Wild Zebra

Today is Sunday. The last time I posted was yesterday. Well today went for some dim sum then headed for Istana Budaya for “Wild Zebra”. Istana Budaya was pretty impressive. It was quite architecturely beautiful. The inside where the performance was held was simply mind blowing. It was like the opera house I imagined while reading “The Phantom of The Opera”. I could imagine Raoul watchin Christine Daae from the tiny booths, it was simply beautiful, though I was sitting at the up most section but still it was spectacular.

Now I’ll tell a little about “Wild Zebra”. The story is about wild zebra of course, he is caught by a fox which wants to make a special gift of a 100 zebra skins for the rather ill queen bear. It is said that the 100 zebra skins can cure the queen *If me memory serves me correct*. Princess Zebra, the Queen Bear’s favourite animal accidently sets Wild Zebra free not knowing about the fox’s plan. Soon, Wild Zebra and Princess Zebra fall in love. And due to Princess Zebra’s loyalty to the Queen Bear and her love for Wild Zebra she has to make a sacrifice.

OK that was the synopsis, now for the show. The show was simply spectacular. I particularly liked a black and red animal which had the jinggling sound. The swans were pretty good too….. I felt the leopards were a bit odd… Some parts I almost fell asleep though, maybe watchin animals dance ain’t my forte, still teh show was pretty good. The story line though a little lame. The dances were quite impressive, some stunts were pertty difficult, and the dances movements were really smooth and the dances were very organized.

After the show, we wanted to grab a drink * I went with my mum, and a couple of her friends and one of her friend’s daughter* so we went cruising around KL first then headed to Bangsar. Had a cuppa at Bangsar Telawi Bistro *I think that’s the name*. I ordered a drink called “Vicky’s special mocha” it was special indeeed. When it arrived, the cup had 3 layers, the bottom most layer was a dark reddish like liquid, then a dark layer of probably chocolate/mocha, then the top layer, was probably milk mixed with a little coffee. The taste was spectacular, though after finishing it only did I feel it’s sweetness as a whole. It was a smooth chocolate blend with the taste of chocolate, and raspberries. The red liquid must have been some sort of raspberry syrup or some sweetish grenadine made from berries. Forgot to ask the waiter what was it made of.

Reached home at 7 at took dinner at Kayu Nasi Kandar. Haven’t had nasi kandar for a long….. long… time… It was delicious…. ooo teh mixture of curry, the sweetish chicken and the cabbage and cucumber all piled up onto a fake banana leaf plate….. Ah what a delite…. So now technically I’m stuffed to the brim….. Can’t wait for Horror Movie Marathon and Red Box…..


Michelle – Part II

Right after 2 days the second part is here. I wonder if anyone is reading it… heheh


Pleasurable Sin Part II

In a flash, a row of large Arnold Schwarzenegger like bodyguards appeared. Shades covering their eyes, sharp suits and guns not so well hidden. The lady raised her hand and soon my neck felt a sharp twist. I fell on the ground holding my cheek, a sharp pain was felt on my left cheek, no foundation could cover the redness on my cheek, the lady had strike me faster than I thought she would. I stood up rather shakily, threw my tiny little evening bag on the floor and headed to the lady with a temper I never knew I had. I just rammed myself into her and began pulling her hair and bitch slapping her. The useless bodyguards only stood and stared after I viciously kicked them out of the way. Soon after, I was torn away from the lady by the rather brave bartender who earlier saw me pleasuring myself.

I was of course thrown out of the ball after all that commotion, the bartender thrown out together with me for no apparent reason. He had a nice brownish hair which complimented his face shape, he’s blue eyes were shining; he was a little boyish looking with a silly grin on his face looking at me. To be honest, I feel he looks better dumb founded. He looked a little sad after being thrown out though, I was just hurt. The lady inside however was disgracefully humiliated. Wonder what happened to her? I picked myself up and hailed a cab, the bartender just looked at me as if I was an animal in a zoo. He snapped out of it when he saw me staring at him. He asked me a question which made me think. After that we had coffee and bade farewell. Found out his name was Jarod, son of some big shot which dislikes the limelight. What a typical rich man’s son’s ambition, to stay out of the limelight.

The next day, when I went to work, I was fired right on the spot even before I entered the building. I was walking to work as usual and received a call from my boss; I was to meet him at his car. Technically, he just fired me in his car and drop me off at some street which I had no idea. I was lost, the place had very few people walking, and even the grocery store was closed. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder; I turned around and saw who else but Jarod. *goodness this is getting lame* He took me home and that’s when it all started. A week later I opened my own business with a little help. The business had all kinds of sins, chocolate, ice cream, some sins which aren’t appropriate to be stated out, you could even indulge in pleasurable ass scratching in my business.

