A game I cannot play

As always,

I thought of you again.

A fleeting memory that’s slowly fading.

I try to remember your face sometimes,

but the image of you is getting harder to piece as time goes by.

I suppose I fell too easily.

For what, I wonder.

I can’t seem to pinpoint the qualities anymore.

Perhaps you were just a perfect idea.

One, which I had not thought of.

Nor had I the courage to dream of myself.

Looking back, my behaviours were perhaps seen as childish.

From my lack of experience. Maybe.

If I could replay my actions,

I would have stayed away.

For alas, you are in a game that I cannot play.


Space filler

I believe I used to like to write. With my introvert personality, where else can I share my thoughts? Does this mean I haven’t had marvelous thoughts in awhile now?

These days I’ve been too caught up procrastinating on things. There are so many things I want to do in that limited resource we have called time. Finite time is of course extremely valuable, but I waste it on non-productive activities. I gotta get my act together!

There are just so many distractions! Distractions, begone!

Feels like I’m in a rut sometimes. Don’t know what I want to achieve in my life, don’t know where I’m heading, don’t know the purpose of my existence, heck what IS the purpose of mankind’s existence? All these difficult questions will of course be unanswered. All I can do now is stare at the flashing line on my computer beckoning me to type the next sentence.

Oh! Did you’ll know Death Cab for Cutie is coming to KL! Haven’t been to a concert for awhile. Felt that I was getting a bit old for hanging around at free standing parties. But hey! How often will you get Death Cab for Cutie eh?

In the meantime, I shall think of something more exciting to type next time. Which may actually be much sooner than you think. Till then, hope my dears readers find their reason of existence. 😮