Auto Mart

Was at Auto Mart this Sunday morning and man was it scorching hot! Sweat like mad, there were a lot of protons there. Oh, Auto Mart is at PJ Old Town where people sell secondhand cars. There were some pretty cheap cars going at RM8000, forgot which model was it.

Some of the cars were well maintained, saw a Nissan March that looks quite nice. There was an old Mercedes going for RM23800. Even an old mini cost RM17000, probably they fitted the aircond and fixed it up to be used in today’s standards…

In the end, my brother whom was supposed to look for the car he was eyeing didn’t get to see the car… poor poor…. well at least I know what Auto Mart is.


I Think…

Again, I think I think too much. I think things are simple but I jsut like thinking? muahahha…Β  So for this post, I’ll start each paragraph with “I think…” *apart from the first paragraph that is* muahahhaha

I think… for probably the first time since I entered college I’m feeling as if I can’t finish my assignment, but if I think I can’t, how come I’m still feeling relatively relaxed? My games are still beckoning me to “come play”. I’m still surfing online for dunno what rather than taking pictures for my assignment… *Tune to Pearl Jam’s Last Kiss: Oh where, oh where can my Motivation be… The lord took it away from me… LOL…*

I think… the tv’s in the bus aren’t really reaching it’s audience. Yes, they have TV’s in buses now! Most of the content are in english, apart from a malay speaking Karen Kong keep reminding people on the bus that they are watching AsiaMedia Transnet and that she needs Hello Kitty’s help. Apart from that it’s all in english, although today there was “Wakenabeb”, Malaysian version of Punk’d? Now should be the right time to ask the question, “Who are the wants that often use the bus?” I don’t know about you but, i think it’s generally the non english speaking people. Besides, when one is packed into a bus, who wants to watch tv when you feel so darn uncomfortable with everyone squashing you from all directions, and you need to figure out if anyone is trying to pick your pocket or harass you or whatever that happens in packed public transport.

I think… I need new hobbies. What kind of hobbies? I dunno… Come to think of it, I don’t think I even have hobbies to start of with… GASP! Anyone wants to watch some international screen movie? visit the national art gallery? hmm what else? hahah i dunno.. less mall stuff and more other stuff? Oh well…

I think… I should get back to my assignment, cheerios people, by the way, Beauty & the Beast the broadway musical is coming to town in late June. I think I might go… lol

I think… therefore I’m alive.

In frames

A little backdated, kinda lazy to be wordy today so I’ll talk about Penang & the Hop On Hop Off in pictures since it is said that a picture speaks a thousand words…


The Bougainvilleas at a courtyard in Kek Lok Si

An unkwon plant sprouting from the grounds in the courtyard

Time to go back down the hill

Crowded street heading down from Kek Lok Si

the owner of the footprints staring at her work

KL Hop On Hop Off

KL Tower and the threatening sky, through the sunroof

My my.. what a tall building.

The Eye on Malaysia.

Oh! So Free! II

First up, let’s talk about Saturday Night… * Saturday Night, Saturday Night! Aiyaiyaiyai… * March 8th was election day and the masses turned up to vote for / against the past government… anyway.. I don’t wanna talk about politics, since I’m not that interested in it. Maybe not now. Anyway, I attended my neighbour’s son’s wedding, in Putrajaya. It was a pretty huge place, they had 96 tables… *gasp* *probably had a mini ceramah.. hahaha* They also had 2 screens. The wedding was like any other normal wedding, the bride & bride groom appearing dramatically from teh back door, slideshows of th couples’ pictures, speeches by the parents of each side and food. *hehe*

After the speeches ended, the main screen started showing the news on tv, as the results were being announced. Throughout the night, the table I was at *other neighbours*, as well as people from other tables were busy with their phone. Some receiving news of results, some spreading the results, some rejoiced at the result. By the way, the table finished 2 bottles of wine… The table was particularly glad that a certain minister was out… Hyuk hyuk… Looks like the election took the limelight away from the couple…

Quite an interesting wedding this one, by the way, the couple didn’t manage to “yum seng” with all the tables so they had a mass “yum seng” instead. By the way, this was the best wedding dinner I have ever attended, I particularly liked the dessert. Hyuk hyuk…

Now for “oh! so free! II” I was kinda bored at home as the computer was taken, the tv had nothing interesting on, the sofa / bed wasn’t beckoning, the magazines were making me feel like the sofa/ bed was beckoning, didn’t want to start reading another book, so…. I “experimented” *euphemism for played around* with the camera and took some crappy shots. Here is the collection of crappy shots:

My favourite pic… and the garden one too…

Well that’s all folks, come back next time for more “Oh! So Free!” shots.

