Ending’s Beginning

I’m here tapping away at this black keyboard thinking of what to type next while enjoying nibblets of the “godiva choccies” from Singapore which is yet to finish itself off… Didin’t blog for so long then got people complain pulak… sigh… I too tired to watch tv and U expect me to type? hahaha

Right right.. today was the final day of my “sales assistant” stint… I didn’t like it… at first…. after telling the manager that I was quitting, I kinda embraced the job though… odd eh… Probably cause I didn’t really care anymore and they eased off the pressure and I started fitting in? I took too long to fit in… i think that’s the reason why I left… Anyway… I’m gonna start a new job next monday hopefully it goes well… By the way, what is smart casual?

So many movies to wach so little time! Spiderman 3, Shrek 3, Pirates 3, *what’s with the number 3?* Oh I’m quite interested in “priceless” too… the one with Audrey Tatou, it looks nice. Anyone? Gotta catch this fast or they’ll take it down… sad eh?

I’m trying to recall if I had seen Spiderman 2 though… Oh speaking of which, 1U had this meet Spiderman event which jsut ended yesterday and everyday the host kept asking the same questions…. the most popular was “who is spiderman’s best friend?” and “who is spiderman’s other superhero friend?” then the hsot would give tips and all and the crowd still didn’t get it… I wonder if the dude gets bored cause he did the questions like a week plus… Oh another fav is “how much is a ticket to take your picture with spiderman?” and would U believe it cost 15 bucks to take it with “spiderman”.

Ok enough bout that… what else is new eh?? OH! OH!!!! I still have no idea what to do on 20.07.2007…. I thought maybe rock climbing or kayaking at the putrajaya lake… hmmm but it sounds.. hmmm….

Oh oh I read in the papers in the other day where some minister wanted malaysians to volunteer for the Beijing Olmpics 2008… I’m kinda interested but… wonder how’s my schedule… plus the air fare and other stuff… hmmm shall look for more info…

Oh btw Carl’s Junior is gonna open an outlet in 1U, next to Dave’s Deli… can’t wait.. hahahaha k I shall try to figure out how to make space for my Sims 2 Seasons… I know it’s been so long… cheerios now!

P. S. Anyone for “Priceless” do tell me…


Sick of JT

The workplace looped JT for the first 2 days… I was alreayd sick of it when it was in it’s first loop *correction, I was already sick of it when i heard the first single… hahahha*. Plus the outside was playing JT too… -.-”

Ok so far… I think my work experience isn’t as good as I think it should be. Sigh… don’t feel like talking about it here…. It’s just very different from the waitressing days. I feel so LOST here… Feels like I’m not cut out for this kind of work, waitressing seems so much better now, the grass is greener on the otherside but when U crossover to the otherside U might feel that U were colourblind in the first place. oh well I shall “March On” like what Good Charlotte says… hahahhaha seriously it’s a very nice “marching on” song especially the chorus.

I just gotta work faster? I have no idea…. I shall stay as long as I can… I hate failing so fail I shall not.. anyway I’m there for experience.. so the more experience I get the better…. I shall learn as much as I can but my absorption skills left me when I needed it the most… *cue for karaoke – just when I needed U most*

Gotta work faster 2morrow… faster in what sense I dunno. As long as I want to I can *i think, well it applies to everyone no?*

Oh well this is a little “mandatory” update. I had great vacations so now I need to work very hard but I dunno what very hard is, I only know that my feet hurts, not to mention the odour *ee-yuk, ok not something readers should know* I need more comfy shoes I think, or a way to make it more breathable…

Ah had a bbq yesterday and was quite a new bbq experience.. hahahhaha more like a bbq bake… all the food was great, company too, spot too, though it was raining a little. sadly we were too full to roast the marshmallows… Irregardless, there will always be next time!

alas, I shall leave now to seek some precious moments with my pillow and assorted stuff on thy glorious bed… hehe

4 destination "tour"

The 4 destination tour has ended and certain findings have been unearthed!

The findings are as below:


– Beaches are so beautiful if they are clean

– better to have low expectations than high ones

– alcohol is expensive

– do not stay too long in the Sun

Port Dickson

– dirty beaches are a turn off

– little sleep is no good

– difficulty in socialising is a restraint


– shall not over indulge

– too much food ain’t good

– ASTRO ain’t good on weekends


– sometimes things look scarier than it seems

– I get easily irritated

– I’m pretty crabby

– crabby most of the time

– alcohol cheaper than coconut

– cheap choccies = expiration near

The above were the findings from the 4 destination “tour”, further research is needed to explain the findings further.

A short summary of the 4 destination “tour”:

– all 4 destination has beaches and the ranking is as follows

1. Perhentian (Long Beach)

2. Langkawi (tanjung rhu)

3. Cherating (went to the public one)

4. Port Dickson (dunno which one)

– all but 1 destination had watermelon served

– the food was pretty good except for the last

1. Langkawi (crabs, crabs, sotong)

2. Kuantan (cendol)

3. Perhentian (sotong galore)

4. Port Dickson (not my taste)

All were fun except one which was a more relaxing destination

1. Perhentian

2. Langkawi

3. Port Dickson

4. Kuantan

The above was a very short summary of the 4 destination tour, an extensive report will be held private and confidential.

I hope the above had helped you understand the tour. Further details can be obtained discreetly from me. Thank you for reading the above unconcise “report”.

Yours truly,