Did I mention?

Glee is back!

I particularly liked the “Telephone” duet between Sunshine & Rachel Berry, including the Sue Sylvester part.

Apart from that, I thinkΒ  I should update my “to do list”.

First off, I shall change it’s name to some funky thingy which I have yet to think of. I shall also include things that I want to accomplish within a year or two. Some of those things in there have been there for erm… ages?

Next off, I’m back to studying again and what am I doing apart from studying? Blogging? Facebook-ing, youtube-ing. Man! This brings back memories. But it’s not really the same now is it. Ah well.

Did I mention that Glee is back?

Did I also mention I suddenly have this urge to watch 500 Days of Summer again?

Did I also mention that I’m hooked on the Wonder Girls for no apparent reason. It’s just weird.

Did I also mention that I’ve deleted my twitter account? I guess I’m just not much of a twitter-er. I’ll just stick to blogging for now. More old school. Maybe I should write a diary instead. That’s more old school! Hahaha…. ok.. cut it!

Let’s see what’s life been like since I returned from Bangkok. Well for one, I got the privilege to visit 3 different “hotels” apart from the one in Bangkok in a span of a month. The first 2 weren’t particularly fun, both for jobs in Penang & JB. Mad itinerary I tell you!!!! But tell you I can’t, so let’s just leave it as that. The third one was pretty nice. Very english country-ish. Stayed there as part of the department trip.

Trip wasn’t half bad. Didn’t get drunk. Which was my main objective anyway. hahahahaha…. right. The whole department was split into teams and our team won the “explorace”. Pretty cool actually. I guess we were pretty lucky in some circumstances. Saw people get high and drunk and no real stupid things. Only one guy passed out and that was that. Sad party if U want to gauge it by the number of people who passed out. The party was…. a-ight, the music just wasn’t cutting it. Well actually someone was cutting the songs midway. How annoying!

They actually played Wonder Girls’s “So Hot” too. LOL Funny in a way but it was interesting.

Did I mention that Glee is back with their second season?

P.S. I wonder if I’ll blog more often considering I’m studying in front of my laptop. hmmm…. Bad decision happening.


Of Street Food & Ping Pong Shows

Sawasdeeka everyone!

While everyone was happily enjoying their Merdeka holidays, I was celebrating my Merdeka in Bangkok. To be a little patriotic, we took AirAsia to Bangkok. There’s nothing better than supporting Malaysian “made” no?

Touched down and checked into our cool “hostel”, on the way catching glimpse of the Bangkok highways, XXL billboards, colourful taxis and loads of colourful taxis. =)

Taxi! We rode a pink one into town. =)

Dropped our stuff and headed to a street stall selling fried pork. It caught our attention on the way to the Hostel. Good stuff. Took a stroll around the area and discovered lots of things. Such as an awesome Chicken noodle soup stall. Thinking of it makes me salivate… Slurppppp…… This was also where we were absolutely lost for words.

After that, we headed to Suan Lum Market or so we thought and stumbled onto more interesting things.

Watched people dancing in Lumphini park, they even jog at night. I wonder if anyone does that here. But their park is huge! Suan Lum was kind of a let down. The stuff was a little pricey for our pockets.

Had ourselves a good old foot massage and got scammed into a 600 Baht Ping Pong show. Honestly, I would rather pay to stop the performers from performing. It’s just… just… wrong…. OH…… Next!

Day 2 saw us heading to the Grand Palace, Wat Pho & Wat Phra Kaew.

The minute we stepped out of the taxi, we walked right into a scam. Very clever this people. They told us we couldn’t go in dressed up like that since the grand palace has a special ceremony till 11:30am. We can go in after 11:30am though. So the nice “official” looking gentleman suggested we head to the pier to catch an hour boat tour and be back just in time to visit the grand palace. The kind gentleman even guided us to the pier and brought us directly to the pier itself. Wow! How helpful! Then the tour agent comes and describes it and at 900 Baht we can see this and that and so many other things. That’s when we realised we walked into another scam. Aish. The lady eventually cut her price into half. Anyways, we headed to Wat Pho first and the day went better from there.

I was awestruck by the massive detail of their Wats. It takes tremendous effort and patience to do those details man! Amazing stuff.

Pagodas in the sky

Pagodas in the sky.

Can u see the details? Not close enough?

See the intrinsic details?

Imagine how long it took to make it look as beautiful as it does now

Ok enough. The “tour” took longer than expected but it was a tourist thing to do. All tourists do it I’m sure.

Day 3 – Damneon Saduak Floating Market

Hired a taxi to bring us to the floating market and I think we somewhat got scammed into taking a motorboat instead of a normal rowboat, but oh well. It was an interesting experience. I still can’t quite comprehend how they can cook in their “sampans”. How?

Check our her huge soup pot. How does she get to balance the boat? Pro.