Soon enough I was earning tonnes, enough to buy a brand new spanking apartment fit for a princess, I could buy all the clothes in the world, have more shoes than Imelia Marcos, have more money than Donald Trump, fly anywhere and anytime I wanted to. I was soon upgraded from a middle class citizen to one which the middle class citizens look up to; I had moved up the social ladder, I was now one of the High Class, wealthy, famous, charitable, snobbish denizens. I wish to be told I was humble but with that kind of wealth who would be, I kept most of my wealth to myself and tried to stay as down to earth as possible but that was very hard to do. Well at least I was happy, I have the best family anyone can have, all the sins in the world and yet I’m still happy.

All this happened just because of that night, the night of my 5 seconds of fame, the night where I indulged in a little tiny bit of sin. The sin that turned my life upside down, left to right, top to bottom. A little bad luck which made me brush with the dark side of the wealthy life, the dark secret which I still kept with me for my entire rise to fame and wealth. Do you want to know the secret, the one so dark which can add 100 kilos to your shoulders; can you bear the weight of such a burden? To be honest, since I had already achieved my success, here’s the deal. There is no such thing as sin, nothing is sinful, no one sins, not even ass scratching is a sin, and not even the unmentionable “sin” is a sin. The earth is filled with wonders, how can anyone sin? By the way, if you are wondering what happened to Jarod, well go figure, my story ends here, Just remember, whatever you do, it is not a sin………..


Right so that’s the end of it… hope U enjoyed “Pleasurable Sin”. Got another one comin up, this one is Shyuing’s it’s in chinese but don’t worry oh people that can’t read chinese, I’ll try to translate the question and continue the story. Anyone else which has nice continuous questions? Hey U guys don’t have to give me the beginning, the end is also fine………

P.S. Hey even if there ain’t no sin, doesn’t mean what U do is always right, U get me?

Michelle – Part I

Probably U are wondering wat’s with the title….. for my last post… I asked for a sentence or maybe a little jump start for me to continue a composition. Dear Michelle of www.michellelee.tk fame happily provided me with a rather obnoxious one….

so here’s what I have written, hope U guys enjoy it… I happily named it too

Pleasurable Sin

I stole a glimpse. If there really is something called heaven, that would be my heaven. Unable to control my lust, I scratch that itch on my ass. Suddenly……….. *where I continue* in a split second my heaven turned from a clear blue hue to a bright crimson red sky, heat came from everywhere, the ceiling, the wall I was leaning against to block my scratching, the floor was literally on fire, even the person bickering next to me which had that awful musky stench of bad cologne emitted a strong heat wave. Someone had caught me doing an act of personal pleasure, something so pleasurable that it was a sin to do such act in public, one that could tarnish one’s image for an entire lifetime even after one’s death. The act of scratching one’s ass was simply intolerable in a place of high standard and wealthy, famous, charitable, beautiful, high class and not to mention snobbish society.

Happily pleasuring myself I was when those dark blue eyes gazed at me with astonishment, I was after all at a ball where the who is who of the upper class appear annually to sashay their wealth. Women with their lovely jewellery, the diamond necklace of unknown karat, pearls, sparkling gems of all shades and cuts, tiara’s which sparkle so much it may as well be the sun, long flowing gowns with sequins being substituted with jewels, men with impressive cufflinks, cool slick hair and out of the world watches which put Tag Heuer to shame. Even the waiters, waitresses, security men and bartenders were dressed to the nines for this very event. Each of them had to be beautiful appearance wise to make the cut for the event; I wonder why I am even here. The blue eyed dumb founded man stood stunned by my immoral act as he stood still at the bar while making a flare, the shaker hit his head as it was about to land. He was so shocked that the hit wasn’t even an ant bite till the manager arrived to lash out at him.

Quickly I eased my way out of the room to the nearest toilet, and by shear luck, I was pulled to a corner by an unknown stranger who had lovely brown locks topped with a delicate tiara. She whispered something which I shouldn’t have heard, something so dark that not a soul could hear it or all hell will break lose. After whispering to my ear, she looked at me and had a shock of her life, she stared blankly at me as if trying to retrace her memory and as it began to occur to her that she told something so dark to a person of unknown identity to her. Her face turned from a pleasant surprise to one filled with scorn and anger. You could actually see the fire in her eyes, not like I did anything wrong but this lady was definitely angry at me for something which I didn’t even do. All I did was hear a silent whisper. All because of that sudden urge, that heavenly sin which brought me up so high and now I wonder what shall happen to me, the lowly secretary to a High Class business man who was now missing out of sight.


So how is it? it hasn’t end yet…. let U people have a little suspense *if U feel it* Part II will be out as soon as possible. Give some comment on me writing whether it’s good, bad, worst than U thought, better than what U thought, U can leave a comment on the question as well….. heheheh

*In a commentary voice* Stay tuned for more episodes of “Pleasurable Sin“. “Find Out what happens to ‘I’ as she faces the vicious lady and what becomes of her in the future.

