IKEA anyone?

When through the old IKEA catalogs.. and man do I love those .. those.. decorations… awesome stuff… want to try and scout for a table… saw some pretty nice ones in the catalog but pricey they are…. Apparently there are better options at the store itself.. so maybe I can jsut hang around and look at the stuff… so anyone interested in going to IKEA…. my family doesn’t like going there.. so it’s either me hanging around alone like someone lost in a warehouse or someone to teman me feel lost in the warehouse… hahahha

My infatuation for IKEA never will never cease…. maybe because I can’t go there often… oh well.. to make this entry longer I’ll give a little update oon what I have been doin since the last entry….

Saw 2 sappy love stories, both of them were really touching especially “The Notebook” really touching stuff… and the otehr one was “Almost Love” , korean movie… another touching one… shedded buckets of “raindrops” which fell from my eye… hehe but yeah seriously.. They are both really touching movies… especially “The Notebook” since it’s a Nicholas Sparks book.. I think teh book will be even more touching.. shall read it one day… “Almost Love” is like the typical Korean movie where there are tears and laughter… I feel Kim Ha Neul is kinda pretty… especially when she and Kwon Sang Woo were karaoke-ing… Don’t really like Kwon Sang Woo.. but he’s ok here… his hair is really stupid though…

So here I am talking bout movies that I watched when I’m supposed to be doin mroe important things… which I don’t quite remember… oh Holland is in the WC quater finals… only Australia is representing Asia… I was banking on Japan.. but oh well… Hope Holland gets to their semis.. thier game is tonite… so good luck dudes… and that is my cue to flip outta here… cheerio


Theory Of Life?

WARNING: People who believe in the concept of Heaven & Hell shouldn’t read what I’m gonna write… people of strong religious beliefs should continue reading either, unless of course ur open and all… if ur open and not very sensitive on religious issues then go on ahead.. but be warned cause wat I’m gonna say next might be a little touchy to some… so I apologize beforehand to those that feel offended…

WARNING: Curiosity kills the cat… if ur a cat.. don’t wander on…

now to the main gist of stuff… I have this pretty weird sense of life…. I believe that earth is both heaven and hell. If u didn’t understand that statement then I’ll paraphrase it… I believe that hell is earth itself and heaven is also earth itself… so that would make the earth really hot and really cold right? if that’s what heaven and hell really is…

we have the tropics and the cold areas… the mediteranean is a little mix… supposedly bad people go to hell… and do gooders go to heaven right? earth has good and bad people… so maybe.. just maybe these bad and good people are from other planets?

Ok.. since heaven and hell is earth itself… then where does our soul go to? we reincarnate of course…. I have this theory that earth itself has a standard number of souls…. and they are either animals or humans… *I’m not counting plants in cause I’m not sure whether they have a soul*

let’s just say that earth has 10 million souls….
6 million of these souls are humans..
2 million dogs,
2 million ants,
1 million ants die, get trampled over, overworked and died…
of these million… 500,000 reincarnate and become ants again,
250,000 reincarnate and become dogs
the rest reincarnate and have a chance at becoming a human…
so the total number of souls on earth is still 10 million….

*I hope U understand so far* As more animals get extinct, more humans are brought to life…. could these babies have been extinct animals in thier past life? could I have been an ant in my past life? so basically, we are all recycled souls… we have a shot at being anything we want… *except plants*

So when man dies, they reincarnate into animals or another human being depending on his behaviour during his entire life… this theory is actually a little extension of Buddhism’s reincanation I think… though it’s highly debatable since scientists believe that in the future, the earth won’t have enough habitable place and we’ll have to move to other planets….

As a conclusion, earth houses both heaven and hell because of the reincarnation concept and my rather strange theory of the earth having a fixed number of souls….

please do comment if U have read this… It wasn’t very controversial after all eh? hehheheh I want some views of what U guys think… whether I am nuts or strange or down right crazy or absolutely believable? it’s ur pick… oh btw.. this is the idealistic me.. so U don’t have to wait any longer… I want feedback.. bad or good…. I just want to know…

just another way to find my destiny…


Being the materialistic me… I’ve eyed several things and want several things which I don’t I’ll be able to get unless I am suddenly in possession of a lot of money… let’s see…

