NOW! It’s round the corner….

Wow.. time sure passes by real quick…. and just around the corner *no longer a few blocks away* is Chinese New Year… *jumps with joy* So this year is the year of the dog.. and unfortunately I don’t rear any dogs but my neighbours have tonnes of em…. so I guess the luck will spill over? hahaha yeah right lar… I guess this year the “Patrick” is gonna be “hot” again… *yeah right… again* Ok now.. things I’m anticipating for the Chinese New Year are…

1. Ang Paus !!!!! Yeah… wat is Chinese New Year without the red packets, that all children so eagerly want, anyway… it’s like not being blessed for the year…. choi * not so kua jiong lar… *

2. Food Galore!!!! Yeah…. have delicious cookies to munch… “long yuk” to sink my teeth into… prawn crackers to “crack” along…. eh muruku to… add some muhibbah spirit.. hahaha… hmm oh ah…. delicious cakes too…

3. ASTRO…. wahahhaha ok so I don’t have ASTRO here at my beloved home, but once I’m back in my mum’s hometown…. ASTRO is all mine…. actually I don’t have a huge need for it… I noticed so far got a lot charity shows on ASTRO during Chinese New Year….

4. Chinese movies… Since ASTRO is in the picture, there’s bound to be plenty of movies for me to see… so far my screening schedule is Mr. Fit on CNY’s eve… the rest is uncertain.. must take into consideration the wants of my aunties,uncles,parents and grandma…my cousins no need lar…

5. Ok there’s no real number 5 but I’ll think of one…. hmm.. oh Chinese New Year songs…. waahahahahha ok lar.. I’m not a big fan.. but if I’m in the mood it’s ok…. *XIn Nian Lai lo, XIn nian lai lo…*

6. Now this I nearly forgot…. “Bai Nian” if I don’t go “Bai Nian” how to get the ang paus??? Yi Lin Bong I’m coming ur way, Evil Devil also ah… hehehe *Qi Ge long dong Qiang dong qiang, wo yau qu bai nian*

Ok so that’s what I’m anticipating… I think I’m getting a little off up here…. Once I get the ang pau money I’m going to go rock climbing regardless of whether anyone wants to go with me or not… but dunno my mum let or not besides it’s kinda pricey… oh Yeah must go get Wang Lee Hom’s new album…. as a fan I must fulfill my duty and get the original copy of his new album… wonder if it’s good…

so I guess that’s about it… another day to go through and Chinese New Year is in ur house or knocking on ur door… *probably it’s at ur outside gate now* hahaha… -.-” ok… so I guess I should wish U guys.. oh yeah I found out today that it’s quite rude if someone sends U a Chinese New Year card to U and U don’t give the person one back…. so SORRY to the people who gave me cards who in turn did not receive theirs on my behalf…. next year I promise next year would most probably be different…

So off I go. wish U guys “GONG XI FA CAI” “WAN SHI RU YI” “SHEN TI JIAN KANG” “XUE YE JING BU” “JING YU MAN TANG” “NIAN NIAN YOU YU” and er.. er… “HONG BAO MAN DAI”? heheheh the last one I made up one… oh if U’ll don’t understand wat it means U could always ask me… so Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!! have a nice drive back ur hometown, sing along to some Chinese New Year songs, get some ang paus bursting with money, eat cookies and get fatter than U were before Chinese New Year and enjoy ur holidays…. most important thing is……. “Drive safely” hahaha ok… “GONG XI FA CAI” again… now I seriously gotta go…


Transitional music

I ain’t much of a music trend follower…. I don’t listen to rap, hip-hop which is pretty popular these days…. I don’t have any likeness or dislikeness towards bands like Evanescences, Black Eyed peas, Linkin Park, The Rasmus *the guy is really fair, that’s all I know*, Jay-Z, Beyonce, hmm who else… ah.. plenty more…. heck I actually don’t like Justin Timberlake since he went solo.. hahah… Pussy Cat Dolls…. No way Jose… or should I put it as no way Josie *haha…. get it? get it?*