Break – FREE

SO Dudes….. watcha been up to???? HOLIDAYS here… and I have no plans….. should I work… should I sloth around the house? Anyway….. good to be back…. didn’t know michelle misses my blog so much….. heheh how touching….. Hey when’s HORROR Marathon????

Exams over… don’t think I did well but…… after test today went to Segambut to eat seafood noodles. Ain’t gonna talk bout the food cause I did the last time round I went there…. probably in an entry in April…. if U really wanna know go slowly find lar…. *I realise I like to use ………* Hey did U readers out there realise that the wish list has been kinda cut short….. * now there ain’t no linking there* I FINALLY GOT A DOODOLL!!! whoopee!!!

This is
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Blackie * I pronounce it as Bleh-Kay*
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Beary Fishy / “Sau Seng” / Fish Oil Man *hehehe*

Man they are so darn adorable……. though the pic for Blackie ain’t as cute as the real thing…. yeah and I don’t wish for an ipod mini no more…… I already have my trusted “TWINKLE” *don’t ask me wat it means* 512mb *according to my bro, but 256 on the box*, a little longer than me HP…. it ain’t NO ipod but I’ll still cherish it…

Jeez forgot wat I wanted to blog about….. er.. let me think…. hey a little question…. Do U guys check out the links section and the profile area? Oh I was kinda wondering…. wondering why I’m still at my childish self when many of my friends are kinda like matured and grown up like….. hmm….. *slow hormones?* Anyone with answers please tell me…….. I am dying to know….. so spare me the suffering…..

Still waiting for Pos Laju from Yi Lin Bong *just kiddin* Hey ladies U guys free enough for Horror Marathon???? U could just give me ur schedule and I can just kinda plan it…. woowoo I wanna go Red Box!!!!!!!!!!! Evil Devil Red Box!!!!!! wanna sing *whisper: wang lee hom* B.A.D also can….. eh Zyenn U wanna go ar? go with Yeen, Vat……

Here is a little secret…. After I did my english paper on monday… I came back and thought how much I missed the English paper back in high school… Not the objective part but particularly the essay part…… I miss continuing stories with the one sentence questions, I miss how I’ll read other people’s story then read mine, miss how I felt for the story when I was writing it and then feel it was kinda mediocre when the results return. So since I’m so free during the holidays…. I wanna write and think of a story to write….. to regain the memories of the past…..

This is the part where I ask help from U my readers…. Could U guys make a sentence for me to continue a story? I want a challenge, something worth thinking through, something worth writing for, something that can make U cry and laugh at the same time *though I ain’t that good*

If U got a good one… kindly leave the sentence here… or U could even email me if U want to…. I’ll give updates of the story to U guys…. Maybe it will be a weekly thing…. I shall think about it but first Time for some “My Sassy Girl” wanna watch the dude where heels. hehehe


Ok dudes thanx for voting…….. so this skin is the official winner…. I have absolutely nothing to blog about so thanx again for voting.. Hmmm I won’t be blogging for a couple of weeks in preparation for my finals so dn’t miss this site too much…. hehehe

Hey when loading this site does ur browser display an error? Aww man such a lovely hindi movie being shown at the moment don’t feel like missing it….. don’t even remember it’s name anyway…. arh anyway there’s Aishwarya Rai and Vivik Oberoi in it….. Man AIshwarya Rai is pretty, no wonder she won Miss Universe…..

Ok dudes so if ur browser displays any error while openin this page…. please comment…. oh U can leave a message at the tagboard also… caio now


Oh my goodness…. I’m hooked on Takagism…. Oh why… why? Lam Lam why did U send it to me??????? well if U people don’t know…. takagism is like a game to solve something… I short mystery game I suppose….

The first one in which the Lam sent me is the Crimson Room.

U must escape from the room after being drunk one night….

The sequel to the Crimson Room is The Viridian Room.

After escaping from teh crimson room… U arrive at the Viridian room where U have to solve something which I have no idea…. The Viridian Room is much harder than the Crimson room….

I’m supposed to be researching and what am I doin here? anyway if U guys are up for some game solving go try it out…. there are a couple of sites that give solutions if U can’t get out…

Series 1, skin 3

OK after 2 weeks of waiting, this is the 3rd and final skin. Now I officially open the voting session. Votes should be tagged not commented at well… the tag board… remember the most voted one will be the one U guys see… ok?

For a brief overview.

The First one – Catch Me if I fall

A skin which has a puppet/dead ultraman/weather dummy hanging on to something with another same species waiting for the dude to fall to catch em….

second one – Caught in The Rain

technically, it has a cute little mascot like thing caught in the rain lookin at my posts

3rd – secret keeper

the one in which U are currently looking at. A girl which seems to have all the secrets