Ah… Brisbane!

After a long while I’m finally back to my blog. Poor blog is still suffering from jetlag… ahaha just kiddin. Anyway, I arrived very safely on the 9th of July on the coldest winter in Brisbane this year. Shudder… bloody cold. That was after waiting in the airport for hours and hours…. waited for approximately a person’s working hours 9-5.. hahaha not really lar.. it was about there though.

I hereby proclaim that this blog will be a pretty long one.. but I already forgot what I wanted to blog about. Anyway I’ve been here for like 3 weeks and I think I’m slowly settling down.. ehehehe.. Maybe I’ll have more pictures than words this time though.

First and foremost, I finally have internet.. hhehe I also already moved in to the “house/condo/apartment/ place to stay” which is pretty beautiful, reminds me of a resort.. LOL and classes have also started. Speaking of which, theeh

First and foremost, the campus is bloody beautiful! *Time to look for pictures to insert*

Hopefully my peeps can see it… cause the system seems weird to me…

The Art Musuem on campus

The corridor to the student centre

Ok that’s the pictures for the campus.

On the Sunday of the same week I arrived, we went to Gold Coast too.. aahhaha… Just went to Surfer’s paradise, not Movie World or Sea World. The beach is pretty pretty though… heheh.. I prefer Perhentian’s however, maybe cause I haven’t learned to appreciate it’s beauty.. ehehe, it’s pretty nonetheless… so now for more pictures

Took the train to Helensvale in Gold Coast and wait for the bus to take us to Surfer’s Paradise…

The fenced up train station… nyahaha

Ah… food! We actually had a picnic by the beach! how wonderful

The Beach

The waves of the sea

More beach pictures

The waves are unforgiving

Forgot what this bird is called, there were flocks of them. Kinda feared they would attack our food. hahah

More waves of the sea

Ah.. the beautiful sky and some surfers packing up thier act.

The life guard’s erm.. rescue equipment. So colourful

Had fish and chips for dinner

Thier tartar sauce is pretty special, as we don’t peel of the piece of foil covering the sauce.

we squeeze it out!

So cool eh?

And they actually let u sms through their payphones

Now for another beautiful pic.

The view from the corridor of where I stay.. cool right?

Alright I think that’s about it.. oh wait… I went to watch my first movie in Brisbane at Sunny Bank

While waiting for the ferry *City Cat* to come

Brisbane’s everso famous fake beach.. doesn’t look like a beach from the picture cause the beach is more on the left side. This is ore like the lagoon.. hahahha still pretty…

The movie I saw was “The Dark Knight”. Heath Ledger’s Joker was absolutely awesome. Practically stole the show. While watching the movie kinda miss the subtitles we have back home. Hahah funny stuff. Oh and in the audience, I saw “two face” and “the joker”. They didn’t look very real though, the joker was a female, and had bright green hair. The “two face” looked more like the “two face” from “Batman Forever”. After the movie ended, the bright haired joker met another joker. I didn’t see the face but my friends did and they got freaked out.. hahahah I only saw the hair.. 😦

Oh I think this post is long enough now.. It’s 3pm now and I gotta get ready for my class… I don’t like the rain here… Once it starts it doesn’t stop… ISH! thank goodness we have a dryer.. hahahah

Cheerios now!


Many Things. Little Time.

There are so many things that I should be blogging about BUT…. *Huge BUT there* … time is of essence and I shouldn’t be wasting it blogging now should I? *Or wasting time facebooking for that matter*

Anyway let me just pick some topic I want to talk about and talk about it since I haven’t blogged in weeks. In the last entry “I ❤ KL“, I mentioned that I wanted to attend KLUE Urbanscapes 2008 right? That I did! That I did!

It was pretty cool, though parking was quite a horror. Though I shouldn’t be complaining much since I was just tagging along. Missed Estranged, missed OAG, missed Estrella. Well.. missed most of the bands I wanted to see… but oh well, They’ll still be around when I get back. Ahaha.. The displays were pretty cool, there was a robot made of styrofoam packets by They Art Studio… Funny looking thing. There were strings for one to pull to make the robot move.. how cute… ehehe

There was also the ultraman bound by tonnes of strings and there was a line that read “It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, you are always tied by boundaries and rules”. Makes sense really! I forgot who made it but there was a website there that read “www dot eightyfourcube dot com”

The one by Creative United Movement would be the coolest though, it’s a little hard to explain, it’s just that there are 2 booths, one to ask “why …” and another to answer “well, because…” Didn’t try it out cause I didn’t like the thought of me being filmed… ahahhaha… they matched it pretty well though.. ahahha..

Hmmm.. what else are there.. Ah! yes the shopping, there were quite a lot of cool stuff to look at though didn’t really get anything except a shirt.. ehehhe… there was a jacket that seemed pretty cool but do I really need one? It drizzled for awhile while we were there, and we walked under the rain and sat by the lake to take pictures which felt a little pathetic.. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA but it was great walking under the rain after a long while.. felt relaxing for some reason…

All in all.. I wouldn’t mind going again… maybe Estranged, OAG and Estrella will be performing then too… hehehe

Cheerios peeps.. see U in late July or mid july.. or some day in July.

P.S. Sorry there aren’t any pictures. I haven’t even downloaded them yet.. GASP!