2007 – the year that was

I wanted to reveal the present in this entry but the HD with the picture crashed… along with my favourite mp3’s… sob sob… what an ending to the year… more sobbing… Anyway, to end the year, I’ll make a year in review entry… *while listening to mp3’s that were lucky enough not to be transferred to the doomed HD, ie Britney Spears… hehe 🙂 and my surprising new found liking to Super Junior’s songs… gasp!*

2007 – The Year in Entertainment

Movie of the year

The Simpsons Movie
It’s the best cause who wouldn’t want to see thier favourite small screen hero to be on the big screen eh?? Plus I haven’t seen them in years, I’m happy they are still the same. Homer is still erm.. idiotic?, Marge stil has that big blue hair, Lisa is as smart as ever, Bart is well… Bart and Maggie still has her pacifier… oh and there’s Milhouse too.. ehehe.. Mr. Smithers too… but I’m stsrting to gather that he might be gay.

 TV Series of the Year

Heroes *I consider it in 2007 cause Normal tv only just started showing it*
This is definitely the best thing that came out of tv this year. It is simple awesome. The storyline and all… though I’m still confused in what powers the people actually have.. hahaha

Album of the Year

Mark Ronson – Version
With my favourite artistes, like Dashboard Confessional & Lee Hom as well as SG Wannabe, coming up with albums this year, it is not hard to be bias but Mark Ronson’s Version wins hands down. I would say the album is superb! He basically made covers on songs and added a new lease of life to the songs. Amazing stuff really.

Best Single

Mika – Grace Kelly
though OneRepublic’s apologize comes a close second. Mika might seem a little odd, but Grace Kelly is definitely a good song. Imagine if we can’t hear it eh…

 Best Song to sing in the Karaoke
Cyndi Wang –  Ai Ni
*lol…. I’m serious… it’s nice… hahhaa*

———————–The End—————————

That’s the end of the entertainment recap. *what only 5categories?* yes.. only 5 categories… hahah…. I don’t watch enough movies to judge best actor and best actress. Nor most promising or youngest star. Nor do I have MTV to watch which is the best music video and who has the hottest hairdo cause I don’t really care. Though as a special mention… I’ll add…

Most Publicised Celebrity

Britney Spears
Most of them bad publicity. But I think she listens to the phrase “bad publicity is better than no publicity at all”… which is very very…. sigh….

 Now for a recap on my own year.

2007 – The year of much unchanged *lol* & despair

Things that I wanted to do but didn’t do in the end *so I guess I didn’t want to do them in the first place since I didn’t put much effort into doing them*

1. Kayaking (putrajaya)
2. White water rafting
3. Sit the “Eye on Malaysia”
4. Exercise more often *or rather be fit*
5. Bake something

2007 – The Year of Firsts

1. Participated in HELP’s annual trekathon *man was it gruelling*
2. Joined HELP’s treasure Hunt *and actually won something. 🙂
3. Drove myself to college with a trusty aid *probably first and also the last time*
4. Played pool and was able to pocket a couple of balls. *with rules? I don’t think so*
5. Found an unsuitable job
6. Work and study at the same time… joy!
7. Playing designer board games other than Monopoly
8. Won a contest from the papers…. Woohoo!
9. Pledge my organs
10. Started recycling

I think I ran out of categories… lol… ah yes.. of course there is the…

blog entry of the year
Beary Fishy

Phrase of the year
“How odd…”

 Word of the Year

Now to bid goodbye to 2007, I would like to wish everyone Happy 2008!
May everyone be blessed with good health and abundant wealth.
May the year 2008 be a good year for the environment! And world peace.


Snowdrops Keep Falling…

Raindrops keep falling on my head… eh whoops.. it’s snowsdrops keep falling in my blog… hehe…. How was christmas? Good? had too much stuffings?? I wouldn’t know, I don’t celebrate it. ehehe… but….

