Eh, got free ticket ah?

Apparently someone did get a free ticket. But that later.
Yesterday it poured out of the blue, it felt like those days where thing that could possibly go wrong would eventually get wrong. It was 5pm, Chelle called & I rushed to get ready, rushed myself for that adrenaline feel. *What the heck?* Wong Kam Kam arrived and we reached BSC in the heavy rain where most of the cars were going at 40-50kmph…
Had an odd time collecting the tickets… and went to Chilli’s to Chill.. hehe.. Chelle was quite “gan jiong” I have no idea why.. only 7 whut… 8 o’clock only the show starts… * We found out after that it was 8.30 pm.. -.-“”* There were 2 false alarms before the eventual alarm actually went off…
I forgot what we were doing but Vat & Yeen was suddenly at the side of our table.. Surprising! Yeen was genuinely surprised too… Obviously, cause we were supposed to surprise her anyway… Had dinner and pretended that we weren’t going to the show. Chatted too.. the chatting stopped when we heard the Chilli’s staff singing “Happy Birthday” to a boy near our table. The chattering continued… Chelle & I agreed that Yeen thought it was for her.. whahahahha teruknya kita….
We continued chit chatting and all. Everyone had a story how nice… As always I don’t… sad… Lied that we needed to leave soon. cause we *Me & Chelle* still thought that the show was starting at 8pm. Soon another cake came out of the kitchen accompanied by the birthday song. I was thinking.. “Wah so many people’s birthday today.” Then it stopped at our table. “Huh? wrong table ah?” *Cause I thought Vat wasn’t getting a cake* We looked quizzically at the staff and sensing something was wrong the staff felt a little odd and then thier “Happy Birthday” waned a little too… hahahha… The cake was confirmed to be ours… but it definitely surprised us all. Vat’s friend dropped it off for our table. How nice.. Thank U to her! Mana tahu the cake was for me also. hahaha cause I insisted on getting one for Yeen’s, so they had to get one. wahhahaha thank U Vat & Chelle… Though a slice was enough… ok k.. I know.. don’t whine anymore..
Then the presents were given out. Yeen had the free ticket for “Eh, got free ticket ah?” and she went, “No.. I’m paying for the ticket…. No.. No” and I had a voucher for a free meal at any restaurant in BSC and I went “No, where can.. don’t want.. it’s too expensive” *Jeez, why can’t anyone just accept thier present graciously eh?* No wonder Chelle asked me to pick… ish… Since we already acted that we weren’t going for the show though Yeen insisted… We continued acting…. We left first… met them at the escalator and said oh.. we were looking for times… -.-“” *I bet she suspected something*
Vat & Yeen waited on the left while Me & Chelle waited on the right… Let them in first and casually walked in… She was surprised again.. wahhahaha syoknya…
Now for the show: The show had Zak “Papi” Kamal as the opening act. There were some funny ones… but the build up was kinda long so it felt a little slow… I like me funnies to keep coming… not laugh for 2 minutes then break for 5 mins. I like mine to come every minute! hahaha so picky.. -.-” But Jit Murad was more to my kinda funny… He was quick and witty but occasionally a little too political for a person who doesn’t like reading politics. The last act was Harith Iskandar… Personally I don’t really like him.. I dunno why, but he wasn’t that bad.. but again.. his style wasn’t too my liking, the build up was a little dragging… At the beginning of one of the acts the act, I think it was Harith, he asked “who had free tickets to the show? We stared at Yeen.
Time passed quite fast though as when we came out it was 11pm.. not bad… Throughout the show I was wondering how they were gonna use a guite by the side of the stage, in the end they didn’t use it… hehe
Ended the night with some McD’s and went home in a fogging Wong Kam Kam. I think we were kinda paranoid at the car park area or going towards the car park area… hehe… Anyway, it was a nice nite… I’m not wondering what other plays should I go… hahaha


Still a little kid

Was helping my mum clear a cupboard today. SO much books, SO much dust. As she was passing them books to me, I stumbled upon one of my childhood favourite books, “The Magic Stone”. Hahahahah started reading it too… then I continued to find my favourite book “The Magic Brush”. Hehehhehe… so syok reading it… Don’t know why I like em, probably it’s the painting… There were quite a number of books that I remembered.. actually I remembered all of them.. hahahha could tell what was inside what book. LOL

