Hari Ini Dalam BM

Wahai pembaca “blog” ini, adakah bahasa yang aku guna hari agak berbeza dari “entry” yang lain? *soalan bodoh… -.-“* Hari ini aku menaip dalam Bahasa Melayu kerana saya rasa bahawa Bahasa Melayu saya sudah merosot sehingga tahap bahasa melayu budak tahun satu pun lebih baik. Itulah yang dikatakan oleh Lobak Mengantuk *Sleepy Carrot*. hehehe kelakarnya namanya…

jadi hari ini istimewa sikit. Kalian perlu baca dalam bahasa melayu tengok faham tak. Tak faham bagilah komen. Bosan lar tak ada komen, tak ada orang tengkar dengan aku. hahahhaha. Peliknya “blog” dalam Bahasa Melayu. Pelik tak?

Hari tak ada benda yang istimewa berlaku pada saya jadi saya cakap bukan-bukan sajalah, boleh tak? tak boleh juga tak apa, saya masih akan cakap bukan-bukan.

Kehidupan memang tidak tentu, dalam sekelip mata seorang boleh hilang nyawanya. Saya telah cakap benda yang sama dalam “entry” saya yang lepas. Saya nak pergi “panjat batu” tapi tak ada orang nak pergi bersama… kasihannya…. nak nangis ni *hahhaha tipular… tak panjat batu pun nak nangis.. gila ke?*

Itu ialah percakapan bukan-bukan saya yang pertama. Kedua ialah saya sedang fikir adakah saya patut tukar ke “Blogger” baru? Apa bezanya sebenarnya? Boleh beritahu saya tak? Bagilah feedback! Selepas tukar tak boleh tukar balik ni, sukar tahu tak? Jika tak bagus bagaimana? buka yang baru? bazir tempat saja…

Akhir-akhir ini saya sering fikir tentang karangan yang aku tulis semasa saya masih di sekolah. Karangan sambung cerita saya. Syoknya saya tulis karangan sambung cerita itu. Malangnya, semua karangan aku sudah buang atau kitar semula, saya sudah lupa. Kesalnya aku! Patut simpan untuk baca jika terlalu lapang. Ada yang bagus punya tapi biarlah, takkanlah bina satu mesin balik ke masa lampau untuk menghalang saya pada masa lampau untuk tidak buang karangan saya? tak masuk akal kan? Mungkin saya patut jadi penulis cereka. Satu orang baca juga sudah cukup untuk saya.

eh, syoknya taip dalam bahasa melayu. hehehe. Saya sudah habis meluahkan percakapan bukan-bukan saya jadi bolehlah bermain permainan sekaranglah *-.-” permainan* Yeah! (^.^)v kakakakka selamat tinggal. baik tak Bahasa Melayu aku? terukkan? biarlah.


Mixed tape

Digital art how do people do them?? how? how? pretty impressed with some pretty cool work… do they spend like hours on it??? ah well… that’s something that I might not be able to accomplish…. and since life is short and death is ultimately inevitable… anyone wants to go to camp5’s rock climbing gym? the summit’s one is too far and I don’t want to wait any longer… impatient person I am… since I’m a beginner I gotta pay like the beginner’s fee which is pretty pricey according to it’s website.. so anyone?

Oh I went to the digital mall on Sunday. Lots of people hanging around… the escalator in the mall is pretty irritating… I don’t like the escalators direction… probably it was the 2nd day of opening so it was automated that way but it’s still irritating… the place mostly consisted of computer related stuff… there’s an Aztech, modem brand, store there… wanted to browse for some cameras but oh well….

got an all-in-one printer for 285… haven’t changed it yet… the dot matrix one shall be worned out first… Dad insisted on a keyboard cause the existing one had “missing alphabets”. *frequent use causes alphabet letterings on the keyboard to fade away* cause we bought a printer we were entitled for some lucky draw… dart throwing contest thingy… my bro got a SD card… there was a Yaris on displayed outside… wonder what it was for…

went to kemaman kopitiam for a drink… to be honest… the kemaman one in Terenganu is much better. Well beggars can’t be choosers now can they…

Something outta the blue… I went to Sungai Buloh on Sunday too… beautiful flowers all round… how refreshing… there was this plant which was pretty beautiful in my eyes. the fruit looked like a tomato so I aptly called it the “tomato plant”… some other customers asked the “si tao po” wat is that plant… the lady said:”Fuk Lok Sau Guo”. the customer asked: “can eat or not one?”.
Boss: “display only”. how creative of people to have such a fruit…. hehehe