Ok right .. so this entry is about my transition from my beloved pop to What I listen to now…. or rather it’s about the transition from kid to who I am now?? Right so let’s start off… ok my first album which I ever got was in 1995/96 or was it 1994? I forgot… it was Michael Learns to Rock the greatest hits.. I bought it at the same time my bro bought his BSB album…. oh yeah I don’t really fancy BSB either…. though some of their songs are quite nice…. I also remember my favourite songs were Roxette’s “It must have been love” and Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting”. *I still like those 2 songs mind U*

Then Pop became pretty massive and boybands popped out from everywhere. Backstreet Boys, 911, N’sync, Westlife, Boyzone, Code Red, Take 5, 98 Degrees… ah suffice to say there were tonnes of em… *my fav is still 911 and I broke my 911 album… =..( sob.. sob…* And then Britney came about and man did I idolize her…. *not so kua jiong until idolize lar* At that time Britney Spears was the bomb… and I actually have a Britney doll…. hahaha oh and I didn’t like Chistina Aguilera that time… though “reflections” was a terrific song….

SO our radio was filled with pop music until quite recently I think… I think it was what 3 years ago? when Eminem started poppin up and all… “Stan” wasn’t that bad cause there was Dido in there… Oh and Usher, I prefer his earlier songs but his newer songs are pretty ok… oh and TLC’s waterfalls.. oh lovely…. right so around that time when started playing all kinds of rap, hip hop songs…. I changed to the chinese channel…. and darn it I just loathe those darn 4 boys who appear everywhere… I don’t see how anyone can like them… their songs aren’t that good anyway…. and their “idol drama” -.-” These 4 boys were basically everywhere, every kid that time knew them, everyone talked about them…. *so if U don’t know them then U must have been under a rock for a couple of years now*

and obviously there was Wang Lee Hom, I first saw his mv when I was standard 4 or 5 it was “Ai Ni Deng Yu Ai Zhi Ji” One of my fav Wang Lee Hom numbers…. for a long time now mandopop has been around… but it’s great so why would anyone want to change em? Maybe the chinese are great at writing ballads? Ever thought of that? yeah so chinese ballads is mah fav… and Machi is another no-no for me… Anotehr BIG no-no is an artiste which I refuse to name here but is one of the Blogstars fav artiste, the guy that acted so woodenly in Initial-D but got an award anyway…. *right I think U got it right* Oh David Tao ain’t half bad too…

Well since rap hip hop was taking over the english scene, I looked around for other genres to whet my appetite for english music…. and actually liked what I saw…. I was watching one of the music awards show and chanced upon none other than DASHBOARD CONFESSIONALS…. they won an award for “Screaming Infidelities”.. nice song btw…. *I guess DC is more recognized for “Vindicated” the theme song for Spiderman 2*. And that opened up a new world of “emo” to me…. then I went to Burger King one day and watched MTV and heard a really nice song… actually I heard 2 really great songs but I particularly liked a certain one… *hey how come burger king only show MTV huh?* ok ok.. back on track… That day I heard Muse’s “Sing for Absolution” and Snow Patrol’s “Chocolate” didn’t know why the song appealed to me but it was nice so I went and did my research and what do U know I ended up buying Snow Patrol’s album… and that in turn opened up britpop to me.. so Franz Ferdinand, Athlete, The Strokes and tonnes more came about…. not much Coldplay though….

Then I forgot how I chanced upon Yellowcard but I can assure U it wasn’t because of Only One… that was a nice song but I prefer “Way Away” and “Empty Apartment”. They have a new album out btw…. And I only tried out The All American Rejects because Yahoo Launch kept promoting them… I caved in to the incessant promotion and tried them out… and look what happened…. they become one of my fav bands… Even TV can bring good music to ur ears. That’s how I chanced upon Athlete, Damien Rice, Jack Johnson and many more… *actually when I say many more.. I actually forgotten their names*