I received my first ever Christmas present.. *wait… first? hmmm… maybe second… no wait.. 3rd… hmmm… um… I guess it’s 3rd ever Christmas present, lol.*

U will soon see an attack of pictures to see what I got… As a teaser.. I won’t put what I got today… maybe U can guess… lol. how fun eh? *first I gotta figure out how to insert pictures into this here blog, ahahaha*

A Parcel? For me?

Hmm what could it be?

A Little teaser

Another teaser…

Now make a simple guess…. as an ending note I would like to thank Santa Clove! hehe

P.S. Notice the snow in the blog? lol…

Merrrrrrry Christmas! Ho! ho! whoops…

*Deck the halls with boughs of holly fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la

 ‘Tis the season to be jolly fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la*

Did U know? Somewhere in this world, there are Santa’s that can’t go “Ho! Ho! Ho!”?

Apparently cause it’s erm… unsuitable for children.. -.-“” right….

 This Christmas I wish for…. World Peace… hyuk hyuk…

Wait! I don’t celebrate Christmas! Oh what the heck…

Went to the Big Book Shop Warehouse yesterday and picked up 3 comic book annuals… lol… add that to the 2 that I bought before, I now have 5 comic book annuals… hahahhaha Dandy 2007, Beano 2006 & 2007, Bash Street Kids 2006 & 2007. Actually wanted the Dennis & Gnasher 2006 Annual.. but decided to get the Beano 2006 Annual instead cause it was thicker… -.-“”

Results came out today, approximately a month after the current semester started.. yes it is very odd… Met my expectations so I’m fairly glad… Now to enjoy me comics while figuring out the assignment. Cheerios!

P.S. People celebrating Christmas, don’t pig out on the Christmas turkey, the Christmas pudding, the eggnog and for Christmas goodies!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Mage Cafe

Mage Cafe, Neway, Mage Cafe, Neway… in the end had to settle for the former as if I went to Neway,I might not be able to come back home! Gasp!

Anyway Strawbs suddenly invited me to go Mage Cafe which we have been planning on going for a long… long… long.. time. The place is pretty secluded cause it isn’t facing a main road, U have to know where it is to go there too, pretty easy to find though. They had sofas and normal chairs and tables… Function chose the table…

 When we went it was empty, the owner is very cheery! U can tell that she has a passion for board games which is really go. She asked us if we came before, we said No. she brought out some easy learning games for us to play and boy must I say, there are so many board games to choose from!

 We played Blockus, some fruit game, and a worm game as well as Settler’s of Katan. I liked the first and last one… the fruit one needed tonnes of attention which I didn’t have… I prefer planning things.. hahahahha we were supposed to be there for only 2 hours but we ended up spending 3 1/2 hours…

In the end Function was the day’s winner… maybe cause he picked the table… nyahahha

Each of us paid only RM7.50 which ain’t half bad… Anyway… Anyone wants to go again?

It ain’t Izzi being easy

Woke up yesterday eager to dig in to crabs! The weather wasn’t lovely, but I’m slightly mad cause “I’m only happy when it rains”. Settled the fees and everything and the seafood trip was cancelled… 😦 No more crabs for my fingers to pry open then. Poor poor. So there was a “congregation” on “What to do then?”, *I kept saying karaoke, but no one seemed to want to agree or disagree, my voice went with the wind outside*

Soon it was decided that we went for Shabu-Shabu. I-Rene suggested 1U. but I forgot what happened, but we didn’t end up going there. hahah we headed for Kepong instead. Let’s see, the each person a little boiler concept is pretty nice but the food is just.. erm.. normal? The sauce is terrific though. hahaha Would I go to all the trouble to go there again? Nope. Unless somehow I’m in that vicinity and the company I’m with wants to go there.

