Merry Christmas!

*Caroling mode: I’mmm…  Dreaming of a Whiiiiiite Christmaaas…..*

Piak! *a slap across the face* “Wake Up! It’s Malaysia! How will there be a White Christmas!? Stop dreaming!”

Yowzah! Some wake up call.

It’s almost the middle of December!

Time to dig out those Christmas songs and loop it on your playlist while singing  Alvin & the Chipmunks “I still want a hula hoop…..” repeatedly just to irritate your colleagues and say cheerfully that they have “No Xmas spirit.” if they get angry.

Alvin, Simon.... Theodore!

Time to increase your brain speed and think of what to get for everyone before raiding the store.

I want everything in the store!

Wrap them presents up. Throw in under the tree. Get the lights out. Get the Santa suit, Santa Hat, elves, Santarina… and what nots and place them round the house. Stuff the socks with all kinds of sock stuffers and drink a hot cup o cocoa as 25th December draws near.

Then you can make and some eggnog, get some roast meat a yule log and all kinds of stuff and shout “MERRY CHRISTMAS!

So… Merry Christmas there readers! May this Christmas be a Jolly event!

In case I forget… Happy New Year too!


P.S. Go out and blast those Christmas Songs!



MO.A 2011 in Malaysia

MO.A 2011

Don’t know what’s with me and kpop these days. Anyway, I made my way to this one cause I’m a huge fan of…….. not Super Junior… but Miss A! Overall it would have been great if there wasn’t so many problems.

Major Problem list

1. Seating layout (false advertisment)

2. Security, awful

#1 – Seating Layout

Original seating plan

Since from the advertisement, the seats stretched out past the first gates. Me and me mates decided to get the seats right next to the gate. The rock zone tickets were a bit pricey.

So… excitedly we went into the stadium and my oh my the layout is entirely far off from the seating plan. The actual seating plan looked more like,

Actual Seating Plan

The stage barely even reached the first row of the seats at the side. Instead of seats occupying the whole stadium on the field, it was only half occupied and the side seats were mostly occupied which made the whole concert seem somewhat odd.

I’m sure the organizers faced some problems, most likely the lack of sales, that’s why they cut the stage into half, but WE as consumers have the right to know too! They could have offered us alternatives to upgrade our seats or just inform us so we can give our feedback. Just changing it without notifying us is plain wrong and definitely FALSE ADVERTISING!

It’s like buying a house. From the floor plan you see 3 rooms and 2 toilets for the house, so you purchase the house. After the house is built and the keys to the house is passed to you and you step into the house for the very first time, you find out that Hey! The house only have 2 rooms and 1 toilet!  That’s not acceptable right?

I’m pondering whether to complain to the NCCC. This is definitely false advertising in my books.

#2 – Security

This is by far the worst security I have ever seen. The crew doesn’t seem to know how to control crowds.

There were actually people at the side seats that ran to the rock zone because all the zones were not segregated with gates and fences.

Their “cure” was to close the gate to the seating zone which actually quite smart but a smarter move would have been to check all the tickets of the concertgoers that were moving to the field instead of closing the gate so the crew can watch the concert too. I’m sure there were people who managed to sneak in because the crew definitely did not check all tickets.

They also let vendors come in to sell glow sticks and other things which they were selling. Is that even possible? They even let them enter the field. Mind boggling, really!

I also read that there were people that fainted and the security didn’t help the person who fainted and just waited for the “paramedics”.

Recommendation: Segregate the zones properly and check people’s tickets. Close out each area and make just make a few entrances to those zones. There is no use giving verbal warnings. It’s like those do not litter signs. Malaysians still litter! Though not all.

Another really irritating thing at the back of my mind is…

As the concert was approaching, Groupon had a 50% discount for rock zone tickets! OMG! I could have went to the rockzone if I just waited till the last minute. Totally unfair! Totally!!!

Overall, I didn’t quite enjoy it. I’m sure the organizers worked really hard and definitely experience in organizing events, but this concert was overall a letdown. The sound system wasn’t every good either and the promotion was lacking. It seemed to be a word of mouth event.

My guess is the organizers did not have a local organizer so they faced obstacles which might have been difficult to overcome. I’m sure the Korean Music Wave had a local organizer, I feel that one was very well organized. I’m not even comparing this to MTV World Stage. This would have been an epic fail compared to MTV World Stage.

So, thank you CJ Entertainment for bringing Miss A here. I appreciated it but next time, get help from a local organizer. I’m sure they know how opportunistic Malaysians can get. They are Malaysians too!