Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012 and Mraz

Wow! It appears I haven’t blogged much in 2012. Almost forgot my password logging in. 🙂

Well lets see what has been up, EURO 2012 is going on right now. Not really rooting for anyone, my fav team Holland is already out anyway.

Olympics is coming around, that should be exciting. 🙂

Well, what have I been up to?

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012!

Never in my life would I have thought I would actually run a marathon. Ok it’s not a full marathon. That’s just crazy for me. I signed up for the “10km Leisure” (finish in 2 hours). Aim was to go an experience it. Boy am I tired. hahaha

The first 4km up till the first drink station was alright. Once I stopped to get that first cup of 100 plus, my legs felt funny. I also regret taking that 100 Plus, too much gas. Kinda disrupted the momentum. From then on, it was partial jog, partial power walk.

1 hour 38 mins later, I got this

All that sweat for a finisher’s medal for remembrance. 🙂

Woohoo! I did it! Ok, the time is “hmmmm….” but I completed it within 2 hours. 😀 Still can’t quite believe I actually signed up and actually ran 10km. Fascinating.

It was an interesting experience, the KL roads were practically empty and only filled with a sea of blue. There were also supporters with interesting signages like “Tired legs are SEXY!” and “Naked cheerleader in 1km”. I personally liked “That is not sweat, that’s your fat cells crying!”

My friends fared better than me though. Will probably sign up for the same category next year. 😀

The other interesting during the week was Jason Mraz’s “LOVE is a four letter word” concert!

Personally, I still prefer his old songs. hahaha wasn’t very prepared for this concert, meaning, didn’t really listen to his new album, which kinda took a  bit of fun outta it. He is a natural performer though, his guitar skills were cool. I particularly liked his brass band. 😀 The violinist was alright. My favourite song for the night was probably “Mr Curiosity” where he started solo on the keyboard.

Here’s a pic of him with his fedora!

Mraz wearing the “LOVE” shirt that were also sold outside. heehee

But, to be honest, if I were to pick which concert to go to again this year, it would still be Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba’s. (Then again, I’m fairly biased towards DC :D)

On a different note, Big Bang is coming to our shores on 27th October 2012! Can’t wait!