Dear Lady Godiva,

Dear Lady Godiva,

You have been kind to us common folk by introducing to us such joy and happiness through you exquisite chocolates which I must say are too exquisite that I am lost for words as to how to describe them. Like Heaven I must say.

I have a little question however; why is there a Godiva store in Singapore but not one in Malaysia? Doesn’t everyone deserve a little Godiva Chocolates in thier lifes? Yes, there is a little Godiva Kiosk in Mid Valley but will that suffice us Chocolate Cravers/ Indulgers/ Fanatics? I’ll bet that a Godiva Store will keep us joyful and happy for the rest of our lifes.

Another thing I must add is these Godiva Chocolates are so exquisite and such an exclusive item that I disregard the price, I’m sure other people would to. So I shall be waiting here in Malaysia patiently for a little store to pop up from under my nose. Take U for your time spent.

Oh Godiva, where art thou?


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