Yes? No? I dunno.

Before I start of with anything I would like to say “Happy 50th Merdeka!” to all Malaysians, even if you are not very patriotic, which I think I fall into that category, do bask in the holiday and enjoy the fact that Malaysia is 50 years old! Man how far we have come… *I’m getting carried away* Anyone bought “New Straits Times” today? They have a really cool copy of the 1957 newspaper which is pretty amazing, though the words are small and the pictures are black and white… it’s still very cool!

*Time to bring the topic back to “Yes? No? I dunno.”* All right… let me begin by saying, I think I think too much sometimes, my mind seems to like to think a lot, like why is the banana yellow when it’s ripe? oh.. why is it yellow anyway? Oh forget…. like when I want to order something… I think for ages… ask tonnes of questions and might not end up eating at the eaterie, this ordering food thing is so complicated that I have “ OFE 101” gosh!!!

Now I’m thinking again… *btw, I think every thinks 24/7, or not how do we have dreams?* should I or should I not get a bag… No not the “handbag” though that I’m seriously considering, I’m talking about a backpack, though technically I don’t find anything wrong with my present one… -.-“” I think I’m askin for trouble here, anyway… The current one can still carry stuff around and all, the zipper is still workable though part of the zipper head is gone.. and the bottom is developing a little hole in the side, apart from that, alls fine…

On a second thought, I think I should keep using this one till I find a better excuse to get a new one, besides the one I’m eyeing isn’t even found here… “D’oh”… Now for more thinking…

Should I or should I not get contacts? Yes? No? I really dunno… I have played with the thought for awhile now, I’m just afraid that my eye might get infected and all, so the safest is use the one day contact lenses, but they are hell expensive *though I don’t think going into Hell will cause a bomb, anyway this is besides the point*. Anyway, based on my Trusty mate’s opinion, “If U are careful it will most likely be ok”… Ok.. what if I’m not careful? Besides, I’m kinda lazy to clean it and put it on… *What sort of dumb excuse is that huh? so lazy… don’t wear lar!*

Argh.. argh.. decisions, decisions! I think I should continue my assignment but I’m too lazy and apparently there’s a mid term coming out but I can’t find the schedule… ish ish…. So um… should I get contacts? hmmm…. hmmm….. oh on a happier thought.. I got a ….. On a second though, I shouldn’t put this here… If U want to know.. ask? I might or might not disclose it… depends on my mood.. wahhahahah

Hmmm is there anything else??? Hmmm…. Ho hum… well that’s about it… Oh yes! There will be a “The Sims 2” expansion pack coming out.. though frankly I think I just don’t find that very appealing anymore.. I don’t know why…. ok then I shall leave now…

Cheerios Readers! Have a nice Holiday!



What is Independence?

Uh….. urm….. uh… the freedom to do something? ehehehe

See Merdeka is coming round soon and I don’t feel it’s true meaning… do U? What is Independence to me? I hardly ever support Malaysian made products! Unless if U count getting on to the Rapid KL as supporting local “products”

Sometimes I wonder what makes me Malaysian?

Is it the fact that I own a MyKad, I was born and bred in Malaysia? These things were automatically given, one need not have to fight for it…

What do I like about my country?

I like the weather, occasionally. Though I yearn for snow… I like the food definitely! hmm.. I like it’s rainforests, it’s beaches, AirAsia… haha…

What do I not like about my country?

I think this is going to be long…. The fact that we are encouraged to save the Earth but there aren’t many recycling centres for us to recycle our stuff in? The fact that the public transportation isn’t very effective/ efficient… And some political thing that everyone realises when election is round the corner….
The thing I don’t like about our country the most is that, we try to wipe out our history and continue towards the future! What’s a country without history eh?
I can pretty much bet that by the time 2020 comes, a lot of our historical buildings will be gone and replaced with modern structures. Heck, our history might be only in textbooks, not like school textbooks tell the full story anyway….

So when we are old and frail and our memory wiped out like a clean slate, nothing can evoke the emotions of our own country. Yes, we have the Petronas Twin Towers but it’s just like any other tower in the World. We use to have those really cool looking old shophouses that maintained thier front to make it look really old…. I think we still do though… What else do we have? what do we have that can connect something to Malaysia? Jeez I dunno… I think AirAsia is a better picture of Malaysia… haha… oh well…

I’m getting a little nuts.. I don’t sense my patriotism, I find it odd that we can have a mass gathering waving our little Malaysia flags in unison or without only when Merdeka is round the corner…

btw, how does one celebrate Independence Day? Thank the higher beings for letting the country to continue be independent, that our country is almost safe from all the major natural disasters and that we still live in Peace because our VERY high level of Tolerance… which I seriously think is the cause for our “tidak apa” attitude…

Oh well, this entry has no sturcture whatsoever… Just typin what I feel like….

