Car Park Friday

Ok.. now I shall official blog about I-Rene’s bday since it was such a SHOCKER! ahha…. but first.. I would like to inform readers that i shall stop blogging for a couple of weeks or so… to keep myself from all kinds of distractions… now.. to wat happened yesterday…

Yesterday I woke up at 10 and hopped into my mum’s car and went to HELP.. hahah.. before that got calls and sms about ZiXian not driving her car, Shu Ying is already at HELP and stuff like that… reached 7- eleven in search for poppish things… then Shu Ying came… but 7 eleven didn’t have the spray thingy so we decided to walk to Giant to find it… however; due to some certain unforeseen circumstances we bumped into I-Rene on the way to Giant… *i had a wierd feeling that we would bumped into her at the staircase so I walked slowly behind a pretty big sized guy while Shu Ying walked rather quickly in front* she saw us anyway.. so we went Giant together…

I-Rene followed Shu Ying while I went in search for the party stuff… the darn Shu Ying told I-Rene that I was gonna buy some stuff that women use periodically… Giant didn’t have any and SIn Ying already reached McD so we asked I-Rene to teman her while me adn Shu Ying went to 7 eleven to buy the poppish stuff… we reached Sin Ying’s car and ZiXian was already inside…

then Sin Ying drove us to Bangsar where we had “fake” dim sum… hahahha *it’s vegetarian dim sum lar* I was pretty anxious as I wanted to know how vegetarian “har kao” look like… it wasn’t half bad… then we ordered siew mai and other normal dim sum while we slowly enjoyed the fragrance of our “heong pien” tea… we ordered pau also… wanted custard pau….

so the dim sum slowly arrived as we chattered and ate and stuff.. oh yeah Pui Kuen and her Koh Koh came awhile after we reached… then as the dim sum slowly “fled” the pau was left… they left the lid on the pau “loong” to keep its warmth… *i think* oh before that I told them that no one can eat MY custard pau first… must be the first… *mana tahu they so guai.. hahahha *

Then I opened the lid for the custard pau and took the Happy Birthday tag out and cucuk-ed it into the pau… I-Rene closed her eyes so won’t spoil the “surprise” Then after that I tried to cucuk the candle but the candle didn’t want to go in… hahahha put it together with the tag in the end… the Pui Kuen ask me to poke in more somemore…. where got space?? *apparently I-Rene knew I was gonna poke it in.. how she knew I dunno… probably because we were dropping alot of hints.. *

Then we asked her to open her eyes and we sang her birthday songs *note I used songS instead of song* . We sang her 3 version of bday songs, the english version, the mandarin version and the cantonese version. I think we should ahve sang the hindi and malay version too… the customers around us that just sat at thier table kept looking at us… even the waitresses were staring at us… probably they were thinking “wah so special, no cake also can sing bday song… I want.. ” *most probably is.. wat the… -.-“”” no cake also sing bday song.. where got people poke candle into pau and treat it as a cake one? probably thinking.. this bunch of kids must be crazy… *

ok.. then i gave her the present after she made the madatory wish and blowing out teh candle thingy… her expression and other related stuff are in the previous post… “5 6 pick up stix” pretty joyful stuff… now I know why personal presents are so much better than mass manufactured ones.. * actually I knew it before.. but oh well*

then we continued eating.. we ordered the “birthday noodles”? that was wat it was named as in the menu… learned a couple of things about Sin Ying and Fan Quan Shui… we soon left for class though.. don’t wanna be late… oh but we were… heheh

the sky look terribly cloudy and dark as we boarded the bus.. if it rain.. it would be a wash out for wat we had in store…. we reached the class and settled down and it soon poured…. I was pretty worried and pretty excited at the same time.. hahahha oh well…

