How Do Crazy People Go Through The Forest?

I came across this pretty fascinating site where it has everything dumb after all the website’s name is dumb… I’ll tell U the answer later.. so U have to read on… nyahahahaha

Right.. HOLIDAY is only ONE week left… that’s so short… I shall try and pack my last week with whatever I can…. now this here entry is going to be mixed with a lot of unrelated stuff so bare with me… *they might have a connection, but I wouldn’t know that or I don’t wanna know…* Anyway…. I’m going Kuantan 2morrow… so I can horde all the “com-fat food” (Zyenn, 2006). Which is way bad… but who cares when there is keropok lekor literally everywhere…. with all this fattening stuff one needs exercise so….

I went to FRIM today… i woke up at 6:20 am… even earlier then when I would when was still in secondary school… *I only wake up at 7 when I was in secondary school.. hahahah maybe not so late lar… * When I stepped out of the house, it was still dark, though not pitch black… I went with me Mum, Divya and her Mum, Her Mum and my mum are friends.. I see a cycle here…. oh well… It was pretty ok.. didn’t feel the time pass though… It took about an hour… The hill wasn’t very challenging to me… although I must admit I’m pretty unfit… It was just a little steep at the start and that’s about it… There was a canopy walkway but we didn’t take it…

After that had breakfast and went home… a few minutes later me and me Mum came out again and headed for IKEA… bought a side table and some CD storage case… forgot to tell ZiXian I was going.. sorry eh….

So with all the exercise one would have cut some of the “com-fat food” (Zyenn, 2006). But far from the truth that statement was, as I made a batch of really soft Truffles a couple of days ago… nyahahah… sorry I can’t really treat any of my readers cause it’s too soft that U have to literally eat it at the fridge door. So unless U really want em.. U have to drop in… but I doubt U could cause I won’t be in 2morrow onwards.. nyahahhaa ok… the Truffles was fairly easy… but I wanted it to be harder.. and yeah.. it’s really SINFUL…

Aha another wodnerful event coming up… MOVIE MARATHON!!!! yes.. It has finally arrived… the much awaited, much anticipated, much thrilled for MOVIE MARATHON is back… *my guess is it’s a yearly thing now.. haha* so I guess this would be MMII? *makan mnyak 2…. hahah* right… ok I’m ending this.. so have U figured out the answer to the title?

How Do Crazy People Go Through The Forest?

They take the psycho path.

P.S. I did not make the joke up…. don’t cuss me.. hehe


22nd on the 23rd

ah… a long an eventful day it has been…. I want to blog about the 22nd on the 23rd as soon as possible will the memories are stills trong in my mind… I guess the stuff that is running around your mind would be dates… how can the 22nd be on the 23rd? have i lost me marbles?

haha well.. I attended a wedding reception today. It was at Banker’s Club, a place where only bankers go? The place was in KL right next to Low Yat, the Amoda Building? ah.. there… pretty short jam on the way there and there was a little confusion with the parking… oh.. well..

Went into the elevator and searched for the number 22… was scrutinizing the numbers when AHA…. there it is.. “Bankers Club” with a small 22 by it’s side… proof of its prestigiousness eh?

Pressed it and soon “TING” we had arrived… a step into the room and U can imagine the abnkers smoking cigars drinking wine while closing a huge business deal… of course old comes into the mind.. whahahah oh the chandeliers was real nice… In my opinion the Bankers Club gives an impression that it caters for men… like the masculine gender.. I don’t know why… but there is a dance floor so maybe it ain’t half bad.

Reached at about 6.45pm and it was the cocktail reception… Hors d’oeuvres were handed out on trays, Whisky, Wine and punch too were served… I grab meself a punch and sipped away while all the auntie and uncles talk… I jsut stood there and listen and they would occasionally ask what am I doin now.. etc…

There was this funny situation where I called my Aunt and then after that she went “who is this?” *in canto* I just laughed…. wahhahaha hilarious… oh well.. we only meet during weddings so no surprise there… there is a baby that is so darn cute… real chubby… wanted to pinch him.. but my hand was holding the punch so it was cold… don’t wanna freeze the baby do we now? The boy is the son of my mum’s cousin… ah….