Ah hold up… since this is such a mixed up post. Went with me mum to Ikano we went into a bookstore which I shall not name… my mum picked up a book and looked at the recipes… She saw one called “Pi Pa sesame chicken”. The instructions read:” 1.Use the breast part of the chicken. 2. Cut chicken into pi pa shape.” wtheck is a “pi pa shape”?

ok now I have went out of topics. feel like changing my skin. I feel it’s too blue or is it? should I change it to green?? plan on making a whole new one.oh well, I shall leave it as it is now… shall publish the new one when it’s ready or rather if it’s ever ready… cheerios…

P.S> R.I.P to Ms. Jana… may the after life be a good one, should there be an afterlife at all….

P.P.S> heard Jack Mannequin’s mixed tape in F.O.S just now. sans the title.

Tag ME! Tag ME! Not….

hahah ok I got me first tag of the year, a pretty interesting one too… The sleepy carrot tagged me while I was busy changing my lovable avatar… hehehe.. oh well… here goes…


1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc.)

2. Put it on shuffle

3. For every question, type the song that is playing.

4. When you go to a new question, click the next button.

Don’t cheat! *But I feel like it…*

Drumroll *da da da da da da da ……..*

Opening Credits

U2 – Beautiful Day

: Wow… wat a nice opening… it is indeed a beautiful day… heck everyday is a beautiful day… except for maybe people suffering from the floods and all…. stilll it’s a beautiful day though I must admit.. it’s already night time… hahahah -.-“

Waking Up

Secondhand Serenade – Let It Roll

: oh I doubt U readers wouldn’t know this band… myspace band…. emo-ish and acoustic… I shall give a little intro on the song then… ok em… it’s about something going out of control and the dude is singing to let things roll…

but its over were gonners

its out of our control

and if theres one thing that i know

its that its best to just let it roll

so lets just let it roll

gosh… wat a bad start to a day… things getting out of hand and just let it roll.. well at least I’ll let it roll, go with the flow people say…. I shall roll outta my bed tomorrow. hahaha

First Day at School

Eve 6 – Here’s to the Night

: haha… I guess I did my partying before the school started…. some people might not know this song so I shall add in the chorus.

Here’s a toast to all those who hear me all to well.

Here’s to the night we felt alive.

Here’s to the tears you knew you’d cry.

Here’s to goodbye, tomorrow’s going to come to soon.

bye bye to me partying night I guess… *like I have any* sounds more like a song before my first day of school no? maybe I miss my “alive” night too much that I have to have such a soundtrack for my first day of school.. 😦

Puppy love *darn a nice song came on.. but I have to next it…. ish….*

Andy Hui & Evonne Hsu – Lian Ai Ping Lu

: Ok… I guess this fits cause it’s about love….

Andy & Evonne : Oh U light up my life

Suo yi wo ye xi wang

wo men xing zhong ping ling dou yi yang

Evonne: Meng Jia Dian Gan Jue

Andy: Si Nian Zhuang Shang Chi Bang

Andy & Evonne: Ai Shi Wu Xian Ke Neng De Fei Xiang


Oh U light up my life

That is why I hope that

our feelings are mutual as well

Dreams add more feelings

thoughts of U are a flutter

Love is an endless possibility of flight

Ok my translation is pretty horrible…. besides goosebumps are pretty much cropping up….. pretty nauseating lyrics no? Oh well.. it’s about puppy love anyway so who cares? the mushier the better….

Fight Song *jeez.. another nice song is on… oh well*

Jack’s Mannequin – Lonely For Her *I shall change it to him to suit my gender preference*

:Ok… I’m not much of a fighter I see… where got people one to fight that time think of a guy that means a lot to her one?

I’m so, I’m so lonely for him

I’m so, I’m so lonely for him

I’m so lonely for him

I’m so, I’m so lonely

I’m so lonely

My one and only…

Dude “I” just lost my one and lonely…. how could anyone fight??? *changing her to him was a bad idea…. makes me sound so desperate…*

Breaking Up *Gosh… will nice songs pls stop cropping up after each answer,I can’t enjoy em :(*

Snow Patrol – Hands Open

Bridge: Hands open and my eyes open

I just keep hoping that your heart opens

Chorus: It’s not as easy as willing it all to be right

Gotta be more than hoping it’s right

I wanna hear you laugh like you really mean it

Collapse into me, tired with joy

: Doesn’t sound like a breakup song… except for the bridge.. my hands are open, so are my eyes.. but the dude’s heart ain’t.. *sniff sniff* I guess it’s a good break up song after all…. everythign should be right and all but it turns out other wise so why continue on being together eh?