Actually now.. I don’t really like Wang Lee Hom’s songs anymore… I like his ballads that’s all… actually I miss pop…. I kinda miss 911, Britney Spears when she was still pop princess…. now I’m actually moving on to Adult Contemporary. That’s wat they categorize Damien Rice under *actually he’s more folk*, so basically as I transitioned from a kid to tween to teen, I moved from Pop, Mandopop, Emo, Rock, *actually a little pop-punk*, and now Adult Contemporary *actually adult contemporary has pop and all…. but it’s meant for adults and besides it isn’t a genre it’s just a form of categorising* I must be getting old…… I mean adult contemporary…. I thought only people in their mid 20’s or late 20’s start listening to them… oh well music is music…. everything’s still cool and all….

Ah and I totally hate Crazy Frog… I mean who heard the Axle F song before it was spoiled by the crazy frog dude… it was so much better…. aish… and the chicken little song….. please can people stop playing em.. even the Myanmar workers staying behind my house are playing them to irritate the wits outta me…

After typing crap for paragraphs I’ve come to the conclusion that I like non mainstream kinda music… actually they are really really near mainstream but not jsut there yet… Almost all of my friends don’t know who I actually listen to… maybe a couple of them do but I don’t know? Jack Johnson? ever heard of him? Damien Rice? The Wallflowers? Everclear? Athlete? U got to have heard of Blink-182 right? I think I’m going mad here… better leave before these entry beacomes as long as the one on the Korean Movies…. hahahaha.. speaking of which… TV3 is going to show “Windstruck”, starring Jeon Ji Hyeon and Jang Hyuk…. ok time to leave see U soon…

Damien Rice – The Blower’s Daughter

And so it is

Just like you said it would be

Life goes easy on me

Most of the time

And so it is

The shorter story

No love, no glory

No hero in her sky

I can’t take my eyes off of you

I can’t take my eyes off you

I can’t take my eyes off of you

I can’t take my eyes off you

I can’t take my eyes off you

I can’t take my eyes…

And so it is

Just like you said it should be

We’ll both forget the breeze

Most of the time

And so it is

The colder water

The blower’s daughter

The pupil in denial

I can’t take my eyes off of you

I can’t take my eyes off you

I can’t take my eyes off of you

I can’t take my eyes off you

I can’t take my eyes off you

I can’t take my eyes…

Did I say that I loathe you?

Did I say that I want to

Leave it all behind?

I can’t take my mind off of you

I can’t take my mind off you

I can’t take my mind off of you

I can’t take my mind off you

I can’t take my mind off you

I can’t take my mind…

My mind…my mind…

‘Til I find somebody new

*Oh man, lovely song…. just lovely… especially the part where the “blower’s daughter” replies in the song….. just superb… I’m going to listen to this till I get bored out of my wits*

Kind Soul

Kind souls do exist! I figured that out today…. Only today… after 18 plus years standing on earth’s surface I trully believe that sometimes people are plain nice.. they just want to help you for no apparent reason… Now they ARE trully HAPPY people… now here I’ll tell U bout how I chanced upon this trully kind soul…

Had classes till 5pm today… oh btw thank U Shu Ying for buying burger for me….. next time buy set only… so much more worth it. Ok back to the story… I came out of college and it was raining. My guess is it just started raining. Felt like going through the rain, so I just ran across and reached the bus stop… My guess is the bus just left too since there were only 3 people including me waiting at the bus stop. So waited from 5pm to 5.30pm before teh bus arrived..

Naturally, everyone will rush to the door. I normally do that but since it was raining I didn’t want to get wet so I waited till teh people at the door got lesser… then suddenly out of the blue this TOTAL stranger comes up to me and says:” Why don’t I bring you over there?” she had her umbrealla open and all and wanted to bring me to the bus… As a polite genizen I politely declined, so she persisted. I forgot what happened and I was soon lining up to get into the bus with the lady holding the umbrealla for me. I got up the bus and turned around only to realise that she was back waiting at the bus stand… that totally shocked me… *I didn’t even know wat to do* didn’t know how to thank her…. so I just took my seat and and waved goodbye or was it a thank U wave to her as the bus went along….