To sum it all, I’m not a very patriotic person, as

1. The last time I sang Negaraku was when I was still in secondary school.

2. I listen to the radio that hardly plays Malaysian singers

3. Like I said, I don’t support Malaysian goods

4. I don’t know what independence means

5. I try avoiding Malaysian made movies

6. I can’t wait to get away? and then realise how good Malaysia is and come back…

7. I didn’t even bother looking up images to put them in here…

ah… should I post this? should I not? oh sigh….. nvm…

2 Stars, 2 Dates, 1 Reaction

Hello Readers! I’m feeling pretty tired right now, something is exhausting me, I think it’s the stuff in my brain. Forget about that, let’s start with todays topic of the day “2 “Stars”, 2 Dates, 1 Reaction”.
Star 1

Likes wearing the hoods on hooded jackets

Likes “Usagi”

Likes Japanese Music

Likes to say very “pantang” things

Can be quite scary with her thoughts occasionally

Date: 17th August 2007 for 18th August 2007
Star 2

Likes cute emoticons

Likes checking out the mirror *for what purpose, one should be able to guess now*

Likes to make cute voices *for what purpose? I truly don’t know*

Likes moving hands around when talking *very animated*

Almost always meddles with her phone everytime I see her

Date: 18th August 2007 for 15th August 2007

Situation 1:

It was a bright sunny monring, 8 people gathered at a housing estate and slowly approached a house. 1 gallant knight approached the gate, the drawbridge was down. 7 soldiers stayed at the side, out of sight. However; the drawbridge began to rise but went back down again. The soldiers slowly crept to the bridge but one soldier got found out, so the 7 soldiers had to give up and released the cannons. The lady of the castle was awoken by the release of cannons, some cannon balls were too close for comfort. The signature “uh….” was heard from the lady of the castle. Her sleepiness overcame her sense of thought and surprised she was.

Situation 2:

It was a sunny afternoon but dark clouds were threatening to form. 3 archers arrived at the outskirts castle. There were many towers, which one was it. One pointed to the right one, but to be sure one had to find out. The lady in waiting said she would be out *odd.. shouldn’t the lady in waiting be waiting?* 2 archers hid beneath the stairs as footsteps were heard. Puzzled looks appeared on the passerby’s face. Soon a door was open and a familiar voice was heard. The footsteps approached the 2 archers in haste. Another Archer was waiting in the doorway. Lady in waiting came down and wondered “why are there legs under the stairs?” AMBUSH!!! Surprised? I guess she was.

Gift 1:

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Gift 2: “The Colour Picker”

Hope both “Stars” have enjoy thier gifts. Have a nice year! Ain’t a teen no more…

U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Feeling a little demotivated lately and I don’t know why. I have a feeling it’s because I feel that time is running out. Running out? What am I suppose to meet that needs urgent attention? I have no clue. I feel like I can’t accomplish things that I want to achieve… Oh Life…. *vowed to stop sigh-ing*

Oh well, life goes on and I suddenly feel motivated after typin the paragraph above! Haha.. that’s so odd! Hmm let’s see what’s been happening lately… hmmm…. hmmm….

Ah Yes! I attended a CPA talk today and do U know a song by U2 called “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”? Well I think it’s no longer my life’s theme song! hahaha I think I’ve found what I want to do *for now at least, it might change again as my mind is rather fickle* Hmm… so that’s about it! I still haven’t gotten round to checkin out bags though a bag that I saw in Langkawi is sold here *saw it last week*, though I doubt I’ll get it…

Oh Right, jsut a short update…. no “elaborate” “special” entry today… Cheerios!

OFE 101

I just picked up this new subject, OFE 101. It’s a wierd subject, “Ordering Food Etiquette 101”.. who needs to know how to order? Jeez, u just point or say whatever U want and u get it after a couple of minutes or so.. SO why did I pick this subject up? Well… to teach all fellow readers Robbstar “Ordering Food Etiquette 101”. That’s right! I’m gonna teach U how to order food just like yours trully, Robbstar… hahah

So without further ado let’s begin!

Chapter 1: Ordering Fast Food

You *can be with or without friends* enter, line up and browse the menu shown above the heads of the cashiers. Squint your eye as the menu’s backlight is a little bright and the colour of the menu is too contrasting… Deliberate between Value Meal 3 & 4 *can be any 2, whicever you prefer* and when the cashier says “Good Afternoon / Good Night / Good Morning” Tell her U want Value Meal 5 *can be any value meal that wasn’t in consideration before*, oh and tell them U don’t want coke but Sprite *or any other drink that’s to your liking*….

