Sun Kissed Skin

Soft hot sand, deep cool sea,

Bright fiery Sun, hidden timid moon,

A little shine, a little time,

The sun kissed skin will arise.

I think that sounds like a song and yes it does not rhyme unlike the previous one I wrote. I’m actually writing this entry again cause I didn’t like the last one was to messy in one way or the other. So let’s start over.

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I’m on my way

I just came back from Perhentian today pretty amazing place still untouched by commercialism but I think it’s getting there or maybe I’m wrong. Stayed at Lily Chalet, Long Beach which had a fine beach in front where we *10 of us* spent most of our sun time. The room that I shared with 3 other mates was pretty dark but we didn’t really care. There was sand everywhere though, was slightly irritated by it but gave up after realising that the sand will never go away. My guess is that the chalet owner is called Lily… *ain’t it obvious* *ok skip*

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Lily Chalet at night

oh the menu was also filled with pictures of lillies… how cute… I-Rene noticed that, I just noticed that the food looked so unlike the pictures in the menu… haha

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The beach is pretty amazing but would sound just like a typical beach from any story book you read that describe beaches.

“Once you set foot on the sand you feel it’s softness tempting you to step longer eventhough the heat from the sand is creeping up into your feet. To lose the heat you set foot into the crystal clear blue sea water and feel a sudden urge to stay in the water all day long. The soft sand beneath your feet, the cool water slowly lapping into the beach makes you want to lie there and while away your tiem gazing at the clear blue sky with hints of clouds floating about forming odd shaped animals”

Wonder if I describe it well cause that was how it is… U just couldn’t wait to step into the sea it is so tempting U could just forget about everything and stay in the water all day long… Alas words cannot describe it’s true beauty and there is a saying that a picture paints a thousand words but not all pictures do that, sometimes U just have to see to believe.

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Water activities tooked up most of our time in Perhentian Kecil, it was spent either snorkelling or soaking in the cool water. Snorkelling was nice for a real beginner like me. It was quite intimidating at first but after awhile you get the hang of it. The guide was great help too. However; things don’t always go as it does and a certain kind of animal refuses to allow us enjoy the wonders of nature.

10 people enemy #1 was the jellyfishes. They were in every snorkelling spot that we wanted to go. We were afraid the first trip but for the second trip we gave up and jumped into the tempting sea anyway. Luckily for us no one got stung by it. Saw a lot of fishes that I couldn’t identify. I think I saw a tuna fish but I ain’t sure, I saw Nemo though *yeap he was hanging around one of the stalls at Kuala Besut.. nyahahha* Yeah saw a few clown fishes, they are really small. I saw a pair of fishes fighting/ kissing which looked really cute.

Tried the banana boat. We fell only once which was good enough for me cause I didn’t feel very safe. It would have been fun if you felt safe. Slept on the beach too for about 20 minutes I think. Not under the Sun mind you.

On one of the snorkelling trips there was a bunch of Chinese men trying to catch the sea. Oh how we wished thier ship would just topple over sadly their smart guide was able to balance the boat for them. Frankly speaking the odds of poking a small fish with an umbrealla is like experiencing snow in Malaysia. Now I know actions speak a lot about a person’s character like how silly a couple of us are… myself included. hehe

examples of silliness, knocking on wrong doors, jumping around running away from a cat that is as big as a water bottle, being scared by the before mentioned cat…. I think that’s about it… no other silliness so sad….

Hmm let’s see, lodging covered, activities covered, AHA the food. Hmmm… what can I say the food was BEYOND my wildest imagination * not wildest lar, it just exceeded my expectations* I was expecting fried rice or fried mee but we had 5 people sharing 4 dishes and a soup with rice of course not to mention a plate of fruits plus drinks to quence our thirst. *we took a package, so I naturally expected less* Good stuff 2 thumbs up, oh it was at the chalet itself so we didn’t have to walk far. Their staff were pretty friendly too though sometimes I didn’t really get them… hehe.. oh thier ice lemon tea was pretty special, jakun kid like me never see before, the put an entire tea bag into the ice lemon tea and my guess is they squeezed the lemon though the a lot of sacs were inside… was pretty nice actually eventhough I don’t like tea.

