I made this for lunch just now….

Mmmm.... Cheese Tteokbokki!

Doesn’t look like it has cheese cause I put it in the pot before taking it out. Never tasted cheese tteokbokki before so I have no idea how one would taste like. Mine had that cheesy taste but no cheese in sight. I had a hard boiled egg too. Din’t have fish cakes but it felt fine to me.

Overall result, better than my last try although the rice cake was a little too much on the chewy side. 🙂






I’m in Heaven!

It’s not relating to DJ Sammy’s Heaven song, but it relates more to….

Just Heavenly’s Tiramisu

Death by Chocolate

The cakes from “Just Heavenly” are awesome!

I prefer the Tiramisu more though. The Death by chocolate was like being hit with a chocolate bomb! Too overwhelming!

The Tiramisu was well balanced. Creamy, crunchy almonds and that coffee taste. Nicely balanced.

Prices aren’t cheap though. 6″ cakes is RM64? Well worth it though.




Flaming Lamborghini

Date: 16th July

Venue: Ben’s Pavilion

Event: To all the July babies! Huzzah!

Duck Confit Pasta @ Ben’s

Verdict: Food was goooood. I liked the sun dried tomatoes gives it that added KICK!

For those that run outta words to say

Mine was cops and robbers! ❤ running around. Hated falling though. =(

Happy Birthday! : D

Headed over to Overtime Pavilion for a “nightcap”

On the HOUSE!

Super sweet stuff…

The Pavilion’s Overtime was a little dull. It was quite empty on a Saturday night after 10, should be at least half full maybe? Maybe cause it’s considered newly opened. Another downside, the music wasn’t up to it. They were playing chinese emo songs *Actually a trio was singing them*. Bummer.

After that headed to some random “club”, *Actually I don’t even think it’s considered a club in my books, the crowd was…. it’s like there wasn’t a crowd. The tequila was not bad though. =)* and ber-syok sendiri.

I knew some who maybe over-syok-ed a bit. :p

Conclusion: Satisfying! When’s August’s celebration?




Oh my, Godiva.

Well today is Mother’s Day so “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the mother’s out there! Though frankly, everyday should be mother’s day. We should appreciate them everyday no?

Since it’s sort of a celebration to generate more revenue for retail outlets, restaurants and what-not’s. We gave our mum a little treat.

Godiva Chocolatier

Yes! Godiva Chocolatier! *my mouth salivates at the mere mention of that word*

I wonder what decadent chocolate experience awaits me. What surprises will be offered and how it will be such an unforgettable experience it will be remembered for eons to come! *Man… I’m really inflating things here…*

So there we were, waiting at the “cafe” outside pavilion. The place was “packed”, table for 4’s were all taken up, so we waited anxiously/patiently for a table to leave.

AHA! That table just paid, the lovely waitress sits us down after clearing the table.

So we sit and wait. Wait. Wait. Wait and…. wait some more.

“Where’s the menu?”

Asked the kind waiter to clean the table for us and get us some menus. The menu arrived swiftly into our hands without us realising it.

Flipped through it and picked what we wanted, drinks & cakes. We’re ready for a chocolate adventure!

We wait patiently. The cakes arrive shortly.


Mmm…. Cake #1 – shaped like a dome (name eludes me)

Not bad….

Cake #2 – Tiramisu

Hmmm… I still prefer Italiannies’ and again the mere mention of Italiannies’ tiramisu makes me wanna salivate again.

Cake #3 – Dark chocolate…. uh….. (again the name eludes me)

very rich in chocolate but urm…..

Conclusion: There just seems to be something lacking in the cakes, it’s nice yes but it just doesn’t blow you away. It doesn’t make one salivate at the mere mention of it. It’s well… forgettable. No impact? If it were on American Idol it wouldn’t even past the first screening.

Next up… the drinks.


I ordered the Dark Chocolate Raspberry, my brother the Dark Chocolate Decadence, both cold, my dad and mum ordered Hazelnut hot chocolate and Milk hot chocolate respectively.

The milk chocolate came in a pot, it could have been shared by 2 people. It was quite a bit. It was a little sweet too…. *more to Guylian’s hot chocolate sweetness, as compared in Hot Chocolate Hunt*

Anyway to make things super short and make this read so much more shorter. The drinks were alright. Nothing great. Nothing bad. It was fine. It was just fine. Which is normal. No “WOW”! No “Oomph’! No “Man! What was that!?” It was just… “hmmm…”

Room for improvement?

Another thing which I found lacking was the lack of plain water. I understand that a business can earn more money by selling mineral water instead of just serving normal plain water, which we Malaysians will definitely order and not order anything else. but…. *a big BUT there* BUT, as a chocolate “cafe” wouldn’t it make sense to serve plain water since the customer would naturally want to enjoy the individual taste of each chocolate piece.

For example, the customer orders a cake, a truffle and a hot chocolate drink.

The truffle arrives first. The customer happily eats the truffle, he/she enjoys it’s rich taste that melts in his/her mouth leaving the customer wonderfully happy. Then the cake comes…. but the customer’s mouth is still filled with the taste of the truffle. The customer begins to fluster and his/her mind starts working overtime “Oh no! the cake is here. I need water. Where is it? How am I going to enjoy the taste of that deliciously looking cake that is just beckoning me to poke it with that shining fork over by it’s side? Oh my this is killing me… darn you truffle! how can you leave such a wonderful aftertaste in my mouth? Oh no! How can I give justice to the cake when I can’t differentiate the taste of the 2 wonderfully incredible things?”

So the customer picks up the fork and just digs into the cake. He/she can’t differentiate it from the truffle. It oddly tastes the same. What a waste. One could have been rich in dark chocolate made from the most wonderful cocoa beans with a hint of mint and another could have been made with the richest chocolate ganache and the customer wouldn’t even realise it.

