Quiet CNY

Chinese New Year is coming!!! but it’s gonna be a quiet one here, maybe I should go check out Chinatown if there are any decorations eh?

Anyway, the chinese new year ain’t that important here, I mean how many chinese are there in Australia? Not to mention the first day of Chinese New Year is also Australia day this year. So we get a public holiday, but since it’s a public holiday I would most probably have to work. 😦 Sad but true. So this year no delicious delicacies for me, most probably won’t get fat *nyahahha*, won’t see my relatives, won’t get red packets, no festive spirit, no one to force me to clean up my room *although I already did*, no new clothes *sob sob sob… a little too late to get new ones now… sob sob sob* and no hanging the decorations on the pussy willow tree *oddly enough I like hanging decorations on the tree.. just too darn lazy to be bothered*

Irregardless, I’ll be back for the next Chinese New Year and everydelicacy will be mine! *inserts evil laughter* Nyahahahha….

Ok this post is pretty much just utter gibberish. Was supposed to go out today but commitments later in the day pretty much disallows that. That’s what I don’t like about working I guess, it takes up a lot of your time without you realising it. If you work at night, you can’t really walk around all day cause that would make you quite exhausted and work can be exhausting sometimes.

Back to topic, the only thing I can look forward to this chinese new year is a “Reunion Dinner” with friends.. hehehe *well that’s the only thing we can do… takkanlah decorate the house together, don’t frankly that’s not bad an idea if you don’t count the cost of decorations.* Oh another thing to look forward to during chinese new year is the “Australia tour” hehehe….

time to “check out”, Cheerios! Have a wonderful Chinese New Year everyone.

P.S. If you can, do send some dried meat this way  😉


Rainbow Song (Niji No Megami)

Wow I just scrolled through my dashboard and just realised an entry on christmas in Brisbane was in the drafts.. gosh! Oh well no one reads em anyway… hyuk  hyuk hyuk… right straight to the point.

Just finished watching Rainbow Song (Niji No Megami)

Rainbow Song's poster

Rainbow Song's poster

Yeap, it’s a japanese movie. It’s about the relationship between the 2 folks up there hanging around on the roof. What happens to one of the main characters is shown at the beginning of the show and the movie is mostly shown in flashback but feels like the present though. There’s also a movie in a movie. hehehe

Compared to other Japanese movies, this was much more entertaining, still pretty saddening eventhough I knew what would happen. *gosh I suck at writing reviews, I don’t critically analyse things!*Anyway, I would recommend this movie, it’s just a simple love story *maybe cause I’m a sucker for love stories that’s why I liked it huh?*

oddly enough, the movie in the movie felt like it was really happening to the female character, she plays the lead role in that mini movie. Maybe that’s why it was interesting. hmm..

Ok I better stop reviewing if I suck at this… I write horrible reviews unless I’m stepping on them… nyahaha..

Cheerios! Go watch it!


Yes! I finally went to “Game On”, an exhibition onvideo games which allows visitors to play their way through the history of the videogames. Awesome! hehehe

First up, I wasn’t supposed to go today. I was supposed to go shopping but anyway… Game On! I didn’t really feel like going to Game On today cause it’s still school holidays and the place would most likely be filled with families and kids. Irregardless. I went into the state library trying to find the ticket counter, hahah silly me… and was ready to pay $18 but it was only $12, heheh thank goodness for concession tickets. I used the $6 saved, on food later on in the day.

My $12 Game On Ticket

My $12 Game On Ticket

There are 2 floors for the “exhibition” the first floor is the older games, which are mostly the stand up arcade like ones probably found back in the 90’s? Games like Street Fighter, Mario, Space Invaders, Pac Man, Ms Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Pong and a lot of those shooter games, the ones where you control a plane and go round shooting enemy planes for what purpose I have no idea.. lol. There was a lemming game but I was trying to figure out how to play it so I skipped that, I played most of the plane shooting games. I couldn’t play street fighter cause it feels pretty sad playing that alone… lol I also didn’t play those that projected the game to a huge screen cause I didn’t want people to see how bad I was at playing.. LOL

Donkey Kong was actually pretty interesting, haha never payed that before… seriously! Anyway the first floor was like an arcade found in the olden days, seriously if it wasn’t an exhibition I would probably be slotting in coins into the arcade machine and came out broke.