Everyone was stuffed after that, so no dessert for us… Sob sob… then we headed for Karaoke… sigh…. Well at least we get to sing. Wanted to sing Cyndi Wang… LOL…. but the Sin Ying chose so many… -.-“” I think halfway through the session, I didn’t feel like singing anymore… *I stopped enjoying myself? Oh dear…. what’s wrong with me?* I felt rather content watching the music videos or rather guessing the chinese characters. Haha… *I might as well have stayed at home and surfed youtube eh?*

Rushed home to get ready for dinner. Watched tv and read the papers at the same time. Received a message from Strawbs that she would leave her house at 7.15pm. *Takes less than 5 minutes to reach my house from hers*. 7.30pm…. Mum said: “Takes so long from her house to come here meh?” Then she arrives.. hahaah

Reached Izzi!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Surprisingly we were the first to arrive. LOL… Started taking pictures and thus begins my first “official” photologview. Wk, no longer evil devil and yi lin bong reached and we ordered our drinks first. After maybe about 20 minutes only did How Han, Function & SK arrive along with our drinks.. My guess is that they probably took it from Starbucks that’s why it took them so darn long… -.-”

Allowed the rest to study the menu to finally order.

Let’s see.. Function & SK ordered the Carbonara.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

According to Function, it ain’t nice. But Yi Lin felt it wasn’t half bad.

How Han ordered….

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I don’t think he liked his either. Oh he ordered mushroom soup too.

WK ordered….

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Chicken Steak with Pasta

Shu Wei had…

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Grilled Butterfish with Tomato Coulies, which had really wonderful presentation. hehe

Mei Shea’s was…

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Baked Cheese Macaroni… there was a typo on the menu.. unless it wasn’t a typo?
I tasted a little, it felt like Mac & Cheese, the cheese was too sour for my liking…. According to her, it was like Mac & Cheese, very little chicken.

Me & Yi Lin shared

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Pollo Tropicale Pizza &

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Cheese Dough Ball? I forgot the name.. hehe.. It was a starter though…

The pizza was ok, the base didn’t ebcome soggy & all as it cooled down, but it didn’t really meet my expectations… I prefer Domino’s -.-” Puzzini’s is still the best though… LOL. The Cheese Dough Ball thingy was ok. If U left it there to “absorb” the air-cond, the bun would be hard on the outside but on the inside it’s still soft & nice… hehe

After that, the majority wanted to catch a movie, so I played along.. sadly there weren’t any nice times…. Both in TGV & GSC. Walked pass my favourite shop in 1U. There was a bear that is really cute! But I already have tonnes so no more…

Ended up at Friendster cafe. The jam heading to Kota Damansara was horrible. Mei Shea took the jammed up route while wk didn’t. Imagine. They already reached Friendster cafe but we were still at 1U’s traffic light… *smacks head*

Pretty tired by the time we got there… Played some games.. the last game was uno stacko which was also the silliest. We only palyed one game of that cause we needed to leave. 3 people into the game, How Han had a hard time finding a nice piece to take. wk was next and he made it fall. Shu Wei, me & Yi Lin didn’t even get a chance to pull.. -.-“” LOL…

The service at Friendster was I would say good, thier service people were nice & friendly… But the frink I would say is overpriced. Oh well, there’s a first for everything.

Till then cheerios.

P.S. Strawbs really needs new music for her car….

Weather’s a KILLER!

Goodness Gracious, the Sun is Xtra scorching today. The heat burns my skin, but no marks are seen. teehee… anyway went to my Grandma’s house for lunch. *actually more like my aunt’s house but my grandma lives there but it’s all the same…*

There was a shockin amount of food laid out on the table… Got crabs somemore… Yum… but I only ate one claw… They were expecting company sans the amount of food on the table. The “company” was like a long lost relative. Husband & wife came, the “husband” is my Dad’s cousin. They ahven’t seen each other since 20 years ago…. -.-“” so technically I could say that I might not have seen them in my entire life.. till now…

Anyway cut the story short, it seems like I have a celebrity actress as my distant cousin… hahhahahah same age… female.. how she looks like I have no idea, what’s her name I have no idea… sad stuff this is…

Classes are starting and somehow I feel much lazier… It’s December! It’s supposed to be a holiday… jeez… oh well, cheerios now! Have a Scorching day & Cool night!