Reality TV

2 down one more two go.
Well, Dina is one cool singer.
Apart from Jac I think she has a chance of winning.
If well, malaysians favour her instead of Andrew!
Next up. Survivor Vanuatu.
Kinda cheating for the man as they get the welcome, and “lucky” stone.
Well, at least the girls kick thier ass. There are some cute guys like Brady and John K. but I feel Chad is one hell of a guy. Not to mention his cute as well. The girls there are er…. kinda bitchy.
Well not all at least. My favourite girl contestant would be Leann. She seems nice!
Ok so survivors ended and time for The Amazing Race!
I’m in for a great show as Colin and Christie will get thier ass kicked!!!


Resting Period!

Ok so I won’t be blogging for sometime . If U do want to leave a comment post a message on the tag board. Feel free to use it. And U can also give constructive criticisme.Well have fun . Good Luck to those that are goin to take their SPM’s!!!

The Day after the EXAMS!!

Well…… let’s see it wasn’t a very bad day. Here’s the recap of the day so far.

  1. School was quite boring.
  2. Test papers were returned.
  3. Student’s awed at the highest marks
  4. Not suprisingly, Hazwani, and Joanne had most of them.
  5. People awed when A crazy friend of mine got highest for Chem and Moral.
  6. Told by darn Pn Mariyam (whatever the spelling is) to take darn pics for project. Ok so she told it to us today, and ahe wants us to take the pictures today. How Dumb is that?
  7. Stupid Siva wants me to keep those darn projects. ( U seriously gotta be kiddin)
  8. Explained to him and got away with it.
  9. got satisfying results for mod. maths and english.
  10. Surprised I got so much for my continuous essay.
  11. Shocked that I didn’t do so well for Fizik!
  12. Totally caught off guard when English teacher said Mei Shea got 10 for contents for the summary.
  13. HAppy finally got to beat Hazwani in something! He he he.
  14. Got some feedback for my essays. Apparently it was quite funny, wierd and bad at the same time.
  15. Glad that I wouldn’t fail fizik and Chemistry.

Well that was about it. Still, we must always look on the bright side of life. I just hope my sejarah wasn’t bad.