Chocolate Buffet

CYes! Today I’ll be blogging about a chocolate buffet that I luckily enjoyed. Brisbane or rather a hotel in Brisbane has this annual chocolate buffet aptly named “31 Days of Chocolate”. *Yeah, it only lasts for a month* Go ahead and google it, the first search that comes out should be what ur finding for. Oh it’s advertisement’s illustrations is strictly for illustrative purposes only but it’s still GOOD!

Hmmm… let’s see… how do I start… maybe with some pictures.. Oh I went with a friend that is snappy happy *like in trigger happy.. oh she likes to takes pictures.. like tonnes…………… and tonnes……….. and well more tonnes and more of that and well more and more and more of that.. well U get the gist*

Thankfully we went in the afternoon, cause they were fully booked for the night slots.. boohoohoooooo.. so there were less people.. Ah.. I better stop typin and insert some pictures instead… hehehe Let the “salivating” begin.

My first plate

My first plate... Yum!

Clockwise from top left is… *drumroll please..* Strawberry Chocolate Tarts *exceptional*, Profiteroles *hmmm… cream puff with chocolate on the top* and Chocolate Macadamia Pudding with Chocolate sauce *Not bad…*.

My second plate... Yummiest!

My second plate... Yummiest!

Clockwise from top: Strawberry Romanoff Cups *Hehehehehehehe….. I can only smile*, Italian Tiramisu Slice *why it’s a slice I have no idea… very jelat… uh*,  Violet Crumble Cheesecake *Delectable*, Vittoria Opera Slice *Not bad..* and Mandarin Tarts *One of me faves*

I Scream for Ice Cream!

I Scream for Ice Cream!

I can’t possibly name them cause they had no names! gasp! poor ice cream… erm.. one is minty another is macadamia ish? and another has a tinge of spice in it.. topped off with more chocolate sauce and chocolate sweets… ehehehhe *What a sweet tooth*

Time for some cake, anyone?

Time for some cake, anyone?

Left to right: Malt Teaser and Queensland Mud

Another serving of cakes.

Another serving of cakes.

Chocolate Obscenity and Banana and Caramel

I didn’t get to finish all the cakes cause it was too much for me… My stomach just couldn’t stomach that much chocolate… oh… oh.. I can still feel it’s fullness… It was quite Jelat.. I mean how much chocolate can one eat. Though frankly almost all of thier items are really wonderful creations but I just couldn’t finish everything. It would be nice if I was given a slice of anyone of the cakes on a very hungry summer day… Ah.. bliss with some ice cool drink maybe… hehehe

Oh yeah the icing on the Banana & Caramel cake reminds me of my mum’s carrot cake’s icing… hmmm…

Oh as a typical Malaysian, we went somewhat early and were pratically almost the last to leave. The other customers practically came for 45 mins an hour maybe and left… hmm… they were more like tasting instead of eating… Oh and when they first enter, they generally sit down and chit chat for awhile before heading for the buffet spread. Malaysians can practically walk straight to the spread without even being seated.. hmmm…

Ah well.. that’s about it.. I hope U guys salivated.. hehehhe cheerios!


Girly Stuff

Cough! cough! cough! Coughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh! no! Blood! *Choi! touch wood* hehe can’t believe my title is about girly stuff.. GASPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP *Yes, that’s how gasping it is* to take matters into my own bloody hands, due to the blood *Oh no! Choi! Choi! Choi! touch wood*, let’s talk about things that I would normally not talk about.. LOL

A conversation with a certain friend who’s name rhymes with Indian food/ problem/ wrong, sparked this odd idea, an I happily started thinking… *Why U! Grrrr*

Ok let’s see, the conversation sparked me to think of a list that would make me much more “girly/ladylike/woman?”. It’s a list of things that I came up that I want to buy.. Here goes!

1. Lip gloss *I don’t like lipstick*

2. Concealer *To hide stuff that erm.. I don’t want people to see?*

3. Powder *Dunno compact powder or what powder, beats me, cause the friend whose name rhymes with indian food/problem/wrong told me that one can’t use concealer alone.. so there goes*

4. Blusher *maybe, to show that I’m perpetually blushing… awwwwwwwwwwww*

5. Skirt *wow! skirts…. amazing! Don’t U hate skirts? Yeah.. yeah.. I do…. but hate is a little strong now isn’t it?*

6. Little Black Dress (LBD) *I’ve always wanted this, but nice ones don’t come cheap do they? and I ain’t that little too.. 😦 sob sob…*

7. New wardrobe *Hahahah to sum it all, sometimes too many t-shirts and jeans can be pretty boring, though t-shirts are never boring and jeans are like….. FOREVER, maybe new stuff that I might try hmmm? but I’m not susceptible to new things.. man am I tough!*

8. Sunglasses *I was thnking Aviators but that wouldn’t fit my round face now would it.. 😦 great now everyone knows I got a round face.. :(*