Went for an elephant ride after the tour of the floating market. Interesting situation but I think Chiang Mai’s elephant ride was nicer. The route was more natural or maybe cause the Chiang Mai one was the first time. Hmmmm….

Reached the town late noon and made our way to Platinum Mall! I wonder how anyone can walk finish the entire mall. There’s so much stuff there! Just not enough moo-lah!

After that we headed straight for Asia Hotel to catch “Calypso”! This 600 Baht was well worth it!

Before the start of the show, I noticed the disco balls on stage and I told my friend.

“That disco ball reminds me of the Wonder Girls”

She said: “Yeah, we’re here to see the Wonder Girls mar… Later when the show start, they’ll come out.” *or something around there*

I said: ” Yeah right.” *and forgot about it….*

Feathery friends

About 5 performances after the start,

Thai version of the Wonder Girls!

AH! Wonder Girls! Me & me mate was like… “uh…… ok….. we were just talking bout it….”

There's something pretty ghostly about this. If I would just crop it.

Just keep spinnin

Day 4 saw us heading towards Platinum Mall for a shop till a drop session.

At the end of the day when we wanted to head back to the hostel. It rained cats and dogs and we were advised to go back into the building cause it would take 2 hours to go back.

There was this taxi driver that wanted to convince us to do something else other than wait for a taxi.

Too Free Taxi Driver (TFTD): “Take 2 hours to go there, go shop/massage then come back, just in time.”

Us: “Shopped already.”

TFTD: “You want to go massage? I know good massage.”

Us: “Massaged already.”

TFTD: “Go have dinner.”

Us: “Ate already.”

TFTD thinking, “you want ping pong show?”

Us: “Watched already.”

TFTD just smiled. That darn Ping Pong Show that you’ll bring us is so darn near our place and you can bring us there but not to our hostel? Grrrr……

Day 5 brought us to the famous Chatuchak Market!

I would say Chatuchak is huge! The prices here are slightly steeper than Platinum, depending on store, but I think they have more variety. Hence, I would prefer Chatuchak over Platinum if only it were air conditioned. They have pretty interesting stuff at Chatuchak but it’s harder to browse. You can’t really have second thoughts. Once you walk pass it, no turning back, you can’t find that store again *for a tourist at least*

They had awesome coconut ice cream! Mmmm… delicious on a hot day!

We had our last dinner at Somboon, which served the best fish I’ve ever eaten!

Deep fried Seabass with sweet fishsauce. Lip-smacking stuff!

And of course, what would be a trip without visiting Patpong eh?

Super Pussy! No I did not go in.

I took one of their “saleswoman” cards and straight away the lady ushered me to the shop… scary stuff. She took it back when I said I’ve watched a ping pong show. Man! This people are pushy!

Day 7 saw us checkin outta our lovely hotel rooms and left for Suvarbhumi Airport after a hearty breakfast of sausages, eggs, pancakes, toast, cereal and yoghurt.

I like the curvaceous design. There's also lots of natural light. 2 thumbs up!

Bye Bye Bangkok! It was good fun while it lasted. I’ll be back. The question is when?

Oh… Coincidentally, Jason Lo was on the same flight as us.

P.S. I rarely used the word Sawasdeeka in Bangkok. I just said hi or nodded my head.

P.P.S. Now I know how tourists feel when they come to Malaysia.

Fairly harassed by unscrupulous touts.

“You want taxi?”

“Where you want to go?”

Seriously, a real cabbie wouldn’t be standing waiting for you at the bus stop even before you get your luggage from the storage area asking you where you wanna go.

10,000 steps.

I blog so rarely that logging into wordpress feels a little funny. Odd that I remember the password. Hahahaha. Right. Let’s get things straight. I’m gaining weight fast! =( Not good. I flipped through the newspaper today and saw the add 10,000 steps a day to a healthy life and I backtracked to the start of the day and figured out how many steps I took today. Let’s see.

Wake up and take about 20-30 steps to get ready and transfer everything to the car.

Park the car and take about 15 steps to the lift (ample parking cause it’s still early).

Lift slowly goes up 4 floors. Another 10 steps to the desk and 4 hours is killed just sitting there. The butt literally stuck to the chair. Ooo lunch time. Dislodge butt from chair and take maybe 150-250 steps to reach the place we’re eating at. another 150-250 steps to reach back to the office.

It’s 2pm and the step count now is roughly…… 555 steps. Wow!

Sit for another 4-5 hours on that fairly comfortable chair. Work’s over! Pack up and take that 15 steps back to the car… Maybe another 30 steps to pay the parking ticket. Get stuck in the jam. Drive up the driveway and take about another 30 steps to have dinner and shower before sitting down at the sofa and have some leisurely time before taking another 50-60 steps to call it a day.

Step count at the end of the day? 690 steps.

OH MY…… it’s not even 1/10 of the number of steps I need to take! Something has to be done. This is freaking terrible!!!!