Pang of hunger

Feeling a little hungry all of a sudden… oh well… that is besides the point I would like to talk about today.

Found a job.

Start of career? I have no idea.

Fast? They were efficient.

You. Fast? Well… the whole process of me finding wasn’t exactly fast…

Thrilled? A little.

Terrified? Yes. Definitely. Like what is it gonna be like? Who am I working with?

Uncertain? Oh yes. Am I making the right move? Is there even a right move?

Excited? Same as thrilled? Yeah. Excited. Nervous too.

Nervous? Why? Too many uncertainties.

Looking forward then? Yeah. Looking forward to see if it’s for me. Finding my path here.

Ooo… butterflies in stomach? Not yet. Hopefully I won’t have.

Hmmm… odd I smell rain… or rather the smell of plants being watered….

Ah well.. that was what I wanted to say. Excited but nervous. Oh what a life. Let’s get ready for some learning shall we! By the way.

Happy Independence Day Malaysia!!!!

Selamat Hari Merdeka!!!!


To the fish in…

… the wok being fried by my mum.

“I guess you never thought you would grow up and end up in a wok.”

“I hope you’ll reincarnate and not be a chicken, a pig, a cow or a lamb and a fish too.”

“If you do become a fish again, I hope you’ll be a smaller fish, so you won’t have the same fate as you do now.”

“I’m so sorry but I have to eat you cause you’re nutritious to us “hungry beasts”.”

Quick Fat Scheme

I think everyone has heard of a get rich scheme or fast cash scheme or quick rich scheme, not those multi-level sales and stuff… these ones are all those “scams” that people get conned into. Now this Quick Fat Scheme however is not a scam. It’s so real, it’s as real as the palm of your hand. *Agreed. Odd example. Now move on.* Once you’re in the land which is “Truly Asia” you’re considered to have enrolled into the scheme. Voluntarily or involuntarily. Food stalls, restaurants, eateries, cafes, kuih stalls, pisang goreng stall and the rojak stall have delicacies waiting for to be eaten.

It’s hard to control oneself with such colourful and tempting delicacies. Even the market shows an abundance of fruits. Just too colourful to bear. Anyway, I have been in this scheme for erm…. 2 weeks and boy does my waistline not look good. *Hey! Did that needle on the weighing scale just moved to the right a little?* Let’s see, what has caused the damage for these 2 very short weeks.

Satay: Check
Dim Sum: Check
Cendol: Check *3 days in a row… gasp!*
Kerepok Lekor: Check
Pisang Goreng: Check
arious other little fried stuff: Check
Muruku: Check
Every other junk that one can possibly name: Highly likely to be checked *a little exaggerating over here*

The only way to get out of this Quick Fat Scheme is to well… Exercise! But the freaking heat is so bloody hot and the weather is so darn humid, no one in their right mind would want to exercise in such circumstances without exercising in an air conditioned place. Plus, the bloody weather makes you feel so darn lazy, you wouldn’t want to do anything except sit still under the fan and live the life of a sloth.

Another way is to eat moderately, hahaha, much easier. So the key to getting outta this Quick Fat Scheme is to eat moderately. Makes so much sense. No more cendol please. But the heat is unbearable. Ok maybe just one more… and another… and another…. and…. “PRIANG!” the weighing scale is broken.