There was one giant book, which I remembered was darn heavy when I was young, *it was the size of an atlas*, I only remembered Rip Van Winkle from it though.. heheh there were some pretty old Archie Comics as well…

The oldest I found would be a book from my mum’s age. It was given from my aunt. The cost of the book was 50p. Hahahhaa…. hilarious this thing… Oh I found Richie Rich Comic, how interesting.. I shall stop now an continue reading the bedtime story books… heheh

Colourful Chic Lit

They come in all kinds of colours, light purple, light blue, light pink, always light colours, colours that women like I assume cause chic lits tend to have those light colours as their covers. Was at the Penguin warehouse sale today. Man there were tonnes of books! didn’t know where to start. Did a rush job glancing through the boxes and boxes and boxes and rows and rows and rows of books…. Poor eyes

picked up 4 different colours for meself, 3 obvious chic lits, the other may not be, then again….

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Clockwise from top left: Swan Adamson’s “My Three Husbands” *the illustrations on this cover reminds me of a game I played before*,Margaret Dumas’s “The Balance Thing”, Alexander McCall Smith’s “Friends, Lovers, Chocolate”, Jonathan Lethem’s “You Don’t Love Me Yet”

Frankly speaking, the only author I heard of hear is Alexander McCall Smith… but who cares??? I don’t.. hahahha 4 books with an average of 11/book.. not bad… Cheerios now…

P.S. I think there’s something wrong with my blogger/template. I click on template, don’t make any changes to the template, but when I click preview, everything goes haywire. odd?

The mail that never came. Then again, never say never

Sigh… No one wants to buy the stock from my previous post ah? Sigh… Anyway, I received something yesterday that could have made my day. It’s quite hilarious actually. I shall explain, just wait, I need to convince U to buy the stuff first. Why don’t U want to buy the stuff? Is it not reasonable? Heck the price can be haggled, why not? *ok enough crap now, ur chasing everyone away*

Now I shall start with my story. Had a paper to sit for yesterday, wasn’t very satisfied with how I did, I crapped a lot. Yes! When I say I crapped a lot means I crapped tonnes, *nah I’m just exaggerating, I crapped for almost 3 outta 5 essay questions” Ok, left the exam hall early cause the place was crazily cold! My fingers were practically numb, the fingers that were numb were in my pocket somemore. -.-” Could have left earlier, but I heard rain and thunder, so I couldn’t go anywhere in the current weather anyway, I just waited… waited… waited.

Reached home and oddly enough, checked out the mail that was collected. * I hardly get mail, apart from the result slip which is addressed to me but my parents eagerly open, but I check occasionally for some reason I have no idea. Trying to be nosy I guess. * Then I saw one really odd mail. A letter addressed to me, it was a mail for members.

I was shocked and was thinking “are U kidding me?”, I showed my mum too and her response was almost similar, so I opened it. It was a brochure like thing to invite me to some carnival, there was a contest too and boy were those prizes tempting. But there’s a catch. The contest is open only to children of 12 and below. -.-”

The mail was from a fast food chain, from their “Kiddie Club”. I don’t even remember joining. Wait! I remember joining, but it is very vague. My mum said I probably joined in 1994 or 1995. To be honest, I never received a single mail from them before. I don’t even remember having a membership card *if they have one*. 13/12 years later they send me a mail?? heck I’m already 20! Yes, I might be young at heart but isn’t this pushing it a little? It took them 12 / 13 years to mail me something? imagine how efficient they are. -.-“”

I seem angry eh? Actually I’m grinning. Interesting ain’t it? the first mail they send me is when I’m 20. Hahahahhaha that’s how some silly mail almost made my day.

Let’s see thier timelime. Let’s say they use one year for each activity.

