I’m opening a cake house!

Would U believe that… Me opening a cake house… could be because I wanted to be a patisserie after watching Kim Sam Soon… hahahha ok we’ll come to that later…
I just had me dinner.. and I have a little pic of it… heheheh I was bored..

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it was pretty big, ham, cheese, carrots, lettuce, fried egg and WALA… my dinner… took 1/2 an hour to devour the whole thing… now I’m stuffed like hell… shouldn’t have made it 3-tier… sad case… saturday nite and haev to eat dinner alone… 😦 *alone again… naturally….* oh I added carrots this time and some tomato sauce too…. much delicious this time round… normally my sandwiches can be pretty bland… cause lack of resources… no tomatoes this tiem round so i had to be creative a little… the carrots added crunch to the sandwich.. not bad…
my plan was to start doin my work at 8pm but I was still preparing my dinner at 8pm… and now it’s almsot 9 and I’m blogging… -.-” i was suppsoed to start preparing my dinner at 7.00pm but circumstances didn’t allow it.. cicumstances being ZiXian kept laughing at me…
yesterday went to Yeen’s house to watch tv…. *that didn’t soudn very right* went to school to collect me certs too… did a little shopping before crashing Yeen’s place… Yeen said there aren’t any canned pasta sauces… I begged to differ.. so here’s the proof

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The Supermarket Queen has to be dethroned….
right.. now to the cake house part… I’ll be opening a cake shop soon.. and I already lsited down a couple of cakes.

#1 – Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake *though there ain’t much swirl in it*
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#2 – Espresso Cheese
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#3 – Mango Delight

#4 #5 #6 #7 – 4 wonders * stupid name I know… or would 4 tempting/delicious/unforgettable/sudden/lame a better name?*
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If U still haven’t figured it out… I ain’t opening a cake house… I ain’t gonna be a patisserie either… those were teh cakes I enjoyed for the pass week which makes me a pretty fat kid right now… #2 is still in my fridge… *gasp* great nice week.. lovely lovely… Event where #? came out:

#1 was no surprise… lovely cake…
#2 was pretty surprising… espresso…
#3 was meant to be surprising but I spoiled it, the cake was a surprise though…
#4 #5 #6 #7 was really surprising…. i seriosuly did not know… good job eh.. can’t believe i was lying down on the carpet then… hahahha
pretty good year this year then… 😀 lovely year… got quiet a handful of stuff… a lot of people celebrated me birthday with me too…

In the second event where #2 appeared, I would like to thank Yi Lin Bong, Evil Devil aka Shu Wei, Strawbs aka Mei Shea, Wei Kiat, The Bear aka How Han, Fan Sheng, Sakit aka Sai Keat and Yi Hoong.. did I leave anyone out? nope… oh this happened on 22 July I think I blogged about it…
In the next event where #3 appeared, a whopping 18 people appeared to sing me a song… *jaw dropping and hits ground* I didn’t know I had such pulling power… heheh though I think it’s more of Shu Ying’s pulling power instead of mine… anyways i would like to thank i think i gotta number them then delete the numbers.
Shu Ying, I-Rene, ZiXian, Sin Ying, Pui Kuen, Khai Shien, Takuma aka May Yoong, Yung Hui , Li Lee , Uncle aka Kenny , Rueben Uncle , Kuafu aka Hua Fu , Joe Ee , Wan Yian , Anna , Sim Wei , Mary *i think it’s spelled like that* , Elaine
Done… wow.. long list.. oh this happened on the 26th July
And last but not least, I would like to thank Vatty, Yeen and Zyenn too… this event happened yesterday 28th July with 2 movies to boot
AT the end of it.. I had several gifts to savour
#1 a bag from me parents
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#2 DC CD *ooo Joy* from me bro
#3 Flat panda with price tag still on *hehehhehe* * i have no idea who… people from the party of 18*
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#4 Wonderful cakes hahahha *everyone*

#5 2 muffins and a bunch of sweets *Hua Fu then Zyenn*
So thanx people… if U want to know which is my fav cake… ask… hahhaha ok ciao now…


why me?

Why… why… must I be tagged…. i hate this kinda stuff… i like reading otehrs but I don’t like doin.. but wat the heck…

– I was 9… wonderful…. i was studying… *obviously* hmmm.. wat happened when I was 9… i seriously don’t remember… oh I had the best form teacher ever… she is the nicest teacher I ever met… oh and I think I got a D for art…. oh oh.. I collected stickers too… some sort of small kid craze then…


– 14… and was still studying… *obviously* ah… this is the time I met really wierd people ie. the person who tagged me… and… and… i great my memory sucks… yeah met a pretty nice bunch of people…. and… ah… can’t refresh my memory…. NEXT….


