Stressed out till April 13th…

Yeap Ill be officially stressed out till April 13th… tehn after taht I can enjoy me holidays till my hearts content.. not really lar… can’t wait to see Jac.. whahaha

Let’s see.. I’m totally stressed out because, well finals are approaching and I haven’t even started studying for a single subject yet.. I only have a week left and I only have 5 more days to finish up this 25 page report…. Stress stresss…. plus got those silly presentations which I don’t care about…. stresssssss I need more time… well if I really need more time I won’t be blogging will I?

ANyway I’m to busy till I can’t even watch “my lovely Sam Soon” I was waiting for 8Tv to show it since the start of the year when theys aid they were goin to show it…. and they chose this stressful time to air the program…. 😦 oh well I ain’t the centre of the universe anyway….

Oh btw I’m pretty saddened by the fact that only 1 person commented on the “Lee Young Ae staring back at me” post… hehehhe at least U could put something like… so lame… or.. I feel so cold I think I’m getting a cold….

I guess not a lot of people knows her…. but c’mon… Lee Young Ae, the Dae Jang Guem lady… staring back at me….. oh well that’s teh past… now to the future…. “I want to see the LIGHT”

I’m pretty much crapping in this post…. oh yeah I wanted to blog something last Saturday… I wanted to blog about “10 things U should do before U die” according to me… and I actually thought that the first thing U should do is “buy a nice plot of land at the place U’ll be buried” I mean c’mon U gotta have a nice beautiful environment right? although I seriosuly believe in reincarnation….

So I thought about that on Saturday night right and to my surprise teh next morning when I open the papers, there was an article on buying your place in the burial area…. wow… can predictthe future? or was someone sending a message to me???

Oh well.. maybe I’ll jsut put up my top 10 after my finals.. so till then wish me luck and hope that I get all me distinctions…. hehe


Lee Young Ae staring back at me

Now U must be wondering why was Lee Young Ae staring back at me??? I mean she can’t possibly be here right? Well absoultely true.. she IS here… on billboards that is… hahahha.. ha..he… ha… ho…. he…. *ok that was a bit cold* ok so was heading for dinner and then I noticed the eletronics shop had just replaced their old and faded name…. then there she was sticked on the wall staring down at all the cars as well as the passerbys passing down on the street… *and I thought she looked familiar…. jeez*

Ok well I have well.. nothing to write actually…. just too lazy to continue my work… better get my drives working… finals is in like 2 WEEKS… man…. that is fast…. I think I’m too stressed to think about it…. argh…. oh welll….

Aha… I have a sub topic… Commonwealth games… actually tried to catch the diving today…. I feel the Malaysians actually did fairly well… Ok so wat if some of the big names didn’t do so well? Just proves that they need to be better at wat they do… *I think. I’m actually not in the position to actually say wat they should do* well weren’t there surprises? like Yeoh Ken Nee winning that silver medal although he had a fever. The lawn bowlers and shooters…. I mean they produced thier golds… * I don’t know how many* maybe thier goal was much higher but irregardless they still won a couple of em… and weightlifting too… I never even heard of the winners before…. Ah and Bryan Nickson with James Sandayud with their silver in diving too… Bryan actually came in 6th in the 10m platform diving thingy… which I feel is pretty good for a 15 year old…. yeah maybe there were expectations at several events like squash, cycling, swimming… well wat’s over is in the past.. the only place we can look at now is the present and imagine the future…. well at least Malaysia is living up to it’s name as a badminton nation… 2 all Malaysian finals is pretty good….

That’s a wrap for the Commonwealth games… now to rant about all the work I have… muahahhahahaha… right… Let’s see I have finals in exactly 2 weeks…. 2 papers on one day…. and then on 13th April… Psychology.. aish… and a week before that paper is the presentation which I am not even prepared for… and it’s actually 3 days before my finals…. time to cramp all the info I can into my head….. and xerox it on the exam day….. argh….. ok shall get back to work.. either that or watch the commonwealth highlights… hahahha oh well.. time to go…. wish me luck for my finals…. * I feel like I’m talking to the wall*

Journey to the past

Today after praying I followed my dad to fetch me mum…. waited outside a place I use to go…. while waiting, I saw the owner, owner’s wife and son…. wah the son so old already…. so dark also…. about same height as me already…

At first the owner’s wife opened the door, she saw me and then I wave lar.. but I didn’t go down the car. Then I was wondering where the owner was, then he came. My father went down first then say hello then I went down also…. My dad went down to ask about the cert. The owner’s wife said… “oh ready already, can collect”. So In the end I followed the family upstairs…

As I slowly walked up the stairs, I started remembering things when I was younger. How I followed my brother to the place, how we hang around the stairs after class, how I go there every sunday to meet my friends. I started remembering all the fun I had there….. *I actually had a tear or two in my eye :(*

As we reach the place, the owner’s wife opened the door and the family went in…. I noticed from the outside that not much has changed, I bowed before going in *respect*. Then I went in and saw that the carpeting had changed and the owner had already added a layer of soft “dunno wat carpeting” *some sort of comfy cushion that can break a person’s fall*. I stepped on it rather foolishly… it was pretty soft…. I was thinking “how nice if the carpeting was there when I was still there”.

