Blogs have feelings too

Me: Oh my word! Boy have I neglected you oh-precious-blog. Deary me, how could I even forget updating you.

Blog: Oh… I understand. I trust that you must be busy with other things, like work, friends, family, playing with other things.

Me: Boy, you’re understanding. But I haven’t been working much lately. Where has all my time gone to? Ah! I managed to catch a movie over the weekend. It’s called “Predators”. It was not bad. But I wanted more… how would you say it…

Blog: Violence?

Me: Yes… Yes… violence! Wow… you practically read my mind there.

Blog: Of course… I AM your blog. Whose other mind can I read? I think there another movie that you’re not mentioning.

Me: Oh yeah! Toy Story 3! Oh this was fun an entertaining and adventurous! Oh just joy all around! I would give it a 4/5.

Blog: Of course it’s a great movie. It’s about friendship/toy-owner-ship. Something like our “relationship” actually. I wonder how you could actually forget to “tell” me about it… *shakes head*

Me: Oh… uh… I’ve been thinking of Ultimate Frisbee again. I really want to play! I think there are some fields nearby where we can actually play a REAL game.

Blog: Oh yeah!? Sounds fun! When would that be?


Blog: But I guess there ain’t much use askin’ since you probably won’t blog about it either…

Me: Urm… Hey! There’s this song that I keep wanting to play… It’s Raining & OK’s Empty Handed. You can have a listen @ their PureVolume page, where coincidentally you can download it too! For FREE! FREE! The lyrics can be a little depressing though. Depending on how you read it. It’s like the person is at the lowest of lows….

Blog: Wow. That sounds like good news. I think that’s the first genuinely new info that not everyone knows. Boy am I touched…. I’m finally the first for something. *blog starts getting emotional* And here I thought you’ve neglected me cause you’ve found out about… *sob* TWITTER! *sob**sob* But I guess you’ve redeemed yourself a little here…. *sob sob* You can run along now… don’t have to spend your precious moments at the computer. You gotta pack up for your trip to Kuantan too. Have a nice and safe trip.

Me: Aw… come on now! You know I won’t neglect you for long…. I guess I better pack up now… Cheerios!

P.S. Such a lame title.