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Ah the restaurant had Astro too and they ahd internet as well… a big satelite dish sat behind the bar next to the restaurant… it’s like RM30 for an hour… that’s like almost half of my streamyx bill… gasp… well life’s like that. Look’s like I got everything covered or have I? Oh I didn’t mention our jakunness snapping pictures right before leaving where everyone at the restaurant were staring… malunya… I also didn’t mention the alcohol or the lack of it, I also didn’t mention the the walks to the other end of the beach, I didn’t mention the lack of asian faces at “our” side of the beach too, I didn’t mention my fear of the boat capsizing hehehe

I also forgot to mention about the STARS… When night fell the stars stood out from the vast dark sky, a little twinkling made the sky all the more mesmerizing and I believe on our first day there I actually saw the moon smiling *no I wasn’t intoxicated*. I actually wanted to lie on the beach with a nice drink and stare at the sky, didn’t do that though cause didn’t want to dirty my clothes… the sad thing was that I couldn’t identify any constellations… there were just too many I guess…

I also failed to mention the schools of fishes swimming near the opposite end of the beach…. reminded me of Pangkor…. hehheheh

The final point that I missed was that I failed to mention that some of us woke up at 5 almsot 6 to wait for the sunrise and Mr. Sun took his precious time to wake up… alas it was a cloudier day and Sir Cloud won the day as Mr. Sun was blocked *the reason being the cloud is a sir and the sun is only a cloud.. -.-“*

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No wonder Sir Cloud won, he had a horse to help him…

More things that I failed to mention was that the sea water was extra salty and burned the eyes as it fell into em, another thing is that I spent too much time under the Sun I got sun burn sans the title… hehe…

ok I think that’s about it I hope U guess enjoyed this summarized version of the Perhentian trip and I wonder if a picture does paint a thousand words. Bye Bye Perhentian, Hello speedboat…

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First jumping fest

Woah… I legs are kinda killing me…. I’ll be leaving for Perhentian tonite but first! I shall blog about the concert I attended yesterday… hehehhe My first ever concert and I picked rock… that’s why my feet are killing me… so let’s start it off….

Reached the stadium about 6 ish.. doors open at 6… we queued up like a km away.. that was how long the queue was… too bad we weren’t VIP but irregardless…. took some pictures and did some catching up *pictures are with the peridot and I’m rushing to post this up.. so none for U guys* about 7:45 we rushed to the entrance as they opened up more lines….

went in shouted Fuyoh and got free “boomers”? which we discraded about 30 mins after… managed to squeeze to the end of the first half of the crowd… the view wasn’t really nice but the atmosphere was great! MTV had 2 huge screens there and they kept playing the head lining act’s music videos to build up our energy I guess….

waited for like an hour before the MTV veejays came on stage an “warm us up” they threw out freebies but thier hands were not strong enough…. jeez… so none for me… but before that got some fella throwing out freebies… Jac got a mousepad… hahhaha.. Oh Ashraf Sinclair was there and Jac wanted to take a picture with him and one lead to another and we were soon doing some pretty embarassing stuff… suffice to say “THANK GOD I HAVE NO ASTRO!!!!”

A couple minutes after the MTV VJ’s went off stage the first opening act came one… One Buck Short…. pretty rocking stuff but didn’t really know their stuff…. The jumping was nice… took the pain outta the legs… After that was Estranged and man “Itu Kamu” is awesome!!!!! The whole place was singing along to it.. so darn cool…. after Estranged left the stage… we started shouting for Good Charlotte… poor Lo he didn’t even perform yet… hahhaha

Lo was great too…. I think cause he was more experienced then the other bands… Headed out for some drinks and kena kutuk gila… One particular guy was so pissed off that we were trying to get out… *maybe cause I didn’t say excuse me?* anyone kena kutuk cause the water cost a bomb.. irregardless I ahd a little glo stick… hehehehe.. so cute the thing.. I wonder how it actually works cause U gotta crack it before it lights up….

About 10 ish the Act we were waiting for came on stage and the crowd that was sitting pretty far away during the opening acts crowded in front… We had a pretty good view…. The lead singer was probably the size of my thumb.. hahahha…. They started of with “Misery” and continued with “lifestyles of the rich and famous”…. They played most of thier popular songs which is good cause I didn’t really know thier stuff…. “Keep your hands off my girl” was the total bomb… *and if it were a bomb it would probably have been nuclear.. hahhaa* the other bomb was “I just wanna live”.. * this one is atomic* and had great jumping! I like dance floor anthem though… “I don’t wanna be in love, I don’t wanna be in love” not yesterday night at least.. that’s what the lead singer said…

I wonder if U guys figured out which concert I went yet… Yeah yeah It was Good Charlotte’s.. so nice….. omg… I wasn’t a fan though… and I don’t think I’m a fan yet… but their stuff is pretty good… *secretly I didn’t really like them last time.. but now they are rising up the ranks* My heart will only have Dashboard Confessionals… hahahha…

Other songs that they played was “the river”, “we believe”, “hold on” which was really nice too cause they turned down the lights and every held a light…. nice…. , “girls and boys”, “All Black”, “March On” which was pretty motivating and thier final song was “The Anthem” very nice song to end with….