Coldplay – Fix U

And the tears come streaming down your face

When you lose something you can’t replace

When you love someone but it goes to waste

Could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home,

And ignite your bones,

And I will try to fix you

: man… sounds like I got dumped at prom…. only the lights will guide me home… sad sad… thankfully there would be someone else there to fix me…. 🙂

Life is good

Breaking Benjamin – The Diary of Jane

: Oh dear…..

somethings getting in the way

somethings just about to break

I will try to find my place in the diary of jane

so please tell me how it should be…

well… I must be a person filled with preseverance… as I will still try and find my place in the diary of jane…. *I omitted parts which I personally think is in appropriate… kakaka*

Driving *uh oh… I can’t connect to blogger…*

Kaiser Chiefs – Na Na Na Na Naa

: LOL no lyrics required for this…. this is what happens when U don’t follow the road rules… go 120 on an 80 road, the police catches U and I go “Na Na Na….” LOL…


Panic! At the Disco – Camisado

Can’t take the kid from the fight

take the fight from the kid

Sit back, relax

Sit back, relapse again

Can’t take the kid from the fight

take the fight from the kid

Just sit back, just sit back

: guess I had a lot of fire back then…. well I’m sitting now if ur wondering…

True Love

Jacky Cheung – Er Fen Zi Yi De Xing Fu

: Direct translation = 1/2 of the happiness

which would literally mean that I only get 1/2 happiness and 1/2 sorrow? well I guess love does hurt….


Augustana – I feel fine

: another myspace band… good stuff no doubt….


I’m running away tonight…

Tonight…I am.

but a bad song for a wedding day no doubt…. oh my gosh…. or izit running away from my family not my future spouse…. or… running away from the single life… AHA that would be it… no rebutts ok?

moment of triumph

Jessica Simpson – Between U & I *how did this song get into the system?*

: erm.. I don’t want to talk more about this song… pretty mushy stuff… it’s about the love between the “U” and “I”… I shall anticipate this triumph…. heheheh

Death Scene

Franz Ferdinand – Evil & A Heathen *oh this song….. wats a heathen by the way?*

I’m evil and a heathen

I’m evil and a heathen

I’m a heathen and evil like you

There’s not a lot

Not a lot I couldn’t do

: ok.. I know wat’s a heathen now…. ok… I was evil and a heathen but I’m just like U.. why must I die? only time will tell… NEXT!

Funeral song *can I just pick this current song?*

Everclear – A Shameless Use of Charm

Everybody Says They’re Looking For The Fairy Tale

No, They Are Just Looking For A Way To Fall

Everybody Says They Are Looking For The True Love Lost

True Love Lost

: not as appropriate as it should be…. I did fall in the end no doubt since this is the funeral….

End Credit *hopefully it’s instrumental to add to it’s dramatic end*

The Strokes – New York City Cops

: wat does the NY city cops have to do with the ending credits? my life was a thriller eh? aww… please… I’m blushing here…. hehehe

And the hours they went too slow

I said every night

She just can’t stop sayin’:

“New York City cops

New York City cops

New York City cops

They ain’t too smart

New York City cops

New York City cops

New York City cops

They ain’t too smart”

ok.. now the lady says they ain’t too smart… no wonder they thought my life was a thriller… teehee….

well.. now that was fun…. now for the tagging part…. since it’s pretty fun.. I tag the little tree spirit , Coffeeholic, Zyenn , Peridot and last but not least the evil devil wakakkakaka

cheerios people… hope U had fun reading this post…

Akon Tix

urs truly who seldom wins stuff has actually won herself tix to Akon’s showcase! though I doubt I can go… since it’s…. erm.. nvm.. anyone wants to go? I can bring a person along or the person can tag along….

I haven’t personally gotten them tix yet… it’s in some mail some where I presume… so if anyone out there reading this here blog is interested, U can sms me… or just leave a “footprint”. btw it’s on the 15th of January 2007, next monday 8:30 pm at Ruums *I presume it’s a club*.. Oooo they have a dress code also.. it’s smart casual… so if anyone wants to go just leave something to tell me… can email me also… *like so desperate*… eitehr that or the tix will fly to my bro….