Then I went into the office and collected my cert. The owner’s wife asked me to try to continue coming… I said I was lazy… actually I didn’t know why I didn’t want to go there anymore…. I stopped because of SPM…. Oh she said Rita goes for the class today…. Then I asked whether Rita got “promoted” already ? She said: “she’s waiting for U mar” …. hahaha

anyway before leaving the place, I bowed again before leaving… then went down to the car…. then showed the cert to my Dad and all… I told him what the owner’s wife said and then he started saying “now concentrate on your studies no need to go lar” then he went on and let to “this cert is important when U want to apply for scholarship” then he continued on to something about co-curricular activities and then some JPA thingy and then the end of it was…. “Join the toastmasters lar…. it’s good for U, teach U how speak in public……….” I just told him I wasn’t interested and then he continued talking about it anyway…..

Then when my mum came into the car, my dad told her what the owner’s wife said…. my mum said it was good if I joined again… actually I don’t mind joining again… but it’s kinda pricey…. besides I only go once a week….. so if I use the same price he charged last time… it would be RM12.50 for a class…. probably he naik harga already also…

Anyway…. I think it was a good reality kind of thing… at least I know wat I have learned through the years….. the money wasn’t a waste I hope…. Ok now.. continue with what I wanted to do just now…

Some "reliable" transportation….

Hmm well shall I start this “shooting”? ok well today went to college early to attend the earlier Stats class so I could discuss the psychology project after class…. after class went and eat and celebrate Reuben’s belated birthday. Then went back to college to discuss the project….

The search for a table was kinda hilarious… but lazy to talk about that…. after discussion stayed back till around 3 then left college and waited rather impatiently for the bus. Waited for about 20 mins I guess… pretty good considering I thought it would take 30mins for the next bus too come since when I reached the bus stop the place was empty *that means I missed the first bus*.

by the way it was a Rapid KL. Not a metro which is a far ncier bus although some of them bus is kinda dark cause of the adverbs outside. So hopped on to the bus paid my money and found a spot towards the back…. Man the bus was HOT… the air was really stuffy too… air cond spoiled I guess… windows were opened partly and the driver left the door open to let air come in…. for me it was no difference cause the air was still stuffy and humid and hot. Typin it has already made me uncomfortable. hehe…

Actually I wasn’t really irritated by the hot air in the bus…. I have been to worst Rapid KL’s. Rapid KL buses that have leaky air conds, Rapid Kl’s that leak everywhere when it rains, Rapid Kl’s that are hot such as the one above… stupid air cond not working… The worst Rapid Kl I have been would be a Rapid KL that has faulty air conditioning which leaks and emits NO air. and dirty obviously… ALL the RAPID KL buses are dirty…. I think the cleaner ones are those that ferry people from the lrt station… those air clean and nice ….

Ok so it was hot… 15 mins in the ride I was reaching mt stop.. so I rung the bell… *so the bus driver would stop at the stop*… but oh when we were reaching the stop… he didn’t stop… I rang again and again and he didn’t stop at all… he stopped about 1 km away…. at the next stop…. Not like the bell wasn’t working or anything… I heard it ring although I was at the back… even the people in the bus heard it ring.. *cause they were looking at me when i was ringing the darn stupid bell*

I was darn pissed off by that stupid bus…. got off and tried to look for the number to lodge an “aduan” and surprise surprise…. the piece of information was covered with dirt from the buses’ smoke and fuse…. I so regret not looking at the stupid buses’ number plate…. stupid fella…. actually it’s the bus driver’s fault…. Yeah it’s kind a hard to cut in but me as the consumer I have the right, I mean I opay for the services so I should get what I paid for. Besides, the place which I was suppsoed to stop had a person waving to the bus driver so he could stop… and guess what again…. “totally ignored the man”….