Ok.. now when I want to list it… I go blank… wat the heck..
1. Dummies guide to Guitar…
-normal price is RM70, but now they have a 20% discount offer so it would be like 56 bucks which I think it’s pretty reasonable.. I wonder if the dummie guides are any good… I think probably theya re or not why do they have so many dummies guides… even though I want it… I doubt I’ll use much of it… always wanted to learn the guitar, just never gotten round to it…

2. My Sassy girl VCD or is it the DVD?
– oh well.. spotted it sitting nicely at Speedy… it was practicaly staring at me.. hahah just kiddin… It’s only 16.90.. so I guess if I do buy something.. it would be this… cheap mar… so I can watch “My Sassy Girl” over and over and over and over again… and then cry and laugh at the same scenes… hahah so lame.. -.-”

3. a mini table..
– to place my radio… it’s currently sitting on my “side table”. my side table is actually a small little cupboard… had to fit the speakers into one of the cupboards shelf… not very good for the sound system… I found one IKEA table whihc is 49 bucks.. but it doesn’t look very nice.. shall do more searching…

4. Dashboard Confessionals “Dusk and Summer” CD
– the cd will be out in the US on the 27th of June… I wonder when will it finally land on our shores…. days? weeks? months? years? decades? milleniums? never? oh well.. this is one thing that I really really want regardless of price.. but some circumstances just wouldn’t allow me to get my hands on them.. oh well life is life…

5. A baggie…
– my current one is kinda breaking up… the insides of the bag is pretty ripped up…. and the side where teh sling thingy is looks like it’s gonna give way… *people find faults with things when tehy no longer want it* in actual fact.. it’s still pretty usable.. I can just put left stuff in the bag and cut out the plastic like protection thingy in the bag that’s ripping up… but I bag is meant to keep stuff and if the plastic thingy is taken out.. the stuff in my bag would be wet if it rains…. so I’ll be on a hunt for baggies… any ideas eh? me being so cheap skate but brand concious only wants things that are cheap… hahahhaha

6. Netherlands to win the WC
– hahahah this is jsut extra stuff… of course I hope they’ll win.. but even if they don’t I’ll still support them so who cares???? just as long as England doesn’t win it…

7. A new phone
– I’m utterly dreaming here… I don’t really want a new phone.. I’m just tempted by them but not attracted by them.. I’m fairly satisfied with mine although it has no bluetooth or infra red…. it’ sstill in pretty good condition .. so no. 7 is just extra….

8. Sony Cybershot T30
– No idea how much this is priced.. it seems to be the latest cybershot in M’sia that is… 7.2 megapixels… it has anti shake and anti something… plus it looks freaking cool… and pretty slim too…. absolutely SWEET…..

Ok the materialistic me can’t think of any more stuff to buy… so teh materialistic me shall sign off soon and return in the idealistic me I think… if I don’t then just wait for the idealistic me… hehe *darn.. I gotta start typin my the’s slowly… I keep typoing it to teh…. then soemone will go perasan… hahha *

22 men running around?

When I ask you what game has 22 men running around? most of U would say football.. considering each side has 11 people… but in actual fact only 21 men run around during a game… another 2 don’t run a lot and another 2 run sideways….

of the 21.. 20 are players and 1 is the referee… the 2 non runners are of course the goalkeepers… though I remember there was this one goalkeeper that scores goals… I think it is the Paraguay goalkeeper, Jose Luis Chilavert… that’s kinda cool but most of them don’t run a lot so I go with the majority… the 2 sideways running men are linesmen…

Since the World Cup fever is pretty high at the moment.. I’m gonna talk about it… football or WC I have no idea… this time round my fav N.Ireland ain’t in the competition but another one of me faves Holland is in but they are in the “group of death” with Argentina, Serbia and Montenegro and Cote d’Ivoire which has Drogba in it. I support Holland but I don’t quite know who’s inside anymore… I use to when the De Boer brothers were still in it.. but now I think there’s Edwin Van Der Sar, Van Nistelroy, Robben, Van Persie, Van Bronckhorst and …. no more… hahaha too bad Bergkamp, Kluivert, Edgar Davids and Clarence Seedorf don’t play this time round… the first 2 has probably retired and the other 2 wasn’t picked by Van Basten… Oh oh.. Philip Cocu is inside also…

Ah this time round Ukraine is in the World Cup so I can finally see Andriy Svenchenko in action… too bad N. Ireland ain’t in… can’t see Shay Given and Robbie Keane then.. poor poor… 😦 At least there’s still Svenchenko… hehehe….. but I doubt I’ll be seeing him unless the Ukraine’s matches are quite early… Oh yeah Mickael Landreau is in the France squad… can finally see him too… I think he’s the first choice since his jersey number is 1…