– 18… years old and was working…. to earn money which has most probably been dwindled away already… met more wierd people…. *hahahah no they aren’t really wierd* spoke a lot of chinese * no difference now*… started pre-U…. attended a camp, got my SPM results…. had straight HDs in a semester…. heheheh .. sweet…


whahahaha they are all from the ABBA forever gold album…

– super trouper

– lay all your love on me

– mamma mia

– take a chance on me

– knowing me knowing U


– O-Town – All or Nothing

– Wang Lee Hom – Wei Yi

– Ronan Keating- When you say nothing at all

– kavana – will you wait for me

– O-Town – liquid dreams

* all the old songs… *


but I don’t runaway anywhere… oh what the heck… my room and a place where no one knows U… Holland would be nice… or Switzerland…


– Money, money, money

– a shelf

– world peace *chuckle*

– good health

– and… good grades… *so typical*


– marketing assignement

– replying messages

– sitting up straight

– research for assignment

– watch tv?


– family

– friends

– DC CD… hahahha


no one…. almsot everyone I know that blogs has done this… so wat’s the use? well if people still want to do tehn go ahead… I ain’t gonna stop U…

Joy Of DC

A Dashboards Confessional CD is finally mine… nyahahhaha…. thanx to Vivin Imelia for bringing it back from Singapore for me… Shall be my most prized CD after Snow Patrol and Yellowcard and of course the Lee Hom CDs… be forewarned as the following entry will be about me enjoying the DC cd.. so U can jsut skip it if U want or U can see how bored and lame I am… good deal eh?

24th July
The CD land into my hands for the frist time ever…. a gramaphone US import *i think gramaphone is a cd retailer* got a feel of the plastic wrapping and placed it carefully into my bag.. wodnering if I’ll crush it when I’m in the bus…

26th July
Officially teared the plastic wrapping off the CD at exactly 12:36am… I slowly picked at the plastic wrapping in case my nail scratches the case…. then i slowly picked of the label the retail shop stick onto the top of the CD case *the label to show the album title and other stuff*… the selofon tape was a little tricky but took it out without any scratches to the case but I left soem sticky stuff back at the case… couldn’t get it out… 😦

Anyway I lifted the cover and the new cd smell overwhelmed me… the scent of a new cd and it’s plasticy smell was too good to be true… I savoured the smell for a moment then checked out the lyrics and stuff and closed the cd case as it was way too late…. I had to enjoy DC when I truly had the time to enjoy it’s musical beauty.

27th July
The DC cd had it’s official first spin at exactly 4:49 pm…. the radio loaded it and waited for me to finish my chores… awhile later at exactly 5:07 the first song off DC’s “Dusk and Summer” album came on… 40 mins and 38 second of absolutely joy filled my ears… *though in actual fact, the songs are more emo than joy but I had joy while listening to it*… and waht a wonderful album it is….. I felt the title song was really emo-ish… could feel tears welding up but none came out…. *luckily*

so with a DC CD finally in my hands… I can’t help but give a really big grin… 😀 lovely lovely… I would like to thank Yohana once more… if she hadn’t went to Singapore… I might still be sulking over here… hahahha oh well.. so my DC infatuation has increased… i shall drool over it more while U “enjoy” this post…. till the next post.. cheerio

Days of activity

have been pretty busy for the pass 4 days… so I’m kinda tired, lazy and a little cranky.. but all’s in good faith *wonder that means* it’s a moment of celebration…. so I’ll start gettign lame and tell everyone including strangers what I did for the pass 4 days plus today
on the first day of celebration (19th July)

Manpreet’s birthday…. so we celebrated at McD near HELP… wasn’t a very busy day… her cake was nice though… plus she was surprised which is good…. but hmm someone forgot to bring her present… I don’t even know wat’s the present… oh well.. be patient and i think time will tell wat’s the present…..
on the second day of celebration (20th July)

ah… today… we *me and college mates* went for a pretty long karaoke session at 1U’s neway…. I finally found out where the rock climbing was… ended up making a fool out of ourselves…. especially me, Irene and ZiXian… suffice to say, no more 1U neway for me… unless U give me a mask to cover my face when we go in…
At first there were 7 of us, then Seafood, Sin Ying and Shu Ying left first at 4.30 ish… then the craziness started… the rest of us *plus pui kuen* sang chinese new year songs, nursery rhymes, jingle bells, “mak dao” songs and wierder songs like Bee Gees staying alive… which is not a very karaoke friendly song… regardless… have a pretty good time.. oh the room had it’s own toilet too… 2 thumbs up.
On the 3rd day of celebration (21st July)

not much celebration today.. just went jusco with me mum and hang around dunno where… whahahah found out Valene works at G2000 1U… at nite so was unable to visit her… anyway a short little rest for teh upcoming hectic days. Oh U do notice that the “on the 1st day of celebration” thingy and so forth is following the christmas jingle “on the first day of christmas, my true love gave to me…. ” that tune…
On the 4th day of celebration (22nd July) , my “fake love” gave to me…

nothing… hahah… today is Lee Pei Theng’s birthday… but didn’t celebrate with her, teh silly girlw as working.. but I promised soya bean for her.. hahahah… went to the doctor in the afternoon, something wrong with me ear…. then headed for 1U at 4…
Supposed to celebrate a birthday… but in the end we ended up moving it to The Curve… it was almost 8 before 9 of us settled at “Hooked”…. i definitely felt unhooked when I left, the food wasn’t very good… *very little ingredients* and the service wasn’t all that good either… the stuff teh fella recommended wasn’t up to my par…. regardless…. it was still a good day despite certain setbacks…
On the 5th day of celebration (today)

