Auf Wiedersehen

4 months plus seems to pass by very fast… It’s going to be CNY soon! Boy! Time just passes by without you noticing. Anyway, it was time to move on and seek a different challenge, a challenge which I hope I can face. Good things must come to an end eventually. If it’s regarding one’s future, it has to be done either now or it’ll be too late and soon enough, it’s 10 years down the road and you’re wondering where did the past 10 years go. So it’s…. Time to….. Say goodbye….

Was a little sad when I left though, it was a very nice place to work, the culture and people but work wise, wasn’t what I was looking for. Then again I don’t know what I’m looking for. Will I even know when I’ve found it? Tough question to answer. I’ll tell the whole wide world when I find it.

Alright… that’s what I wanted to say. time to go… LOL I kinda lost the urge to blog about everything that happens. I never really had that urge… hmmm…

Oh! I bought myself a new phone. *Was kinda forced to change… I’ll still remember my nice old slim phone* Nokia 5230.. happily typing smses with a QWERTY pad… hyuk hyuk hyuk… Answering calls need getting used to though and I desperately need to get a cable to get the Maps working!

Apart from that, all seems well in my world apart from dwindling finances. 😦 What about the world in general? Not very good I presume. Let’s not talk about it. It’s just depressing. 😦 The end is nigh!

P.S. I’m a little nuts today. What’s that? I’m nuts everyday? Well.. maybe you have a slight point there.


2010 thus far

Wow! Looks like this will be the first entry of the year! How exhilarating!

Let’s see how is 2010 so far.

First day for work and I forget my purse. Note: clumsy

4th day of work into the new year I arrive late to find someone else sitting in my chair. *Ah… replacement* Note: Surprised

Next few days of work, training. Note: Patience is a virtue.

10th day of work, buffet lunch! Note: Totally awesome! & Totally stuffed!*

None work related updates…

My phone started acting up probably in the first week of the year and now I gotta get a new one. I, or rather the sales person, has focused it to 2 phones. The Nokia X3 or the Nokia 5230. Odd, I never really considered Nokia. I never really liked it. But look at me now, probably gonna get a Nokia HP. I guess 2010 is a year for change?

I noticed lately that Nike shoes are quite nice too! *Never was a fan of Nike, Adidas for me thank you.*

On a different note, I got my eye brows trimmed. Was a fairly interesting affair. It ended quite fast too. I hope my brows look good now. Hahahaha

On another note…. hmmm… I don’t think I have anything else to add. Just that next week would be my last week at work. The last 5 days. I think it’ll pass by real fast. After that freedom for a week and the going will get tough… Then the tough gets going right? Hopefully.

What else can I say about 2010 so far. It’s testing my patience. I gotta buck up on my “talking” skills. I don’t talk very coherently. I gotta get new clothes. I gotta live with my decisions. Leaving is tough but sometimes it’s inevitable. I gotta learn how to manage my funds properly too.

Alright time to say Cheerios!