The Simpsons….

Da da da da da da da… da da… da. What an iconic theme song… Saw The Simpsons today and it was nice! LOL kinda nice.. hahahha i wouldn’t mind watching again to catch all the “jabs” again… hahahha *btw I won’t be doing a review*

I think i’m liking something even more… sigh…. $$ don’t fly away….. I think ECO101 thought something pretty important, lesson being “With more income, people spend more”. SO true…

I find The Curve Bazaar has quite a number of interesting things. Anyone wants to go?

Oh ah since today was the “CIMB Malaysian Open Final” I think… don’t really know what it’s called but it was held at The Curve and I was thinking “I didn’t know The Curve had a squash court, do they?” I found my answer today! They do have a squash court!! it’s a makeshift one but I feel it’s pretty cool! It’s in the middle and the court is all glass.. so cool.. didn’t get a picture of it though… haha

Ah I also played pool today, a first after almost 10 years? The person I played with was a freaking pro…. like woah…. I think somethings do have beginners luck… I think I noticed something today but I’m not sure… wonder if anyone can rectify this… and I have someone in mind to rectify it for me… *cough* secret recipe *cough*.. i wonder if that just made sense… all well..

I think i’m attracted to more colourful things these days too… I dunno why… did the world suddenly have so many colours? wahahahhaha Ok, to sum it all… GO WATCH “THE SIMPSONS“!!!


Window? Phone?

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Is this a window or a phone? I can just say that it’s helluva phone no? but it’s not a real phone though, just a concept… It’s called “Tarati” & was actually inspired by the word “touch”, therefore; instead of keypads, it has holes for us to interact with, there a concept behind this. To dial, we pass our fingers through the holes… pretty cool… It looks like a window or some sort of building… but it’s still really cool!

It’s designed by Branko Lukic for “nonobject“, a book out towards the end of the year… The concept behind the design can be found here.

Alas it’s only a concept, it might take a long time for it to be usable, wonder if any concept cars were produced… hmmm…


Ah the time has arrived and the once in an entire lifetime number has appeared! I didn’t do anything that was particularly memorable/ special to commemorate this fateful day, which means I didn’t go rock climbing, kayaking, had a makeover or even jump out of a plane…. BUT it was quite a meaningful one. For me, it would be the most meaningful. 🙂

Had a little surprise waiting for me in the morning with a makeshift cake, had a surprise outside the cinema’s toilet *it was that or in the cinema… omg… I will blush till the next day… hahaha*

Watched “Invisible Target”
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and Surpise! Surprise! It was really entertaining! I actually think it’s better than “Transformers”, yeah U read right… It was quite a typical story line actually, one could roughly guess what was going on, but the direction was really nice, I actually felt like I was experiencing events at the same time the characters on screen were… Very nice! If it were split into 6 parts, it would be 3 parts Action, 2 parts Comedy and 1 part Drama. Good stuff… I actually kinda liked Jaycee Chan’s role… hahah very goody… hahah oh, he looks A LOT like Jackie Chan… but i think Jaycee is cuter… hahahah oh the main bad guy was pretty cute too… lol… I didn’t catch his name though… * oh wait, I found out it’s Wu Jing, his pic below…*

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I think i detoured a little, never mind there should be more detours… This day had a few firsts too, I went to Bar-B-Que Plaza *I have no idea how it’s spelled*, it was quite a long eating process, and i asked quite a number of silly questions, hahaha but the food was ok, the sauce was nice too… *omg, my fav song is on! lol* At the restaurant, I also experienced a first regarding service. I would say it was bad or anything, but the server’s attitude was little off? depends on how one sees it, but I think she was a little too playful? Didn’t work for me though, I’m a more reserved person, so work your charm elsewhere, I was just felt it really odd.

I mean have u ever encontered a situation where the server takes your cup to refill your drink, U look up at the person and the server goes *this might be a bad translation* “What? you don’t want is it?” I said “er… no need lar” *i kinda thought she was joking* Then she actually continued saying “So U want or not?”. I was like “No, no need, I don’t want” then she kinda gave me a look and said “ok lor” and walked off… ODD…. There were other situations too, I don’t want to…. oh what the heck..

I just recapped the second “episode”, the first was when she asked us for our student id’s, then everyone was kinda lazy to take theirs out… then she said “no one want to give then no discount ah” I kinda asked the Coffeeholic to take hers before, but I dunno what got into me so I attempted to take mine too, the Coffeeholic was faster than me, then the waitress went “so slow, people faster than U lor”… er ok…

3rd episode, while bringing the cake, she wanted to take the cheque book, I stopped her and said we haven’t paid yet, *if you are wondering why the cheque book was there, the people there though we wanted the bill, -.-“” and made a little round to show it to us… -.-“* She said, “Huh? haven’t paid yet ah?” with a really are u kiddin me look. All it all, quite a weird shop hahahah ok next…