Sunday, time to relax and unwind… but no.. had to wake up early to go Isetan, there’s a sale going on adn me bro wants to buy clothes… so along went the entire family… bought myself some socks… actually jsut a pair.. and got a new school bag… not a bad day… but was feeling kinda grouchy today… so kinda spoiled my mood for the start of the day… which also brings me to the weekly resolution for my next week which I shall tell later….
I have a short break of 2 hours before the whole family minus my brother will watch Pirates of The Caribbean 2…. and then eat vietnamese where I can get the mango milkshake… whahahahaha don’t think I can do any of my homework today…. might only be able to amke it back home at 10…. oh welll… the lecturer ain’t gonna torture anyone alive if they didn’t complete it..
ok now to my “Resolution of The Week” which is… enjoy anything that comes by… even waiting for the bus, waiting for the lecturer to arrive, eating breakfast, talking, sleeping.. watever it is just enjoy…. life is too short to grouch over like what i did this morning… 😦 the next resolution starts 2morrow… but I’ll try implementing the previous one too… ok time to split….

Resolution of the week

I’m back… turned out the modem was faulty… so I’m back.. haha -.-” ok cut to the chase, let’s get to our main topic shall we?

I am starting a new resolution every week… these resoultions will be different desirable traits? so at the end of a year I will have 52 new / improved traits? hope my description is clear enough… That is the idea… ideally, in reality however; I think I’ll only do these for like 2/3 weeks then stop abruptly…. maybe I’ll only last 24 hours or less…. talk about hangat hangat tahi ayam….

So the resolution of this “wonderful” week is patience… so I’ll learn to be patient this week then next week I’ll go on fire… teehee… Can I ask a pretty simple question… How patient can a person be? will too much patience cause people to think that ur not exercising ur right and just being a down right wuss?

I guess it’s pretty debatable… I won’t be changing my skin after all… too lazy… hehehe oh well… apparently now I’m a little dilemma… *according to me* but I guess time can fix it… I just have to be “patient” which fits exactly into this weeks picture….

Notice: #1

I won’t be blogging for awhile considering that I can’t get myself online…. it says limited or no LAN connectivity…. spent 11 minutes talking to the streamyx guy to figure out that it’s not thier problem so… waste of precious time…. hahahhaa *11 minutes also wanna complain*

I guess not being able to internet is a good thing considering mid terms is arriving…. but there are other distractions…. oh well time to pay attention in class… wanna get scholarship… muahahhahahahha

Destiny fulfilled?

Ah.. it’s almost time for this here blog’s second anniversary, no big deal actually.. it’s only 2… won’t be changing my skin in time for the “celebration” don’t find myself trying to search for them skins, maybe this here blog is beginning to be a bore eh?

Soon, soon… when the time is right, the skin will be right… *hehe* ok so for this 2 years, what have I accomplished here? am I closer to my destiny? Am I still searching for it? do I even have a destiny????? Oh dear… no destiny? 😦

Alright I admit… if U people haven’t guessed it yet, I’m just blogging for the sake of it, that’s why I said it was a bore. See a secretive, quiet person like me who has very little self disclosure can’t possibly own a blog. what can I say in the blog? today I walked on the road staring at the sky?

Oh well, since it’s only 2 years I don’t think my destiny is fulfilled… oh oh.. Superman is out and Pirates of The Caribbean is comin out soon… The “Il Mare” hollywood remake is out soon… “The Lakehouse” I distinctively remember that the original was at a beach or pond or maybe it really was a lake… no.. it was a sea.. sans the name “il mare ” which means by the sea or something of that nature. wonder if I should watch the remake, and then compare which is better.

But I’m afraid Keanu Reeves will spoil the character’s image originally protrayed by Lee Jung Jae, I know Sandra Bullock has kinda spoiled the Jeon Ji Hyun’s character’s image… in my viewpoint… I dunno.. maybe cause one sounds so dreamy-ish and the other is just.. normal?

Right.. wonder why I like to talk about korean movies… why I must be hooked… like a fish on a fishing rod…. some metaphor eh? sicne we’re already on korean movies I’ll try and rank my favs.

1. My Sassy Girl (without a doubt)
2. Almost love (I am a sucker for rom-coms)
3. Taegukgi (This was almost second)
4. Lover’s concerto (still like the line in the movie)
5. Il Mare (though it was kinda slow, the story was kinda nice)
6. She’s on duty (Kim Sun Ah and Gong Yoo.. hehe)
7. 2009:Lost memories (ah this was a pretty interesting one)
8. Daisy (Nice, but a little slow)
9. Windstruck (Rom com, saddening stuff)
10. Too Beautiful to lie (I actually found the lead actor attractive) hahah

Ok the other non stated ones are well not there…

hmm.. how did destiny fulfilled? ended up at korean movies? oh well… in conclusion, my destiny ain’t fulfilled yet… if it’s already fulfilled I would be gone now… *touch wood*