Odd…. non-book person

I discovered something really odd and this oddness ain’t good. I noticed that everytime after I post a “notice” about me taking a break/ idling time/ sabbatical from blogging I end up blogging a few days later… -.-“” talking bout being idle.. this oddness is pretty dumb actually. Next time I shall put I’ll be idling and then when I post in the next few days I’ll remove the idle notice…

Ok right. Me being a “non-book person” tned to go to a lot of book sales. -.-” But I don’t even like to read. I think my mum has been succesful in making me read, that’s why she’s able to drag me to any book sales that are near by. Sales clearance by Popular, Times, Mph and Big Book shop will have an “honourable” visit by me unless of course I feel too lazy to pop in.

Right… so this time there was the Big Book Shop sales at Atria which just ended on Sunday. I actually attended the sales on the first day itself. *talk about being a non-book person* got 2 books one was pretty interesting and the other one… well I’m kinda getting through it. I initially wanted 4 books but I’m a little too stingy to pay for it myself… hahahhaha

I obtained

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“Blink: The power of thinking without thinking” by Malcolm Gladwell very interesting book and a really easy read too and

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“Life swap” by Jane Green.

And on the last day of the sales I went again… -.-” hmm the arrangement before and after is a little diferent. There are new books too… wow…. this time I got

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“Around the world in 80 dates” by Jennifer Cox , i wanted this on the first visit *they are actually making a movie out of this one, it’s coming out next year though*, and

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“Sea Otters Gambolling in the Wild Wild Surf” by John Bennett. I noticed another thing too.. I tend to gravitate towards books with odd titles such as “Sea Otters gambolling in the wild wild surf”, I don’t even know wat gambolling means…. oh before I forget, the otter on the cover is kinda cute.. hahahha

Hmm I think that’s about it.. I shall flee now.. and come back when I feel like “idling” hahah


Notice: Idle till further notice

This blog shall be idle until further notice. Reasons being, too lazy to blog, assignments have to be finished, hotels have to be found, etc etc…

But there’s one thing I really wanna blog about! “Checkers” hehehhe… but since I’m supposed to be idling….. Wait till next time. Probably after the end of this month or after the end of next month. Should blog about “Movie Run” but…. sigh… my fingers refuse to conform to such heavy typing, therefore; Robbstar shall stop typin and say cheerios!

Jim & Sally

Jim & Sally are the best of friends. They were inseparable eversince the day they met when they were only 4. *aww… how sweet* Jim & Sally soon fell in love to the joy of all who surrounded them. Jim & Sally have a common love for food, especially HK food; however, they were residents of another country. Thier time in thier homeland was disastrous as their fav HK food wasn’t in thier reach. The fact that Jim was a chef didn’t help matters for as smart as he was, he was unable to replicate the exact same dishes they tasted in HK.

Sally was very determined to eat some HK food so she devised a plan for them to satisfy thier craving for HK food. Thier plan was practically fool proof, unless of course if Jim & Sally are fools then the plan wouldn’t work. Soon Jim was in HK learning the ropes one how to make the perfect HK dish. Every eatery Jim went, Jim spied *not to mention stole too*.

After years of doing such snoopish business, Jim & Sally had enough recipes to last them an entire lifetime! Alas, that wasn’t enough for Sally who wanted to spread the goodness of HK food to everyone is the whole wide world, but this big plan hit a snag! English was considered the universal language and Jim & Sally unfortunately didn’t study thier english when they were in school. They did the best they could to give fanciful names to the items in thier menu. They also threw in higher than average prices to make the eatery more “up”market and had a nice decor to boot too!

Throngs of people ate at thier restaurant everyday. Tonnes of people loved thier food but there are always 2 sides to a coin and I was on the other side. One fine day, ok.. it wasn’t so fine after all, I came a walking. Ordered something “cheap” and boy did I get cheap food. I would ahve been happier making it myself at home….

— end of story —–

oh well no point in whining about it so suffice to say I shall not go there again, although their rice ain’t half bad. hmm hopefully this ain’t considered defaming or I might get sued… kakaka

*Jim & Sally’s story is made believe the last paragraph has some truth value to it*

Screen Uncles

Hello readers, do you remember one particular entry where I gushed about a particular actor, about his character in a show? this might help U a little. So that was like so 2005 so this year 2007 there are new uncles to gush over.

