A little touch of bliss…

in an apple slice.

Blissfully delicous

Blissfully delicous


Happy List

Dear readers,

How do you do folks?

I am doing very fine here myself. Do I sound like those “surat kiriman tak rasmi” *informal letters?* where they go..

” Saudari/saudara,

Apa khabar? Semoga saudari/saudara sekeluarga sihat sejahtera. Says di sini sihat-sihat sahaja…”

no? forget it.

Anyway.. I’m here taking away my studying time *btw, I just began.. how unproductive.. ish ish!! almost 2 hours after I said I wanted to study.. -.-“”””* to blog about my happy list… heheheh.. that’s a new page that I made apart from the one about me… or is it not about me.. hmmm.. I don’t remember… anyway.. go check it out.. and suggest stuff that might make me happy maybe? hyuk hyuk hyuk… *apparently goofy doesn’t laugh like that either.. =(*

anyway.. here’s the link if U can’t find the tab near the header of the page where it says “Happy”.

Alright.. time to get back to my accounting studies… Cheerios!



WB Movie World!

Ooo… back to back entries… hyuk hyuk hyuk….

Went to WB Movie World today. Lots of people! man! Anyway, the weather was grrr-reat! After days of rain, it was bright and sunny today. What wonderful weather for a day out. So, first stop.

Batwing Spaceshot

Batwing Spaceshot.

There goes the batwing!

There goes the batwing!

First up, I ain’t a theme park rides sorta person… too afraid, I have no idea why, I guess I jsut don’t trust that it’s 100% safe… what if the harness comes off? what if the ride doesn’t work properly?

So I was pretty terrified… but it’s ok now that I think about it. I might get terrified again if I went, but that doesn’t matter cause I’m safe now.. eheheh…. felt like I was flying outta the chair though… hahahahha

2nd ride?

Superman Escape!

Superman Escape!

This was…. words cannot describe the terror I felt… hahahahha well…Β  I ended up just opening my mouth and not screaming.. hahaha and closing my eyes all the way…. I think I now know which part of rollercoasters I’m afraid of, the unexpectedness of rollercaosters which you have no control over.

The 3rd ride was “Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster

Aw man.. the line for this ride was bloody long…………………………. Like forever, because there was such a huge crowd today, probabaly cause the weather was good after so long *lousy excuse, I know*

Anyway… the scary stuff along the side wasn’t really spooky, I felt the scooby doo statues scattered around the ride was scarier.. ahhaha This ride had a part where it went backwards…. scary.. but interesting cause I think Malaysia doesn’t have that… and the turns in this one are like 90 degrees!

After that we headed to grab some overpriced burgers *cause it’s a tourist spot and what choice do we have?* Headed to the Lethal Weapon ride after that…. I chickened out after a couple of minutes waiting cause it goes 360 degrees… I’m a scaredy cat, I can’t do that! My oh my…. Anyway, I went to the observation deck to check out the ride, I’m pretty glad I didn’t continue lining up.

Part of the Lethal Weapon ride, yes the riders are upside down.

Part of the Lethal Weapon ride, yes the riders are upside down.

Scary stuff.. anyway… since I wasn’t waiting in line for the Lethal Weapon ride, I walked along the main street which was lined with souvenier shops. Superman shop, Harry Potter shop, Movie Memoriblia shop,

Shreak Shop!

Shrek Shop!

Ah! Gingy!!! Plenty of Gingys in them souvenier shops but pricey were they… 😦 Pricey were they. There were lots of ice cream shops too.. I wonder why…

Warner Bros. Department Store!

Warner Bros. Department Store!

The department store sells almost all of the souveniers but mainly t-shirts and stuffed toys. The little daffy is so darn cute!!! Little Sylvester too… Totally ADORABLE!

Anyway while I was walking along the main street, Austin Powers came outta nowhere *yes. Austin Powers.* He was the host for the “Star Parade”. Actually the Austin Powers lookalike does look exactly like Austin Powers. Anyway, the “Star Parade” had Marilyn Monroe, Bugs Bunny and Tweety, Shrek, Catwoman, the stunt drivers *whose show I missed*, Flash, Elmer Fudd in a Daffy Duck car, Scooby Doo & the gang with the Mystery Machine and Batman with his batmobile!!! Wow! I couldn’t take a decent picture of Batman with the batmobile… what a waste.. 😦 The batmobile looks really cool though. Oh and during the parade when the stars were shaking hands with the audience, Sylvester being Sylvester saw Tweety and went up and catch it. hahahahaha… then they started a mini fight for a minute or less.

Time was running out for us cause it was going to close at 5pm… It was 3 plus so we headed to Wild West Falls, the ride where everyone gets wet. The line was shorter now compared to when we went earlier. This one had that reverse fall too… interesting… reverse fall and get a little wet too… The fall towards the water was fun! Terrifying for me but still fun! Luckily I closed my mouth when I came down or else I would have taken in a mouthful of water, which source I rather not know.

Check out the fall on the left of the pic.

Check out the fall on the left of the pic.