1. Send application

2. hang around at PO box, or letter box

3. Picked up application and sent to head office or where ever they approve them applications

4. scrutinize application

5. Approval by manager 1

6. Approval by manager 2

7. Approval by head manager

8. Details filed into database

9. Scrutinize details again

10. Oh, database is computerized, move files to IT centre

11. so many applications, takes time to reach mine

12. type in details

13. print details on envelope and sent out.

Days later, letter in my hand. interesting indeed! hahahha

P.S. Notice the lack of “…”?

Too frustrating being fussy

Being too fussy has made me given up… oh sigh.. how frustrating… Now I shall relate the ordeal to all who are too free to listen to me whine about my fussy-ness… Let the story begin:

One fine day, I decided to make a fairly “wise” decision to change something that has long been part of my life…. Aiyah cut the crap short… I give up wearing contacts… so simple.. -.-“””

Now I’ll explain my fussiness. See first to wear contacts, one needs to clean thier hands and dry it… Now I wash my hands, I wipe it dry… Oh dear there are fibres flying around…. I get rid of the fibres that I can see, but u know fibres, they probably need a microscope to be spotted.

*now one must be wondering, how come there’s so much fibres? well let’s just say my room is never dust free. for example, I wipe the stereo one day, the next day.. the dust has happily settled back to it’s normal position*

so after drying me hands, I retrieve the lens case , open it.. retrieve the lens get ready to put the lens into my eye and BAM! I spot a fibre stuck to the lens… I try my best to remove it.. to no avail… so I rinse it with the sterilised stuff… after rinsing all should be well.. Get ready to put it into my eye again… BAM! another fibre! -.-“” after getting rid of that fibre and checking if the lens is inverted or there is a tear I put it onto my eye and feel a pain…. The eye starts to tear…. Quickly remove it… inspect it to see if there are any tears or fibres or if it’s inverted… Hmm.. nothing of that matter…. As now my eye hurts like hell, it wouldn’t be wise to put it back in yes?

Ok… if all goes well and the lens is happily on my eye… *where it should be, not being soaked in the little case* After about 5 hours or so… the eye feel kinda dry… so since I’m home I remove it… after removing.. I notice that my eye has become redder than before…

So for the sake for my health and my emotional rollercaoster.. I give up wearing contact lenses after 2 months… *boy.. what a horrid 2 months* I think I’m just destroyed my eye’s health… sigh.. poor eye… Now what am I going to do with the 8 other contact lenses floating in it’s respective case and the solution still intact with it’s seal and all waiting happily to be use and the contact lens drop that eagerly awaits the use of the owner?

I wanna sell em.. any buyers??? hahahhahahha I doubt it… But to prove how serious I am about giving up… The solution of SOLOCARE AQUA 360ml goes at RM 20, the ALCON lens drop goes at 15. Both with it’s seal still on.. so don’t worry.. I’m not too free to reseal it back…

Now the lenses are the tricky part.. who would want them anyway… But.. if U want to try contacts lenses…. and ur power so happens to be 4.25 or 4.50 U can try them at a price… I don’t think I can teach U how to put em in though…. So any takers? Oh I hope to sell the 8 pieces of lenses still in thier original condition at 80 bucks for all… *price can be haggled* Heck! if U want the 8 pieces of lenses I’ll throw in the solution and the lens drop for free but the price would then be fixed at RM80.

Hahaha… Time to leave… Cheerios.. don’t go frustrate urself over some silly matters now

0% Inflation? Pah!

I read about this somewhere I forgot where, it’s either in a magazine or the newspapers which means that most would have read it too… The details are kinda vague to me but the gitsch of it is something like this…

It was an interview with someone *probably a manager or a boss of a company, I forgot*… He was saying: ” 20 years ago when I was a fresh graduate, my starting pay was RM1400. Now I pay fresh graduates the same amount.”

Imagine that… With everything on the rise… our salary doesn’t cahnge at all… It’s just stagnant…. how is the darn economy supposed to grow if we can’t spend… For 20 years, don’t tell me that there ain’t no inflation at all…. Imagine, ur parents used to be able to buy a bowl of noodles for RM2 or less.. now.. a bowl of noodles is RM4, that’s like a 100% increase, the pay could have went up a little…

Reading what the person said really made me think… what the heck are humans really here for.. *here I go again…*