Wonder how shows (tv dramas, short movies, movies, etc….) can make U feel how bergaya the “uncle” is… I think I remember reading a friend’s blog about how korean dramas make uncles look so hot… hahahha

Ok to cut things short there are 2 new uncles to gush over. One is in “Music and Lyrics” Yeap, U guessed right, U can now gush over Hugh Grant and it’s perfectly fine cause he was pretty witty in the show. His lines are very nice and he says them so nonchalantly that it doesn’t even seem like a joke. He doesn’t look like a typical good looking kinda guy, heck his droopy eyes make him seem like a puppy to me but hell his character was simply lovable in “Music and Lyrics”.

Here’s a picture of Hugh grant with Drew Barrymore in “Music and Lyrics”. Picture taken from barnettimes.

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Since Park Shin Yang is the nice-suave-stubborn uncle in “Lovers in Paris”, Hugh Grant is the witty-hip-shaking uncle in “Music and Lyrics”. Should catch this show, quite a typical rom com but, thier lines are very nice plus it’s a little musical so go watch… I would give a rather ok 7 for this “uncle”. The next “uncle” however, I would give a nice 8.5.

What I like about this 8.5 “uncle” I have no idea whatsoever. U could classify him as the dreamy-blur-blur-dumb-dumb-bear-like kinda uncle. Oh not to mention sleepy looking.. but he looks very hugable no doubt. I’m talking ’bout Gam Woo Seong in “Alone In Love”. I only watched like 4-5 episodes of this, a few at the beginning and the last 2. He should be 37 so he qualifies as an uncle. He looks really korean, how nice if I could meet someone like him… kakakaka.. sensitive, caring, bear like *lol*, can be comical…. *ah now I think I’m dreaming too much*

Here’s a pic of Gam Woo Seong in “Alone in Love”. the girl behind is Son Ye Jin. Both of them were fantastic in the drama. What a nice pick.

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Ah there’s this guy in “Alone in Love” that looks pretty cute. Not as bergaya as Kim Sung Soo though. Son Ye Jin was his love interest. He looks very model like… not putting the name here though… here’s a little pic… Not an uncle though, he’s like 26.

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Actually I didn’t gush a lot. I ain’t a good gusher or rather the mood to gush has faded away. I actually feel like gushing about someone else… someone on our local shores for a change eh? first I must check if he’s an uncle. If he ain’t well nvm.. some other time then… I shall split now… cheerios. Oh the korean pictures are from Hancinema.


I think I’ve succesfully kept this blog as anonymous as I can which gives me quite a lot of freedom… I think. Makes me feel quite liberated but still some things cannot be blogged about since other blogstars that are linked to me might have my name…

Since I’ve nothing to blog about… oh oh I deleted the previous post.. which mostly no one would have read…. it was only posted for 6 hours almost 7, but I wouldn’t know… turned out I plugged the wrong place.

wanted to talk about a dinner I ahd yesterday but come to think of it I’m too lazy as I want to complete my assignment. However; I’m also really lazy to do that. But I fought *exaggeration* with my brother for the place in front of the monitor, so I better make good use of it. So off I go, wonder if anything interesting will be happening this week. suppose to tell me parents some important things but… oh well… not much from me this time round just got a assignment and an exam coming wednesday and that’s it! lessons will be continued… hehe.. hmmmm anything else to add?

Nothing is particular, AH! tomorrow is the last day of Chinese New Year. Shall do a little recap. I went bai nian-ing to 8 people’s house *what a nice number*. Won 7 rounds of “wrong” mahjong *wrong caused we were playing it in a different manner, btw we played 8 rounds.. kakakka*. Didin’t count my angpaus yet. didn’t count the cards as well. Cookies on the table, too lazy to count… *too many… hahahhaha* drinks I’ve drank…. lost count… number of times went missing? once *though actually we weren’t really missing cause the road could also be used to reach the destination except that we weren’t with the group but I’ll still count it anyway*

Ah… what I nice recap… ok OFF to work now. cheerios! hope U guys had a wonderful Chinese New Year! If not, there’s always last year…