To 2018!

A year has passed and now we’re at the last day of 2018. What have I accomplished?

Based on 2018’s resolution, which I set for myself, I haven’t accomplished much.

  • Live courageously but not recklessly
  • Live a healthy but happy life
  • Live consciously of your actions, probably also to give back more to society

I don’t think I was in any position to choose to live courageously. At least I wasn’t reckless. Hold that thought, I may have held back on certain occasions. I suppose I need to open up more sometimes.

I lived a happy life, that is without a doubt. A healthy life though, well… let’s just say I think I forgot about that bit. I should come up with some exercise plan.

Now that last one. I suppose sometimes actions were taken without much thought and some actions were overthought. Did I do anything that I ultimately regretted? Hmmm… I would say no. But I didn’t give back to society… that’s a sad bit.

Now what is my 2019 going to be… uncertain, for the future is unpredictable. What are my resolutions going to be? The same as the last of course! Since I barely met them in 2018.

  • Live courageously but not recklessly, maybe try and be more open
  • Live a healthy but happy life
  • Live consciously of your actions, probably also to give back more to society

I shall try to abide by this where possible.

Now cheers to 2018! It was a marvelous year with wonderful experiences! May 2019 be a great year for growth, opportunities and calmness! 🙂


2017; 2018

The last days of 2017 is arriving and the world will soon Usher in the year 2018!

This is the time for self reflection and creating resolutions. I tried to think back on the resolutions that I made and I wondered if I met them. The problem is, I don’t remember what my resolutions were. Was it to exercise more? I definitely did not meet my resolution then. Was it to make new friends? Also did not meet this resolution.

Thankfully for this blog, I found the resolutions I made for myself and it appears that I was much wiser a year ago. My 2017 resolutions were more of a way of living and quite well written I would say:

  • Live courageously but not recklessly
  • Live a healthy but happy life
  • Live with no regrets

Judgement time *drumroll*

Of course judging whether I met them or not is purely based on perspective, so….

Live courageously sounds like a “Just do it” motto, I would presume that I met 70% of it, but I would say I may have been a bit reckless towards the end of November. I should think more rationally and no, desperate times does not necessarily mean desperate measures! Apply caution where necessary!

Live a healthy but happy life. Mmm… this is probably related to eating healthily, exercise and being happy. I suppose 70% again for this one. I ate happily instead of happily, did not exercise much but the main thing was that I was happy which is essentially a good mental state to be in. Or am I just making excuses for myself? Hmmm….

Live with no regrets. Ah… this one, I just had a pang of regret the other day. I would say 50% for this. I need to do better at my decision making.

Alright…. that was it. Wait I’m not doing a recap of my year as a whole? Well, I kinda just did. Perhaps that will be for another time. 😀

2018 resolution time!
I’ll probably have the same resolutions but change up the last one. The previous one just sounded like values for a Nike ad.

  • Live courageously but not recklessly
  • Live a healthy but happy life
  • Live consciously of your actions, probably also to give back more to society

Well Happy New Year everyone! and apologies if I have bored you. May all of you have great health and an abundance of happiness in 2018!

2017: My own year in pictures

I was thinking where to post this. There are just too many mediums these days, but to stick with tradition, I’ll just do it here where I kinda feel the most comfortable writing nonsense and there’s no like or love button to receive any validation. 🙂 Just plain letting it out in the world “anonymously”. Nice!

Alright, time for my 2017 recap!! I actually wrote a resolution one earlier but I’m only posting it later so some things I say there may sound a bit odd like “what 2017 recap? this is the recap.” But I’m actually writing a recap here now. No, no, I’m not trying to mess with your mind. I ain’t no Christopher Nolan.

Lets see, 2017 for me just flew by! Perhaps it’s an age thing where everything just goes by and I can’t even seem to remember the year at all. Where did my May go? I don’t know! So, I’ll try to relive it through monthly pictures and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. 🙂



Pretty tea cups for CNY

It’s Chinese New Year! Fancy some fish swimming in your tea cup? The fish will stay behind too, so it’ll fit the saying 年年有余! 😀


2 Is this real.jpg

This is not real Bak Chor Mee!