Now that was one trully HAPPY person… *positive psychology?* wonder what little things can do for someone… A simple gesture like that I think I’ll remember for life… On why she asked me and not other people? I’m not sure why… maybe cause I was carrying a lot of books? I looked sick? she wanted to feel good about herself? no idea…..

I realised certain things today

1. without my friends around me, I feel at my best. just an example, I can just idle away as time passes *hey, no one said anything about productivity* besides, I can meet new people…

2. I always think of what to write on my blog when the bus reaches a certain place… odd huh?

3. I tend to have dejavu a lot lately

4. movies during class is kinda fun…. I shall watch Cast Away tomorrow.. haha

5. Buy fast food in sets… *it’s so much more cheaper*

Well that’s about it for today.. oh yeah met Sabrina and Marianne *colleague from ex-workplace* in college today. They are taking Foundation in Science…. wow… Apparetnly I’m thinner and prettier already… * barf, yeah right….* ok time to watch TV now.. Conclusion for the Korean Drama…don’t follow it, just wanna know the ending… *need some closure*

Damien Rice’s The Blower’s Daughter is just terrific… a simple yet lovely song… man… can’t get this song outta my mind… simple and affectious

Just around the corner a few blocks away

Alrite…. 2nd post for the new skin…. ok… HAPPY NEW YEAR anyway.. didn’t have the chance to wish U people earlier but it doesn’t matter. Better late then never eh? ok so Chinese New Year is jist round the corner a few blocks away… hehe. Actually it’s just about 3 weeks away…. Should be able to collect me angpaus’ in 2 weks time….

Right and I shall anticipate certain objects of indulgence such as “Long Yuk”, prawn crackers, chocolate chip cookies, “nga ku” chips….. Mmmm lovely… there use to be a bigger assortment but Mum’s reducing it… got muruku and chocolate and other stuff too but not gonna anme so many…. me fav is the “nga ku” chips… Mmm delicious….

Real tasty stuff but really hard work…. gotta peel them then slice them then fry em…. so far I think me mum has friend about 6kgs of “nga ku” but not all of em is for me 😦 right.. actually I have no idea wat to talk about…. oh btw college just started I’m stil pondering whether I should take Human Communications or Macroeconomics… Woo tough decision but it’s a decision that I haev to make fast to start learning….

Human Comm *I feel* is pretty interesting and since when I start my degree course I won’t be able to study this kind of subject anymore I might as well take it up. Macroeconomics on the other hand is the follow up of microeconomics and can be important for my degree course. But since I’m goin to learn it in my first year of the degree course, why pay extra to learn the same thing over again????

Woah since I put it that way… Human Communications it is…. now just to get over the first given assignment… jeez…. only started a day of class and already an assignment…. I have to talk to 2 strangers of different genders…. oh dear gawd…. how am I to do that???? maybe to cheat a little I’ll just try and talk to people in other classes which I don’t know yet.. hahahha they are stills strangers… since I haven’t known em yet…

Ok well hope I will be able to differentiate between psychology and human comm when teh lectures officially start…. I actually have both lectures on the same day….. man.. life is tough…. ciao for now… hope U guys are anticipating CHinese New Year too…

New Year, New Skin

Yeah Happy New Year fellow peepz! Hope U guys have a wonderful year and.. and stay healthy and.. and… erm try not to break any resolutions.

Since it’s the new year, I have a tottaly new skin… I little simple one this time around… no need for navigation bars… I actually really like this skin…. don’t know why.. I guess it’s the pictures… SInce it’s a much simpler skin, I made do without not so useful info like all kinds of wierd links which I think no one uses anyway… hahaha

Ok that’s jsut a short little entry for me new skin.. oh I ain’t gonna use multi colours for the following post anymore… looks so kiddy. heheheh oh and the previous post might be hard to be read, so U know wat to do right? *highlight them of course*

I shall head off now to figure out when I’m starting college…. Cheerios people! *No I don’t mean “go and eat some cheerios”*