Holidays make me…


yes they make me lazier… they make me want to not do anything.. what is a holiday if one has to do something right? ahahha Just today itself I’ve watched 3 movies… none exceptionally brilliant… one was filled with action though frankly not too bad, one was rather interesting in it’s own way but a little slow… and the last just had the wierdest ending for a movie that I had ever watched…. Odd odd stuff…

Anyway I should get me bum off the coach and get ready for the first day of work tomorrow… Feeling a little anxious, excited and afraid… It’s training by the way.. hopefully I do well… still looking for another job though, but people can’t get overly greedy it’s not very good… but where will being mediocre bring us?

Oh! My exam results were released yesterday, very efficient I must say considering the entire examination week ended on Nov 15 and yesterday was only what? 27 November? Very very efficient.. it must be tough to be a lecturer here… hahahha it was alright.. expected more… but I think I’ll take what I can get… frankly the subjects that I liked more did better than those that I felt were too boring… makes sense actually.. If one were to compare, there were 2 that were really dry and the other 2 were much more interesting in it’s on way, rigid but open at the same time.. odd…

Anyway… time to announce my holiday plans… I shall be heading to Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns.. soon enough though not that soon… Kinda anticipating it.. but I gotta earn a tonne of money now to spend there… yikes.. sounds tough… but oh well…

I wonder how’s everyone doing in Malaysia.. and everywhere else… good I think.. I suddenly have an urge to call someone… *I rarely call people too, cause I hardly know what to say.. like…




“The usual…”

“Oh ok… *a little pause* how are you lately?”

“Good.. urself?”

“Fine thank you… well actually I was pretty bored so I called you to erm.. catch up?”

“Oh! well.. nothing greats happened so there isn’t really much to catch up on… ”

“I see….”

*Awkward silence for a mo…*

“Well that was nice… talk to you soon”

“Yeah sure… it’s great that U called… bye now!”

“Bye!” *

See what I mean? hahahhaha… hmm maybe I’ll do that today… LOL

Anyway.. it’s time to get dinner ready.. or at least I think..

Cheerios now!


Sunshine Coast

Brisbane has been suffering from heavy rain lately… even the Brisbane river is brown in colour now.. sad sad stuff… so going to the Sunshine Coast when the rain was at it’s worst didn’t seem right a bright idea… so pray it didn’t rain during our time there we did. With that we now know why the Sunshine Coast was given such a lovely name…

It only rained late at night when we were there and another time when we were leaving.. which is just in time cause we were alreayd leaving.. nyahaha.. but then again we got caught in a jam in the city and it was raining hail! GASP!! yes.. hail! and we were in a rented car.. and most of us freaked out… “what if the windshield breaks?” “I’ve never experienced hail before.” “Does god really want me to start a blog now?”.. Anyway the hail was only for awhile.. thankfully the rented car was ok…

Anyway… let’s begin the Sunshine Coast review… hehehe

First up! Eumundi Market.

It’s a huge market a a fairly small town I think.. Very quaint town but lots of interesting stuff at the market. Pretty pricey though… So we didn’t buy anything at the market.. just hung around and checked out some pretty interesting t-shirts heheh… like a T-shirt for a child that says “HELP! these people are not my parents!”. Nyahahaha…. Oh btw… when we were on our way to collect the car.. I realised I didn’t get my camera.. 😦 sob sob… irregardless! I’LL BE BACK!

After Eumundi, we went to Noosa Heads to check out the National park and the beaches… we took the Coastal Walk at the Noosa National Park, from there we could get a scenic view of the sea and the beaches….

One of the "beaches" found along Noosa National Park

One of the "beaches" along Noosa National Park

Hell's Gate

Hell's Gate

Doesn’t look Hell-ish from the picture because if one were to take from another angle.. one might tip over and thus end up in *GASP!* HELL!

After that we went to check out the beaches at Noosa… one beach was non existent that day cause the water level was too high… 😦 after that we went to the Laguna Lookout that lets us view Noosa!

The view of Noosa from the Laguna Lookout

The view of Noosa from the Laguna Lookout

The day was soon getting dark.. so we checked in at our accomodation, rested awhile, grabbed our dinner and checked out the new Bond flick… “Quantum of Solace”, I think the first movie staring Daniel Craig as Bond is better… I felt this one lacked depth in it’s story… Just vengeance and vengeance and well.. more vengeance. Probabaly the bad guy didn’t seem bad enough and maybe I still feel bond is still too rugged as bond… maybe he hasn’t been refined yet.. ehehhe ok back to the main topic…

Day 2 of the trip… we woke up fairly early to another bright sunny day! Yeah! Since the Coastal Walk from the day before at the Noosa National Park was easy peasy, we were expecting SO much more, we wanted to head to Mt Coolum to check that out. Apparently the view is amazing…

Had trouble finding the entrance but we soon found it and slowly we went up…

Mt Coolum National Park Entrance

Mt Coolum National Park Entrance

The path way had steps at the beginning then soon stones replaced the steps and soon huge slates of rock were our steps.. it was pretty steep too.. we climbed almost in the middle of the afternoon but it was really breezy so it was cool.. hehehe…

The view from the top of Mt Coolum

The view from the top of Mt Coolum

Frankly the picture doesn’t give it justice. It’s so much prettier than this. The blue of the sea blending in with the blue of the sky, the waves slowly lapping to the beach, the green of the trees… oh what a beautiful sight!

