1.5 days in rainy Seoul

Annyeong wonderful non-existent readers!

I have returned with a sudden burst of interest in writing a post on beautiful Seoul. 🙂

So I had the privilege to stop by Seoul for an extremely brief weekend (1.5 days) and my only wish was to cycle along the Han river. Odd, I know.

Took the red-eye into Seoul and by the time I got to my friend’s hotel it was 10am. I think I only had about 5 hours of sleep. Then off we go following my friendly colleague’s itinerary.

First stop Insadong. We stop by a sticky rice shop for breakfast.


Pumpkin porridge. Not really what I expected. Tasty but a little too sticky.


They have some pretty streets here and also a nice shopping area.


Ssamziegil. A place for instagram worthy Mary Poppins impersonators?

Walked a bit and headed to Bukchon for more accessories shopping. Not for me but my fellow wanderers.

Along the way I see many beautiful modern hanboks and wandered could I wear this to attend weddings? Kinda expensive and a bit warm for the Malaysian weather though… hmmm…


Beautiful but expensive hanbok. I’ll probably need to be pretty slim too. 

Bukchon is a much nicer area to walk around than Insadong. Maybe cause it’s a bigger area and there are much more shops. Quite a number of shops were converted from the traditional hanoks too.

Time for a break and we had one of the best bingsu (shaved ice) at Bukchon Bingsu. I always felt that ice kacang was better than bingsu but the bingsu here changed my perception. hahah


The entrance to Bukchon Bingsu. Yum! 

This is starting to feel like an eating trip because our next trip was to Tosokchon for Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken).


We all ordered the black chicken with wild ginseng. Boy, that was one delicious ginseng chicken! I would definitely go back for this one.

And the night was still not ending yet. We headed to Hongdae to experience the “nightlife”. Wandered around a bit, did some shopping, stopped by a cafe and it started raining heavily. Not the most ideal and we only had 1 umbrella for 4 of us. It was difficult to get a cab but we made it in the end.

The next day we woke up to meet a nice Korean lady I met in Vietnam. There was light rain in the morning and were wondering where she would bring us. I had told her I felt like eating Bossam. But it seemed a little heavy in the morning. Irregardless, we took the train and headed to the Jongno 3 station.

She brought us to a back alley nearby where there were about 3 or 4 Bossam shops. There were also pig’s feet soaked in water. I’m sure this place has really delicious food.


The oyster Bossam was really good! You take a piece of lettuce leaf, place a piece of boiled pork, oyster, some sauce, a kimchi, wrap it and savour the flavour. 

The shop throws in a free gamja tang (pork bone soup) and pan fried fish. We were absolutely stuffed.

Of course, when we left the restaurant it was raining heavier. We took a short walk to a beautiful place called Inseokdong. It’s kinda like Bukchon where the shops are refurbished from old hanoks. Very beautiful place.


Inseokdong: My favourite place between Insadong, Bukchon and Inseokdong 

It’s not as popular with tourists yet, but I foresee it will be in the near future.

We headed to Myeongdong after that to buy some masks before I had to head off to the airport for my flight to Shanghai. I vowed to return as I obviously did not complete what I had set out to do. To cycle along the Han river. I did take a taxi ride along the Han river. LOL

1.5 day itinerary

Day 1 – Insadong, Bukchon, Tosokchon (Ginseng chicken), Hongdae

Day 2 – Jongno 3, Inseokdong, Myeongdong

It was a packed schedule but it was kinda nice and relaxing nonetheless. We made a lot of rest stops in between which was good. There are also lotsa cafes in Seoul which is not unexpected actually. If only the weather was better.

That’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed this short recap of my trip. I don’t know when I’ll write again but hopefully it’ll be soon 🙂


Happy 2017!

Happy New Year dear readers!

Thank you for staying faithful to this blog (by the way, I honestly doubt anyone is reading. lol)

I was thinking about my 2017 resolutions and was thinking since I’m 30 this year I don’t think any resolution is meaningful. I rarely keep them anyway. So I came up with a way of life instead.

  1. Live courageously but not recklessly
  2. Live a healthy but happy life
  3. Live with no regrets

Whatever resolution I would make throughout the year should fit into any of these 3 areas.

