Happy Holidays

Well let’s see here…. It’s the holidays…. and a lot of celebrations are due this week….. Today for example, the 31st of October is Halloween…… though it ain’t a tradition for people here to treat or trick but well maybe U could just I dunno… trick or treat ur mates???

Then 2morrow is Deepavali….. then the day after is Hari Raya…. * selamat.. Hari raya! Kepada sanak saudara dan semua? * *can’t sing no Deepavali song.. don’t know any….* Imagine a person that celebrates all of these festivals… She could wear a sari, a kebaya top maybe and a pumkin head to match… then the guy could wear erm er… songkok, superman bottoms and erm indian top?

Ok forgive the crappiness… a little high these days…. Hmm anyway to people celebrating these festivities.. have a ball of a time… And to does that don’t U could always stay home and carve pumpkins, fry some popadams / muruku and maybe fold some ketupats….

Hey so Happy DeepaRaya and Halloween to all readers out there who can read this and know wat Deeparaya is… To all me mates who’s indian and malay… rejoice and collect a lot of duit raya…. *as much as possible*

As for me.. I’ll be heading over to Cameron Highlands for a day or 2 and get stuck in teh jam or soemthing… * not liek I want it , so touch wood* Hey U guys want anything? liek strawberries or I dunno.. cabbages??? *Hey Strawbs.. strawberries…..* Well even if U do want some.. I might not even get them for U… heheheh *talk about sincerity*

Anyway peeps so long and enjoy ur holidays and don’t chuck that research paper aside eh college mateys… Oh yeah people baliking kampung.. drive safely… *Balik kampung oh oh oh balik kampung….. *



Ok.. a bus ride can be exciting yet boring… Exciting cause U can see all kinds of people. There are those who like to let people smell their feet. *i.e. people who take out their shoes and place their feet comfortably on chairs opposite theirs*. There are a people who suddenly talk to no one in particular but someone is bound to answer them…. *odd indeed*…

The bus ride can be boring though when there aren’t any interesting “specimens” around… Just sit there and stare at teh same old scenery U see 5 times a week….. U only get to notice the dents on the road railings, new weed growing from the grass, freshly cut grass, the new advertisement, trimmed flowers and people seating at bus stands…..

Now U gotta be wondering what does a bus ride have to do with the title… well I’m getting there… When U board a bus and paid money…. A ticket is dispensed… it’s just a small rectangular like piece of paper with some wrting on it which I don’t understand except the printing of the amount of money I paid for the bus ride on it. It’s the size of an adult thumb I think.. roughly that size anyway…

So.. last thursday the 13th of October… I was jsut sitting there and looking at the same old scenery then I got bored and started folding my ticket when the bus stopped at the Bangsar stop… It was just random folds here and there… * I do that frequently* SO I went flding and foldiong till it became a square and somehow I manage to make a little box out of the emasly piece of paper…. Cool eh… hehe

I finished it jsut after the bus stopped at Eastin…. I was was actually aiming for a boat but regardless, a box is ok…. It is a seriously small little box…. It’s only the size of my thumb… it can even barely fit it… I have a coupel of pics of it.. here have some fun…. it may not be very clear.. * took it on me phone*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The bottom of the box… see it nicely fits the Rapid KL logo…

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And last but not least… to prove how small it was, I actually took out me collection of Polly Pocket and placed Polly in the box… here’s the outcome….

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

notice how it seems like Polly is in a rubber tube instead of a box…. she seems comfortable though…. On my first try Polly actually stumbled outta the box…. hehe

Well ok that was my first succesful bus ticket origami… I hoped there is more to come… hehe
Ok so what if this entry is so nonsensical…. I’m getting a little crazy…. I think I wanna change my blog add…..

Malaysian Record

Time to give a little low down on wat happened today… I actually woke up at 6.45am …. earlier by 15 mins from the previous week…. But it was for a pretty good cause so it was ok I guess…

Kinda rushed packing my stuff, poncho, shirt, water and well that was about it… Reached the car park at exactly 7.30am … Talk about punctuality…. Met up with the gang and kinda hung around till “Princess Manpreet” arrived, oh she brought Vivik too… how nice…

Soon at about 8 something, we * Lam Lam, “Princess Manpreet”, The coffeeholic, ZiKu and myself* started arranging the coins… one by one, each one of them touching each other…. it was pretty tedious but I guess all one needs is a little patience… Well if U HELP dudes haven’t guessed what I’m talking bout.. shame on ya…. but for readers who have no idea wat so ever….. I was participating in a little record breaking attempt..

