MTV World Stage

It’s been a pretty hectic month. With the traveling, mah birthday and of course…

This time round it’s held at i-City, the City of LED lights *which to me is a huge waste of electricity but in this scenario makes a very nice back drop for pictures*, instead of Sunway Lagoon’s surf beach.

The line up is more rock-ish this year as compared to Katy Perry’s pop last year which I would say is a welcome stage. We don’t get lots of rockers here. Sad but true.

Me and Vatty made our way there a little earlier than the time the gates were supposed to open. Can’t believe parking was RM10! RM10 for parking on stones. Poor car. But our car park was fairly near the registration booth so it was alright.

The area around i-City looked a little like wasteland. There use to be much more structures with LED lights. Maybe they are replacing them… Anyway, we scouted around for some food and decided on some random mamak. Worst Maggi Goreng I’ve eaten AND we got butchered too! 2 Maggi Goreng ayam and one teh o ais limau for RM20? Such enterprising businessmen… tsk tsk tsk…

*Since I didn’t bring my camera like any foolish law abiding citizen, I didn’t get to take any pictures of the awesome bands that performed. So the pictures below don’t belong to me. 🙂*

The first act Pop Shuvit started playing when we were filling our stomachs. They sounded pretty good actually but don’t really know their songs.

I was actually looking forward to Beast!

Beast! Gi Kwang!!! *He’s the dude on the left btw*

Hahaha.. no seriously I was looking forward to “Fiction“, which they performed. But couldn’t quite catch their “cold city man” move. Was blocked by random people at the front. Their performance seemed a little too perfect, probably due to the background music. The rap parts sounded live though.

They performed their hits “Shock“, “Fiction“, “On Rainy Days“, “Soom“, “Beautiful” and a few more which I’ve never heard of.

They were sweating like mad after performing. Hehehe… To be fair the other acts were sweating crazily too.. except maybe.. Jared Leto. He’s cool.

Beast’s performance was pretty good but I felt that it didn’t really suit the Rock theme that MTV was going for. I’m sure there are rockier kpop bands like F.T. Island or C.N. Blue *Who had the unfortunate opportunity of having their video being played when 30 Second to Mars was about to come on and hence was booed somewhat* to play at this event.Well to their defense “Shock” was pretty jump worthy.

Irregardless, on with the show!

Next up was Neon Trees!

Tyler performing his moves

They performed songs like “Your Surrender“, “1983“, the year Tyler saw the light, “In the next room“.

They brought the crowd back to the rocking atmosphere and I must say Tyler is quite a good singer. However, I feel the drummer, Elaine, stole the show. She is awesome!! Hats off to you!

Neon Trees was sort of a great opener for what was to come. They brought the crowd jumping albeit there were stoners and lazy people like me and Vats who just jumped for a few seconds… :p Oops…

They brought their performance to an end by performing “Animal” and the crowd had a huge sing along!

~ Oh ohhh…. I want some more! Oh Ohhh what are you waiting for! Take a bite outta my heart to NIGHT!!!!~

Good job guys!

During the break between acts VJ Holly & VJ Utt *he seem to have gotten hotter* entertains the crowd and gives out freebies like twisties pack and Celcom caps, why would anyone want a Celcom cap totally defeats me.

*hmmm.. my English vocabulary has definitely deteriorated*

The VJ’s released a giant balloon filled with confetti and powder for the crowd to move around, which was pretty fun until more came out later in the show and it burst and all the powder just went “pooF” and powder everywhere! It’s like being flour-ed with a foreign substance!

After a fairly short wait…. it was time for…..

Jared Leto!!!

Jared Leto!!! Ooops… 30 Seconds To Mars!

Wanted to find a picture where he removed his sunglasses and showed his amazing eyes. But couldn’t find any. ah well…

They opened their set list with “Escape” and continued with “Beautiful Lie“. He paused for awhile to have a little chat before continuing with songs like “Search and destroy” and “This is War“, which sounds extremely motivational to me.

Their songs were a jumping fest for most. He was definitely an entertainer! Extremely engaging!

He brought a fan from the crowd and asked the dude to teach him to say “Aku sayang kamu” but he ended up saying something like “Aku sayang Tomo”, which sounds a little wrong. I would say he definitely enjoys being on stage and in the spotlight which is great for us!

He performed “Hurricane” which was followed with crowd favourite “The Kill” which was also a huge crowd sing along…

~Come break me down….
Bury me! Bury me!
I am finished with yooooou….
Looooook in my eyes!
You’re killing me! killing me!
All I wanted was yoooooou….. ~

The next song they played was even better. It was “Closer to the Edge” and he asked everyone to jump and if there’s anyone that’s not jumping, just grab them by the ankles and pull em up! He is pretty funny!

Then they said bye bye and left the stage.

Of course the crowd ain’t gonna let them off that easily… They came back out after about 10 mins or so and performed “Kings & Queens“! I think he dragged about 1/4 of the fans in the mosh pit to join him on stage. There was a dude who was jumping fanatically but sadly wasn’t picked and he just got too exhausted from all that jumping. LOL

This would be the last time to gush at Jared. *Swoon…. he’s hot…..* So we made the most of it and got pretty near. But it was pretty squishy and there were a few people who fell which kinda threw people off their footing.

We left when it was about to end to avoid the jam. Wa-la! Success! No jam. =)

Overall, 30 Seconds to Mars was definitely the highlight of the show! The other acts mere openers for the awesomeness of the guitar riffs, drum beats and amazing vocals of 30 Seconds to Mars.

Throughout the show there were fireworks to complement the guitar riffs and drum beats which adds that awesome effect! Can’t quite remember which songs they were for cause I was too busy being amazed by the awesomeness of it all. Teehee…

Now, thy shall get ready for the next concert perhaps?

Note:  Picture of Beast taken from

Picture of Neon Trees & Jared Leto taken from