Kinda walked around the mall after, I don’t seem to be able to find a bag that I really like, maybe I’m just not looking hard enough or maybe the theory of “what U want U can’t find, but what U don’t want just pops up everytime!” Soon them mates left one by one and it was “time to say goodbye”… I collected my last paycheck from my previous work… It felt a lot, I dunno, I forgot how hard I worked… Bought Lee Hom’s Cd… more on that later…

Another first today would be, I met a girl who lived in Britain her entire life but has very little British slang… she even speaks cantonese… wow… She’s my mum’s primary Best Friend’s daughter… I think i actually look her age… about 4 years younger than I am… hahahha.. interesting this..
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Another first would be listening to Lee Hom’s newest album for the first time. I would say it is the best so far.. haha in his 2 previous albums I skipped a few songs, this album is unskippable, to me… nice nice.. I like it.. Especially the beats… nice stuff… 3 thumbs up!!! Oh and he’s kinda into the environmental stuff too considering the minimal packaging and his list of things to save the environment.. nice!

What other firsts could there be? hmmm… Oh yes! I actually drove at night! hahah for quite a short distance though… “for a person that has gotten her license for a long time and only driving now is pretty bad” It’s quite different, it’s kinda hard to see the white stop line…. anyway….

To top the “day” it rained a little.. and you know what happens when it rains? “I’m only happy when it rains” hahaha It was only for a short while though…

I think I’m beginning to grasp the concept of birthdays, it’s not what U do, but who you spend it with…. as long as one has good comapny, a birthday cannot go wrong… 🙂 apart from that today will be the most meaningful cause along the way as I was trying to figure out what I was trying to do, I realised that the things that I wanted to do wasn’t so powerful to coerce myself to do it, I managed to figure out that life isn’t just about yourself but also other people, so I gave back a little to the community. *I didn’t volunteer, I don’t think I’m at that stage yet, I wonder if I ever will be” I actually did it without my mum forcing me… that is so odd… I think I’m changing…

I did another thing that I always wanted to do but just never got round to doing it… I applied to donate my organs actually pledge, cause I won’t be donating it yet… 😀 I feel glad that I actually did though my Dad kinda protested, why? I have no idea…. It was quite scary filling in the form though.. hahaha especially the part where it said which organ U would like to donate.. hahaha.. SO if U want to pledge your organs or know more about pledging them, click here

And since this 20.07.2007 thingy has things to do with numbers.. what what happening to me at exactly 20:07, on 20.07.2007? I fired up my mp3 player and played the next song on the list and miraculously it was a song titled Happy Birthday in Chinese… I didn’t even realise it was 20:07 till I checked out what time it was… hahaha

So it was a Good 20.07.2007! I finished typing this before 12 am!

Oh My G-O-S-H!

Oh My gosh…. * i hardly use god… i think* I just found out my favourite “wonder” *Dashboard Confessional” was in the iphone ad… hahahha it’s a really quick glide through the albums part… so just a little glimpse.. still…….. its so cool…. nyaahhaha

ok i think I’m a little off from all that “thinking”… time to snooze.. gnite world!

Thinking too much

I think I think too much sometimes, U think? There are so many questions that need to be answered, but yet so many unsatisfactory answers….

Q: What is the purpose of us, humans, being here?

A: Gosh, no one knows!

A: To see how long it takes to destroy Earth

A: We are test subjects for more superior beings, they want to see how long it takes for us to take each other out.

A: to get born, get married, reproduce & die.

Q: Wouldn’t life be meaningless if U don’t know why ur here for in the first place?

A: Why are U being so depressing? get away from me! *that’s what my bro said, -.-“” *

A: why are U thinking like that? When I was ur age I never thought about these things…

Q: Don’t U want to know why ur here?

A: Silence….

Q: So we just live our lives not knowing what we are here for then die, then most probably get reincarnated back into the very same place that we didn’t know our purpose was for?

A: *close ears* don’t spread ur depression to me.

*Fwoosh* There goes my questions about life…. sigh….

More thinking to come. *Answered by myself.. -.-“*

Q: Since Earth is at some corner of the Milky Way and the Milky Way has quite a lot of “corner’s” isn’t there a possibility of the same kind of intelligence at the other corners?

A: Well probably, maybe we are in some sort of competition to see who can live on Earth the longers huh?

Q: Could the other planets in our Solar System use to habitat life?

A: Why not? anything can happen… probably all the resources were used up, and they slowly died away… End of civilisation, unless some of them got to travel to earth and start again.. explains the Pyramids no?

Q: Why do we need to have Currency?

A: Are U kiddin me? No currency they’ll be chaos! who’s gonna work?

Q: why have the concept of work then?

A: No work then everyone will be like U thinking of all these crappy questions…

Q: In what way are my questions crappy? Government wants thinkers not followers *why aim I fighting with myself? *

A: pass

Q: How did humans evolve to become so heartless? Stealing, Killing, other “jahil” stuff…

A: Because of the 7 deadly sins… nyahahah

Q: If it were the end of the World tomorrow, what would U do?

