Daisies mean hidden love… didn’t know that… pretty beautiful flowers mind U… Saw “Daisy” yesterday. after waiting for quite awhile.. thought no one was gonna watch with me… regardless watched it anyway…. generally it was ok though I was expecting more action. I like how each main character tells their own story and the film follows it… quite a nice touch I would say… Actually the film was a little slow but compared to “il mare” this is much better…

There were parts of the movie where U can manage a short laugh or a little smile not LOL though… it ain’t a comedy after all… The sceneries were beautiful… all the daisies hanging around everywhere…. Jung Woo Seong’s boss is a chinese and he interacts with him using chinese… not bad not bad… I think the boss’s name is David Chiang according to my parents but I saw the ending credits as John Chiang.. maybe it’s a different person… oh well… Oh oh and the cop that died has a 2 word name… or maybe he has no sir name… really petty stuff…. the self portraits done by Jeon Ji Hyun’s character is really good… very similar… it was pretty sad that her character lost her voice and all…

This is the first time * I think so* of all the movies I have watched, that all the main characters die in the end…. what other ending could they make that wouldn’t make the show lame? I like how Jung Woo Seong’s character built the bridge for Jeon Ji Hyun’s character after she fell of the first bridge which was actually a log… Lucky Jeon Ji Hyun.. In “il mare” Lee Jung Jae’s character built a house for her too….

Though the house is much nicer but the bridge is pretty nice too… anyway… overall it was pretty satisfying for I waited for Daisy’s release since last year… couldn’t bring myself to get it illegallly… *couldn’t find it, haha* Overall the show was slow but not as slow as “il mare”, it was sad but not as sad as “lover’s concerto”, I’m just reeling at how little action there was…. How Jung Woo Seong’s character injured Lee Sung Jae’s character was plain cool though… not bad a show… though it won’t topple “My sassy girl” out of the number one ranking in my list… *I have no idea which show is number 2 anyway*

Ah a little note, towards the end where Jung Woo Seong’s character confronts his boss reminded me of infernal affairs where Tony Leung and Andy Lau were on the roof and Tony Leung was asking Andy Lau to turn himself in and Andy Lau asking him to give him another chance…. and another note… Jeon Ji Hyun is really photogenic… jeez man… how can anyone be… oh another nice part of the show… Jung Woo Seong’s character planting daisies to give Jeon Ji Hyun.. nice…


Major steal…

wooo just found out a major steal today… pretty good steal too… haha…. *right*… although I believe I am a non book fan but I seem to be buying a lot of books lately… first the threebies and now the major steal…. Homer’s Iliad… Well actually it’s the translation of Iliad… I doubt I could read greek… *or at least if it was greek which I’m quite positively sure is* it was on RM13.90… heheh major steal… well it’s not really a major steal since the words are kinda small.. but I guess it’s ok if I really want to know the story of Achilles. *how do U pronouce his name btw?*

Although I’m not a fan of books I think I can fill a bookcase with books that I have bought and read…. I think I should get a nice bookcase for me bday… haha wat a weird present…. wonder when can I finish reading 4 new books…. I jsut started Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch….. It’s about him and his infatuation with Arsenal or rather football… *I don’t think it’s an infatuation by the way* Finished Middlesex… finally… was a pretty good book… although a little long… wasn’t my usual kind of book but still I thoroughly enjoyed it….

Right… enough bout books… now I have nothing to blog about… ahahaha… right…. just read the OC recaps and What the heck? Marissa dies at the end of season 3??? probably she didn’t want to extend her contract with The OC… haha… oh I guess Ryan’s true love is gone…. *I think* wonder which girl the produces will bring in… maybe they will make Marissa’s sister Caitlin Ryan’s new love interest…. that would be so complicating….

Oh I know I’m a little slow on this but Aras won survivor…. some how I knew it was him…. cause after all because of “the curse of the survivor car” *who ever wins the car never wins the million dollars, Amber got a car in the Ultimate Survivor but technically she didn’t win it cause Rob actually won it and gave her the other car, don’t know about Palau cause didn’t watch that * So there goes Terry… I was pretty surprised Danielle won the last immunity challenge… proves that Terry can’t win everything… haha…. ok right…..

