10 years…

That’s what it takes to repay the loan to buy a brand new “Myvi” *10 freaking years to buy an extremely common car. 10 freaking years! Of course the repayment rate is at a “comfortable” level. If you consider 1/4 of your pay comfortable… That is before your EPF & SOCSO contribution. 10 years! are you kidding me? So I would assume a house which costs maybe 5 times more than a car would take 50 years for me to repay it?

I’ll forever be in debt! I’ll only be financially free when I’m 70 that is if I live until 70… Looks like I’m better off with a bicycle. Or maybe I should rely on public transport and take 3 hours to get to a place which probably only takes 45 mins to get to buy car. So let’s say I want to go to point A from my house, it’s approximately 45 mins away by car. I take the bus to the nearest hub, I take another bus from that hub to another hub, I take another bus from that hub to another hub… and maybe another to another hub… and then I take a bus to the destination… Let’s say I leave at 9 am. I reach there at 12pm.. hmmm just in time for lunch. How wonderful. So If I start work at 9am, I leave my house at 6 am? When I finish work at 6pm, I reach home at 9pm? I go to sleep at 10 and wake up at 5am… I wonder if I have anytime to do anything else… **

Sometimes I really wonder how Malaysian can afford so many things… Car prices are through the roof, basic necessities like groceries too, houses I dunno maybe the same, good are like pricier than other countries *weaker ringgit*, but the pay isn’t higher than he others, it’s the same and reports always say that the cost of living in Malaysia is not high. Very perplexing indeed.

Comparison. AUD is approx 3x stronger than MYR. Their groceries are 3x cheaper than ours, their cars are so much more cheaper than ours. Example, Mini Coopers around every corner. Houses maybe the same. Their pay? More than ours / comparable. But then spend less than us! Maybe their rent is more expensive. Which could be the case. In a way, they spend 3 times less than us. So they spend more? Maybe. I don’t know.

10 freaking years to own a Myvi? I give up. I’ll just not drive at all.

10 years man! 10 years!

*approximately, interest rate = 5%.

** Largely exaggerated, won’t be surprised if it happens though.


I’ve got a plan!

I think I figured out what I wanna do… or maybe I think… I have many plans but I rarely execute them.. I guess they are all dreams. Sad, but true. Anyway, my plan for now is….

Once in every month I’ll try to do something different or new *monthly to save cost, if I do it every week, I’ll be broke before I know it* to figure out what sort of hobby I want. Like… maybe in November I go rock climbing, then in December I go for paintball… and then for the other months there are white water rafting, abseiling down a waterfall, hiking *all are kind pricey* and some more stuff which I haven’t figured out yet.

But to do all of these…. I gotta get a car first… I can’t possibly hire a taxi to get there and get back.

#1, it’s pricey.

#2, it could be dangerous.

#3, it’s so inconvenient!

So car loans here I come… Now the problem is whether to get a brand new car or a secondhand car… it’ll definitely be a Myvi though… or something in that range. It would be nice if I have those original mini coopers but I probably would get to drive it, but look at it in the repair shop all day.

So, secondhand/ first hand? Tough tough… I would prefer a new one, but my brother suggest otherwise… I have absolutely no idea. Yikes!

On a different note, I’ve been gleefully watching “Glee” lately. The show is entertaining, song and dance, it’s like a musical series, fav after “Pushing Daisies”, no series can beat “Pushing Daisies” in my books. Oh Jayma Mays, Emma in “Glee”, was a guest actress in “Pushing Daisies” first season, and Kristin Chenoweth, Olive in “Pushing Daisies”, guest starred in “Glee” recently… interesting stuff…

Let’s see, what else can I insert into this entry. Well, I still haven’t figured what sort of career I want. I think I just want to do something I’m passionate about. Making payments to supplier isn’t really something which I can pour my passion into, nor is speaking my “lousy, inaccurate, funny sounding” mandarin to the bank lady in China, trying to figure out what happened to the payment I made. That is no fun at all, especially if I don’t understand what she’s saying. Ok, maybe a little. I just understand part of it and just make sense of the rest of it. Still… 😦 This sucks!

Oh yeah, I guess Beyonce isn’t coming anymore. Wearn Cheah, it’s “postponed”, cause they announced it that way… postponed indefinitely probably which also means cancelled lar… I guess they just didn’t want to use the word “cancelled”. Hmm.. let’s see if there are anymore interesting concerts about to happen. I heard Bon Jovi is gonna be on tour. I wonder if they’ll come here.

Oh did anyone hear about RM50 for credit cards? RM25 for supplementary. I wonder if there would be an influx in people cutting their credit cards. Probably. Quite likely. Good news for green technology though, I wonder if that would make Tesla come here… hmmm… Well, doesn’t hurt to dream a little.

Lost focus

A little focus please! Please! Please!

I need a little more focus! Focus on what I really want! Focus on what I need to do! Focus on moving on!