Sam & Max

Currently crazy over Sam & Max, an adventure game with witty dialogues… Actually I’m more crazy over Max than Sam..

Picture of Max… how cute… he has the wittier lines… Sam & Max is a short adventure PC game that probably can be finished in a week, unlike Monkey Island which might take ages… but I still like Monkey Island… Hahaha… Sam & Max comes in a close second.

Another picture of it, acting cute…

ehehe.. so cute… lol.. I shall flee now. Cheerios!


If one doesn’t want to stay at home and is already sick and tired of the malls, what can one do on the weekends?

take a drive to another town? check out the art scene? have a walk in the park? do things that one doesn’t normally do? I dunno, is KL all about malls, malls and more malls? Hopefully not.

Anyway, I spent my last 2 days catching up on movies, some fairly new, some fairly old. The first was “Waiting”, staring Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long and Anna Faris.

Pretty odd show to me, but fairly entertaining. It is about the going ons in a restaurant, from the hostess to the kitchen staff. Of course it also showed how awful customers can be, and how kitchen staff can treat To me it seemed to apply that waiting on tables is pretty much a dead end job. *That’s what I felt la… U can always feel otherwise*.

However, I felt it was slightly better than “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry”.

This was definitely an Adam Sandler movie, though it isn’t as lol funny. It kinda showed the difficulty of being gay and how people tend to isolate gays for who they are, kinda sad stuff if one thinks of it. But, other than that this show was fairly predictable, I liked the priest that married them off, silly fella, he didn’t even sound or look Japanese… -.-”

Now the movie which I felt was the most entertaining is “Stardust”.

Starring Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, Sienna Miller, Rupert Everett, Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and was apparently narrated by Sir Ian McKellan. WOW! Such big names! Must be a huge production. It was hands down the most entertaining, pretty funny too, though there wasn’t a lot of lol kind but more to a snigger or a chortle kind. *Hahaha, what the heck am I saying?*

*SPOILER AHEAD* Seeing Michelle Pfeiffer as an old ugly witch is definitely something new and Robert De Niro in women’s clothes… HAHAHA… Oh and the dead princes’ as a whole was pretty entertaining, they looked like how they look when they died… Which is pretty hilarious as one had an axe in it’s head and another was probably iced, another who died in the bathtub… was well…

The story is basically about a boy, Tristan Thorn (Charlie Cox) who wants to cross a wall into the fantasy world of Stormhold to get the fallen star for his dearly beloved Victoria (Sienna Miller). He goes into Stormhold looking for his mother but ends up catching the star. However; there are other people that are after the star too. The star is actually wearing a gem that should the King’s son obtains it and it changes into a red ruby, the prince will be the King of Stormhold. The witch played by Michelle Pfeiffer *I forgot the name of the witch* is also after the star as when witches eat the heart of the star, they can live for eternity.

On thier way back to Wall, where Tristan comes from, they meet pretty interesting characters like Robert De Niro’s pirate. Soon love blossoms but like always the star is caught by the witch and is up to the hero of the day to save her life once and for all. Soon the star is saved and Tristan learns that he is the son of Una, the last surviving child of theΒ  ex-King of Stormhold. So Tristan becomes the King and the star, Yvaine becomes the Queen and so forth and so forth.

The story is pretty predictable but entertaining nonetheless, the effects are nice, there aren’t any unbelievable CGI, the scenery is beautiful, the speeches are well written, the lead actor although might seem a little sissified ends up being pretty dashing. Ultimately, it’s pretty much a feel good movie, a fantasy feel good movie, which is well written, well acted and well presented! Go watch!

By the way, this Claire Danes movie was hands down better than “Evening” another Claire Danes movie where the whole story revolved someone names Harris… -.-” it was actually a story about love and a woman in her deathbed that remembered an eventful time in her past a long long time ago.

Cheerios now, I hope everyone has something to do this weekend, sadly I didn’t.. sob sob…