9. Gladiators *Then again I might not look good in em.. hmmm lack of self confidence I see*

10. Transparent umbrella *They look so cool! Not very functional in blocking out the Sun, but rain.. yeah!*

11. Sneakers *Hmmm.. how come I can’t get enough of sneakers… 😦 not really interested in heels, they hurt my feet, as if they aren’t hurt enough already.. 😦 Poor feet.. 😦 Oh there is this shop in Brisbane that sells limited edition sneakers.. cool!*

12. Mobile Phone *This is pretty much related to 2 entries ago, where people are driven by greed? I’m feeling really greedy right now.. so I want a new phone! hahhaa I’m getting tired of the skype.. but no skype? how am I gonna get free calls?*

13. Purse/case/ something that keeps coins *They jsut have so many coins here!*

Yeah.. I think that’s about it… pretty long huh? well.. I’m trying to wrap things up real fast here so that I can publish it jsut in time for my friend who’s name rhymes with indian food/problem/wrong can see it cause she’s really curious and I’m ready to go out… 😦 don’t feel like going though… but I’m alreayd dressed up… NOT! dressed down more like.. oh well.. cheerios!

Brief Break

The mid semester exams has ended, after 3 long weeks.. aish! So now I got a pretty brief break to rest… *more like a weekend to rest* anyhow, I’ll take what I can get.. Since the mid sems ended, I got lots of stuff in my head that I forget from time to time, and if I don’t record them somewhere, I might think it never existed… aish…….

When I wanna talk about it I forget about it… darn! Hmmm…. erm… uh… oh yes I wanted to talk about something that I always thought about and I thought about it again yesterday when we *me & friends* were waiting for karaoke *yes, they have karaoke in Brisbane.*, and while we were eating ice cream… *nice ice cream, but… I’ll rather not talk about it*

It’s time for the talk of the day “The purpose of life” lol… I always seem to want to talk about these… hmmm… sometimes I really wonder why people work so hard to chase materialities. We have been brought up in a world where material matters the most. Imagine a perrson that has nothing, we would pretty much, probabaly look down on em… no? *well.. maybe I do.. then again I don’t really…* I guess I could pretty much say that, humans were brought up to be greedy or we are naturally greedy. The poor wants more stuff, the mid income people wanna be richer, the rich want to become richer and richer and the richest people… want to compete with each other to show each other’s wealth. What the heck for?

Do we need so much stuff that we probabaly don’t need? Aish…. I have to admit I am greedy myself. I want thinks that I seem out of reach now, when I can reach it, I aim much higher. I want thinks that I don’t even think I need sometimes… Why are humans so greedy though? I guess to sum it all, the world runs on money. No money no talk.

A business that has no money can’t grow, a person without money could probabaly die and a non profit organization without money can’t fight for what they’re fighting for.

Now comes to the part where I think why do we have to have money in the world anyway?
Well without money, there woudn’t be an motivaton for anyone to work.

Why work then?
Well if no one works, we wouldn’t be able to obtain our necessities in life.

*little innocent kid voice* Why do we need necessities then?
*Cause it’s necessary? Jeez!* To have a comfortable life throughtout our lives?

*Curious little innocent kid’s voice* So our purpose in life is to live comfortably?
Well… yes!

*Innocent little kid thinking* So…. we basically get introduced into the world, live comfortably and die erm… peacefully? Doesn’t sound very fun.
Well… life is tough. So just bare with it… Run along now…

*Little innocent kid being pushed away* But.. but…. Aww… so confusing…. 😦


*Sorry I got a little carried away there.. nyahahha*

My main point is… what are we here for? *for the gazillionth time! no one can answer U! stop asking the same question over and over again! are u bored asking it over and over and over and… over!? Jeez!*

This brings me to something that I thought. Maybe I don’t wanna work in the corporate world. Maybe I’ll just leave everything and volunteer for a non-profit organization and experience the struggles of having no money to fight for what we believe in. At least there is something for me to belief rather than jsut living life comforaably and wait for my peacful departure. I don’t want that… What’s the purpose of me being here?

Use my parents money to study, earn money to support myself, get  married, have children, support my children’s education, then leave peacefully and then my children use up my money and support themselves and the cycle goes on and on and on till another meteorite crashes into earth and destroys humankind.

I just don’t GET IT!


That was just my brain thinking a little too much… now to jump back to reality where I got to learn to support myself and continue the circle of “LIFE“….

I need a job
but I ain’t sure if I can cope.
If I don’t work,
I might get broke.
Oh! realities of life!
Bugging the hell outta my mind!

The Eureka Tour

A lot has been up lately.. Like Mid sems and.. erm.. well just mid sems… 3 weeks in total and this is the last week. The toughest has ended and hopefully all is well.. sigh…

After the toughest subject we went for a little “celebration”… Went to the Modern Art Gallery to check out Picasso’s Collection which is really cool.. but some how I didn’t get quite a number of the paintings… Thier brush strokes and all are really good.. and thier people… My oh My.. how much more real can it get to the real person?? Their was one picture which was really beautiful… It was one by Picasso during his Cubism days… and there was another I forgot by whom but the title was “Margherite” the lady was really pretty…

Then for dinner we checked out a “Malaysian” food reastaurant called “Little Singapore”. Not bad really but the Prawn Mee which I had wasn’t as spicy as I expected. It was nice no doubt but it lacked a kick that would make it so much more better.