Lousy pic, but the only one I’ve got of the ride. We headed to the stunt driver area but we were late and the place was packed so they wouldn’t let us go in. We went for the Shrek 4D Adventure @ the Roxy instead.

Shrek 4D Adventure @ the Roxy

Shrek 4D Adventure @ the Roxy

This one was really interesting. We were given those 3D glasses/4D in this case? but anyway there were called Ogre Vision glasses, so we can see the Ogre of course! It was specially made by Lord Farquad, yes that short short man. Anyway the show was interesting cause the cahracters were pretty much popping outta the screen, and when the donkey sneezed at us, we even felt it’s sneeze! *cause they sprinkled water outta the chair in front* and when they dropped spiders to the floor, we felt the spiders on our legs! Yipes!

As a conclusion, *hahahahahha haven’t used that inaΒ  long time* it was a fun day. I’m still mightly terrified of rides so I might give dreamworld a miss. *stupid I know, in Queensland but don’t go to Dreamworld? what am I thinking?* At least I still got to sit some rides, almost all the interesting ones except the Lethal Weapon ride which had a 4 star rating. The Superman Escape one actually had a 5 star rating. hahaha So I sat the most exciting one but skipped a not so exciting one…

Anyway, time to stop talking about how terrified I was taking rollercoaster rides and my trust issues with the safety of themepark rides. Hope you enjoyed my back to back entries!


P.S. Check out Little Miss Naughty and the lady with the sunglasses in the last picture, do they look familiar? ahahahha I hardly put pictures of people I know here, to keep the anonimity and their privacy, but I’m not naming names.. so…

My love for…

bibimbap has compelled me to….

I have no idea why I like bibimbap so much. Probabaly it’s because I always wondered what was that mixed up red rice, which looks horrible but looks really delicious, that the actors/actresses in the korean serials were eating.

I have no idea either whether it was bibimbap or something else… but forget about the past, what is important now is that I LOVE bibimbap! LOL so I was compelled to…

well… make it myself.. ehehehe… hehe… cause i haven’t eaten it for a long time and everytime I enter the korean restaurant there is always some obstacle between me and my bibimbap. 😦

Actually an important event led me to want to make my own bibimbap. One fine day, while I was busy “networking” with an old friend, she suddenly gave me a link to a website which teaches one how to cook korean food. *actually i forgot the reason why she gave the link to me, but nvm.. doesn’t matter* I saw the bibimbap recipe and thought.. hmmm sounds easy… so a week or so later I was making it for myself… ehehehhe πŸ˜€

ok.. enough of my long winded stories which doesn’t seem to flow well. Here are some pictures instead…

Let's line up bibimbaps!

Let's line up bibimbaps!

Give it a good mix and

Let's dig in!

Let's dig in!

WALA! *bowl was a little small so it was a little hard to mix, doesn’t matter though, still delicious to my tastebuds*

Turns out that bibimbap was really pretty simple to make, so let’s give a toast to more bibimbaps to come. *kling-kling-kling* Oh I feel the important part of the bibimbap is the gochujang sauce, so without good gochujang, there can’t be good bibimbap? Thank you lovely gochujang sauce.

Cheese & Crackers

Sitting here eating Cheese & Crackers and telling all my readers about it when my exam is tomorrow!

Oh dear! What am I doing? But the cheese & crackers are too hard to ignore! They are really tasty! Sun dried tomato cheese with water crackers! mmmmm…. Yum!

May I have more?
No! Go and continue your studies!
But.. I….

Greek Feast

Ok… maybe not a feast, but I was stuffed! *Probabaly because of the dessert… hmmm…*

1. Grilled Haloumi *Surprisingly awesome! Can’t wait to buy some and grill them myself*

2. Grilled Baby Octopus *Never have I eaten so many whole baby octopus… not bad….*

3. Some dip which taste like sour cream *Incredibly hooked on it… should have taken more….*

4. Chicken & Lamb Souvlaki *Chicken was better than the Lamb… pretty normal I would say…*

5. Rice pudding *Oo-La-La.. didn’t know rice pudding was that nice! Interesting, I shall make some for myself*

6. Torta *Very mouth watering. tried google-ing it but to no avail… 😦 It’s basically sponge fingers dipped in coffee liquer, topped with custard and some sort of cream mousse like things on top of the custard and bits and pieces of chocolate sprinkled on top. Yum!*

No pictures this time round… U just have to live with my descriptions… hyuk hyuk hyuk!

Grilled Baby Octopus, which greek name I forgot.

Grilled Baby Octopus, which greek name I forgot.

[L-R] Grilled Haloumi, Souvlaki, sour cream like dip, lemon wedge, Deep Fried Calamari and more Grilled Baby Octopus

(L-R: Grilled Haloumi, Souvlaki, sour cream like dip, lemon wedge, Deep Fried Calamari and more Grilled Baby Octopus)

Ooops! I lied! There are pictures after all… Happy April Fool’s Day!

  1. people I fooled? 2… hmmm.. maybe 3…

P.S. I want more Grilled Haloumi! Chanting:” Grilled Haloumi. Grilled Haloumi. Grilled Haloumi.”