Squadering time

Oh dear… exams are in 10 days and I’m still “hanging around… nothing to do but frown…” (Rainy Days & Mondays, The Carpenters) Ok.. maybe I’m not frowning but I AM hanging around doing nothing…. *then again maybe not nothing snce I’m writing an entry here…* Oh well… Just wanted to come by to inform the whole WWW that I should be very busy at the moment but I ain’t…

What the heck am I talking ’bout… jeez… Anyway there seems to be a lot of things to do and prepare even before the exams… oh sigh…

Oh I purposely looked for the best companies to work for in Malaysia and the Big 4 of the accounting firms are all in the top 30… but that list is quite old… Besdes do I want to work in the big 4? Sigh…. I’m more interested in #5 on that old list… oh well… a little early to think now…

I shall squander some precious time playing “need for speed” which I truly suck at the drift section…. Darn it! or some really meaningless online game on facebook…

Cheerios now… I hope other people aren’t squandering their precious time doing unnecessary things like me…


“Time goes by…

so slowly and time can do so much” (“Unchained Melody”, Righteous Brothers).

*In this “special entry” I’ll try to make as many music lyrics reference as much as I can…. nyahahahha btw my referencing style is not right…*

Anyway today’s entry isn’t about time going slowly but time going by really fast instead.

Time goes by so fast when ur having so much fun eh? suddenly I’m 20 ish? And in a month plus I’ll be saying “Bye! Bye! Bye!” (N*Sync) to Malaysia? Gasp! How could it be so?

*I think this entry is for me to fill in the “empty” space in the blog… what a Crappy entry…*

Soon… for a year I won’t be able do stuff that I normally do… take normal things forgranted… watch all the tv I can…. procrastinate over and over again about going to the National Art Gallery *-.-“”*… and… so forth and so forth

*I’m really running outta words here.. time to change topic then… ehehhe*

Anyway, let’s not talk about sad things cause i’ll make people feel like “CRYING!!!…” (Crying, Aerosmith)

By the way…. “the cook” one… meaning David Cook won American Idol… not bad actually, I prefered him to Archuleta though frankly I don’t really support either one of them although I like David Cook’s “Music of the night” *hey! making music references while talking about music is a little cheating don’t you think?”

Ok… change subject again… *What the heck am I doing wasting my time here when I should be doing my darn power point… urgh….”

Oh! I give up! I have nothing to talk about.. oh wait.. I have been watching quite a number of movies lately… 2 international movies and 2 considered non mainstream ones…

The first of the non mainstream ones is

“Mensonges et trahisons et plus si affinités” *Yes! U read right, it’s french* or the english translation “Story of My Life”.

I actually liked this one.. it was a spur of a moment kinda decision since the French FIlm Festival was in town and I always wanted to watch a french movie… hahahha…. SO there I was sitting in the fairly “oddly scented* cinema expecting to sleep halfway *honestly* but ended up enjoying the movie till the very end. Nice movie… 4.5/5… There was a particular scene which I felt rather funny but no one else in the cinema laughed…

The main lead was sitting in a car thinking about something, the lights were red and all… The music they played in the movie was singing about exactly what he was doing albeit in English *That’s why I could laugh*… The lady was aptly singing, “What am I doing here waiting for the lights to turn green… and when the lights turn green I didn’t move…” HAHAHHA…. *the lyrics wasn’t really like that though* Funny stuff… ok… next movie! Oh wait! when they showed the ending credits, the music played was actually sung by Carla Bruni! GASP!

*Darn! I’m seriosuly out of topic here.. ok.. the music references shall end here… unless I have more to come*

Next up: Once (Irish)

Hahah.. now this one.. is erm.. more like a documentary about a person finding the courage to pursue his music career. There were some pretty funny scenes.. but ultimately it’s the music that counts, it’s pretty good I must say.. and darn I like the dude’s voice! Plus, the main actor and actress *they are actually singers* actually won an oscar for the song in the movie “falling slowly”… But I prefer another song of thiers.. LOL.. They are both good though.. btw GSC International Screens is currently showing them.. hehehhe… *WOW! I jsut found out.. the girl is actually a year younger than me… wow… proves how old I am… ish…*

Last but not least…..

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

*hahaha the pictures get bigger and bigger… LOL*

*Spoiler alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

This movie was pretty entertaining… though not as funny as I hoped it would be… The action was fun though… It was somehow fairly predictable and Harrison Ford’s age is starting to catch up… ahahhaha… He looks so much more older… makes sense since.. he has *Spoiler alert!!!!!* a son …. hahahhaa which was predictable to me… was jsut waiting for them to say it… hahahha

*Spoiler ends*

How did I end up talking about unchained melody to movies? Oh well.. time to watch tv now… *Darn! I’m still at slide one of my power point.. I’m so… dead… not!*

Random thought: What happened to the “Where’s Wally?” books?


