Quick changing updates

Wanted to write about my Bangkok shoppping trip but ended up doing some housekeeping of the blog tags and categories. Don’t think it was even necessary.

I’ll write about Bangkok some other time. If I ever get to it that is. In the mean time, I’ll just give some random updates.

Think I’m on a slight streak of not so great luck. I was in Ipoh recently and I was blessed with the droppings of a pigeon, my slipper strap dislodged from its bottom in Bangkok and my laptop was plagued with the black screen of death when I returned from Bangkok. On the brightside, I didn’t get sick in Bangkok but 2 of my friends had food poisoning. Hopefully the remaining days of November will go smoothly and then its December and its the season to be Jolly!

On a very separate note, I’m liking Clazziquai Project a lot these days.

On an extremely separate note, I’ll be catching Shear Madness this Wednesday! Should be fun!


Reappearance of the Wall

There’s been a lot of matters on my mind of late, mostly about where my life’s headed. I think all these came about due to too much time on my hands and not knowing how to utilise it efficiently.

I shall let it all out now! (Ok, maybe not all but most of it)

*Haven’t let out a lot of my thoughts here for a number of years now. Seems like I just stopped…. writing. :o*


My boss has been trying to push me to obtain the CFE. I feel a really reluctant cause I don’t see a future at where I am. The department does definitely have growth but do I want to be part of that growth? Sure work is pretty exciting at times but excitement maybe 30%, dull stuff 50%, report writing 10%, another 10% downtime?

Think I’ve reached a wall in my career or I may have just delayed my quarter life crisis by 4 years. 4 years and more ago, I was thinking the same thing. What do I wanna do? What do I want to be?

I’ve thought of a lot of possible career paths, stay where I am take the CFE and see how it goes (grow with the team!), finance (what sorta finance? That’s so vague on so many levels), internal audit, migration to NZ or Aus and be an external auditor again, I even thought of freelancing as a book keeper (don’t know if that’s possible) to earn some side income.

Frankly speaking, I really do not have an idea what sort of career I want!

  • Do you have to be passionate about what you’re doing? Well, but of course!
  • Do you want to be well paid? Who doesn’t?
  • Money or passion, which would you pick? Before July last year, I would have answered passion any time. But unfortunately, life catches up and it’s time to take some financial responsibilities.

Does this mean I have my answer of what I want to do? A high paying job which I may hate?

I read this article that asked you to ask a few questions about yourself to help figure your career out,  one of it was “who do you admire the most?”.

The first thing that came to mind was women that are at the top of their organisations and are also able to have their own families. I really respect them for that. How do they balance? But I also admire people that follow their passion and start their own business at well… my age or even younger!

Hmmm… Maybe I should start my own business. “But, I’m not the entrepreneurial type.”. I need ideas. What can I do? How can I contribute to the greater good of people?


I seriously need to give some thought to how I want to invest whatever money I have. Savings alone won’t work and eventually you’ll realise that whatever you saved can only last you 5 years, or maybe less, of your remaining life.

Stocks? Unit trust? Private Retirement Scheme? Forex?


I’ve wrote this countless times before. I NEED A HOBBY! With my current injured thumb, frisbee (we don’t play no more anyway), is pretty much off limits, so would rock climbing, I presume. Not sure if playing the guitar is possible. On a separate note, I actually attended 10 classes of beginner’s Korean! So I can sorta read korean characters but I have no idea what I’m reading. LOL Some words like numbers are fading though, I better revise if I want to remember.

Actually, I realise what’s my main problem to what ever problems I’m facing. PROCRASTINATION! The root to all my time wasting! I’m indulging in escapism! I need to get to grips with my life!

Hmmm… don’t think I’ve written with so many exclamations before. And I can imagine how this will be such a dull read. Anyway returning to BKK in 2 weeks time. How exciting!