Anyway, time for the second floor. The second floor is the more modern games, where game consoles come in. This is where it gets interesting. Game consoles include nintendo, PS, sega and PC. I was gaming for some Prince of Persia, I remembered liking it when I was really young, but I had no idea how to fight back the knife wielding bad guy that kept killing me…

There were also more plane shooter games which were still hard to play… LOL. Oh! there was this really interesting train game that had all the instructions in Japanese… hahah, of course there were guides on how to begin playing a game. The train game let you be the driver of a train. Frankly speaking I kept missing the train station… hahahah I stopped at 2 platforms and let the kid who was laughing at my ineptness at being a train driver take over.

U know it is the history of video games when you see “The Secret of Monkey Island”! Seriously it was there, I could even play it! Of course the graphics were so 1990, but it was still pretty incredible. What is the history of games without “Doom” huh? Frankly speaking, the monsters in “Doom” still look very ugly and terrifying *shudder*. Another interesting game was “A Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, even if it was from 1989 *a good 20 years ago*, the program was doggone intelligent! I spent a good amount of time going round the exhibition area to check if the guy playing the game was done with it. It’s quite a hard game if you don’t know what to do. Watching the movie helped I thing, if U remember everything that happened that it… hahahah U can play the game here.

The second floor had Nintendo Wii, Sega, Sony PS, all kinds of older nintendo and a few PC’s. Ooo ooo, there was the sims on PS too, but I didn’t play that cause I found it tough to control. They had Max Payne and Tony Hawk too, but i skipped those cause there were always people there and besides, I played Max Payne before.. nyahahah. Oh there was Lara Croft as well. Not to mention Jak & Dax, the dance machine and various sport games. There was this really interesting Japanes simulation game which I didn’t play as well, cause someone was always there too… ahhaha

I left when I couldn’t stand the grumbling of my stomach. Darn! Plus the air conditioning was quite cold. Brrr…

I could go back in but it was already 3:30 ish when I left, it closes at 5, so bye bye game on. It was pretty fun, going through games that I remember playing with my brother and bothering my dad for more coins. I didn’t play some cause it was either a 2 player game or I knew won’t like it like most of the one person shooter games.. hahah Oh there was a pokemon game too… hahahah

Overall, I wouldn’t mind going back again. the next time I would bring someone and play longer.. hahaha

Ooo the exhibition was at the Queensland State Library which is at Brisbane’s Cultural Centre. Frankly one can spend a day or 2 here, visiting the art gallery, which I stumbled into and turned out to be much colder than the “Game On” exhibition, but it was huge, there’s also the modern art gallery, the library is between the 2 galleries…

Well, today was pretty fun gaming, now time to play some Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy… hahaha Cheerios!

Long.. long… holidays are…

getting pretty dull when U got nothing to do… 😦 Tough when you got to earn money and not feeling so bored…

Maybe I should go to the “exhibition” on the history of games the day after tomorrow *gotta work tomorrow* it’s more like playing your way through the history of games.. then again I’m not that good at playing games, I’m a cheater… LOL oh well….

Hmmm… so any interesting thing happened to me lately? hmmm….. hmmm… well that day when I was working a korean “girl” asked me if I was korean? I said no… sheasked am I a teenager? I said no and told her how old I was.. she said I looked like a 17/18 year old korean… LOL maybe I should go learn korean now.. hahahhaha

Well! Chinese New Year is acoming! And! I don’t get to enjoy all the nice cookies at home, the dried meat which is ever so tasty, the muruku *yes I have muruku during Chinese New Year*, the kuih kapit, beehive… and… and cookies! LOL of course the ang pau and all but that isn’t really necessary.. it’s just extra cash for me to keep. Nyahaha.