Maybe I should talk about the problems in Myanmar, maybe I should talk about things happening in my life and why I ahven’t received a darn important email… ish… or I could talk about interesting things to me, like how to make fun of people in the spirit of birthday celebrations!

*This entry is old and long… by the way.. it’s not a nag*

‘Twas the night after May 1st, we *Chelle, Yeen, Vatty and I* were supposed to watch “Forbidden Kingdom”… *-.-“”* So around 6.30pm Yeen brought “her” Toyota *Darn… compare this to a proton.. it’s so cool!* and picked me and Chelle and we inched our way to Vatty’s house…

Slowly we inched while we took pictures and videos for what purpose I have no idea… Just plain random shots… like a picture of the Toyota’s left side mirror… *Hey! it looks cool ok!* On the way, we made frantic calls to Vatty complaining about the movie we’re about to watch, complaining why she was late, complaining about the jam.. complaining about everything basically…


Quotes of the day…

Yeen:” I’m stuck in a freaking jam .. urgh.. on the Federal Highway lar.. Argh! *acting frustrated while having a fairly smooth drive on the Sprint“.

Chelle:”Where are U’ll? So late already.. Forbidden Kingdom no more tickets!” *Acting totally pissed off while happily pretending in the car*

Vatty:” Over WHOSE body?” *referring to “over her dead body” apparently she didn’t know it was a movie*

I don’t have any quotes… cause i rarely open my mouth.. LOL


Reached Bangsar LRT and waited for “surprise guest” to arrive.

“Surprise Guest” arrives and she still looks as cute as before… “JAC!”

Now it was probably 7.30-ish pm…

Missed a turning and got a little lost… Toyota’s tyre hit a curb… YIKES!

Reached Vatty’s house…


As I said earlier we were supposed to watch “Forbidden Kingdom” and Chelle & I were to meet Yeen & Vat at the mall… but it’s already 8 ish.. and still no sign!???


Reached the guard house and as always we don’t know what to say… “Kutip orang”? “Ambil orang”? we might as well said “culik orang”…

Chelle & I waited in the car silently while experiencing the eeriness of a quiet carpark… FREAKY…. The kidnap was succesful and we had to make this quick before her mum finds out… Oh wait… her Mum gladly gave her away! GASP!!!!

Vatty is blindfolded and is forced to walked to the car unaided! *just kiddin she was aided by a fairly sleep deprived Yeen and of coruse Jac who can be blur sometimes…*

Chelle & I heard giggling as they approached the car… Time to stay VERY silent! Vatty enters the car and as she waits for the rest to enter.. she sighs…. *probabaly thinking… what the H*** are this people up to!*

Chelle calls her from inside the car and Vatty says “What the h*** are you doing in the car!?* Lol….


So I guess u, the readers, figured out who’s birthday it was.. we jsut celebrated it one day late…


Kinda rushed our way to the venue and man was Vatty a smart girl!

“Why is there a traffic light on the way to …?”

“Oh.. we’re using another road.. the toll free road… save money mar.. *all the excuses start popping out*”

Again guided her towards the venue *how dangerous it was…* Thank goodness she couldn’t see the people staring at her… LOL apparently they used the lift… syoknya…

The crowd of, Grace, Victor, Daniel, Yee Yoon, Michelle and [ v ] were patiently waiting… *we were late for an hour or so*

Started dressing her up as a queen and sang Happy Birthday then took her blindfolds off! Suprising indeed!!!

Vatty:” Where are we?” LOL

The night was like a mini DJ reunion… how interesting… the food was alright… *the pizza yes! the spagetthi only so-so… Still I like Italiannies’ hehehe…* it was a fairly fun night… fun for us! for her? I have no idea! She looked like a true queen with tiara, “cape” and erm.. staff. I even got “knighted” as what I have no clue.. neither does the queen.

Wow! that seemed like a fairly long one… *I deliberately omitted certain parts hyuk hyuk hyuk…*

Blinded is a song by Third Eye Blind.

Handwriting Meme

Ah.. looks like I haven’t been updating in a fairly long…. time… was caught up in certain things.. oh well…

Now I shall do a long overdue “I’m it- tags” from Stranger =)’s blog.. ehehhe…

Oh dear.. the last line is kinda cut off… any way it says “on their hands…”

Now everyone knows what ugly handwriting I have.. ehehe..

Some cool updates in the game world… GTA IV is going to be out… ehehehe… so excited…

Oh well.. I think that’s about it.. cheerios!