After class Shu Ying rushed back to the main block to find Khai Shien that DIDN’t charge her phone before comin out.. cis cis.. she was suppsoed to buy the cake for I-Rene’s second surprise… Wan Yian, Yung Hui, Li Lee and May Yoong also gave her a present which she eagerly changed into… everyone left as we stalled time for Khai Shien and Shu Ying to prepare… oh Siu Fai too…

kept sms-ing and calling… hahaha then we finally caught the bus back to the main block… Luckily it already stopped raining…then as we got of Aaron already took Irene to the car… and Shu Ying was standing there… I didn’t hear her reasoning… luckily Aaron stopped though or our plan would have went bust… me and ZiXian quickly went into the main building and dragged KS on the way… but too bad I-Rene already saw her… then me and ZX hung around the registry and wanted to go to the car park but I-Rene was “on guard at the door”. She saw us and then we hide.. hahaha but I went and wave lar to ease her suspicions…

since she was at the main door me and ZiXian had to take teh longer way to the car park… through the stairs at the basketball court…

do allow me to illustrate… it was as if we were running away after stealing some stuff from HELP… we ran up the staircase while I called Pui Kuen to ask her to stall time… the marathon officially started at EXIT 2… we started running towards the staircase as I-Rene was already walking towards her car and Pui Kuen had no idea how to stall her anymore… oh. ZiXian was wearing slippers so susah for ehr to run also… yum gong… it was like a 200m sprint to the top of the staircase.. then a 200m descend to the basketball court and then a 100m sprint to the abck of I-Rene’s car where Shu Ying and Siu Fai were waiting with the cake to spring the surprise…

waited for I-Rene to arrive as Me, Shu Ying , ZiXian and Siu Fai kumpuled at I-Rene’s car’s butt…. it was freaking hot too.. shu ying was pretty anxious cause she fumbled to get the poppish stuff out… i was just plain tired… Siu Fai was the watch dog… he reported teh situation while we waited and kept askin him whether they are comin alread or not? he look like some sort of cop waiting to bust a crook doing illegal stuff

Luckily Pui Kuen managed to stop I-Rene from going to her car… and she didnt see us either.. hahhaa me and ZiXian were pretty darn tired…. then Pui Kuen called and scolded me then they continued on…. as I-Rene reached her car door.. we came out and sprung the poppish thingy… ZiXian’s poppish thing hit her nose.. luckily she didn’t need plastic surgery… then we sang Happy Birthday again… and then we ate cake.. and then

Aaron pushed I-Rene’s face into the cake and they started fighting… eventually both had cake in thier hair.. as Shu Ying and KS busy chatted at the car.. hahahah to clean out I-Rene’s hair.. we celuped her hair into her water bottle and the water became “cake water” so gross…. After that Aaron and Shu Ying played with the cake water with the cake water eventually went on to Shu Ying’s jacket… too bad… * as U should noticed I’m already tired typing this so its getting shorter and shorter…*

In all it was a really good celebration… very special too… I-Rene should be glad… hahha though there were some unforseen circumstances but it went well anyway… she was surprised so mission accomplished… time to go home and rest… so here i am typin bout her bday after she gave her consent lar… hahhaa Oh Aaron gave ehr a dinosaur soft toy * i think its a dinosaur* and Siu Fai gave her some soap from body shop… * i guess he knew she was goin to get really dirty… hahahah *

So that’s it… very lengthy U see…. now I can’t wait for September where Movie Marathon will come round for the second time… whoopee…. till next time… cheerios…


5, 6, pick up stix

I’m too tired to blog.. but today is pretty interesting so… i shall persevere… I have a feeling this is going to be a long post…….. be patient ….well today is I-Rene’s birthday and boy did we have plans today for her… but first I shall tell the things that happen prior to this eventful day….

Couple of weeks before I-Rene’s bday, i was joking to her that since she likes saying “horrible things” which requires other people to say “choi” or “touch wood” I suggested to her that I’ll give her a piece of wood for easy convenience since a lot of stuff this days are made of plastic…
*actually it always happened in class and I would sometimes tell I-Rene that she should carry a piece of wood around*

