aww…. sorry for such a long absence *I ain’t too busy spending my ang pau money mind U* I’m now unwired….. so I can’t go online and do my assignments and get my assignments and aiyah… cannot go online lar…. so if ur wondering why I haven’t been blogging or seen me online for so long then this has answered ur curiosity….

Probably there’s something wrong with the comp cause my bro tested the modem and it worked find…. so he ahs to wait till I finish my assignment before sending it to the shop…. aish have to reinstall the sims 2 again… I’ll try to make this short…. I getting ready to tapau me lunch .. a couple more minutes….

Oh btw don’t have to leave any comments behind cause I won’t be able to read em anyway…. yeah don’t have to tag also….. right so that’s a little short update… hope to see U guys soon…. actually probably I won’t see this page in about 2-4 weeks depending on severity of problem…