Notice: Idle till further notice

This blog shall be idle until further notice. Reasons being, too lazy to blog, assignments have to be finished, hotels have to be found, etc etc…

But there’s one thing I really wanna blog about! “Checkers” hehehhe… but since I’m supposed to be idling….. Wait till next time. Probably after the end of this month or after the end of next month. Should blog about “Movie Run” but…. sigh… my fingers refuse to conform to such heavy typing, therefore; Robbstar shall stop typin and say cheerios!


Away searching for something…

Dear readers, I will be on a little voyage to search for something…. so naturally this blog will be at this state for awhile without new updates and so forth. Reasons for this little “voyage”

1. The laziness in me has taken over

2. CNY is coming so helping out has overtaken blogging as something to do.

3. Assignments are cropping so that too is of utmost importance.

4. Mundane daily activities aren’t interesting

5. too busy trying to figure out how to work a programme related to #3

6. A new game has been installed and boy will I cut my online time for that…

Oh well that’s all… just a little short entry…. oh something funny I saw today. I was at the night market and there was this couple that brought thier dog there… I didn’t see it so Iw as pretty terrified when turned around and saw a furry fuzzball behind me legs…. kakakkaka BUT that’s not the funny thing…

the funny thing was that there was this lady A talking to lady B, Lady A was giving directions so she was pointing here and there… naturally in a night market there would be a lot of people walking around… so Mr. C comes a walking and lady A just smacks her finger across Mr.C’s face. Kind as Mr.C was, he just walked away… and Lady A realised she hit Mr.C and stopped pointing around… kakakka

Ok that’s all. get back to #5 oh and by the way… I ain’t going away on a voyage… just running away to some wonderland?

Fresh Outlook

Dear Readers,

I changed me blog’s skin eventhough I liked the last one, but since the other one was pretty messed up if people use firefox change was inevitable. Hopefully this one doesn’t cause any trouble as I kinda like this one too. hehe. However, the words might be a little hard to read through the darker parts of the grass. Oh it takes some time to load the grass picture too so please do be patient. Patience is a virtue.

So that is about it. Oh and yes, about the “where are they now” entry, I would most probably not be doing it as I don’t seem to be able to find a suitable candidate. Maybe you’ll could give suggestions. The ones I searched so far seems to be still in the entertainment industry and some are reviving thier careers, so there ain’t anything special there.

About this skin, I think I’m getting very nature loving lately. Consider my last skin which had a tree and now this current skin which has grass. Hopefully I won’t reach the level where I would put flowers here. hehe though flowers can be very pretty. hahaha oh well, I’m just trying to fill in space I guess. Oh Muse is coming to KL February 28th if I’m not wrong. The sad news is that I’m not that in to them so go I won’t unless they are really cheap which I doubt so.

Good day people.

Soft Launch

Aha… now I shall blog about my other side project. Budak Budak Berborak. hahahhaha so free lar me…. no seriously IT IS a side project. Basically it’s just 3 people talking rubbish *if they don’t mind me saying*

It’s supposed to have a direction but for now it’s kinda hard.. cause everyone’s busy and all… so if U want to check it out click HERE and in case some people can’t see… I’ll link it so do CLICK what a cheapskate way of advertising… kakakaka I think I’m the one pestering the other 2 people… ah oh welll.. hopefully they don’t mind… no wait it’s someone else pestering me and another person to blog… hahhaha…

While getting involved in budakberborak I noticed something. There are lots of comics out there.. hahahha… oh well… so this is to launch Budak Budak Berborak “softly” *soft launch mar* I doubt if there’s an official launch so it’ll forever be soft…. -.-“

ok I shall split now… I know I haven’t been very avid in blogging soon I’ll say but that never comes. Hopefully I’ll blog more? cheerios people do CLICK on Budak Budak Berborak too..

Too heavy to move the mouse?

Felt like forever since I updated. No I didn’t gain too much weight eating the chocolates till I couldn’t lift my hand to move the mouse and click on the IE button. No I didn’t got too caught up with fate that I forgot about blogging. No I did not vanish from the face of the earth unlike some people I know *Cough* Yeen *cough* hahah just kidding.

I just suddenly became busy. Wierd stuff really. One minute I’m enjoying chocolates and Mahjong another minute I feel burdened with work. Sigh.. what a life. 😦 Ok I have a new resolution, stop using “…” to replace my “,” bad bad thing to do.

Ok now for a little update. Played Mahjong for the first time in my life on the 27th of November. Pretty interesting stuff but I only know how to make the most basic winning hand, which is ok I guess. I want “13 yiu”! hahahah right, next up I have 3 assignments due in November, 2 which are pretty close each other and approximately 2 weeks away and another is just a few days after my mid term. Argh… All the stress ! *come to think of it, I rarely feel very stressed. hmmm a thought to think about*

AHA! I have a new little side project too. With a “Jiadion”. wonder if it’s a side project. Hmmm…. I might link it up but it’s still under close discussions so maybe it won’t appear so soon in the near future. Still needs fine tuning. I feel like inviting more people but wonder if “Jiadion” agrees eh?

Hmm enough about updates, time to flee blogger and come back some other time. I got stuff to do and it needs urgent attention as of now. Cheerio!