Welcome 2011!

Welcome 2011! Goodbye 2010. It was a good year but it’s time to move on keep u as part of my history. =)

Wow! It’s been a decade since 2000. What happened in 2000? I just entered secondary school. Wow. sounds really long ago. Jump 10 years in the future, I’ve graduated from secondary school, got my degree and managed to stay in a job more than 6 months. Interesting turn of events. 10 years is long.

I wonder 10 years from now where will I be? What will I be doing? What will I have accomplished outta life? Well this year will be the first year of the new decade and I hope it’ll be a great year, though I’m the pessimistic sort… BUT… may great tidings come to all!

Every year there’s that mandatory resolution list.

Frankly, I don’t have a resolution. I’m not that sorted a person to be able to determine what I seek to resolve this year.

I have a “motto” though, but it’s a pretty lousy motto.

Que Sera Sera

Instead of taking charge of my own life, I’m letting life take it’s on course. Talk about no direction. I’ll just follow the flow, check out where the flow takes me… reach where it takes me, take a long look at the situation decide it’s likeability then either turn back, stay put or move along to the next flow.

Anyway, CHEERS to the new year!!!!!!