Seems like nothing much happened in February for me. I did visit the Singapore Art Musuem which was pretty nice to be honest. But this thing here was more interesting. It’s actually dessert made to look like a bowl of Bak Chor Mee (Minced Pork Noodles), a Singapore local favourite. Can’t say this dessert was a local favourite though. It’s gimmicky but I was kinda impressed with their concept. Their egg and toast was even more impressive! Especially the egg!


Ah, this is probably when the year was in full motion.

3 March - Machu Picchu.JPG

Machu Picchu!

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be sent to Bogota for work. Boy was it an amazing experience. Firstly, Bogota is surprisingly chilly because it’s actually located quite high up in the mountains that you may get some sort of dizziness. It took me about 5 days to adjust to the jet lag, I think this too was contributed by the altitude.

Firstly, Colombia is beautiful, and reminded me quite a lot of home. The fruits! Malaysia has fruits but Colombia has more! The other parts of Colombia is just as humid as Malaysia, maybe even hotter.

For a quick 3 day weekend, we also did a side trip to Machu Picchu too! And had a quick walkabout the main area of Cuzco and loaded up on quite a number of souveniers, which may seem a little unnecessary upon hindsight.

People here are more chill, also kinda like home. Super friendly and I can’t wait to return!


Spring time! And to my surprise, I witness this beautiful sight in the most unlikely places.

4 April - Sakura.JPG

Cherry blossom time in Kungsträdgården!

Cherry blossoms in Stockholm! What? I didn’t know they had them there. A colleague of mine told me they had cherry blossoms the last time she was there. I had some time before my flight to the North of Sweden and Kungsträdgården (King’s Garden) was within walking distance from the hotel. Boy was I rewarded! It’s a beautiful sight. I can’t imagine how Japan would look like during cherry blossom season. Since I can’t imagine, I’ll have to visit Japan during that time then. 😀

April was also the time when I stopped by Bergen, Norway, to visit the beautiful Fjords. I did the “Norway in a Nutshell” self guided tour. The scenery was pretty, beautiful but a part of me was wondering how nice it would be if there was someone to share this experience with. I suppose I felt some loneliness there. Hmmm… Well it changed when I went to Stockholm.


May was a good month. A month full of firsts. I headed to the North of Sweden where it was the end of winter, but still winter-ish nonetheless. I had enjoyed my first experience dog sledding! I was just sitting down and someone was guiding the beautiful and strong “mushers”. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of my favourite. 😦 He was eating the snow along the way, which is a strong no-no. The snow started falling during the ride and we stopped by a teepee for tea with a nice warm fire while it snowed heavily outside.

At the end of the day, I also experienced a life first. Sleeping in the ice hotel! The temperature is maintained at a “comfortable” -5 degrees. It’s not as glamourous as it seems as you end up just sleeping in a thermal sleeping bag placed on reindeer pelts, and actual mattress and an ice bed frame. But it’s an experience nonetheless. Will I do it again? Sure! If I have the money to spare!

5 May - Ice Hotel.JPG

“Dancer in the Dark” room at the Ice Hotel


From the cold winter of Sweden to the warm summer of France!

6 - Provence (Valensole).jpg

Lavender fields in Valensole, Provence!

The Lavender fields were everywhere! The sea of purple went on till the horizon! The Lavender fields in Sapporo cannot compare to the lavender fields here. As you get out of the car, the smell of lavender overwhelms your senses. Everything you own will be engulfed in that smell. Mmm…

Of course Paris was amazing too! The Eiffel Tower, the Lourve, Mona Lisa, the amazing Renaissance art in the Lourve, the impressionist art (Monet, Matisse, Sisley) at Musee D’Orsay. Ah! and Mont St Michel was quite interesting too. It would have been nicer if there were fewer people.