Oh 8TV’s gonna show the “Spirit Of KL” later but doubt I will watch… still can’t figure out that stupid first clue… I think it’ll haunt me throughout my entire lifetime…. *touch wood*…. “style, beauty, fashion” where the heck is this freaking phrase or tagline???? give me more clues… please….. *or rather… sc**w U “Spirit of KL” I’m not even from KL….. forgive me language*

Ok shall continue playing “fate” should be finishing soon…. Ah college starting soon… wonder if I’ll still go to the gym… shall busy myself with contemplation… Oh somethign to shout about… although I got the cheapest tickets and most probably sitting from my place I would basically see ants I’m gonna watch “Grease” tomorrow…. Woohoo… *jumps with joy and punches the air* Might do a review of it… depends on my mood… now the thing worrying me is the water in my ears… I hope it comes out by the time the show starts tomorrow… oh well time to go… see U soon…

Holy Sh-mokes

omg… omg… I just saw not 1 but 2 DC ( Dashboard confessional) cd’s at a music store…. it was so not there before…. it’s the MTV unplugged DC cd and the “The Places You Have come to Fear the most” which is pretty old… both of em… and now I just found out…. The new CD is COMING OUT. “Dusk And Summer” 06.27.2006 …. can’t wait can’t wait… but doubt it will be found here anyway…. regardless… It’s coming out… after such a long time…. “A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar” was in 2004…. or rather late 2003… so long, so long ( which coincidentally is one of the song titles in the new album). If I could afford it though, the said older albums above would be all mine…. muahahahha

Oh in a separate story…. I also saw Qiu Ze’s old album for only RM15.80…. holy freaking Sh-mokes…. should I get it? should I not? hmm… well it’s only like 15.80… hmm…. but it isn’t the “Remember” album… oh well shall ponder longer until it has sold out then regret…. how typical…

Now in another separate story which is actually the real topic of this blog but I really wanted to put the DC stuff up there so this part of the entry has been downgraded…. hehehe right…. now for another of me fav SURVIVOR. Survivor: Exile Island is coming to a close this coming monday which is 15th May on my calender but might be a day earlier or later for other countries… watever it is…. on monday following US time… the sole survivor would be found out and and… and…. he/ she can join the ranks of fellow sole survivors…

Right, now.. the survivor producers left us at a cliffhanger ( not like I have seen it anyway, I jsut read it) the last tribal council there were 4 people left and after the vote, Cirie and Danielle tied and they had to participate in a tie breaker which was to built a fire big enough to burn the string…. or something of that sort… it was one of the challege in Survivor: Amazon and the guys time won…. *if and only if my memory serves me right* *someone vindicate me*

Ok right… now I’m just thinking, since I didn’t see it but read the episode guide… *since we are slower by a couple of episodes* did Terry give or kept the hidden immunity idol? If he gave it to Danielle then Cirie would be out but if he didn’t then it was such a waste of Hidden Immunity Idol. Anyway I doubt he would have given it away…. if he wanted to give it to soemone then he would have given it to Nick a long long time ago when the Casaya and La Mina merged and Nick got voted out… so no hidden immunity idol for Danielle.

Just before the Tribal council, Cirie learnt to build fire and she and Danielle practiced on separate beaches prior to the tribal council… * they were able to predict wat the tie breaker was? now how could that be?* so the tie breaker could go either way…. and the final 2 can be either Terry and Danielle or Aras and Cirie. they might be in different order… I wouldn’t know…

They all can win it except Danielle I think since all her team mates think she kind of slacked through the entire game… regardless… I doubt she can win the million bucks if she comes head on with Terry, Cirie or Aras… But since it’s such an unpredictable game…. she could actually take it home….

ah now the person who’s so worthy of getting the million bucks is of course Terry….. He practically won all the individual immunity idols except for the last one where Aras won it…. he can win since his ex- La Mina members would most probably vote for him… and probably Bruce.. not so sure… but there are only 2 ex- La Mina members on the Jury… oh well… I feel Terry’s main rival is Aras….

