I wanna sleep at 10pm so I gotta make this as quick as possible.

There was a department annual/promotion dinner on Friday and it was fun if “we” didn’t have to perform. Winners had cash prizes but “our” group did last minute practice and the winning groups practically practiced every night so they deserved it. Plus it was entertaining! Next up…

Toy story is entertaining and heart wrenching. =( Sob sob…. Actually I feel the sad part was where they kept showing Andy having fun with his toys but he has to part with them eventually. Hmm I wonder if that just made any sense at all. Anyway….

Today’s main topic is… getting shot at…

Went for paintball today with quite a number of colleagues. Went to the one near Batu Caves, forgot what it was called but it has a jungle setting. They had 2 fields for us. Both on slopes, one steeper than the other. Had a little briefing on what to do with the marker… it can kill…. where the mask all the time when playing.. etc…. We were split into 3 groups, 9 a side. Then.. Game On!

First game, we were at the bottom on the slope.. so naturally just defended… Find a nice shield and just start shooting.. I sometimes wonder if I shot anyone.. but I was trigger happy and those guns are tough to aim. The game ended with a draw. Score: 1-1

Game 2, again we were at the bottom of the slope. This time we had our strategy all planned out…. Tried moving up the slope.. but got hit in the leg while in between shields… Sad…  Soon after our hero managed to rush up and snatch the flag. True valiant character! =) Score: 3-0

Game 3 was at the steeper field.  This time we were on top and this field was different, it had passageways on the side. But, we get unlimited life here. Was supposed to guard the center but ended up going to the left instead. Why can’t they build “shields” tall enough. Again didn’t know whether I managed to “kill” anyone but apparently the guy “died” 4 times… LOL and he was hurting all the way. LOL Anyway… they won cause we ran out of bullets. =( Score 0-3

Game 4, the saddest game by far. Was sent to the left…. before reaching the “shield”, my “buddy” got hit. Then before I could say “I see them!” I get hit in the. Thankfully the paint wasn’t red or I might have thought it was blood. Went back to the base to “replenish” my life and went back out…. Duck for awhile… made a few shots…. and pow! Got hit in the head…. Darn! 3rd time round…. the shot hit the mouth and I could taste the paint.. Eeeewwww…. Was busy wiping the paint off. Gross…. 4th time round before I reached the shield, I got hit on the hand then I “screwed” the rules and went head on… but still got shot. But eventually we won. LOL Just took some bad hits.Score: 3-0

As a conclusion, we won overall. Muahahaha all thanks to our hero! Extremely exhausted that’s why I wanna sleep at 10pm… only 5 mins left! yowza! Immensely fun though, if we could rush more. We had extra pellets leftover so there’ll be a second time.. muahhaha…. So overall, I have a bruise on my left leg, a cut on my knee for kneeling on the uneven ground, a bruise on my hand and a bump on my head. But all is well…

Cheerios now!


Flower Power

Felt like adding some colour/life/pictures to break the excessive monotony of words… so here goes

Aaahhh... green and blue just goes so well together.

Mr Boh hanging around with other Mr Boh's.... how disturbing.

Doesn't look like Camerons... But it is!

It's actually prettier. My camera can't do it much justice.

This is a very nice shade of purple indeed.

Mmm.... lettuce fresh for the picking to go into my salad....

My fav! It's as bright as the Sun!

Oh my, what a lovely place to enjoy a cup of ol' english tea.



Movie nights

Oh no! My blog is become a “dog” (dead blog) hehehe…

Well let’s see how’s life of late. Hmmm… well… well… well…. welllllll……

Right. I watched 2 movies this week. That should be interesting enough.

Movie 1 – Prince of Persia

The "true" Prince of Persia

Was not bad actually. Jake Gyllenhaal is awesome! But princess Tamina is well…. and the romance is hmmm…. but the story is not bad and the action too. The Hassansins are pretty scary to me. It was an entertaining movie. I would give it 3.75/5? I think the guy with the ostriches kinda stole the limelight. “Have I told you about the Ngbaka?”

Movie 2 – Shrek: The Final Chapter

Fear the ogre!

This one was enjoyable too. A bit too short though. But I guess short and sweet is better than long and draggy. A tubby Puss in boots is hilarious. Hohohoh… sadly the 3 blind mice wasn’t in this. Who stole the show this time round? The irritating boy asking for a roar. “Do the roar.” It’s the way he says it. “Do the roar” Funny show. Marks? 3.8/5.

Both movies are entertaining in their own right. Since I didn’t fall asleep in the cinema or felt like closing my eyes, I would say they are worth the watch. Hehehe.

So that’s a little update for now. Cheerios!