Thank you 2012. Welcome 2013!

It’s almost the end of the year! The year that was supposed to bring the end for all of mankind, but alas it didn’t happen.

Boy, time sure flies by and I barely even blogged this year; times are a changing.

To compensate for my lack of blog entries, I shall attempt a recap of my 2012.


  • Chris Carrabba @ KL Live
    My fav concert for the year without a doubt. He sounds amazing, looks amazing and never in my life would I have thought he would appear on Malaysian shores! *Swoon*



  • Music Man II @ Stadium Merdeka
    Another of my all time fav musicians. Very entertaining concert! Even had a fake tank on stage.
    Field was also amazingly wet and the ponchos were of great use. 😀
Ok, can't see him from here but it's him at his beautifully designed white piano!

Ok, can’t see Lee Hom from here but it’s him at his beautifully designed white piano!

Trend for the night. Ponchos!

Trend for the night. Ponchos!

  • My cuz got married! Wow!


  • Ran 10km (ok.. to boast it was 10.8km) at the Standard Chartered KL Run
    Felt like collapsing after that. But I think I’ll run again next year. 😀
  • Went to see Mr. A – Z working @ Stadium Merdeka

July: Became another year older. GASP!






Dolphin "chasing" @ Lovina Beach

Dolphin “chasing” @ Lovina Beach

The Sun hiding behind the clouds. Bummer.

The Sun hiding behind the clouds from the peak of Mt. Batur. Bummer.

Climbed to the peak on the right.

Hiked all the way up the peak at the right in the pitch black darkness.


  • Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour @ Stadium Merdeka
Wow! It's really them.

Wow! It’s really them.


  • Incredible India!
    – Horse riding in Pahalgam
Seeing & touching Taj Mahal with my very own eyes and hands. Wow!

Seeing & touching Taj Mahal with my very own eyes and hands. Wow!

The Amber Fort in Jaipur

The Amber Fort in Jaipur


  • Nokia Lumia 920
    Yeap… I finally changed my phone after years of talking about it… Zzzz.
    It’s so damn pretty! However, upon hindsight, don’t think I need such a high end phone. Ah well.. it’s mine now and still am awed by it’s beauty!  Muahahahahha

Alright that was my uneventful 2012! Thank you for the wonderful memories 2012, but we must now say goodbye and move on to 2013!

Hope 2013 will be more eventful than 2012
Hope I’ll exercise more.
Hope I’ll earn more money.
Hope I’ll travel more.
Hope I’ll meet more people!
and lastly hope I’ll eventually take up a course for something!

That was not a New Year’s resolution. 😀

Happy 2013 and Happy Holidays everyone!
Hope 2013 will bring about great happiness, health and prosperity to all!