“The Longest 50 cent coin line in Malaysia”

Ah well we broke it after all with a length of 1.58km… we beat the previous record by 0.5km I think… some where there anyway.. After arranging and the usual speeches and the recording of the length, the coins were collected and donated to charity….

It was 12 something by the time the whole thing ended. Changed into some pretty comfy clothes and headed to Mid Valley as Yang ZiKu wanted to watch “A Sound Of Thunder” which wasn’t half bad by the way… althought the scenery and stuff were clearly super imposed…. So ended up walking around Mid Valley with well… home like clothes… It was cooling yeah…. but well A little odd I may presume…

Well ok that was my low down.. If U want more details or another person’s perspective there is always Shyuing’s blog… Adios for now… I have some sleep to catch up with….


Phew a new skin after like 4 months with the freakish looking secret keeper…. It was starting to scare me at night…. hehe

So this is the appropriately named Rockstar… I changed the title of me blog too… Ok this skin is a little dark…. I wanted to look for a female rockstar but well it was either the pic wasn’t ncie or the layout and the other things weren’t up to me par….

Oh Yeah, entries after 16th June I think… have to be highlighted to be read…. Sorry for the inconveniences….. Well time to spend time studying now.. spent too long doing this here thing……

Oh… I changed this skin because apart from the freakish secret keeper with some sort of fluid flowing out of the mouth I noticed that a couple of blogstars have changed theirs…. Notebly… Evil Devil’s , Chienzz and Yeen’s… I personally feel… Cheinzz is the better one… hehehe Yeen.. urs is too eerie for me…


Songs which I’m currently all over

= Canon In D Major

= Ku Xiao Bu De – Ke You Lun

= Ohio (Come Back to Texas) – Bowling For Soup

= Sugar, We’re Goin Down – Fall Out Boy

Movies I so wanna watch……. but might not

= Corpse Bride

= April Snow (K)

= All About Love (C)

= Four Brothers

= Transporter 1 & 2

= A Sound Of Thunder

= Sky High

= She’s On Duty (K)


ANyone with the VCD can lend me? hehe just kiddin. The above was just for fun…. I didn’t want to start this off feeling negative…. Uhhhh Yi Lin Bong didn’t blog for so long… why???

Firstly I think I’m a pretty crummy friend.. *I seriously have no idea what crummy means* Why I think so I have no idea mayeb because I’m to critical of myself… I don’t really seem to care or rather I don’t appear in other people’s eyes as a person who cares……

Nah this entry ain’t about me being a crummy friend.. maybe the next one…

This ones about what makes the weird me happy….

1. Hmm I actually feel happy when people leave comments on me blog…. hehe

2. Listening to nice music

3. chatting with mates *depends on who*

4. linkin people with emos … teeheehee *Vivin looks like the cat emo she uses*

5. Seeing good friends which I seldom see/talk/meet/interact/coomunicate

6. Seeing me mates happy?

7. looking at the stars….

8. Chocolate Coronet for breakfast

9. eating ice cream… and chocolate

10. watching Survivor… hehehe actually wathcing TV should be more appropriate

11. Looking at the sunset / sunrise

12. Karaoke

13. Listening to new music

14. Reading comics

15. Nature itself…. *trees, grass, flowers, butterflies, insect, sun… everything*

Now I’m having a little happiness block… Too much happiness

16. When it rains lightly *not drizzle* and there ain’t no thunder or lightning

17. Teasing people like Yang ZiKu and Fifin Imeilia

Hmm well I guess that’s the compilation of things… next post might be why I’m a crummy friend unless someone can persuade me otherwise…. Well till then…. ciao… I might change this skin… the secret keeper face is freaking me out…..