Chapter 2: Ordering Food at a new Restaurant which has a host or hostest *new restaurant meaning one that you ayhve never been to, therefore new to U*

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Part 1: Wait for the host or hostest to bring You *with or without company* to your table. Always ask for the seat that the host or hostest didn’t bring you to, unless of course if the table given to you is too tempting to reject! Sit down and skim through the menu, roughly estimating the number of pages. If you have company, comment on the number of pages the menu has, ie. “wah! this menu so thick.” ‘Why the menu look so… one kind one?” Do comment on the pictures in there as well, ie “wah this one looks nice! *while pointing eagerly and showing companion* “why the pictures look so unappetising one…” “wah! see also want to eat!” *If you have noticed, the word “WAH” further exaggesrates things*

Part 2: Fight with yourself over what dish and drink to order. Get the waiter/ waitresses attention and ask her, “what’s good here?”

All good waiters & waitresses would say “everything is good!”

A smart waiter /waitress would say “it depends on what one likes, what do you like?”

A very brave waiter/ waitress would say “Honestly speaking, if you looking for good food, you are at the wrong place because we only serve EXCELLENT food here.” *i haven’t come across one like this yet*

As the answers are almost never satisfactory you ask a different question “what would u recommend?” Let the waiter / waitress tell you the chef’s recommendation etc etc… then explain, “I don’t eat beef” *or any eating preferences* Waiter/ waitress goes “oh, then…….. la la la….” U go “I see…..” Then always order a dish that the waiter/ waitress recommended, we wouldn’t want a bad experience now would we?

Next we head to ordering drinks… Now certain rules apply

1. Choose anything that seems nice *try not to order the tried and tested, you are in a new place, try something new for goodness knows sake*

2. if you are on a budget, don’t pick the most expensive, if you are not, choose as you please… If you are flat broke and don’t fancy any special drinks to compliment your meal, ask if the restaurant serves plain water…

3. Now the following rule is a must.

As a restaurant with a host or hostest would definitely have fanciful drinks made of a certain amount of juices or even delightfully refreshing cocktails. Ask what this “mixed up” drinks are made of…. Of course if it’s already written down, don’t be an arse and ask again… After this choose whichever U fancy or…. pick one that isn’t a “mixed up” drink, cause the “mixed up” drink jsut made u more confused than ever…

Chapter 3: Ordering at kiosks

In this instance, my understanding of kiosks that sell food or beverages are those that suddenly pop out of the usual shop unit and seems out of place one way or another, they might seem in place, but when it’s disappeared, you don’t even realise that there was even a shop there before…

Again like in Chapter 1, analyse the menu above the cashier/cook’s head.

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Part 1: For food

Struggle a little and choose the most tempting of the menu. Announce your order to the cashier/ cook then pause a little and ask “Nice ah?”. The cashier / cook would generally say, yeah but if you encounter an honest one, he or she would say “not bad lar, but I prefer the other one” You consider the other one and say “Ok lar.. I take that”

Part 2: For beverages *smoothie bar, juice bar*

Ask what are in the menu’s beverages if it’s not listed in the menu. Ask for a recommendation. Try to accept the cashier/ barista’s recommendation… pay and happily enjoy the drink / smoothie or ice cream or whatever…

That is almost the end of the course, there are a few odd ends that need to be answered first

1. Beverage is included in OFE 101 because a good companion of Food is Drinks!

2. OFE 101 is to give a little insight into how the Robbstar orders, one need not follow, it’s at best an odd ordering guide…

Summary of this 3 chapter course

1. If you are unsure, always ask.

2. Be curious

3. Always accept the recommendation of the person working there.

4. Always deliberate while ordering

Now after reading the summary, 3 questions will pop up…

1. The first summary doesn’t need further questioning so there are no questions..

2. Why must I be curious?

Easy, by being curious, u open up yourself to new things. You get to know what are a restaurant’s specialties, what certain beverages are made of.

3. Why must i accept other people’s recommendation? Can’t I make my own?

You can make your own, but it’s riskier that way…. To enjoy one’s first encounter with a restaurant, it’s better to taste the tried and tested, these dishes would normally be the best, IF the waiter / waitress was a good one to start of with. If the experience wasn’t satisfactory, you can always vow to “never return” because of poor recommendation and no one can blame you.

4. Why must I deliberate while ordering? That is so wierd…

By deliberating, you show ur uncertainty, and when the waiter or waitress or whoever that was serving you picks up on this signal would lead you into the direction that enables you to have a wonderful consuming experience.

With that, OFE 101 has ended, there wouldn’t be any test, by commenting, one would get an A+ and free from anymore ordering qualms *LOL*