Another complicating relationship is my mum and the bride and bridegroom… let’s see… the bride’s mum is my grandmum’s sister and the bridegroom’s grandmother is my grandfather’s cousin sister…. and all this is on the ladies part of my family… so its like a unison of my grandad and grandmum’s family again… *second generation?*

Ok after the coctail reception the bride was led down a stairs towards the stage… she like all bride’s on thier wedding day was beautiful… I actually liked the wedding dress… hehe.. the escorts were small little girls and boys which were real adorable… Right… the bridegroom and bride walked to the stage to cut the cake and pour the Champagne over a champagne tower mind U… and the bridegroom gave a short speech thanking the people who were there…

After that is was dinner time, the cute little escorts were told that they were free and they went “YAY”.. hahaah k…. so me, mum and dad were seated at table 7… right next to the main table… there were 15 tables on the first floor… the second floor I have no clue. My guess is table 7 is a real IMPORTANT table.. since the bride’s mum’s sisters were all there… except my grandma who couldn’t make it that’s why I was told to stand in on her behalf… I felt so privileged… what an honour…. Hey even my mum’s brothers and sisters weren’t invited due to the lack of seats and I was there… imagine my power… wahhahahahha

Right… I think I drank too much wine… the placement of things was pretty neat… they left a small message rolled up and tied in a ribbon on the table… It was the Menu… *Neat Stuff, has this romantic feeling too* Frankly speaking the food wasn’t that good although I must admit the “hong dou sa” was pretty impressive… *hong dou sa is…. grinded red bean soup?* The atmosphere however was really nice.. the ambience an all… Right on the 22nd floor.. the top floor overlooking the city… beautiful sight… really… a first for me at least…. sadly there was no Shanghai pancake for dessert… I always look forward to that dessert but oh well.. hopefully the next one has that… nyahahahha

Before the dinner the bride came round to our table and I called her Auntie which felt really long considering it was her wedding day and she looked more like a sister than an auntie but she’s my mum’s cousin so Auntie is right but it seemed so wrong in that situation… ah…. forget it…

There was of course the mandatory “Yum Seng” and as this was the table that needed to be respected the “Yum Seng” wasn’t so long… Cannot main-main with elders mar… then towards the end of the reception the guests were invited to dance … That was what the dance floor was… suddenly.. there was a disco in the Club… hahaha no one at my table danced… besides they were talking interesting things… so I listened and laughed….

We could however hear the music at the dance floor *it is linked* there was “Play that funky Music white boy” which is pretty weird… i dunno why… the weirdest thing however was they played Anita Ward’s Ring My Bell… I can imagine the guests dancing to it while holding a bell and ringing the bell when Anita went… “U could ring my bellllllllll…. ring my bell… my bell… ring my bell…..” some weird imagination i have… if they did start ringing it would be a total disaster….

The toothpicks had “Bankers Club” Written on it… another sign of it’s prestigiousness? we left at about 11 when the guests were dancing…. All in all this wedding was pretty fun… maybe because I was high on wine? haha impossible… It wasn’t half bad.. at least people were talking and all… I think smaller weddings are better than bigger weddings… what do U think?

Now for afternotes….. I never ahd so much wine before… 2 glasses… not bad… actually there wasn’t much alternative… there was chinese tea… but U know Chinese tea ain’t nice when it becomes cold and the waiters / waitresses weren’t quick in pouring tea so… it was empty most of the time… so I only had wine to drink….

U know how certain things affect how U think… I think this wedding did just that… Now I’m thinking what I want to do with my wedding… first thigns first .. Shanghai Pancake… GOOD Shanghai Pancake is a must….

Apart from that I’m thinking of getting dresses and stilettos and the works… *by works I mean that I have no idea what other stuff there is* I told my mum I wanted a cheong sam… then she said.. what if U become fatter… then I went OH… with my eyes widening… hehehe then I thought maybe I could get a little black dress which every girl has… *i doubt it works here thought* I was thinking black is kinda bleak… why not light pink? or Fiery Red?

Then at one point during the dinner when everyone was talking I was actually thinking what it would be like if I went for Prom/ Ball… weird weird… hahahha Somehow I think I think too much… makes the mind think I guess…

I shall now call it a day at exactly 12 am… according to my computer clock… I shall retire to bed now.. after i do certain stuff… hehehe ok now.. cheerio… and an after thought that I want answers to: Does Wine make people drunk?