As we were heading down, there was a group of kids climbing up.. pretty amazing considering it was pretty steep and fairly dangerous too… there was this girl who was obviously not a very keen climber… we could hear her screaming from all the way up… she seemed very unhappy climbing the mountain… she asked one of the climbers heading down.. “Will a helicopter pick us up from the top?’ and when we assured her that the view is very ncie up there and it’s only very near… she asked “Are U’ll hot and bothered!?” frankly.. I think she was… hahahah but her tone and her face made it seem funny… it would have been irritaing if I was the one leading her up the mountain though.. LOL

After that we headed to the Strawberry fields to pick our own strawberries… sadly strawberries were alreayd out of season so no more strawberries for us.. 😦

Irregardless, who hasn’t eaten strawberries before? Even Cameron Highlands let U pick your own strawbrries… so nothing great.. hahah So we went to another beach to chill out… to King’s beach we went! It drizzled a bit after we parked and headed to the beach and all… but it went away after that until when we wanted to leave.

The waves crashing on to the rocks at King's Beach

The waves crashing on to the rocks at King's Beach

A picture too beautiful to not be shared

A picture too beautiful to not be shared
The rocks along King's Beach

The rocks along King's Beach

What a wonderful beach… soft sand… lapping waves.. the waves here were quite big so there were quite a number of surfers.. pretty cool… Let’s move along now shall we?

Next up… The Glasshouse Mountains!

The Gallhouse Mountaisn are made up of a series of Mountains that used to be volcano plugs… after erosion and all, it became the mountains we see today. Yes! that’s what I read when I was at the lookout. The more famous ones are Beerwah, Tibrogargan, Coonoowin and “The Twins” Tunbubudla… cause there’s apparently a story behind it which I did not read… hahah Apparently Beerwah is the mothes, Tibrogargan, the father and Coonoowin and Tunbubudla the children of course!

Coonoowin, which I feel is the prettiest...

Coonoowin, which I feel is the prettiest...

Before we left, the sky began to overcast… so when we were heading back it began to rain pretty heavily… and the Sun was still shining brightly so we saw a huge rainbow… the entire arch! After awhile or so.. we saw another rainbow next to the rainbow we just saw… sweet!

Double rainbow! The second a little faint...

Double rainbow! The second a little faint...

That’s about it… wow I took so long to write this out… yikes! oh well.. good things have to be shared… I’ll msot probably go back there again… very lovely place…. Cheerios for now!

V Festival

Oh dear! the line up for the V Fest is already available! The Killers, Snow Patrol, Kaiser Chiefs… so bloody cool…

but so bloody expensive… 😦 wanna go anyone? hehehe

Sounds interesting… Oh well…

Just a little “expression of interest” for the V Fest.. hehehe and the presale is gonna be next week.. but it’s still expensive.. $139.90… 😦

Oh and I got tagged.. but I don’t feel like doing it… yet… maybe not just yet…

Hmmm nothing much to blog about these days except that Brisbane’s weather has been pretty odd lately… keeps raining and raining and raining… feels like it didn’t stop raining… wonder when it’ll stop…. sigh…

hmmmm what’s with the dots… “…”

Aish.. cheerios!


I wonder if I should blog about this.. but frankly I don’t give a rat’s ass right now…

Hmmm.. Let’s see where shall I begin…

Brisbane is a nice place, I actually like it.. peaceful, pretty, the weather’s pretty fine, safe. Generally a nice place to live, I wouldn’t mind staying here… the people are nice and friendly too. They generally take things lightly, which makes things really fun. That is naively what I thought before we *me & 2 housemates* went out today.

After lunch we wanted to go out for some grocery shopping… we walked to the bus stop *a different bus stop but it’s about the same distance from our house to our usual bus stop* and waited… bus comes in 20 mins time…

We wait and wait… a lady *Australian* reaches the bus stop and waits as well… Then she was joined by her 2 friends *one Australian, another an Asian* the bus should arrive any minute now…

Then comes a white car *possibly a toyota, too common to be recognized again* with it’s windows all down and it’s passengers *possibly 2 of them, maybe 3* hurls stuff outta the car.

*SPLASH!* What the hell! They freaking threw water balloons at us… YES! just us… Me & and housemates.. more like my housemates, the water balloon that hit my didn’t burst!

Screw U a**holes… If u want to discriminate, discriminate in person! Bloody cowards! Just in case people don’t know where we were hit, we were at a bus stop in Queensland, St Lucia *a suburb very near Brisbane* to be exact.

Thinking that St Lucia houses a university *UQ to be more exact* that is ranked in the top 50 in the world, the people around there should be well educated…. Not BLOODY COWARDS!! Even the other people waiting for the bus were shocked! Come on what the freaking hell! Don’t U have anything else to do!???

And we were most probabaly targeted, why would anyone want to keep water balloons in their car, and how do they know we’re there… Bloody assholes! don’t U have anything more important to do on a Saturday afternoon, like not wasting ur parent’s hard earned money!? LOSERS!

In the end we didn’t go anywhere, *housemates were wet*, probabaly it’s another way to keep us at home and force us to study.

After that incident, I still think Brisbane is a nice place to live. Of course there are pros and cons, but still no one would like to be thrown a bloody water balloon in the middle of the day *albeit it was hot* while waiting for the bus in some sort of discriminating act. It ISN’T freaking FUNNY!

Australians are nice and wonderful people but those people in that freaking white car *I suppose u’ll are Australian.. cause this is afterall Australia, and U’ll definitely sounded like Australians when u’ll went WOOHOO!*.

Screw U bloody cowardy loser assholes, U give Australians a freaking stinking name!

P.S. The bus arrived when we just left the bus stop to go home.

P.P.S. Screw U bloody assholes.. or rather U’ll should go screw urselves!