Now the government raises the fuel price and ask us to use public transportation right… How are we supposed to use them when they are so unreliable… Now I’m actually pointing fingers at RAPID KL… the “21C” in particular…. RAPID KL promised us bus takers that there would be only 15 mins waiting time…. the longest time I waited for a RAPID KL 21C was 1 whole hour and a couple more minutes…. I mean ONE WHOLE HOUR and a few more minutes…. 4 RAPID KL’s should ahve come by that time… and not to my surprise… it came packed with people bursting from it’s doors…. how is anyone suppsoed to go in… ok fair enough maybe it was during peak hours…. during non peak hours the most I had waited was 40mins…. wait 20 mins more and it’s an hour…. I mean all my time is wasted on waiting for the darn bus…. some days it comes real fast with a nice clean bus with air conditing…. some times it comes late with dirty buses… I don’t mind as long as I get to my destination….

Now the worst thing that can happen to a bus passenger is well accident obviously… apart from accident the worst thing is missing ur stop… I mean the next stop might be 5 km’s away… the bus ain’t gonna stop midway for U…. so what are U gonna do? walk 5 km? thankfully my next stop is a km away and me mum was around to fetch me…. hehe… *actually I wanted to walk back but she insisted so I didn’t mind a ride home… *

apart from that the RAPID KL doesn’t have a time sheet where they tell when a bus will come and stuff like that… actually I saw soemthing like that in a RAPID KL bus before.. my guess is the bus was new…. but I couldn’t quite make out the time sheet… I mean it had all thedestinations and price and all… but it only told like when it’s departing from the first station and what? we’re suppsoed to guess what time the bus reaches us?

I used to be a fan of the RAPID KL cause that’s how I go home… now it jsut sucks…. yeah it’s the only way I can go home but I don’t enjoy the ride anymore… if U can’t take me to my destination how can I be happy about it? Now the METRO however is a different story…. the METRO is clean and nice.. the seats are comfortable… the air cond is actually freezing cold which is good…. verything seems so perfect about it… just so comfortable…. but unfortunately the METRO only comes round once a while… not as often as the RAPID KL… so what can I do… jsut hope on and hope the darn bus driver would stop at the destination I am goin down….

Ok time to leave now…. I wanna find the telephone number so I can complain….

A Long Wait…

Phew.. after for dunno how many weeks… me Internet connection is back on…. apparently there’s something wrong with the adapter… and me silly bro reformatted the comp for nothing… *sob**sob* my beloved mp3s *sob**sob* ANyway… I’m just sitting here trying to think how to start my assignment and since I haven’t blogged in a pretty long while… I’ll just start with something long then….

Ok let me begin… Last Friday I went on the HMC leadership camp….. It was pretty fun…. *I don’t like to put words like “really” unless I REALLY like it…. like Wang Lee Hom.. yeah know?* ANyway it was fun, I guess U could say it was awesome too…. came back with some war wounds…. *bruise here, bruise there, mosquito bite here, mosquito bite there*

The story begins on friday…. spent about 2 hours or so to reach the Trolak Country Resort… Checked in and headed to the seminar room… We were then split into groups… basically I knew everyone in my group…. *dang, I so wanted to meet new people… hahaha* ok so I was in the same group as Fang Tang, Foong Yue,Pamela, Eng Hui, Yeung Yoke and Chong… *all from March intake* We were asked to form a name, logo and war cry for the group…. We were “CLUELESS”…. *it was better than the first name we thought* hehehe and I came up with our war cry…. *Hmm.. should I put the war cry here….. later kena copy… aiyah… other people also start saying already.. no difference i guess* so our war cry was “We are lost, we are missing, we are CLUELESS” catchy eh?

The line I remember that day was from Pat, the facilitator. after making our logo and all we went for a break and had to go back to the room, so everone went back and me and me group members wanted to sit down.. so we sat at the chairs…. the others just stood.. and I think they wanted to join us at the chairs and then Pat said “Why are U following them? they are clueless.” wahahhaha mana tahu everyone sat on the chair in the end.. hahahaha

right so after that we headed to the obstacle course particularly the “shaking planks?” there is this plank which is like a bridge … U start from one end and ur friend starts from the other… ur aim is the other end…. not many people were able to accomplish it cause it was kinda hard… right, so after that we had dinner and after dinner.. the solo drop and night walk…

We walked to the jungle at night without any torch lights. Freaky… then about 10 mins of walk I was dropped in the middle of the jungle… I was there alone in the dark with the sound of the night insects, owls, the sounds of trains and cars passing by with the occasional branch breaking… so I just stood in the dark for 30 mins with my eyes closed and was praying for… actually I dunno wat I was praying for… I was just praying… anyway after some Wang Lee Hom songs I sang to myself *in my head*, I saw the sign of a flashlight while I was enjoying the fireflies…. the torchlight moved and moved and I saw them picking up Timmy right in front of me a couple of steps away…. I think he was only 10m in front of me…. so we moved along and landed at a pondok, we were still in the jungle…