First things first… WELCOME to the Garden of Destiny… wahhahahah sounds so corny… oh well… so this is the new skin… pretty ncie I must admit and the guy that made this is apparently only 14…. wow… nothing new really.. not like i have a hangman like Roberta’s… The old one was getting pretty well.. old.. so a refreshing change… I’m suddenly drawn to green lately.. wierd wierd phase…

Now of to Cendol… hehe had the best cendol on Monday…. the ice shaving were the right size, as in it melted perfectly well, no big chunks of ice for U to crack ur teeth with… and the cendol was so freaking soft and smooth that it literally slid into my throat… oh what joy… then there was the gula melaka… just the right amount to make this bowl of cendol so heavenly…. Once I finished my bowl, I was tempted for another… but bad for health it is.. so no more… haha

Oh pulut can be added on the cendol but they were out that day so I have to wait longer…. if ur wondering where this stall is then go ahead and ask… if your leaving in the Klang Valley and hoping for a quick fix.. ur hopes are hopelessly crushed… U have to travel for at least 3 hours to get it… muahahahha ok just a short post this time round… hope U guys like the new skin like how I have liken it… Cheerio

Hooked On Heroes

It’s holiday time and that means I get plenty of computer time… and the computer time is all squandered on a game… sad eh… but wat can I say I’m hooked… eversince the 3rd installment… cause of cheats.. wahahha So this Holiday won’t be filled with building houses for my sims *which btw has a new expansion that deals with animals, it’s either out or coming soon* instead its filled with “Heroes Of Might and Magic V”… terrific.. simply terrific…

Hmmm wat can I say about it… The graphics are amazing… I already put my graphics at very low but U can still see the detail in the graphics like the tree leaves moving when the wind blows… the waves crashing on to the rocks… like wow… so darn amazing… and there are more types of characters to play… first up is the Normal human, next human’s arch enemies the demons… there is the necromancer, elves, warlocks and I think there is one more… I forgot.. besides haven’t reached there yet…

I’m currently playing the Necromancer campaign, the 3rd campaign after the Human campaign and the Demon Campaign… the coolest Hero so far is Agrael from the Demon campaign… This game is plain addictive… U can just play and play and play and play… hehe.. though if U play too long the battle part can be a little boring… Although its called “Heroes of Might and Magic”, I’ve been using more might than magic.. but I’m trying to use more magic now…

Now off to the characters… I like the human campaigns Angel… very bergaya…. hahaha here’s a little pic… inset is his pic when U hire em…

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

But the Archangel is far better.. and I prefer the Archangel to the angel.. it’s actually an upgrade of the Angel lar.. the whiter and stronger version.. not to mention more bergaya version…. haha

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

here’s another pic on the Archangel at work.. just killed an enemy… so darn bergaya…

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh there’s also an elven hunter which I feel is like “Legolas” hahaha well since Legolas is elvish and an archer so.. pretty much suits the bill.. here’s the pic…

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I know in my previous post I said I had a lot of stuff to blog about.. I think I would be able to blog about it, as I’m already addicted…. maybe when the craziness of it has faded away I’ll come back to earth…. for now.. I’m trying to relief my addictedness by watching a movie.. teehee… oh well.. till then… cheerio…

The Shoe Fairy

Ah… the end of the exmas but a little short assignment left… better do it fast but since it’s already considered my holiday I shall blog a little first…. First up, I finally watched “The Shoe Fairy” and I have something really really important to let out…. IT IS…. “Vivien Hsu’s legs are so BEAUTIFUL” might be a little skinny lar but still very nice… especially with beautiful accesories like the shoes….

another thing to say… the show has tonnes of shoes…. basically its a pretty interesting show… very fairy tale like… quite funny in a way… the characters in the movie are pretty odd though… i won’t tell the story cause I’m too lazy for that… hehehe… my face can’t even work up a smile… unless chocolates suddenly appear in front of my eyes…. muahahhaha

right.. i’ll give glimpses of it though… There are somethings that are just plain cute… like.. when Vivien Hsu’s character needed to go to the dentist the narration was “Wai mian you yi ke hen da de ya zai xiao, li mian you yi ge hu si zai mi mi xiao” ok so it isn’t that funny here but still cute… *translation: there is a big smiling teeth outside and a nurse inside smiling “mi mi-ly”?* lol… anyway… ah the dentist’s name is the cutest… his name is actually “Wei Xiao” *translation: smiling* hahaha oh well… overall a pretty entertaining show.. though i had to keep my ears open since the subtitles were a little wrong…

Ok secondly, The All-American Rejects won best group video at the VMA…. yeh yeah… congrats to them… since VMA has ended the banner at the side is gone too… thirdly [ v ] has finally published her blog… I’m yet to look at it… sadly I ain’t the first… cause she conveniently finished it up before my exam ended… oh well… i shall add her link a little later…. this is the first time I ever blogged about puting a person’s link in my blog.. the previous ones were all added in surreptitiously… oh well… lucky her…

4th item… I have lots of stuff to blog about but I’ll take my own sweet time… enjoy the moment…. ah.. now its time for me to get back to me work… cheerio….