Aras kinda outwitted, and outplayed a couple of them… outlast I don’t know… he’s actaully a pretty scheming dude if U ask me… he might have deliberately lost challenges to appear weak… he’s actually real smart and like Terry can win Immunity challenges, evident in the last immunity challenge…. his intelligence was seen earlier when he won a reward challenge with Bruce and Sally. If Aras win the last immunity idol. He would definitely bring Cirie unless she lost in the tie breaker. IF she lost, he would most probably bring Danielle… cause Terry can be a little treat cause Terry definitely played the game…

Now for Cirie, if Cirie wins she can be those that won because of their niceness like Tina Weeson and Sandra Diaz… If Aras brought Cirie to the final 2, he would have a pretty tough battle because of Cirie’s niceness… From wat I see anyone can win if they bring Danielle along… not like I want to step on her or anything but I feel the otehrs played a stronger game and well she wasn’t as nice as Cirie….

But those that definitely defied the odds were Cirie and Terry. If Terry wins it, he is definitely one of the best survivor players…. he freaking helll beat the rest of the contestants flat in the challenges… If Aras wins, he can be in league with the likes of Richard Hatch and Brian Hendik who played the game and started to scheme from the very start. If Cirie wins… like I said, Tina Weeson and Sandra Diaz. If Danielle wins she would be in the same league as fellow fly on the walls … most of the winners were fly on the walls… like Amber for the Ultimate Sole Survivor series… So anyone can win the game but I’m secretly rooting for Aras * guess it ain’t such a secret anymore* haha… ok…

SO monday it is.. dear Survivor fans…. if my entry today has bored U… I’m terribly sorry .. jsut want to put out my fanatiscm… *no such word I think* oh.. and Jeff Probst has definitely aged…. Compared to when he appeared in the very first Survivor in Pulau Tiga, Sabah. Oh well I’ll still continue watching it eventhough I knew who won… jsut to see how the person won…


ooo…. just got me self the Threebies special by penguin…. got Nick Hornby…. hehehe… pretty joyous right now…. now I just got to find time to read em…. I’m not even halfway through Jeffrey Eugenides’s Middlesex…. maybe I can stop that and start the Threebies… oh well..

Wanted the Threebies for a pretty long time now… Saw it a year ago I think… I don’t remember where…. I only remember that everywhere I went.. there it was…. didn’t buy it then for some sort of reason which I don’t recall right now… Anyway… Early this year, I went to popular and mph to check if they still have it but unfortunately they didn’t restock after they sold finish the set…. And today I found it… heheheheh… I think it’s a different promotion… the one last time must have been in conjunction with Penguin Books’s 50th Anniversary.. this is…. this is… the… Threebies?

Oh saw MI3 today… and saw Daisy’s trailer… can’t wait.. doubt anyone is gonna watch with me though.. maybe I’ll force Yi Lin Bong… hahahahha ok right… MI3 wasn’t half bad I think…. pretty much wat U expect from an action movie and the villain’s partner in crime was such an easy guess….. anyway… got to check out the orange Lamborghini Gallardo…. I think it’s a Gallardo… saw it on the road the other day.. except it was yellow….

Another joyous event…. sang 8 Britney songs yesterday… hahahaha though now my voice is kinda sore… nah just kiddin, it was only sore right after I finish singing…. now it is perfectly fine…. too bad they didn’t have B.A.D… aish… oh sang “End of the world” too… hehehhe not bad not bad.. but doubt I’ll go back there again… ask me privately and I’ll answer U why… but I won’t tell U here eventhough U ask me….

Now I’m a little frustrated though… cause.. my sims wouldn’t work… there must be something wrong with the way I installed it… but stilll… it keeps crashing everytime I run it.. I can’t even go in and listen to the sim music… aish… *sob**sob* oh welll.. just wait for me bro to be back and everything should be fine… * I think*….