That was when the nightwalk began…. slowly one by one, numbers were called for us to follow a rope to get out of the forest…. I was 17 I think… so waited around and Johnaton kept askin me questions…. the guide there was kinda hilarious… He was totally freaked out by Manpreet’s hair… *heheheh* Stupid fella thought ZiXian’s Name was Antioni cause she was wearing a Antioni jacket. “Oh rupa-rupanya namanya Antioni….” *hahahaha* Ok then after awhile the guides suddenly said something… “Eh apa kamu buat di sana?” They flashed their lights towards 2 people in the jungle who were already on the night walk… There they were, ZiXian n Fang Tang curi-curi meet up with each other… they looked like they did something wrong there, so “guai shu”… hahahah hilarious people…

Then it was me turn so I went pretty quick so I could get out of the jungle faster.. mana tahu… not even half way through I met the 2 curi-curi people and Johnaton… After that TImmy joined in the crowd and then towards the end Vivin met up with us…. right…. wat a nice night walk…. then we reached back to our rooms at 12 something and I couldn’t sleep that night… dunno why.. I think I only slept for 3 hours or so….

The next morning we had a jog… also known as the “Trolak Race” basically almost everyone went the wrong way. me and me mates… well… we were lost… probably because they were with the clueless me… whaahhaha.. right after breakfast we were brought to the obstacle course again…. today we had to draw a map for something like a treasure hunt… but we had to do it blindfolded… so there we were drawing and all… and then we started the hunt… I guess I could call it “blind man’s buff ” don’t know why… it was kinda fun…. the “clueless” team got first… wahhahahahha oh our blindfold’s weren’t cloth, it was white tape… I was crying halfway through the race….probably due to the chemicals

after that we were headed for the low ropes course… bascially it was kinda easy except for the commando crawl and the tyre swinging thing… after that it was the high ropes…. the main aim was the flying fox…. that.. was simply AMAZING….. ok went back had dinner and prepared for our drama skit that night… we were supposed to do some kung fu skit that involved co-operation. So we came up with some kongsi gelap people kidnapping a gay dude…. and some kung fu people came to save the gay dude after the gay dude’s partner asks for their help… Yeung Yoke was pretty gay in it…. the best drama was I would say… Timmy’s group…. probably because of I-Rene’s sampatness…. hahahaha I couldn’t quite make out what the “gambateh” team were doin though…p>

before our skit and all… KC the instuctor there wanted to show us a clip…. The clip was…. US during our “blind man’s buff” activity…. it was totally hilarious wat we all did blinfolded…. there was a group surronding the water table as if sacrificing it…. There was my group trying to crawl under a “tree” *the tree was fake…. Mr. Alex was holding the branch* so silly…. but we didn’t crawl under it in the end… Fang Tang couldn’t go under it…. I feel the funniest is still Ashraff though…. He almost led his team to the pond nearby… but alas he stopped and went on his knees to feel the ground…. so silly looking… oh then there was Timmy with his kung fu stance…. oh then another Ashraff moment… ok the rule of the activity is when ur group reaches a checkpoint, U have to shout “QC”. So Ashraff and Abdul Karim’s group met at the same place. Ashraff wanting to feel the checkpoint free himself from his team and felt the checkpoint…. after that he rejoined a group…. Karim’s group…. and the irony is.. they shouted “QC” together…. hahaha silly dude.. after shouting only did he realise it wasn’t his group…. hahahaha could hear him asking “who is this?” hehehehe oh then after he rejoined his group…. he lead them towards the middle of Karim’s group…. Karim’s group was standing in a circle…. a small one too…

Oh another odd thing happened too… when the race was about to end.. some dude was putting coconuts in my hand.. crazy dude…. oh a coconut whacked Pamela on the head too… yeap so that was it for day 2…. wow this is getting freaking long.. wonder if anyone will read it….

last day at Trolak, we start off with a group “Trolak Run”. I couldn’t run… I sucked at it… but well Chong kinda pushed me all the way…. felt like puking towards the end….. All I can say is victory is sweet… if U work hard to get it….. right.. so that was the end of day 3… we had talks and stuff after that.. then after lunch.. we went home…. reached HELP at 3.20pm… whole body aching….

Oh and Mr. Alex and Ms. Winnie came with us for the trip…. with thier 2 adorable kids….. I wonder if they will ever tire down… oh yeah another thing… when Yeung Yoke and Fang Tang was holding hands with Jason, the younger son of Mr. Alex & Ms. Winnie, they looked like a family…. hahaha ok till next time.. bye bye