Oh for the heck of it… I even made my own fantasy team… hahahha Wanna know who’s in it? the 23 man roster or the starting eleven… I’ll just tell U my starting eleven…
Formation: 4-3-3

GK – G. Buffon

D – Van Bronckhorst, Roberto Carlos, Terry, and Roberto Ayala *it wasn’t Ayala before… the original dude’s name became blank* and I forgot who I picked… hahahha

M – Ronaldinho, Fabregas and Zidane (C)

F – Svenchenko, Messi and Henry

wonder if they would be any good… anyway.. the first game is starting soon.. might watch the first few minutes then get some shut eye then wake up and see who won… not a big fan of either of the teams so no use watching… if U wanna know my full roster.. I won’t tell… hahaha… just ask, I might humour U…. anyway time to go… I hope Holland wins… though I think Brazil will win…. All i know is that England won win it… hahahhah that sounds really bad… anyway.. have a nice time all football fans… I would be real glad if someone would give me a Holland Jersey… hahahah *dream on*

Humongous moving thing

I got tagged for some 10 simple pleasures thingy.. but for now I have more important matters to attend to…. and then after that MAYBE I’ll do the simple pleasures… on a second thought… I’ll do that some other day…

The walk from the bus stop to my house was at first relaxing and enjoyable on a cool evening. I walked slowly to enjoy the walk instead of rushing home to watch the tvb drama… the weather was just right, cool and slightly windy. A dog was lying right in the middle of the five foot way and there was another patrolling it’s territory around the 5 foot way. *that’s not entirely true, I types that just to make the story nicer… I think the dog was actually looking for the other dog lying on the 5 foot way*.

A couple more turns and I would reach the street to my house when suddenly, I saw the dried coconut leaves on the corner of the street move. I became cautious. It couldn’t have been the wind because only a part of the leaf shook. As I passed the pile of leaves I saw something move, something dark, soemthing big, the size of a cat but it wasn’t a cat, it was the biggest rat I have seen in my entire life. Yes I must admit the ones in Uptown are big but this was humongous, it was longer than the size of my foot and it was really fat, like a cat. *shudder* I could only manage a “omg” loudly… So I quickly fled the scene and reached the comforts of my home. Phew home sweet home.. hope I won’t see that rat again…

Wet Wet Wet

What is unpredictable, a relief for droughts, a nightmare for erm.. people working at sea? People tend to sing… “_ _ _ _, _ _ _ _ go away come again another day”…. I would however sing “I’m only happy when it _ _ _ _ _”

Yeah I’m talking bout rain… *wat a lame start, hahaha* ok well today was a trully wet day for me… *what is the correct spelling for trully btw?* let’s start with things in the wee hours of the morning…. the time I woke up…. * it was the wee hours of teh morning anymore when I awoke* nah.. skip that part and show me at college by 8am when my class was at 10… aish…. tough life….

Wanted to read the marketing text but got distracted by Shu Ying’s magazines… started reading the first page of the marketing text when Lip Sin * I think it’s spelled that way* came and then chit caht with him… and soon enough it was 9.30am…. how time flies… went and pay my fees and saw Robertang there… I seem to be seeing her everyday *college days* eventhough we’re not in the same course…. fate I would say… Went and activate me account after that then went for class…

Today we * I think it was me and the rest followed. nvm at least got people teman* decided to go for marketing first instead of accouting… I wanted to see which class was smaller… smaller classes is much better not so much noise and heads moving around… ate at the HP tower today…. the food ain’t half bad… cheap too… today’s luch was RM5.70 yesterday was RM4.70 maybe tomorrow it would be RM6.70 and so forth and so forth….

oh oh got introduced to the russian guy today… we *I-Rene, ZiXian, Shu Ying and Pui Kuen* was at the main block’s benches when Ken came walking by with the dude and then he *Ken* started talking to Shu Ying and then we got introduced…. Shu Ying must be flipping tonite… i don’t think she washed her hand either… *hahahahhaha, that was a joke* the fella is quiet *notice I didn’t put quite quiet because he really is quiet, I don’t think I even heard him say a word…*