Waking up in the overnight train to “SAPA~~~”, the song being played in the morning, a sort of welcome song for everyone and also to let everyone know that you are reaching your destination, please wake up and get ready!

7 - Sapa.JPG

Oh Beautiful Sapa

Lack of sleep and we had to hike through the beautiful valleys of Sapa. Oh goodness me. It was a beautiful sight, hot but oh so picturesque and gives off a sense of calmness too. We had an interesting Korean mother & daughter traveling in our group. They were quirky and the guide was funny.

July was also the month where I turned 30 and I had an interesting birthday celebration on a tour boat in the middle of Halong Bay. LOL thank you dear friends! I had a lovely karaoke session on the boat too hahaha…


The month of August brought me back to Shanghai. I think I have this like/dislike relationship with Shanghai. There are decent parts of it, which I genuinely wouldn’t mind living in, but the volume of people just kinda puts me off and also… the fact that my mandarin is horrible and I can’t really understand what they want from me isn’t helping the cause. This time I booked myself into a lovely hotel in the French Concession area over the weekend and took a day tour to the lovely water villages. I also took a short walk to….

8 - Xiang Qin Jiao.jpg

Matchmaker’s corner in People’s Park

相亲角 (Matchmaker’s corner) located in 人民公园 People’s Park is for parents/ their agents, to place ads for their children to help them find their respective other halves. The ad includes all sort of details, age, height, education level, occupation, what they are looking for, what they are like. Each ad is unique in its own way. What I don’t understand is why do they place the ads on umbrellas? Another thing to note is that most ads were for females looking for their other halves. Hmm… some food for thought there.


September was the time for family as I met my family in Bangkok for a family trip. And what was on the itinerary? Chinatown in Bangkok!


Chinatown in Bangkok

I must say that the Chinatown is way more vibrant than KL’s Chinatown, which is kinda like a street selling counterfeit goods these days. The on in Bangkok looks pretty legit as its mostly goods which Chinese would usually buy. We went to Chocolate Ville too. I must say that that place has not changed one bit. It doesn’t even look worn!


October brought me to the land of chocolates for a tad bit too long.

10 - Land of Chocolate.JPG

Overindulging on chocolate

In Paris, the patisseries get you. In Brussels, it’s the chocolates that are simply too irresistible to resist. It’s all so good! There goes my waistline. My hopes of actually fitting into my clothes is slowly fading.

My favourite is the one in dark red at the front with the chinese stamp as its logo, Laurent Gerbaud, and the one in the white box, Frederic Blondeel. The one above the dark red one is French, Patrick Roger, and it’s really good too! I’m glad I met it again in Brussels. The waffles were marvellous. Don’t even get me started on the mussels in white wine, oh my goodness me, those were delicious! Mmmm… mmm… mm….


November was tiring but exciting in it’s on way.

I did some fine dining in Kl, a little way too fine for my liking. I had a chance to visit Chicago and experienced their first snow. Although, to be absolutely honest, I would have preferred it if I didn’t witness the first snow. It was too cold for me. And from -11 degrees to somewhere like Dubai is not the most comfortable. Dubai was pretty decent. It’s kinda like Singapore where everything is well, man-made, but they do everything better than anywhere. Do you know the fountains @ Bellagio in Las Vegas? Well they have one in Dubai too and its bigger. The tallest tower? In Dubai! And they’re building a taller one!

11 - Petra.JPG

One of the tombs in the ancient city of Petra

The biggest lesson for me was on my weekend trip to Amman, Jordan. It just reminds me of the dangers of traveling alone as a female and I’m thinking of buying a band to wear on my finger just so that I can say I’m married or that my husband is sick and waiting in the hotel. I also need to work on my response mechanism. It’s just flight at the moment, I think I need a response that inflicts some form of “damage”.

Apart from that Petra was pretty special. It’s a bit unfortunate that a lot of the carvings are kinda gone, considering the age, but it’s still pretty magnificent. The famous treasury is so often shared that when you see it, it’s a bit anti-climatic, but the other parts were just as enjoyable. To imagine people in the ancient world walked pass the area and through the Siq was pretty intriguing.


