Happy 2012!

Goodbye 2011. It was a good year. Quite a bit of traveling. Advancement in my career. Quite a number of concerts. Some hits, some misses. Only had 17 posts in 2011 according to wordpress’s personalised report which I must see is very COOL!

Now.. let’s all say Hello! to 2012! *clap! clap! clap!*
Looking forward to a number of things… Mainly the London Olympics!

and seeing whether the world does end or becomes an Ice Age like in 2012, the movie.

Irregardless, this year… I shall enjoy myself as if it were the last year we’ll ever have on Earth.

Yeah.. haven’t done a lot of things on my list. But at least I’m enjoying myself. =)

Have a great year ahead dear readers!

If you wanna travel, travel.
If you wanna sing in public, sing
If you wanna move overseas, move.

If you want a life, live.