Oh and since my chocolate supply is dimisnishing pretty fast… down to the last 2 bars and a couple of assorted single ones… I have decided to make truffles… wahhahahahaha *yes I know I’m supposed to lose wait…. but my choccie supply is diminishing…..* anyway… I don’t know whenI’ll be making them but when I do… U won’t know… muhahahahahah anyway… time to run along…. ciao now… see U soon…

10 things

Right so today’s post will be about 10 things…. *ok move on* hehe first up is “10 things to do before U pass on” followed by “10 things to do in a sauna” *yes U read right, a sauna*

WARNING: for the “10 things to do before U pass on” please do not take it serously as it is amde for fun and not anything else… so please DO NOT I repeat DO NOT kill urself if U have already accomplished the 10 things below….

10 things to do before U pass on

10. Travel the world

go travel around the world and see all the 7 wonders of the world new and old…. and of course go to each and every continent and from each country U visit get a souveneir and compile it all together… U might just accomplish no. 6

9. climb up the tallest building

without using an elevator or an escalator… just plain old walking…. *make sure U bring lots of water, though they add more weight* so there U go scaling Taipei 101… luckily the tallest building now isn’t the Petronas Twin Towers or U need to do twice the walking….

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8. go backpacking.

U might find a country’s hidden charm or some secrets it wishes to keep….

7. Swim with sharks

not baby sharks ok… adult sharks… those that might bite…. Great White if U really want to…. oh make sure U stay alive to accomplish other things as well… U don’t want to be a wandering ghost or something…

6. Make a record/ Break one

no not a music record… more like records such as “the fastest time to fall asleep when head touches bed” or… “most souveneirs collected by a person” *refer to no.10* This shouldn’t be hard to do since well we are pretty well known for breaking useless records anyway….. haha haha… uh.. huh… erm.. he….. right.. move on…

5. Do something charitable

now just donating money is charitable but go one step further… it can make a really big difference….

4. Climb up Mount Everest

Oh when U climb up please plese be prepared for the icy cold weather…. after accomplishing no.9 U should be able to acheive this task… though I doubt that the tallest building is as tall as Mount Everest… oh well…

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3. Fly up into space

Yes go up in a rocket and visit the space station and see the earth from .. from.. a far far away… and see if U can see the Great Wall of China… haha…. ok… oh I wonder wat happens if someone farts in a space craft…. wouldn’t the smell continue lingering in the air or is there a system to expel air and replaceit with fresh new ones…. hmmm…

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2. Make something that will be part of the 7 wonders of the world
now this is a little difficult … U wouldn’t know whether it becomes a wonder of the world until a long long time after ur death… but it can be done.. U just won’t know it that’s all…

and now last but not least….. no.1….

1. Buy a plot of land at the graveyard ur gonna be buried at….

hey… it’s logical… wouldn’t U want to know where ur buried at? I would…. I want to see how’s the landscape, the width of me grave *touch wood* and well other stuff like is the air good… and other stuff…. how’s the feng shui?

WARNING: please DO NOT kill urself after U accomplished the 10 things I listed above, the above is only meant for fun and not anything else… so please DO NOT KILL URSELF if U already accomplished the above.

ok now.. for more lame stuff…..

10 things to do in a sauna

10. Sleep in the sauna…. *set a alram in case get roasted*

9. check out other people’s figure

8. see how other people wrap their towel around their body

7. Check out how people relax in the sauna….

6. play with ur sweat

5. sing songs…. provided that no one else is in the vicinity….

4. chit chat in the room…. no one accompanying U? talk to urself…. stop when other people come in…

3. See if other people have arm pit hair…. hahahahha

2. make sure ur towel isn’t falling… rewrap it over and over again if U must….

1. Straigthen your hair…. heheheh

ok times up for the lameness… time for me to leave…. bye bye… if U ever are in a sauna room try doin the ten things above…