Oh air asia is offereing free tickets too… so if anyone wants to go for holidays go ahead and click em… *tip #1: it’s easier to book after midnite* *tip #2: booking now would just make U frustrated* ok that’s all.. not much update here except classes have begun and…. and… I drove to college one day… hahhaha apparently I took the day with the heaviest traffic to drive… hehehe oh well till then… cheerio… message me, if ur interested, there’s only 4 days plus monday and today to the 15th…


First up, I admit I’m not a book person but I do read books. Incidently, clearance sales seem to pop up where it’s convenient for me to visit multiple times and during these, at least half a dozen times, visits I stumbled upon a book so captivating that I couldn’t keep my hands away from it. That is until my mum said “too expensive”, then back to the table it went. Of course I tried persuading, but my persuading power is really terrible!

If I wanted that particular book, I have to get it myself. As stingy as I am, I took 18 bucks and headed to the supposed second last day of the sale, it was supposed because the sale has been extended to the 28th of January, grabbed the book and headed back home happily.

“The Terminal Man” had to wait, this book was far too captivating. If ur wondering what book has so much power to draw me into buying my first ever book, it’s Dean Koontz’s Velocity.

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A lonesome bartender by the name of Billy Wiles has been chosen by a “freak” to choose his first victim. Would it be a blonde school teacher or an old lady involved in philantrophic work? With his action or inaction, Billy chooses the victims and the killer gladly kills them. Billy is soon trapped into being an “associate” of the killer or even worst, the suspect of all the killings. *ok my synopsis sucks* Billy has to cover up and is soon in too deep to get himself out. *actually he was already in too deep before, he just doesn’t know*. *now something from the back cover*

“More comunications from the killer follow, more hideous choices, with ever tighter decision times, and with each choice Billy is drawn deeper into an accelarating nightmare, which steadily becomes more personal, more confrontational, until he is isolated, with no one to turn to and no one to rely on but himself. Finally he must risk everything to save the intended victims…”

ok that was the synopsis. Now,

My Review:

The story which is a thriller is actually quite predictable, I mean how many people can the author introduce into a novel without his/ her readers knowing who was resposible for the killings. The answer of who the killer is obvious, but the novel is so cleverly written that U forget who that person is as the author plants another name into ur head! Unlike other typical endings, this ending was pretty surprising to me, pretty amazing actually. This novel is a real psychological thriller, it shows how “involved” the killer is, sadistic, very intelligent, still posses a little compassion and sadly mentally unsound. The characters in the novel are actually quite real *euphemism for flawed*. Makes it such a great read. Really.

Seriously speaking, the starting was a ok. then the pace of the story kinda slowed. Then it slowly picked up speed and the climax was just pure velocity like a real roller coaster!

Pros: definite thriller, flawed characters *which means real/ believable*, a fresh read from normal police / killer thrillers, definitely worth my 18 bucks! hehe..

Cons: A little slow, a little too scary if such a person *the killer* lived in the real world, can’t really root for the main character – don’t really feel like rooting for him.

I think lately I’m into psychological thrillers. First Criminal Minds now Velocity. It can get quite spine chilling to actually read or watch what goes through the bad guys’ minds… So my purpose of this entry is ultimately to promote it.. hahaha I’m just suggesting. Speaking of velocity look at the time, I better be off. Cheerios!

2007, Here I am

2007, I am here! hahaha.. wonder what that means… hehe. It’s 2007 and to kick it off there is a new skin! *seems like I am forever changing skins* Totally blue this time. Not green no more. I feel so cold looking at the skin. Icy & cool. *like my heart? hehe :p*

this is the first post of the year and I’m busy crapping… kakakkaka… Let’s see what I can look forward to the new year.

1. finish my first year

2. 20.07.2007

3. Country’s 50th anniversary

4. concerts galore?

5. movies galore? *which reminds me that I haven’t bought a cd for a long time now*

6. More Movie marathons!

Ah well the list will grow. now for a little of the years first!

First FULL song I heard: Twins – Kite & wind *-.-” *

first Full movie: hopefully it’s “The Guardian”

first thing I did in 2007: drink sparkling juice *hahahah*

first food: chocolate cake 😀

first drink: water… I need water…..

I guess that’s enough of first… I shall be back! DO give feedback on the skin! THere shouldn’t be any problem seeing it from firefox/ mozilla or watever stuff U’ll use… till then cheerios and have a wonderful 2007!