Anyway.. the main story today is not about eating Malaysian food at a place named after our neighbours or checking out the Picasso collection, which is shown the first time outside Europe, but…. I’m here to talk about an Australian musician’s gig. hehehe…

It was held yesterday and it’s his long awaited gig in Australia after performing in Europe for a couple of years… *Still can’t believe I got in* Anyway there were 2 opening acts.

The first: Brett Dennen – Hmmm….

He was more like a kid on stage, although he had like erm.. 3 albums he didn’t quite appeal to me.. so….

The second: The Audreys (Trio) – Wow.

This is so much better. The lead singer’s voice, a female, was amazingly sexy.. hahahah and the guitarist was pretty skilful. Not to mention that they preformed with a cello and banjo and mini guitar and the “Pianica” that we learned in primary school.. So cool. And they looked so happy on stage, you can practically feel thier joy of performing especially after the lead singer , Tasha I think, played with the pianica. Actually they are a 5 piece band but cause they only came with 3 people, they are a trio for the moment… haha and that’s why they had to keep changing instruments and looked so busy… LOL

The last & main act: Pete Murray – Phoaaaarrrhhhhhhhh!

His was the best hands down! Everyone was there to see him and only him and he didn’t disappoint! *Me at least, and my friend possibly* He sang about 15 songs which is quite a lot. Mostly from his “Summer in Eureka” album and some from his older ones.. He only has 3 albums… His songs are so much better live! Not to mention his voice is also much more sexier live! hhehe…

His band: Oh… his band was also pretty amazing, from the guitarist Brett who could possibly steal the show with his guitar skills alone, to Ben the keyboardist who was pretty amazing with his keyboard but he just looked darn happy performing for Pete. The drummer, Andy and the bassist JZ was pretty cool too.. though frankly the bassist didn’t really stand out much… Each and everyone of his band members had a solo which was darn impressive. The keyboardist and the guitarist even had a duel.. hahaha

The Venue: The Venue is an indoor “pub” like place? More like a lounge perhaps… Since I’ve never been to a pub or a lounge I can’t really compare. It’s carpeted though and there are 2 floors. We went up to the second floor since, well as Asians we were so much shorter… LOL. It was a free standing concert but there were some chairs or sofas hanging around, so the concert goers moved the sofas to the railing so they can sit and watch.. how smart.. heheh Halfway about after the first act, Brett Dennen, I felt like it was a scene from the movies that had prom nights… The venue and the performer and the presence of the dancefloor.. hahahha

Now for some comparison between Malaysia’s concerts and Australia’s concert. Cause the venue is very much different from the ones I went before.. One can’t really compare the venue, although in Malaysia thye probabaly don’t have a venue like The Tivoli.

The queue: We went earlier cause we didn’t know where the place was… we reached there about 6pm.. the doors open at 7pm.. we were the second there.. but cause the road we took to the place was pretty deserted and would probabaly scare the bejeebers outta me *what is bejeebers?* we found and alternative route and reached back to the venue at 6:30 ish… and the line was still pretty short… If it were Malaysia.. I think we would be at the end of the line…. WOW!

And if we were in Malaysia, there would be stalls selling food and all.. by the roadside.. hahahha

Ok.. and it said that the doors will be open at 7pm right… it opened at 7.10pm which is still very much earlier than the always late Malaysian time… hahaha… the first act actually started at 7:30pm still early compared to Malaysia’s.

Oh the first thing that they do once they entered the venue was head straight to the bar and get a drink.. hmm… only a handful went straight to right in front of the stage… hmmm very different, or maybe cause we were quite in front in the line and the people weren’t ready to pack the floor yet…

Hmmm.. I forgot what I wanted to write already cause I was interrupted by lunch.. LOL.. nah…

Oh… time for some pictures.

The view from the second tier, from where we were standing actually.. not bad eh?

The view from the second tier, from where we were standing actually.. not bad eh?

Hehehhe the tickets to Pete Murray!

Hehehhe the tickets to Pete Murray!

Pete and his band on their set which has incredibly good lighting

Pete and his band on their set which has incredibly good lighting

U can’t really see Pete in the picture though.. hahah oh sorry for the not so good pictures. Didn’t bring in the good cameras.. ehehhe… Oh and the set they made it look like the album cover.

See the bookshelves at the back? They actually emit light! ehehhe.. so cool. Oh when they off those stage lights, they have like little lamps for each player. Which makes it look very cool.. *sorry I have no other words to describe the set except cool… my vocabulary is very limited no doubt*

Hmm.. I think that’s about it.. hehehe All in all.. it’s the best concert so far.. but….. …. …. the concert mood wasn’t as good as the others… there were shouts and claps and all… but the movement wasn’t really there… concert mood wise…  Good Charlotte’s was still the better one.. ahahha…. Cheerios now!

P.S. I’m now officially The Audreys and Pete Murray’s fan… *gush!*