Oh boy! December brought one of the most amazing experiences of the year. Dog sledding and the ice hotel was amazing, but this one was in an entirely different climate.


12 - African Safari.JPG

Lioness bringing her cubs to feed on a blue jean

I’m not really an animal person but the experience of the safari in Masai Mara was so truly amazing that I want to witness the Wildebeest migration in Serengeti now. It’s just so unreal that you’re in the car driving along and there’s all these wild animals, Zebras, Giraffes, Wildebeest, antelopes, blue jeans, etc, hanging around, grazing on the grass. Cheetahs seeking shelter from the rain under a tree. Baboons traveling in a pack scaring an injured leopard. Hyenas hanging around and lions sleeping all day until our very last day.

On the morning safari of our last day in Masai Mara, there was a dead blue jean which was apparently killed by the 2 lioness we spotted on earlier safari drives. We waited for the 2 lioness to arrive with her cubs. Sure enough, they arrived and they soon dragged their kill to some shrubs to hide it from the male lion. This sounds cruel but this is truly the wild. There wasn’t any human intervention. This was all part of the circle of life. Kinda like the lion king?


It was a very good year in terms of traveling and experiences but I’ve gotta watch my health more.

Well have a good end to 2017 and Happy 2018! My resolution post should appear in a few days! LOL 😀

Stop, Look, Go

It was late November, I sat patiently in the window seat waiting for the passengers to board and the plane to eventually take off to Dubai. I had just spent my waiting time working in the airport cafeteria and ate a lovely falafel wrap; although it could not beat the falafel I had for breakfast at the hotel, it was nonetheless tasty and affordable.

I looked out of the window and stared at the tarmac of the airport in Amman and the flag of Jordan proudly flying in the air.  I started thinking about how far I’ve come, how many places I’ve “touched” this year, and thinking that I’ve never quite imagined going to Dubai what more take a short weekend trip to Petra, and be amazed by ancient civilization. My lifestyle seems to be changing, my traveling style seems to be changing. It’s all stop, look, & go now. Time is so limited that there’s no time to take an actual break. I’ve changed from sharing trips by writing it down to just posting a single photo in Instagram.

I long for a good holiday away from technology, away from instant updates on your whereabouts, away from the constant need to update people on what you’re doing. What happened to the days before everyone became so connected to their phones? Alas, that seems to be the future and it does not appear that we’re turning back. I too am equally guilty. Maybe one day I’ll take it slow again, take an actual break, leave that mobile behind and wander around like a true blue traveler again.

Days like these

It rained silently, as predicted, as I just began reading a novel in a living room that was comfortable but unfortunately, not mine. I looked out and appreciated the rain. I wondered, I used to like rain, where is that familiar smell of fresh rain? I couldn’t smell it, could it be because I was too high up above ground in this HDB flat that was not mine?

I continued looking out at the rain slowly falling and thought, it’s days like these that I yearn to have my own place. A nice 1 bedroom apartment with a nice little comfortable nook to read a good book with some natural light, fresh air and no distractions.

Yet, here I am 30 years old and still renting a small room in someone else’s flat. Hmm….


1.5 days in rainy Seoul

Annyeong wonderful non-existent readers!

I have returned with a sudden burst of interest in writing a post on beautiful Seoul. 🙂

So I had the privilege to stop by Seoul for an extremely brief weekend (1.5 days) and my only wish was to cycle along the Han river. Odd, I know.

Took the red-eye into Seoul and by the time I got to my friend’s hotel it was 10am. I think I only had about 5 hours of sleep. Then off we go following my friendly colleague’s itinerary.

First stop Insadong. We stop by a sticky rice shop for breakfast.


Pumpkin porridge. Not really what I expected. Tasty but a little too sticky.


They have some pretty streets here and also a nice shopping area.


Ssamziegil. A place for instagram worthy Mary Poppins impersonators?

Walked a bit and headed to Bukchon for more accessories shopping. Not for me but my fellow wanderers.