So i went looking for pieces of wood on my way back… i actually saw some in a drain along the road I walk home… but who in thier right mind would go pick up some wood from the drain? So I left it at that… I actually kinda left the idea in the cold… but I still wanted to give her some wood… oh well…

planned with the people.. and then asked Shu Ying “what about my wood?” she say “U kao tim urself” cis cis…. so yesterday on my way back I went picking up wood.. kinda last minute… I actually picked up a pretty fine piece of branch from a corner pretty near HELP… *I had a dried wood in mind, about the length of my feet* so I picked it up and walked to the bus stop where I finally found a piece of wood that triggered my “creativity”… It was a stick, i picked up the stick and left the branch at the bus stop… i actually went up the bus with a piece of wood… I was pretty embarassed actually… hahaha

Ok reached the bus stop.. and took the “scenic route” the route where I’ll cross a playground so I could pick up more sticks… *which reminds me of the 5 6 pick up stix nursery rhymes which I have already forgotten the lyrics to* I kept my eyes peeled for stix along the road… there were a few cars passing by but not many many people walking…. I wanted to go into the playground to search for more stix but gave up when I saw 3 indian ladies probably about 20 chit chatting there… so I walked along the road as I look for my stix… the ladies were like erm.. 10m away?

I felt wierd picking up stix along the road as the 3 ladies were chit chatting… wonder if they were chatting bout me… hahaha wonder if they were thinking “wat’s this crazy person doin? wat’s she pickin stix for?” well I was thinking that… of course I came up with a pretty good reason… I think.. “I’m picking stix for camping” just in case anyone wanted to know… u know to satisfy thier curiosity..

I reached home and went out again to the nearest playground and pick more stix… I reached hoem and actually washed my “harvest”. I was layign them out on the wall between me and my neighbours house when my Mum said “Later our neighbour throw the stix away ah, go dry them behind lar”… So i dried it behind lar.. haiyo… there’s one paricular one where I actually removed the bark… so its like extra smooth…

I actually wanted to jsut tie them in a bunch then give it to I-Rene but my Mum say go wrap it lar…. I went: “huh? so kua jiong meh?” Mum: “must be kua jiong mar” so I actually wrapped it.. so the others will be surprised too… and anxious to find out what it was too… I did I pretty bad wrapping job…. but oh well… oh before that.. I tied it with Rafia string.. so it would be like a bundle of stix instead of a couple of loose ones… i also tied it in a way that it can be hanged…. hahhaha for convience sake… *now this reminds me of the story about an old man teaching his children about sticking together, the one where the fella break one stick but can break a bunch of em… *

So today I gave it to I-Rene during lunch… after singing song and all.. Before singing the birthday song she asked me “eh I thought U supposed to give me a piece of wood, wood neh?” I said.. “oh don’t have lar”

The others were like “eh where did that present come out from?”when I gave her the present… she slowly opened it… I had to kinda guide her.. since it was pretty crappy wrapping… She saw her present inside and said “stupid” and then started laughing… hahahha the others were still pretty clueless except for Shu Ying *she knew i was going to give her wood but dunno in wat way* actually I didn’t really see her initial expression… ish ish…

oh regardless…. now I think the bunch of stix will rot in her room or get burned when she has no electricity… or maybe she’ll carry one around hahahhaah then dirty her clothes.. hehe

oh well.. that’s about me picking up stix… the whole bday celebration shall be posted only after the bday girl post hers…. Bday girl has the right for her first bday post unless of course she doesn’t want to…. though i might not post it soon cause I need to study too.. so till then.. ciao…

AAR VMA awards

notice the side bar there —>

yeah.. that one.. can u see all the All-American Rejects members moving? can U see what it says next? hahha so corny… haiya… it’s just askin U to vote for the All-American Rejects in the VMA… they are up for 2 awards.. just click that ad and ur there ready to vote…

of course u can go in and vote for other people.. though seriously… AAR is the BEST… hahaha… right so ur choice.. jsut in case u were wondering wat’s the ad about.

Oh yeah since I’m here… I might as well wish something…. “Happy Birthday Michelle!” have a great year….