Same goes to the drink that the customer ordered. No water, he/she can’t “wash off” the taste in the mouth and fully taste the flavour, the aroma and the effort put into that drink. That is just a huge waste.

Maybe that’s why the experience at Godiva Chocolatier wasn’t awesome/good/I would come again. It was just. So-So. We could have ordered plain water but IF the “cafe” really wanted us to enjoy the food, it would make sense for them to provide us with it instead of us demanding for it.

They could have always given us normal filtered water. No harm in that. That is why… Theobroma is better. hehehe

Anyway, that’s just my thoughts. Maybe someone else has some other opinion. Please do share. I might just visit them again if I change my mind.

Cheerios for now!

Quick Fat Scheme

I think everyone has heard of a get rich scheme or fast cash scheme or quick rich scheme, not those multi-level sales and stuff… these ones are all those “scams” that people get conned into. Now this Quick Fat Scheme however is not a scam. It’s so real, it’s as real as the palm of your hand. *Agreed. Odd example. Now move on.* Once you’re in the land which is “Truly Asia” you’re considered to have enrolled into the scheme. Voluntarily or involuntarily. Food stalls, restaurants, eateries, cafes, kuih stalls, pisang goreng stall and the rojak stall have delicacies waiting for to be eaten.

It’s hard to control oneself with such colourful and tempting delicacies. Even the market shows an abundance of fruits. Just too colourful to bear. Anyway, I have been in this scheme for erm…. 2 weeks and boy does my waistline not look good. *Hey! Did that needle on the weighing scale just moved to the right a little?* Let’s see, what has caused the damage for these 2 very short weeks.

Satay: Check
Dim Sum: Check
Cendol: Check *3 days in a row… gasp!*
Kerepok Lekor: Check
Pisang Goreng: Check
arious other little fried stuff: Check
Muruku: Check
Every other junk that one can possibly name: Highly likely to be checked *a little exaggerating over here*

The only way to get out of this Quick Fat Scheme is to well… Exercise! But the freaking heat is so bloody hot and the weather is so darn humid, no one in their right mind would want to exercise in such circumstances without exercising in an air conditioned place. Plus, the bloody weather makes you feel so darn lazy, you wouldn’t want to do anything except sit still under the fan and live the life of a sloth.

Another way is to eat moderately, hahaha, much easier. So the key to getting outta this Quick Fat Scheme is to eat moderately. Makes so much sense. No more cendol please. But the heat is unbearable. Ok maybe just one more… and another… and another…. and…. “PRIANG!” the weighing scale is broken.

My love for…

bibimbap has compelled me to….

I have no idea why I like bibimbap so much. Probabaly it’s because I always wondered what was that mixed up red rice, which looks horrible but looks really delicious, that the actors/actresses in the korean serials were eating.

I have no idea either whether it was bibimbap or something else… but forget about the past, what is important now is that I LOVE bibimbap! LOL so I was compelled to…

well… make it myself.. ehehehe… hehe… cause i haven’t eaten it for a long time and everytime I enter the korean restaurant there is always some obstacle between me and my bibimbap. 😦

Actually an important event led me to want to make my own bibimbap. One fine day, while I was busy “networking” with an old friend, she suddenly gave me a link to a website which teaches one how to cook korean food. *actually i forgot the reason why she gave the link to me, but nvm.. doesn’t matter* I saw the bibimbap recipe and thought.. hmmm sounds easy… so a week or so later I was making it for myself… ehehehhe 😀

ok.. enough of my long winded stories which doesn’t seem to flow well. Here are some pictures instead…

Let's line up bibimbaps!

Let's line up bibimbaps!

Give it a good mix and

Let's dig in!

Let's dig in!

WALA! *bowl was a little small so it was a little hard to mix, doesn’t matter though, still delicious to my tastebuds*

Turns out that bibimbap was really pretty simple to make, so let’s give a toast to more bibimbaps to come. *kling-kling-kling* Oh I feel the important part of the bibimbap is the gochujang sauce, so without good gochujang, there can’t be good bibimbap? Thank you lovely gochujang sauce.

Greek Feast

Ok… maybe not a feast, but I was stuffed! *Probabaly because of the dessert… hmmm…*

1. Grilled Haloumi *Surprisingly awesome! Can’t wait to buy some and grill them myself*

2. Grilled Baby Octopus *Never have I eaten so many whole baby octopus… not bad….*

3. Some dip which taste like sour cream *Incredibly hooked on it… should have taken more….*

4. Chicken & Lamb Souvlaki *Chicken was better than the Lamb… pretty normal I would say…*

5. Rice pudding *Oo-La-La.. didn’t know rice pudding was that nice! Interesting, I shall make some for myself*

6. Torta *Very mouth watering. tried google-ing it but to no avail… 😦 It’s basically sponge fingers dipped in coffee liquer, topped with custard and some sort of cream mousse like things on top of the custard and bits and pieces of chocolate sprinkled on top. Yum!*

No pictures this time round… U just have to live with my descriptions… hyuk hyuk hyuk!

Grilled Baby Octopus, which greek name I forgot.

Grilled Baby Octopus, which greek name I forgot.

[L-R] Grilled Haloumi, Souvlaki, sour cream like dip, lemon wedge, Deep Fried Calamari and more Grilled Baby Octopus

(L-R: Grilled Haloumi, Souvlaki, sour cream like dip, lemon wedge, Deep Fried Calamari and more Grilled Baby Octopus)

Ooops! I lied! There are pictures after all… Happy April Fool’s Day!

  1. people I fooled? 2… hmmm.. maybe 3…

P.S. I want more Grilled Haloumi! Chanting:” Grilled Haloumi. Grilled Haloumi. Grilled Haloumi.”