Survivor : Guatemala

Woohoo….. Survivor is being shown again on terresterial TV….. Woohoo again…. *jumping into the air* it was first shown last saturday and I suspect they showed 4 *yes 4, probably trying to catch up with the US showings* episodes becasue when I saw the survivor yesterday….. 4 people had already went out…. aish… I only caught an episode and a half… 😦

Nevertheless…. Survivor back on is cool as hell….. *to me that is* ok now proceed to today…. I actually woke up at 7 on a Saturday *gasp* yeap I went to college to attend some club…. which trned out to be pretty frigthening if U were the speaker…. Attended the club meeting with Lam Lam, Yang ZiTian *not real name*, Rat Eagle, Yeoh Fang Tang *not real name also* and Seafood. Technically we jsut kinda clowned around after the meeting was over.

after that went to Pizza Hut and clowned around more… Tried their puff pastry soup.. not bad not bad but not good either… This time there were only 4 of us left, Lam Lam and seafood sudah balik. The soon Fang Tang went too… so it was me, ZiSuan *wahah her name can change into so many different names, so convenient if she were a convict* and Rat Eagle….

We kinda made lame jokes…. especialy mine right.. ok… I shall try me LAME joke here….

Ok.. U guys know Starbucks right?

Starbucks is from the US, and in the US their currency is the dollar but the word “buck” is more commonly used to replace dollar…

SO since this is Malaysia, shouldn’t Starbucks be Starringgit? * -.-” so cold….*

OK after that there was some confusion over where the replacement class and ended up wasting Chen Ming’s money…. 😦 sorry dude…. we didn’t know the security guard lied to us… * I don’t think he lied, the lecturer changed the class herself* Thank god I smsed Ching or I would have been at Wisma HELP…

Ok when I went to college it was halfway raining and by the time I reached home it was about to rain… Imagine how long I was in college on a saturday…. so sad… 😦 And oh yeah I finally found out me LAN marks after like so long….. * I can finally log into mypride* well results is confidential but I didn’t fail any thats’ all….

oh yeah supposed to go to Puchong for some Mexican fare but the restaurant was closed so ended up eating some hawker fare…. Saw the LimKokWing campus… It looked pretty cool…. It was so spacious and stairs all around.. beutifully down without a doubt… but me bro seems to be complaining about it all the time dunno why? compared to the block of basement of HELP,the LimKokWing campus is so much better. But I guess it’s th education that counts… besides LimKokWing is more of a artsy fartsy college so It wasn’t really surprisinng to see a nice building….

Well guess that’s about it… mid terms coming up and I’m supposed to be studying but…. well… I’m jsut to lazy I guess…. I wanna relax…. Oh well see U dudes soon….. this entry is so totally different from my previous one eh?

Doggone IT

It’s 11.54pm and I’m sitting here waiting for that darn &()^&%^#@$&^*& Mypride to open itself……. It loads the same page over and over again or says that the server is down… doggone it……

Is it that hard to open a G******** stupid student intranet thingy to check out my g**forsaken LAN marks…… Oh and apparently only my page can’t be loaded….. All me mates had such smooth rides getting logged in in like a split second and here I am waiting for dunno for how freaking long for some stupid thing which may not even be working at the moment……

and to make matters even nicer….. I have absolutely nothing to do onlinging while I wait for that darn thing to load itself over and over again……. I do have work vut how can soemone concentrate about that right now….. *U()^%&#%&*) how nice if I could use those angry emos here right now…… I wonder how many times have I seen the “cannot find server” sentence today….

And to make my cranky day even better….. my presentation wasn’t all that good… technically it was kind off a flop to me….. not to insult me fellow group members but I felt like I was the only one doin the work….. scenario, graph everything….. maybe because I didn’t split the work load but U guys could at elast volunteer don’t U think????? If U guys ARE reading this….. CAn I ask U a question? “SO what did U guys actually do besides presenting?” Yeah yeah I’m gonna piss off people in this entry, frankly I don’t give a g***** sh** about it….. go ahead and lash out at me stab me whatever I don’t really care right now…. Aish screww that darn presentation….. wat’s done is done…… next time however…. don’t expect me to do everything myself… the reason for a presentation is to learn things!!! not just take someone else’s work and then ask the dude to explain everything to U….

I just want that DARN PAGE TO OPEN … or I have to get my A** over to that darn freaking KPD and get the results………. I don’t even know which floor it’s posted at…… ^^&*$%^#%&^
Played a little of “smacky” and that helped a little…… smack the he** outta the squirrels….. ar… feel like whacking the comp or even the dude in charge of the MyPride thingy….. )_&**(&*(*(&^%%#$&^

English mid term tomorrow and I don’t think I’m ready…. No mood for it now…. Well enough of bad mood today… I’m gonna make a couple of enemies in this one….. so go ahead…. FIGHT ME …. I’m challenging U!!!!