I forgot the flow of songs so too bad.. they left the stage for a few minutes a quite a lot of people from the front walked behind and we moved in front.. Good Charlotte came on back though and now they were the size of my palm.. hahahha… took a couple of pics with my phone but couldn’t really see who was on stage… but I know who was who alr cause I took the picture whut…

Shall put the clearer shots here…

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This one is a shot of the MTV LIVE featuring Good Charlotte huge Balloon… it looked like a moon to me… and the words with MTV LIVE couldn’t be seen…. but who cares.. it’s the music that counts no?

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I actually didn’t want to blog about this but it was really great… 2 thumbs up great so I blog lar… and to make people like zyenn jealous also… kakakkakakka… on a sad note though… my watch clasp gave way and my watch fell on to the floor and shattered the glass… it’s fixed now though…

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A last note… Live music is so darn awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Joel was pretty funny… he had a nice rapport going to so good job

P.P.S. since I wasn’t really familiar with their work I kinda mumbled my way through certain songs… hahahahahha…. but thier lyrics aren’t that hard to figure out so it wasn’t half bad… very nice too… the Sing along was REALLY nice!

Serious Holiday

Oooo Finals are over and I’m free.. literally as after tomorrow I’ll start my 2 1/2 weeks of serious holidaying. let’s see 4 places in 18 days ain’t half bad right? I hope… Now got some trouble trying to fit things in between.. kakakkaka

Let’s see first stop is PERHENTIAN!!! snorkelling for me man I can’t express how much I like beaches so this is joy… or rather JOY! To make things more dramatic I have already packed my bags and I’m only leaving on Sunday night… kakkaka there are reasons for this though…

2nd stop of 18 day “tour” Port Dickson… I leave for this the day after I return from Perhentian… if everything turns out the way it is, this will go through… It a camp what camp I shall stay silent about it as it might actually be delayed… lousy organizing…

3rd stop of tour is Kuantan… the second day after I return from PD I head off to Kuantan for some eating spree.. kekekke… get some little rest here I guess…

Final stop of “tour” I leave for Langkawi on the 3rd day home from Kuantan. Hehehe all the duty free stuff waiting for me to “collect” kakakkakaka.. feel so joyous now for no apparent reason… hey anyone has any ideas what to do in Langkawi?

Oh I’m ready to take orders for stuff from the land of the duty free if they don’t make my baggage exceed though… so if anyone wants anything that I could take back go ahead and tell me… I might get em, I might not… depends on my mood… hehehe

Oh right look at the time…. 10:56pm.. nice… time to flee anyway cause I have nothing else to talk about… Oh I went Karaoke today and man the room was huge….. the room could have fit 15 people but there were only 4 of us… so much space to prance around which none of us did which is good cause they got cameras.. hehhe figured that out on my last embarassing visit… kekeke oh well till next time, I might blog about my “tour” if I feel like it…

P.S. Does anyone have ideas of where to work? I have 3 months of free time till my course starts again. I know I don’t want waitressing that’s all…

