Yipes! Boy have I neglected this blog. It has definitely missed out on a part of my life.
The last post was in June right after I completed the 10km stan chart run.

Well let’s see, haven’t been to any other runs after that. I’ll just go to the stan chart run every year just for the fun of running in KL without the cars. Bliss. 🙂
From June till now, I’ve travelled to Bali, hanged around doing nothing much but work, haven’t met anyone new, went for Big Bang’s concert which was “hmmmm” and that’s it.
Appears that I have this rather dull life.

If I have the inspiration, I’ll write an entry on Bali and Big Bang.

Till then, I’ll be off to India (Agra, Jaipur & Kashmir) in 2 weeks time! 😀