Oh dear! In approximately 6 months time I’ll be graduating and I’ll be unemployed even before I get a job! Gasp!!! will anyone want to hire me? aish aish… ah well I’ll cross that bridge when the time comes. Now I should maximize my fun in Australia right? but how can I have fun when I don’t have a schedule on when I’m working? 😦

Oh oh back to the getting pretty dull holidays, it’s getting so dull all I can do is walk to the supermarket check things out, hang around at the market and eat pretty interesting stuff, stay at home and watch movies *I’ve watched a lot btw*, hang around the city and “shop” *inverted commas cause I don’t buy stuff anyway. too picky.* around.

Oh on a lighter note, a high school friend came for a visit last week, pretty fun.. and we got to go to Ikea! LOL basically the Ikea here is almost the same as the one at Mutiara Damansara, the food is different though, apart from that, the stuff are mostly the same.

I wonder will I miss the stuff I take forgranted in Brisbane now? like the delicious bubble milk tea, the boost juice, the abundance of wonderful ice cream shops, the existence of organic yoghurt, a wonderful selection of cereal and confectionary, cheap tasty junk food *Doritos & Smiths*, turkish bread *lol* pretty cheap salmon if you think about it, sushi rolls everywhere, fairly affordable korean food, even cheaper subway sandwiches which are everywhere you go, the safety of the city which allows one to walk freely even in the wee hours of the morning, the fact that no one really cares about what you do as long as you don’t disturb them, the swimming pool outside my house, the nice sidewalks everywhere, cars stopping at pedestrian crossings, the beautiful jacarandas that bloom once a year, the other flowers which I have no idea what their names are which are in full bloom now, the presence of barbeque pits at almost all the parks which are found almost everywhere, eftpos *atm like card that can be used for buying stuff, like the one maybank atm card that can be used at jusco I think* and of course the freedom to do anything I want.

Wow! That’s a long paragraph… hahaha time to flee on this lazy monday afternoon.. I feel like taking a picture of the way the sofa is placed in front of the dining table where the laptop is.. hahahha typical couch potato like position.. hahaha cheerios peeps!

Stuck in my head…

these songs are lately…

Last week, it was Seabird’s “Rescue”

I’m pushing up daisies, I wish they were roses

I feel like I’m drowning but nobody knows it

I’m pushing up daisies, I wish they were roses

I feel like I’m dying just want you to notice”

That verse and a bit more just keeps repeating itself over and over again… I don’t know why… maybe cause it’s something to do with “pushing daisies”. hyuk hyuk hyuk…

A couple of days ago it was Secondhand Serenade’s “Fall For You”

because tonight will be the night

that I will fall for you over again

don’t make me change my mind

or I won’t live to see another day

I swear it’s true

because a girl like you is impossible to find

you’re impossible to find

And… recently it’s The Jakes’s “Cough Syrup”

Life’s too short to care at all oh oh oh

I’m losing my mind losing my mind losing control

These fishes in the sea are staring at me oh oh oh oh oh oh…

Oh if I could find a way to see this straight

I’ll runaway to some fortune that I should have by now

I think this is good for when I’m losing control of things.. hahahah…

oh! It’s 2009!  means the Sims 3 is out??? Whoops.. looks like Red Alert 3 will fill my time for now…


P.S. Sadly I couldn’t put the songs in here.. ain’t got no music playing device registered under me name…

Happy New Year!

… albeit a little tad slow.. but better late than never so Happy New Year people! Hope U had a wonderful 2008 and may U have a better 2009! No resolutions for me, I hardly make them.. and even if I do I hardly follow them… how’s ur resolutions though…

seems like I have been neglecting this blog for sometime.. cause well there really isn’t anything to update… 😦 sad I know.. what kind of holiday is this? 😦 I’ve been working though and that should bring in a little income for a proper holiday… wee!

Lately I haven’t been keeping in touch with people… *must be the lousy phone connection* Sorry people who sent New year wishes but I didn’t reply… it’s either I didn’t get it or my reply couldn’t be sent out… 😦 stupid line!

Hmmm.. how can tehre be so much hatred in a new year eh? currently waiting to go out.. maybe I should just go out and not wait eh? nyahahhaha… ok then.. cheerios!

* I wonder what that entry was all about… hmmm…*