Didin’t pay much attention to the accounting lecturer, i forgot wat i was doin… oh me and ZiXian keep staring at Pui Kuen because of her “semangatness”… oh oh a silly moment… ZiXian sat between me and Vivin… she put her elbows on each of our shoulders and me and Vivin bend our shoulders at the same time… must be silly to be ZiXian at that moment… like chicken flapping wings… hahahha

Economics was the last class of the day, didn’t pay much attention in this class either maybe because I elarned it before… oh well… got introduced to Li Qing * is it spelled like that?* in the econs class… she’s from Nanjing, China… oh another moment… M&M’s were passed around… ZiXian asked me what colour I wanted, I said yellow… she had a hard time getting it so she told me to take whatever colour i get…. she took out the yellow one… hehehe

When the class was about to end, it started to rain…. I learnt to today that Shu Ying is afraid of thunder… hahahahha and Pui Kuen’s umbrella is really cute… hahahahha It was really raining cats and dogs when me, ZiXian and Shu Ying reached the entrance… saw Hua Fu under the hooded area… I asked Vivin Imelia if she can use her umbrella to cover us so taht we could reach teh bus… forgot wat her answer was though… hehehe so 3 of us ended up sharing the umbrella… ZiXian couldn’t even open it at first… she didn’t know how to close it too… hahahahah

Apparently the car park was flooded but I saw nothing… reached the main block where as I jumped of the bus I landed in a puddle of water…. The red HELP bus dropped it’s passengers at the main entrance of the main block… how unfair…. again we had to share the umbrella… this time was a bit cause tehre was a lot of water gushing down so ZiXian’s shoe got wet and all… we had to walk real slow… but I got really drenched under the umbrealla anyway so I had to cover most of the rain with Shu Ying’s file… hehehe

In the end , me and Shu Ying ran to the entrance… -.-” A group of boys were standing at the main entrance…. when we ran towards it they didn’t give much area for us to enter… so I had to use the marble floor which was sure as hell slippery… luckily I didn’t slip… later Pok kai right in front of everyone… the bunch of stoners just stood there and stare at the rain… -.-”

During the umbrella ordeal, ZiXian kept saying “walk slower, walk slower”, I kept saying “ah I kena the rain ah… wah wah… how U cover one?” i forgot wat shu ying said… I think she said… “kena rain already” that’s what I think lar… oh thank U umbrella owner for letting us use her cute cute umbrella….


This entire post will be in non sentences just points….

Song: Nine Days – Absolutely ( Story of a girl)

Current mood: Bored and Frustrated

Movie: Coach Carter

That’s all I can put as points…. can’t really fulfill the first sentence eh? I don’t know wat I’m gonna blog about so the entry is #128 nice number by the way…..

Alright, listening to Nine Days then O.A.R. then O- Town… Yeah!!!! hehehe… Currently I’m bored cause I have nothing to do while installing a game cause I’ve been at the comp since… 1pm… and it’s almost 12am now…. another hour and I can get 12 hours straight… wow…. Frustrated cause I still can’t get that darned sims open for business to work…. It was supposed to work when I don’t crack the previous few so I had to uninstall every single one of theexpansion packs and the sims 2 and then I reinstalled them again but this time without the expansions and still teh DARNED thing won’t work…. feel like breaking that darn disc…..

ok… movie: coach carter cause I saw it yesterday… fairly ok…. nothing special actually… normal teacher/ coach / mentor story where the teacher/coach/mentor is able to bring the best out of it’s students/ charges/ mentee and they win every game or.. wat ever they are supposedly not good at… but apparently this is a true story … so I guess Hollywood just likes makin this type of stories… like “the replacements”… except in this one.. the team doesn’t end up winning the championship…. oh bummer

College/ Uni *I have no idea which I’m under… I think it’s a mix* has started for a week and darn I had my schedule… 4 straight hours of IT is just not my cuppa tea…. I can seat at teh comp for more then 4 hours but listening to someone talk about tech stuff for 4 hours is way….. too much…. shall try and complain on monday…. see what they can do…. and since I can’t have wednesday afternoons off… I can’t go to red box… only solution go on Saturday…. haish… long wait long wait…

now I just got to get teh scholarship and then the final target would be the full scholarship to Queensland U or Griffith… it would be swell if I can get into Melbourne but that I think would be a little hard…. Ah…. can’t wait for movie marathon… wonder if we’ll have one… I hope so… we can watch all the soppy teen dramas too suit the host if I’m really desperate…. Can’t believe there’s already an assignment…. better get started…. hope I can see myself here soon… ciao