This is a list of things that make me happy. Why I’m making this list? I haven’t a clue. Maybe cause I recently came across a book that compiled happy things and soon after I was at work thinking of things that made me happy when it rains. So here is the list in no particular order.

1. Looking at the falling rain

2. Listening to the falling rain

3. The smell of fresh cut grass

4. The smell of rain (Actually, the smell of rain when it hits the earth… ahhhh….)

5. Walking under light rain

6. Reach the lights and they turn green *woo!*

7. Making people happier

8. Fooling people

9. Flowers in full bloom

10. Gardens in full bloom *wow….*

11. Laughing

12. Looking at beautiful buildings, houses in particular

13. Receiving money *lol*

14. Eating good food

15. Chocolates

16. Playing Ultimate and being part of the team, catching the disc and scoring maybe? πŸ˜€

17. Winning

18. Finding something I like

19. Receiving gifts *it’s so nice to receive*

20. Taking a nice warm bath, with lovely soap and shampoo… Ah… the sheer joy.

21. Looking at the sky *wah! so many clouds… ah! I see a kangaroo!*

22. Gosh.. I guess I like flowers in general.. I like the colour.

23. Receiving comments on what I write =)

24. Watching feel good shows… ah.. that nice warm fuzzy feeling….

25. Receiving comments. hehehe…

26. Eating mum’s home cooked food.

27. Meeting friends where you can talk about anything at work.


2 thoughts on “Happy

  1. hahahaha yeah.. I just want to compile it… dunno for what reason… I’ll update when I think of stuff… blank at the moment.

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