1 year rat race

Phew! Come 1st September and I’ve officially been in the work force for a year. *What’s with me and this one year posts anyway!?*

Wow. Time sure flies. A week goes by pretty fast.

“Start work. Monday.” Halfway through work one day and U realise, “Hey! It’s Thursday and it’s 4 thirty. The weekend is almost here!”

Friday after work. Hello, weekend!

Next thing u know, it’s Sunday and it’s “Start work. Monday.” Again. Urgh… let’s not talk about work.

Anyway… has there been anything interesting of late? I just realise that since I hardly blog I don’t even remember what I last blogged about. Jeez… Ok… my last post was about an “anniversary” too… goodness… Am I getting old, or do have too many “anniversaries?” Anyway…

Ultimate pick ups is up and running! Shall try to make it as often as possible, preferably a weekly thing where a bunch of people are committed to it. We need more peeps!!!! Maybe we can have a recruitment drive!? LOL

I notice I’ve been getting pretty crappy these few days.

Oh something erm… “sick-ish” happened on Monday. It felt like a normal morning with the Monday blues at it’s best. Don’t feel like working mornings, sleepy the entire day, yawning here and there the odd headache here and there. Lunch, normal. After lunch, sleepy as usual. Dragged around the “office” forcing myself to work as the headache builds up. As work ends, the headache was so bad I can’t wait to go home and throw myself on my bed.

So there I was sitting in my colleagues car to return home. Oddly enough that route that day seemed to have more bumps than usual. Each bump made my stomach churn more and more…. Reach the parking at the office and.. well….

Apparently I held the erm… “plastic bag” as if I went shopping after I “uhm….” Which makes it kinda funny…. hahahahha

Back to some non disgusting things… *I can’t believe I just explained that I “urghhhhhhhhhhhhh”, imagine how dull my life is. tsk tsk tsk…..*

Yeeeeessssss!!!!! I can’t wait for some “Muay Thai” action! And some awesome shopping. Shall not expect too much though. Don’t wanna disappoint ourselves now do we?

Anyway… I hope I get to blog soon orr rather have something to blog about or have time to blog about it.

P.S. Oddly enough I think these post makes me sound like a high school kid… “And I was like….. u know….”


Officially 1 year

It’s officially one year since I stepped out of that MAS plane from Brisbane and had myself a welcoming dim sum breakfast. It was “bye bye!” nice cool sunny weather and “hello!” *cough cough* “is that a haze?” hot and humid Malaysian weather. Yeap! Feels like home alright. =)

Ah.... Brisbane! How I've missed you.

Can’t say that I don’t miss my days in the land down under *break into song~ I come from a land down under~* No! I do not come from a land down under, I just had a wonderful opportunity to have my 1/23 (accurate as of today) of my life there that’s all. Can’t say that I don’t think of going back there every other day but for now…. Malaysia is my home…. for 5 years at least… that’s what I can foresee… I guess…

Well let’s see what has been this year been like?

Well… it’s back to life like before I left. Oddly enough… except now I’m working instead of studying. Apart from that, everything else is the same. Maybe I’ve grown older, wiser hopefully, I’ve more financial standing? I drive more frequently? Um… yeah that’s about it. I think I blog less too… and I am somehow more often on facebook. hmmm…. I’ve also blogged less…. good or bad?

I’ve felt that I’ve been picking up rather annoying characteristics too, such as the “whiny” characteristics….*shudder*

Anyway, today is the day I should remember Brisbane as the way it was when I left. Nice and peaceful. Calm and serene. Green and blue *hahahha…. green grass and blue river mar…* Brisbane = Good Times.

Time to reminiscence.

I should open all my albums and check out the vast pictures that I took.

Nah! I better catch some sleep. I’ll do that over the weekend.

Oh wait… my weekend are for Monkey Island now… Yahoo!

Cheerios peeps! I hope all is well with everyone and thank you for visiting my nearly dead blog. Poor poor blog.

If anyone of you have the chance? Do visit Brisbane, it’s a peaceful place to stay. *notice the strong emphasis on peaceful*