A: Haha, funny there won’t be an end to the World. Besides, when the end comes we’re all gonna die so why do more stuff?

Q: Why are there so many diseases? We don’t read about them in the older civilations..

A: Dear naive little girl, must they report everything in the history texts? Besides I don’t think they even knew they were different diseases that were killing them…

Q: Why must we evolve? can’t we just live like monks? eat on leaves, comunicate with body language?

A: sigh…. did U not read science, we evolve to figure out who we are, what we are.

Q: but it doesn’t answer why we are here, do you think anyone knows why we are here?

A: Maybe, maybe not.. probably Nostradamus did… I wouldn’t know… Maybe if we had a “Big Deep”, like in “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” we would know huh?

Q: So, Ultimately why are we here?

My Answer: I have no idea, probably when I finally realise why I’m here it’ll be too late to change anything or even worst, I might not ever find out why I’m here. I however find solace in the fact that there are similar people in this situation, maybe they haven’t thought about it yet maybe they already did, whatever it is, this question cannot be answered in just a short sentence, probably when one finds out, one becomes enlightened like “Siddharta Gautama”, as for now, I don’t know what I’m here for but someday I’ll know. I hope…

Contest Crazy

I think I’ve suddenly gone mad… wait… I think I already was…. oh well… As it’s the country’s 50th “Anniversary” there are contests EVERYWHERE!!!! Like I mean everywhere! *everywhere in my terms is places where I come in contact with* These contests offer A million bucks, houses, cars, mp3 players, handphones, concert tickets, cold hard cash and so forth and so forth….

Since I’m being mad and all, I want to join them all!!! Yes ALL!!! *ok maybe not all… cause I don’t see myself buying a kg of Jati rice just to win a contest, though they are offering a million bucks if I’m not wrong… *where do these companies find a million bucks to give away?* Though that sounds quite sensible now that I think of it, a bag of Jati rice to win a million bucks.. that is a mighty incentive for just a bag of rice no???

Ah!! but for ALL these contests there is ALWAYS a catch somewhere… some require pure luck, some require very impressive creativity & and some are just contests that just rewards the well to do. But since I’m contest craxy at the moment I need to think of all the slogans I can come up with, pray that I get the best luck among the contestants that join the contest that requires pure luck and… and.. JOIN MORE CONTEST!!!

Since I’m such a “kind” soul, I shall state a couple of contests, big or small, & it’s catch!

– The Star : Pure luck

– Telekom: Super impressive creativity

– Petronas: Creativity & effort

– MTV: Pure luck

– Jati Rice: I have no idea….

Most of the contests around requires slogans, which means either U impress the judges or not… so I guess it’s a case of luck too cause some judges might like it some might not? gosh… this entry is so odd….

Oh well… time to run off, I noticed I haven’t played my Sims for awhile… by the way, if there are any contests around that I might be able to join, do tell me… I want to win everything… even a buck.. hahahha Oh.. hope everyone enjoyed 07.07.07… hmm i shall state that I posted this at 0707 hours.. kakaka… what a cheat..

More than meets the eye

I finally watched “Transformers”! It’s a pretty entertaining movie. Keeps U entertained at least, not too much about them robots and not too much about the love story. My favourite part was *spoiler in next line* when the “crappy Camarro” changed into a darn cool Camarro…. *spoiler ends* Anyway it was an enjoyable movie definitely a must watch this “Summer” though the movie I’m really waiting for is “The Simpsons” but still this is a must watch. I enjoyed it eventhough I couldn’t differentiate between the good and the bad at times… especially when they were fighting. I only remember Optimus Prime and Megatron.

After, “we”, Coffeeholic & I, had lunch at Paddington’s Pancakes. They had this Set Lunch offer that enticed us but in the end we didn’t order the set lunch… hahahhaha we had Treasure Box

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and a really cheesy dish…. oh… the sin… the sin….

After that went “whindow shopping”, actually it was more, “enter, touch, flee” shopping. *meaning: enter a shop, touch here touch there, buy nothing & leave* There were some shops with interesting stuff… Cineleisure itself has some shops that sell interesting T-Shirts. There was this kiosk that sells T-Shirts with catchy phrases…. I liked one… but…. maybe some other day….

There was a particular shop that sold pretty nice stuff… Pretty special to me too.. wanted to get this handphone cover… but something else caught my eye…. but….. maybe some other time…

Bought doughnuts from “Big Apple” apparently they are really good. Should have bought 6, but I fear my family won’t be able to scoff it all. Saw lots of interesting bags that are pretty out of budget… hahahha oh well.. someday…. so that was my day….

Oh! before I forget… I received something today!

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A notebook? A Diary? An Organizer?

Nah… it’s a wallet… A really early birthday present too… teehee…. I love it too which is great…. Now.. when shall I use it? hmmm….

Ah time to flee… Cheerios!

P.S. Thank U for the wallet YOU! hehe