[ v ]

alrite.. the [ v ] above doesn’t stand for channel [ v ], it’s a whole different [ v ] all together… the [ v ] i know… is a person… who.. who.. eh… nvm.. she is the person that needs no introduction… hahah

now.. I want to blog about [ v ] cause she owes me her blog add…. hahahah how boring can i get eh? i wonder how long have i waited… I think i already waited for about a month or more maybe 2… i think it was even before her exams…

this is where the story starts… she starts askin me about blog stuff… around her mid sem i think… i ask her for the add she says wait till i have my first post or was it wait until i find the right skin… understandable… totally… I asked her to quickly find a skin then tried and help her find… which wasn’t mush help cause I didn’t know wat she wanted anyway apart from “Raymond Lam”… hahaha oh plus she didn’t have time to adjust the skin and stuff like that cause exams are round the corner….

after her exams she told me she found her skin… she fixed it and stuff like that and the entry part was too small… so she wanted another one… so have to wait longer…. while i keep pestering her to give me the add first… *i must be darn irritating*

now she’s on holiday but working… and dunno when she’s adjusting the template… last week she said it would be done then …. this week i messaged her and it’s still not completed… she has come face to face with some obstacles…. probably she wasn’t fated to have a blog eh? hahahah

Oh I told her i would blog about me waiting for her blog… then she said go ahead.. so here i am approximately 24 horus later.. telling all my readers how long I have waited for some ones blog.. hahahahhaha.. oh well.. if the blog does come “alive” I’ll be the FIRST to read it, the FIRST to comment * if I do*, the FIRST to tag, the FIRST to link… *of course the first would actually be her so I’m actually more like the first visitor*

Oh I think wat’s taking her so long is because she’s quite a perfectionist… hahahhah hopefully it would be done soon so i can waste my precious study time there and spam her… oh.. how free am I?

Nada Surf – Always Love

To make a mountain of
your life is just a choice
but i never learned enough
to listen to the voice that told me

always love
hate will get you every time
always love
don’t wait β€˜til the finish line

slow demands come around
squeeze the air and keep the rest out
it helps to write it down
even when you then cross it out
but always love
hate will get you every time
always love
even when you want to fight

self-directed lives
i want to know what it’d be like to
aim so high above
every card that you get dealt you

always love
hate will get you every time
always love
hate will get you
and i’ve been held back by something
you said to me quietly on the stairs
you said
hey you good ones

This is a pretty old song but there’s something pretty captivating which I can’t really explain…

I guess the fella is saying love instead of hate… which is SO obvious…. This entry is just a bout the song and I ain’t much of a music critic I just think it’s a really nice song… and wnat to share it with everyone… It doesn’t sound like a sexually explicit song either…. hahahhah *read today’s Star* I wonder if rock has sexually explicit songs…. hmmmm… I’ll try to put in the music later. But i might not after all if I forget.. I am pretty absent minded…. oh even better just check out thier myspace go in let it load and then the song appears… hahhaha so simple jeez…. go here it.. nice stuff…

Paddington Bear

I’m suddenly interested in Paddington Bear for some not so obvious reasons…. I actually watched a couple of episodes of it before… but that was a pretty long time ago… Don’t you think Paddington is raelly cute… heheh

Did You Know?

  • Paddington was named after the station he was found in…
  • his real name is Pastuso
  • He was born in the darkest of Peru
  • He’s an orphan
  • that there is a Paddington Bear toy bigger than a person
  • He has cocoa and buns with his friend Mr. Gruber
  • The family he stays with are the Browns

Ok that’s about all i know I think… ah…. I added it in… welll that’s about it.. hahaha enclosed in this entry is a picture of Paddington himself taken from

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Enjoy the pic.. now for the usual updates… finally had a class of elementary law… sounds like history all over again…. nvm just hope that things will get better…. I actually “napped” for 2 hours yesterday…. *jaw drops* I cut my hair yesterday… asked the fella to TRIM it… but she CUT it in the end… so it’s shorter already… 😦 ish ish… plus my fringe looks wierd…. *silly Irene surely say, yer.. wen wen so cute…. -.-” * nvm.. it was an ok hair cut so i don’t care… besides, hair grows…

Well that’s about it…. oh the samsung website has this Shinhwa webpage thingy and there’s this who’s ur ideal Shinhwa member where U pick answers and from there they calculate who matches ur personality… 😦 I couldn’t get Dong Wan… sad case… Could Get Eric Moon don’t… hahahha guess things aren’t always how U want it to be..