I’ve also restarted something. I’ve always said I wanted a new hobby but I think I already found a hobby a long time ago. I thoroughly enjoyed writing but I guess work life came in and I kind of forgot about it. So, I’m going to start writing/blogging again (well, we all need to start somewhere). The catch is I won’t be writing much here because I’ve started a new blog called 21 weekends and I’ve written 2 blog posts already. Wow! That’s more than what I wrote last year! 21 weekends is basically a summary of my various weekends when I’m not in town. I’ll see how long it last.

Well, hopefully your 2017 is kicking off with good things and may I wish you good health and happiness in 2017! 😀

梦想的声音 The Sound of Your Dream

Hi dear readers! 

Surprised to see me here? 

Well something spurred me to restart my writing. So I shall start small. 

A lovely colleague of my mine was telling me about a new singing show that had JJ Lin and Hebe and I was curious considering their history. So I started watching 梦想的声音 or the “sound of your dream” and I thought it was pretty good. 

The talents that appear on the show are pretty awesome as they tend to have musical backgrounds. The artist line up is JJ Lin, Hebe, Amei, Jam Hsiao & Yu Quan and every week they get challenged by the talents by being asked to sing quite random songs. Like the one about eating fried chicken in people’s park. 

If you have time.  Check it out 🙂 

2015 status check

It gets so depressing every time I get this blog’s annual report from WordPress. To sum it all, in the year 2015, I only managed 4 blog posts! On the brighter side, I have hit the 400th post milestone! Yes!

Anyway, since this post is meant to talk about my 2015 status check lets jump straight into it!

I vaguely remember creating resolutions for 2015, so I scrolled back 4 blog posts and identified my fairly short resolution list. Here it is…

2015 resolution list

  1. Continue going to the gym. Maybe do more cardio?
  2. Volunteer more
  3. Less procrastination and lazing around
  4. Live in the moment
  5. Let what happened in 2014 stay in 2014, 2015 is a brand new year!

Looking through that list, I think I failed on all fronts. Gasp!

  1. That monthly gym membership is like giving away free money. Yipes!
  2. Volunteer? HAH!
  3. Same old lazy butt here wouldn’t want to lift a finger
  4. Live in the moment. Hmmm…. I… can’t measure or justify
  5. Well I resolved to do something about it and I kept at it. But whether its the right thing to do? I have no idea. I think I shouldn’t try to forget but accept it for what it is.

Well, since I seem to have failed to complete my resolutions, which isn’t surprising since I forgot about it, let me just reflect on my 2015. I’ll reflect by asking myself questions and of course answer them myself too. Here goes!

2015 Honest Q&A

  1. What do you think of 2015?
    2015 just flew by! Overall, I think it has been a pretty bad year for Malaysia as a whole. Since it’s bad for Malaysia, ultimately it’s citizens are suffering. Raising cost, slow economy, salaries that aren’t rising as fast as inflation. I believe 2015 is a difficult time for everyone.
  2. Personally, how was your 2015?
    In terms of?
  3. Well, what do you think you did well in 2015? Or rather what were your achievements in 2015?
    Hmm… I think travelling solo was an achievement. I would like to do that again some day. Other than that, I’m now a house owner. Now I hope I can transition to a landlord too. Owning a house is rather expensive.
  4. Those are pretty fascinating achievements. What do you think you could have done more in 2015?
    Other than exercise more? If I could have done it all over again. I would have tried an meet more people, make more friends. I would also try and give my 100% at work. Ok fine.. 80%. Personally, I felt that I’ve been coasting/free riding at work. That’s pretty bad. Other than that, at the back of my mind, where I’ve conveniently stored it, is that nagging feeling to make amends with a “friend”.
  5. What about your life in 2015? How have you been? What were you up to? Did you start any new projects?
    Wow, calm down now… That’s a lot of questions. Ok, I think I’ve been doing pretty good in 2015. My wrist seems pretty normal now. Although I realised I’ve been getting flus in 2015 more often than in 2014.
    In terms of activities, I don’t believe I tried out anything exceptionally new. Most of my weekends have been dedicated to the house. All that time and money. 
    Ah yes! I’ve started to learn to invest again. Hopefully I’ll do alright. Risky but well, we need our money to grow!
    Actually in 2015, a lot of closer friends got married. Lots of facebook friends too. I think it’s that age where you’ll start losing friends cause they’ll be busy with their families too. In the last wedding too, as I was leaving I felt a sudden overwhelming feeling of sadness. I’m definitely happy for the couple. But I suppose I’m wondering will my turn arrive? Hmmm….
  6. How do you feel now that 2015 is ending?
    I honestly feel my memory is fading hahaha… Well a bit mixed, after all the questions you put me through, I think I did alright on certain fronts but I could have done better in other areas. Will I try and improve in 2016? Well, I haven’t quite figured out what I want my 2016 to be like. All I know is that I’m starting it with a dilemma and that money is involved. Definitely difficult choices to make.

