen him about all things black. My hobby was sleeping and his was fishing. I would occasionally sleep on his fishing excursions. We were like Winnie the Pooh to honey, always together. We went through thick and thin. Rain or shine we would always be together.

However; good things must come to an end and I’m sad to say that before Chinese New Year, Beary Fishy went on his usual fishing excursions. He wanted to catch a big fish for Chinese New Year, besides it was his favourite food. He left on the night before Chinese New Year eve. Beary Fishy’s favourite fishing spot is very far from where we live. Apparently there are much larger fishes at where he fishes. It rained the whole day on Chinese New Year’s eve. Beary Fishy never returned. I waited and waited and no sign of him and his fish.

He just did not come back from his excursion. So here I’m going to paste a flyer in case you find him wandering around some pond or lake.

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Hopefully you can read the details. If U can’t I’ll tell U about it. His name is Beary Fishy! He looks exactly like the picture. He always has a fish in tow. He smiles a lot too. Oh he doesn’t like people covering his mouth. He has slit eyes. Take his fish away and he’ll growl! He’s orange in colour. When he gets dirty his eyes show the dirt first.

If you see him please contact me. I miss his fishing stories. I don’t want to be alone in the world again. Thanx for listening to my story. I shall look for him somemore. Hopefully he’ll return soon.