Not focus on “searching for Regina Spektor videos on youtube”, btw her new album “Far” is really good though; “playing flash games”, “stumbling upon stuff”, hanging around facebook, walking around the house doing nothing in particular or trying to figure out what to type for this “Lost focus” entry.

I need to refocus here! I need the will. I’m so darn lazy for my own good. What the hell am I doing cruising through life, I’m not even cruising, I don’t even know what it’s called. It’s like cruising but I move pretty fast that I don’t get to enjoy anything on the way. I just move along, never stopping by to stop and smell the roses in pursuing something that I don’t even enjoy. I only enjoy the companionship of it all. Just hanging on to a thread and waiting for someone  or something or… just waiting for help in general. But come on now! You can always help yourself! Pull yourself up! Oh! Man!


*Ok.. I’m scaring myself a little*

Cheerios peeps….

By the way, is it to late to ask if anyone wants to watch Beyonce? From the furthest seat available? hehehe =)

Funny Memories

I’ve been thinking of some funny *to me* memories lately.

Memory 1: Me and my ex-roomie were trying to try out the 3G on the skype phone, since it should have 3G considering it was a 3 mobile phone. So she made a video call to me. We were walking next to each other on the way to the city when we wanted to try this. Now the Skype phone is a candy bar  phone. So if I’m holding the phone with the screen towards me, the camera is on the other side, which makes a lot of sense… So she calls me and I answer the call, so her face appears on the screen. Oh cool… we can make video calls! Then I look at her screen and it looks really odd… my face isn’t there… So we were wondering what her screen was showing. Majority of the time playing with the phone was while waiting for the pedestrian crossing. So after awhile only we realised that the camera was showing the person in front… more like the bottom half of the person in front…. hahahhaha what a lousy phone! SoI could get video calls, but I can’t see the person calling if they want to see me… odd odd..

The second memory was jogged by a fellow colleague bringing Macau cookies to the office. Macau has lovely egg rolls… and that’s what jogged my memory.

Memory 2: When I was in Brisbane, everytime I enter a particular asian grocery store I would be staring at the tins of egg rolls and tell my housemates that they are very nice. Everytime I look at it, they would ask me to buy it.. and I would say, expensive-lar… The next time I go in, I’ll look at it again and say “feel like eating”, then they would say “buy-lar..” then I would say “expensive-lar…” It keeps going on… I wonder if they ever got bored.  I never bought a tin of egg rolls in Brisbane. I forgot about it when I came back… Out of sight outta mind indeed… LOL

Job hopping potential?

Hey! Anyone heard Airasia is flying to France? That is awesome! Now I wanna go to France! Or London.. or Hong Kong or Taiwan.. or… Abu Dhabi! Or maybe I wait for AirAsia X’s US flight eh? Or maybe they’ll fly to Greece… hehehe… So many places to go, so little cash. Maybe I’ll end up job hopping to earn money to go traveling… now that isn’t very good. Hmmm…. The future is like a blank canvas currently. The canvas of the present however, is filled with many lines from one source. Me. Yikes… What am I gonna do? Take it as it comes? But after a year or so, I ain’t really allowed to go “discover” now am I?

The time is NOW! No one got anywhere by doing nothing. But that is precisely what I’m doing. What the heck am I doing!?!

Goal of the week. Take Action! It’s now or never.

Ok… Apart from just slacking this couple of weeks, work is fine, piling up though… life is.. well.. normal. I’m yet to find a hobby though. Hmmm… Oh I was at a friends open house and I was playing around with her “beginner” dslr… it’s a pretty cool thingy. Makes me wanna…. oh well.. Let’s go traveling!

Goodness I suck as this hobby thing. I was thinking I could go bring my camera if I go jogging in case I see something nice… then I remember, what if I get robbed? That isn’t very good now is it. There goes a potential hobby!

Oh yes, there was a convention about Adventure Asia 2009, which I missed. Darn! Let’s jsut wait for next year then… Anyone wants to go white water rafting?

Current hobby: Reading the ikea catalogue and fantasize about a make believe studio unit.

P.S. I’m eye-ing a very nice table. LOL *Occasional table RM699…*

Boost Juice!

Ah!!!!! They have Boost Juice in KLCC!!!!! *Oklar.. maybe it has been there for sometime but I only realised it now… stilll……* BOOST JUICE is in KLCC!!!!!

I wonder if it tastes the same as the one in Australia.. hehe *doubt it though* hopefully it would though. Can’t wait to give it a try. Hopefully it’s not priced to exorbitantly…. I’ll go ballistic!

Anyway… time to flee… Oh I was in a shaking building yesterday. It was after work, there were about 3 of us left, first, I felt the chair shake, I thought it was nothing… then my colleague said… is the building shaking? I went “Yeah ah!” then we just ran down with our stuff… hahaha…

Anyway, the moral of the story is…..
Leave work on time.

Looks like them tectonic plates are moving pretty furiously this time…. One yesterday, another today. Looks like the Earth doesn’t want us here…. 😦 *It’s just developing, maybe that’s how the dinosaurs went extinct. Died of natural causes*

Anyway, cheerios!