Well, that’s it! No pictures to recap any fun exciting activities I did in 2015! Ah well, I’ll give you a little freebie.


The finale of the Rainforest World Music Festival 2015!

I won’t be writing about 2016 just yet. I need more time to think about what I want to achieve.

Hope everyone had happy holidays and a Happy New Year!

A game I cannot play

As always,

I thought of you again.

A fleeting memory that’s slowly fading.

I try to remember your face sometimes,

but the image of you is getting harder to piece as time goes by.

I suppose I fell too easily.

For what, I wonder.

I can’t seem to pinpoint the qualities anymore.

Perhaps you were just a perfect idea.

One, which I had not thought of.

Nor had I the courage to dream of myself.

Looking back, my behaviours were perhaps seen as childish.

From my lack of experience. Maybe.

If I could replay my actions,

I would have stayed away.

For alas, you are in a game that I cannot play.

Space filler

I believe I used to like to write. With my introvert personality, where else can I share my thoughts? Does this mean I haven’t had marvelous thoughts in awhile now?

These days I’ve been too caught up procrastinating on things. There are so many things I want to do in that limited resource we have called time. Finite time is of course extremely valuable, but I waste it on non-productive activities. I gotta get my act together!

There are just so many distractions! Distractions, begone!

Feels like I’m in a rut sometimes. Don’t know what I want to achieve in my life, don’t know where I’m heading, don’t know the purpose of my existence, heck what IS the purpose of mankind’s existence? All these difficult questions will of course be unanswered. All I can do now is stare at the flashing line on my computer beckoning me to type the next sentence.

Oh! Did you’ll know Death Cab for Cutie is coming to KL! Haven’t been to a concert for awhile. Felt that I was getting a bit old for hanging around at free standing parties. But hey! How often will you get Death Cab for Cutie eh?

In the meantime, I shall think of something more exciting to type next time. Which may actually be much sooner than you think. Till then, hope my dears readers find their reason of existence. 😮

Traffic jam wisdom: Grass is greener on the other side. Or is it?

Driving to and from work is a rather time wasting exercise. An hour just stuck in traffic can accomplish so much! So, a sudden gush of wisdom was bestowed upon me as I sat behind the wheel of my 20+ year old car. I shall share it with you, my dear readers which are slowly diminishing day by day.

Grass is greener on the other side

It’s a four lane highway, you’re queuing up on the slow lane inching your way to the front. You glance to your right and see cars on the fast lane moving much quicker. “Hey! That lane is moving faster.” Do you switch lanes?

Scenario 1: You switch lanes and once you switch, the cars begin to slow down on the fast lane and the cars on the slower lane are moving faster now. “Ah! What the heck!”. You end up worst off than if you just persevered.

Scenario 2: You change lanes and zoom ahead. You notice that the cars on the fast lane are slowing down and the speed on the slow lane seem to be picking up speed. You switch lanes again. You end up reaching your destination much faster than if you did not switch lanes.

Scenario 3: You don’t make the switch and patiently inch your way to your destination. The cars on your right continue to pass you by. This is a scenario of sticking to your choices but they are not always the right ones.

Moral of the story: Scenario 1 & 2: Timing is key! Observation is necessary. This sorta applies to real life. If you caught the start of the movement, you’re fine. If you caught the tail end, unfortunately you’ve missed the boat and left to eat dust. Better luck next time. This basically translates to “don’t be a follower and strive to be the leader” as well.

What about Scenario 3 where the driver didn’t switch lanes? Well, he/she basically missed the boat, but since he/she has nothing to compare with. He/she is in their ignorant bliss, until someone makes a comparison. The lesson here is that basically you gauge your own achievements. If you felt that you reached your destination in a reasonable time, that’s good. If you felt you should have been faster, well there is always tomorrow to try out a different route maybe?

Hope you’ll have interesting thoughts while driving!