Along the way I see many beautiful modern hanboks and wandered could I wear this to attend weddings? Kinda expensive and a bit warm for the Malaysian weather though… hmmm…


Beautiful but expensive hanbok. I’ll probably need to be pretty slim too. 

Bukchon is a much nicer area to walk around than Insadong. Maybe cause it’s a bigger area and there are much more shops. Quite a number of shops were converted from the traditional hanoks too.

Time for a break and we had one of the best bingsu (shaved ice) at Bukchon Bingsu. I always felt that ice kacang was better than bingsu but the bingsu here changed my perception. hahah


The entrance to Bukchon Bingsu. Yum! 

This is starting to feel like an eating trip because our next trip was to Tosokchon for Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken).


We all ordered the black chicken with wild ginseng. Boy, that was one delicious ginseng chicken! I would definitely go back for this one.

And the night was still not ending yet. We headed to Hongdae to experience the “nightlife”. Wandered around a bit, did some shopping, stopped by a cafe and it started raining heavily. Not the most ideal and we only had 1 umbrella for 4 of us. It was difficult to get a cab but we made it in the end.

The next day we woke up to meet a nice Korean lady I met in Vietnam. There was light rain in the morning and were wondering where she would bring us. I had told her I felt like eating Bossam. But it seemed a little heavy in the morning. Irregardless, we took the train and headed to the Jongno 3 station.

She brought us to a back alley nearby where there were about 3 or 4 Bossam shops. There were also pig’s feet soaked in water. I’m sure this place has really delicious food.


The oyster Bossam was really good! You take a piece of lettuce leaf, place a piece of boiled pork, oyster, some sauce, a kimchi, wrap it and savour the flavour. 

The shop throws in a free gamja tang (pork bone soup) and pan fried fish. We were absolutely stuffed.

Of course, when we left the restaurant it was raining heavier. We took a short walk to a beautiful place called Inseokdong. It’s kinda like Bukchon where the shops are refurbished from old hanoks. Very beautiful place.


Inseokdong: My favourite place between Insadong, Bukchon and Inseokdong 

It’s not as popular with tourists yet, but I foresee it will be in the near future.

We headed to Myeongdong after that to buy some masks before I had to head off to the airport for my flight to Shanghai. I vowed to return as I obviously did not complete what I had set out to do. To cycle along the Han river. I did take a taxi ride along the Han river. LOL

1.5 day itinerary

Day 1 – Insadong, Bukchon, Tosokchon (Ginseng chicken), Hongdae

Day 2 – Jongno 3, Inseokdong, Myeongdong

It was a packed schedule but it was kinda nice and relaxing nonetheless. We made a lot of rest stops in between which was good. There are also lotsa cafes in Seoul which is not unexpected actually. If only the weather was better.

That’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed this short recap of my trip. I don’t know when I’ll write again but hopefully it’ll be soon 🙂

Happy 2017!

Happy New Year dear readers!

Thank you for staying faithful to this blog (by the way, I honestly doubt anyone is reading. lol)

I was thinking about my 2017 resolutions and was thinking since I’m 30 this year I don’t think any resolution is meaningful. I rarely keep them anyway. So I came up with a way of life instead.

  1. Live courageously but not recklessly
  2. Live a healthy but happy life
  3. Live with no regrets

Whatever resolution I would make throughout the year should fit into any of these 3 areas.

I’ve also restarted something. I’ve always said I wanted a new hobby but I think I already found a hobby a long time ago. I thoroughly enjoyed writing but I guess work life came in and I kind of forgot about it. So, I’m going to start writing/blogging again (well, we all need to start somewhere). The catch is I won’t be writing much here because I’ve started a new blog called 21 weekends and I’ve written 2 blog posts already. Wow! That’s more than what I wrote last year! 21 weekends is basically a summary of my various weekends when I’m not in town. I’ll see how long it last.

Well, hopefully your 2017 is kicking off with good things and may I wish you good health and happiness in 2017! 😀