Greece will have to wait

This is my very long to do list. Hopefully it’ll be very long. I’ll try to update as often as I can. I shall try to start small so things like “Visiting Greece” won’t be in the list as yet. Hence, the title of “Greece will have to wait”. So I guess the list would be things that I can do now but I still haven’t? Maybe things that I wanna do/accomplish within the next 2 years. The list is listed in no particular preference.

1. Be a “lost tourist” in KL

2. Exercise more often (10%?)

3. Play frisbee, frequently. (Way off!)

4. Find my own style (far off! Have a feeling I won’t achieve this)

5. Go travel. Somewhere near first, maybe Korea/Japan. (Ongoing thing)

6. Take up a course for something beneficial (Took a beginner course in for the Korean language July 2014, but ongoing thing)

7. Volunteer (done but need to do more)

Boy this list sure is short. Anyway, it’s a start. So…. what’s first?


1. Rock Climbing ( “Blue rock, red rock… that grey one…” 29 March 2010)

2. Visit the National Art Gallery (I don’t really remember when I accomplished this but it was during KL Design Week, which was in May 2010)

3. White Water Rafting (Awesome fun! Will do this again! May 2013)

4. Canyoning (Did this together with White Water Rafting, fell 3 times coming down. Exhilarating. Fun. Painful. May 2013)

5. Visit Batu Caves (30 December 2014. In conjunction with the 1600 pandas movement)

6. Travel solo (I was excited bout this one. April 2015)


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