The Return of…

A few months back “Blackie” posted a missing notice to search for his best bud “Beary Fishy” and Blackie says thank you for everyone’s help in the “search”. To refresh the minds of the readers here’s the entry about Blackie in search of his best bud Beary Fishy. Now the search has ended with very good news indeed as….
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U saw right! Beary Fishy has been found! Boy was it a long search but what an accomplishment. When all was lost, hope appeared and alas there was Beary Fishy! Now Beary Fishy would like to say a few words. he following entry will be continued by him and only him.
Hello readers of this wonderfully blue blog! My name is Beary Fishy. U could call me Beary, Fishy, Bearish or Bearishy but never bear fish! I don’t give birth to fishes for heaven’s sake. Today is the first day I reached home and boy what a wonderful feeling.
Since Blackie me best bud spoke of how I left on the day before Chinese New Year eve to catch some fish, I shall tell my story of where I went and what happened to me all this while.
I reached my favourite lake on the eve of Chinese New Year. I stayed in a chalet by the lake the day before so that I would have a nice spot to fish on the next day. On that day I rented a teeny weeny boat to get to where the BEST fishes were. With my short hands I was lucky to have not tire down before I even reached my destination! I was there awhile before it started raining cats and dogs and wow! how large the cats and dogs were!
I had to paddle back as the cats from the rain were scaring all the fishes away. So no fish for Balckie and me then. 😦 The rain grew heavier with every single row and soon the teeny weeny boat was filled with water! I had to row with one hand and scoop the water out with another. I was quite unsuccesful as I ended up paddling round and round making circles in the lake, the boat was also too full to be salvaged. I stood up to try to call for HELP! I stood and lost my balance and fell head first. As I went down my head hit something hard and I soon passed out.
The next thing I know I woke up in a wooden house with a little bandage round my head. I tried waking up but my head was throbbing. Soon a lady and a man came in, they were speaking some foreign language which I could not comprehend. I just stared at them with my slit eyes to try and figure out what they were talking about. They didn’t realise I was awake cause my eyes always seem closed anyway.
I soon gathered that they saved me from that rainy day. Soon i felt better and talk a walk around the kampung that’s the word for a village, I learned that from one of the villagers. It was a village by the sea, oh what a beautiful sight! It was a sight to behold! Soft white sand glistening in the sun, crystal clear sea waters with lapping waves slowing easing it’s way to the beach. Heck! I was probably in heaven already but alas I wasn’t!
I was brought into a boat the very next morning. It was a fishing boat,I was ordered to catch fishes and for all this while that I was gone I had been catching fishes everyday. These fishes were even bigger than me! I had little to eat but lots to do. I rarely had any sleep too. I am so glad that kind souls saved me from that sweat shop!
Everyday I had to slave through the fishing, then there were the paddy fields that had to be worked. The only time I had any rest was when that man I saw on my first day here went away. I soon found out from my clever deductions that home was only a short distance away. I devised a plan to runaway as soon as my chance came.
One day, the owner left me alone at his paddy field. He said he would be back in a minute. I jumped on that chance and hitched hike my way back here. I was picked up by none other than the kind souls who brought me back. On my way back I saw posters of me! They were everywhere! Blackie must have missed me tonnes.
I reached home and saw a different Blackie. He looked more sad yet he was glad when he saw me. Not jumping with joy just a little smile and a little hug. I think he was terrified by me as he kept pretending to sleep. After my saviours were gone I looked for him and

asked him “what’s wrong Blackie?”

he said:”U seem different.”

I said:”Different? in what way?”

He said: “In everyway!” and ran out.
I was a little hurt by his actions. I don’t feel any difference in me. I looked for a mirror and boy some major changes had indeed taken place! I was much larger now, my body was also more developed, my eyes are more slanting now. If U were me ur eyes would slant the way mine did too. Even the fish I brought back for Blackie was much much larger! it was even bigger than him. I tried to adapt my changes. I was much stronger now. Like what Blackie said, I WAS different!
I waited for him to return for dinner. He came back but he still looked sad. We had dinner and he said I rarely talked about all things fish anymore. He said he missed the old Beary Fishy, the Beary Fishy that was his best bud where they shared everything, thier meals, stories, clothes, time, basically everything. Now I ate more, talked less, had large clothes that Blackie couldn’t even wear, it’ll just slip right out from under him!
Blackie talked very little during tonight’s dinner. He did the washing. He didn’t eat the fish I brought back. He said it wasn’t bite size anymore. I felt painful inside, I was wondering if he even missed me during my days away. Maybe I am not adjusting well or Blackie isn’t adjusting well to the new me. I promised that the old Beary Fishy and I are one and the same. Blackie jsut couldn’t accept it. Maybe time will tell and he’ll slowly warm up to me.
As for now I’ll try my best and see how it works. Oh how I wish I didn’t go out fishing that day, how I wish I rented a big boat instead of a teeny weeny boat, how I wih I could understand the language that my captors spoke, how I wish I could runaway much earlier, how I wish I didn’t know how to fish! Oh how I wish Blackie would just understand how I feel right now… I just want my one and only best friend back…

Beary Fishy